Chapter 289: Return


“Senior, I still have some Vile Fountain Water here. Hopefully, senior will be able to use them,” Chen Feng said, bringing out a small jade bottle. There were 20 drops of Vile Fountain Water inside.

Chen Feng did not possess much Vile Fountain Water and the 20 drops there were a considerable amount.

“Vile Fountain Water?!” The old man was taken aback. Next, with a grasping motion, he brought the jade bottle in Chen Feng’s hand into his grasp.

“It really is Vile Fountain Water. How unexpected. You have quite a number of good items on you, kid. It seems my efforts this time were not in vain,” the old man said smilingly.

“May I ask how I should address senior?” Chen Feng asked, bowing respectfully as he did.

“He he. I used to have a nickname, the Arms Condenser. As for my original name, it’s better for you to not ask. Alright! I want to rest now. If there is nothing else, hurry up and leave.” After saying that, the old man lay down on the bamboo deck chair and closed his eyes once again.

“Junior will leave now.” Chen Feng bowed again before turning, leaving the shop.

“Eh?” After leaving the shop, Chen Feng raised his head and observed the sun up in the sky. He then observed the surrounding crowd of people going back and forth. A peculiar feeling suddenly arose from within him.

“Tower, how long did I stay inside that space?” asked Chen Feng after a moment’s consideration.

“Close to one month,” Tower replied coolly.

“But why do I not feel much of a time difference here?” said a surprised Chen Feng. He recalled seeing a group of people drinking and chatting within a nearby restaurant before entering the shop. At that very moment, that group of people had yet to leave.

“What is so strange about it? After cultivating up to the Human Immortal stage, one can naturally control the flow of time. You spent a month inside the space earlier, but less than two hours had passed in the outside world,” Tower said coolly.

“The ability to control time! Human Immortals truly do possess extraordinary magic!” praised Chen Feng.

“Just a cheap trick,” Tower said with a slight tone of disdain. 

After returning to his lodgings and resting for two days, Chen Feng finally decided to return to Extreme Celestial Mountain.

Firstly, Chen Feng believed that no one from the sect would notice him. Secondly, after having acquired so many magic treasures, Chen Feng had become more emboldened.

Chen Feng quickly made his way back into Extreme Celestial Sect. After entering, he did not pause. Instead, he went back to his mountain residence.

When he arrived, Lu Ta immediately rushed over. Four Ears and Purplebolt, on the other hand, were indifferent. They simply assumed that Chen Feng had merely gone out to cultivate himself.

“Chen Feng, how did you come back?” Lu Ta anxiously asked, a puzzled look on his face.

“How can I not come back?” replied Chen Feng with an ambiguous smile.

“Weren’t you trapped inside the Demon Trial Grounds? Did you just come out today?” Seeing nothing wrong with Chen Feng, Lu Ta grew relieved.

“He he, it’s been a while since I got out. However, I have been cultivating outside. By the way, how many other people know that I was trapped inside the Demon Trial Grounds?” asked Chen Feng after a moment’s consideration.

“The others shouldn’t know too much. However, Luo Bo, Sun Xuan and the others will surely know about it. After returning, they were the ones who informed me that you got trapped inside. I heard that you entered deep into the Demon Trial Grounds. Additionally, the demonic beasts there were rampaging about. After so long, I had assumed that something had happened to you. However, judging by how you look, it would appear that you have managed to acquire some gains from there,” Lu Ta said smilingly.

“I did acquire some gains. Not to mention, it is quite the sizable gain. Come, I want to find Sun Xuan and the others. We’ll continue talking along the way,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

After returning to his mountain residence and seeing nothing happen to Lu Ta and the others, Chen Feng figured that nothing problematic would happen. Naturally, that was under the condition that Sun Xuan and the others do not reveal his secret. At any rate, they were the only ones who knew that he had entered the Demon Trial Grounds. Although the guards there also knew about him entering, the cultivators from Extreme Celestial Sect were unlikely to give a minor character like him any attention.

Lu Ta, who listened to Chen Feng’s account of what happened, secretly grew shocked. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng’s cultivation base had risen to such an impressive degree. He recalled the time when they had first met. Back then, the difference between them had been indeterminate. At present, however, Lu Ta was still just trudging along at level 5 of the Concealed stage while Chen Feng could already confront a Great Yao. This difference could drive a person mad.

“He he, no need to feel depressed, Lu Ta. I brought back many high-grade spiritual herbs with me this time. They are enough to let your cultivation base soar,” Chen Feng said with a chuckle.

“In the end, cultivation requires personal effort. Because I have been taking a great deal of spiritual herbs recently, my cultivation base feels somewhat superficial. I want to spend some time honing myself properly and not take any more spiritual herbs,” Lu Ta said firmly.

“Everyone has their own cultivation direction and path. Hopefully, Brother Lu can keep moving forward and achieve your great goal. All right, we are here.” After saying that, Chen Feng landed on a mountain.

It was Luo Bo’s mountain residence. The mountain was bigger, higher, grander and with a greater atmosphere compared to Chen Feng’s mountain residence. It was the residence of an elite disciple, after all. It was one level better compared to that of the heir disciples’ mountain residences.

