Chapter 288: Several Prized Artefacts


“Kid, this will take a while. Don’t worry and just wait nearby,” the old man said, turning to look at Chen Feng.

Next, the expression on the old man’s face changed, becoming more focused. His blurry eyes glinted with light and he began inspecting some of the materials that Chen Feng brought out.

“Kid, consider yourself lucky. For the sake of this yao beast blood essence, I will come up with some good items,” the old man suddenly said.

As Chen Feng was feeling puzzled by what he meant, the old man began working.

The old man flicked a finger and a wisp of white flames flowed into the pill furnace. Woah! The entire pill furnace shook as the flames erupted within the pill furnace before burning violently.

“This is a Human Immortal’s lifebound primary flame. It seems this short old man is going to take this forging process seriously. Kid, you are getting an incredible bargain here,” Tower said with a chuckle.


As the humming sound rang out, a formidable atmosphere spread out from the pill furnace. The atmosphere created an immense feeling of pressure for Chen Feng, who was forced to back away.

The old man grasped. One by one, scales, tendons, bones, fangs and some other materials flew up to flow into the pill furnace