Originally, Chen Feng had wanted to use a jade messaging talisman to contact Luo Bo. However, after pondering it for a moment, he decided instead to directly come over. Although he had saved Luo Bo’s life before, one’s heart and stomach occupied different positions. For the sake of profits, it was only normal for one to take treacherous actions.

Using his soul power to scan around, Chen Feng quickly found Luo Bo. He was calmly cultivating within his residence and was unaware that he had guests.

“Brother Luo.” Chen Feng’s gentle voice suddenly rang out from beside Luo Bo’s ear, shocking him from his cultivation process.

“Senior Brother Chen!” A pleasant look of surprise flashed across Luo Bo’s face. Chen Feng noticed his response. He also noticed that there were no other expressions other than shock and joy on Luo Bo’s face.


Luo Bo swiftly appeared before Chen Feng.

“Senior Brother Chen, you managed to come out from the Demon Trial Grounds?” Luo Bo asked the moment they met.

“I’ve been out for quite some time.” Chen Feng nodded.

“Senior Brother Chen, there is something important going on. It is related to your current situation!” Luo Bo suddenly said.

“Oh? What is it?” Chen Feng asked smilingly. However, he began speculating what it might be.

“Senior Brother Chen, do you have a Sacred artefact?” Luo Bo asked in a hushed tone.

“Sacred artefact?” Chen Feng was taken aback.

“Why are you asking this?” Chen Feng put on a façade of calmness.

“It’s like this. Not long after we came out from the Demon Trial Grounds, some rumours spread out from inside the training grounds. It is said that a Concealed stage cultivator, wielding a Sacred artefact, wreaked havoc within the demonic beasts’ spirit mines. Back then, I wondered if that person could be you.” Luo Bo informed Chen Feng about the rumours.

Hearing that, Chen Feng immediately fell into a state of deep contemplation. It would appear that news about him possessing treasures had spread out. In that case, things would become problematic. Who knows what would happen next?

“In other words, this is just speculation on your part,” said a smiling Chen Feng.

“I am not the only one. Sun Xuan and the others are probably thinking the same thing. We were together back then, after all. Not to mention, news that came out from the demonic beasts’ side implicates you.” Luo Bo nodded his head.

“I won’t hide it from you. I do indeed possess a Sacred artefact. I was also the one who looted the demonic spirit stone mine within the Demon Trial Grounds,” Chen Feng suddenly said.

“What?” Hearing that, Luo Bo finally cried out in shock. He stared at Chen Feng with a stunned expression.

“Senior Brother Chen, it’d be better for you to quickly leave Extreme Celestial Mountain. The best option would be to find a remote place to hide yourself. Wait until you are strong enough before coming out,” Luo Bo hurriedly said.

Chen Feng had been observing Luo Bo’s expressions and tone of voice. He found that Luo Bo was not harbouring any other thoughts. Luo Bo was truly feeling worried for him.

“It is not that serious. I did not commit any mistakes. Even if someone from the sect wants to take action against me, they will not do so openly. Besides, if I leave Extreme Celestial Mountain and news of this spread outside, I will end up in greater danger,” Chen Feng said with a wry smile.

“Senior Brother Chen is right. By leaving the sect, you will no longer be protected by the sect. If news of you possessing a Sacred artefact spreads out, you will end up in greater danger. However, it is also incredibly dangerous inside the sect. For the sake of a Sacred artefact, many people will be willing to take action.” There was a rather contorted expression on Luo Bo’s face.

“I can only counter soldiers with arms and water with dams. Come, let’s go find Sun Xuan and the others. As long as they do not divulge this, the matter can be delayed for a bit longer.” Chen Feng smiled. He did not appear concerned at all.

“Even though Senior Brother Sun is usually a sly person, he has quite the upright character. You saved our lives back in the Demon Trial Grounds. It is unlikely that Senior Brother Sun will divulge this matter. However, I cannot say the same about the others. I fear that, in the face of temptation, they would be incapable of keeping your secret.” Luo Bo considered the matter.

“I have considered this matter before. If those fellows truly want to harm me, they should not blame me for being vicious.” Killing intent glinted across Chen Feng’s eyes.

“Kid, why are you yammering so much? Just kill them all and be done with it,” Tower suddenly said scornfully.

“If I do kill them all, I will probably be incapable of even leaving Extreme Celestial Mountain. In that case, why did I even return?” Chen Feng responded with a smile.

“Senior Brother Sun resides there.” Luo Bo then pointed at a nearby mountain. It was a towering mountain, rising up into the clouds.

“As expected of an elite disciple at level 9 of the Concealed stage. His residence is one level higher compared to the other disciples.” Chen Feng laughed out.

“For us cultivators, might is the decisive factor. That is especially true within sects. Truth be told, the competition within immortal dao sects is even more intense compared to the competition outside,” Luo Bo suddenly said, sighing.

“Yes. No matter where we go, might makes right,” Chen Feng said.

Chen Feng stretched his hand out and grasped. An explosive sound rang out as the restrictive barriers before him were all broken and a passageway appeared before them.

“Come, Sun Xuan has discovered us,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

Chen Feng, Luo Bo and Lu Ta landed before a courtyard. As expected, the gate opened up and Sun Xuan, leading a group of disciples, came out. With a glance, Chen Feng could tell that they were all the elite disciples that had gone into the Demon Trial Grounds with him back then.

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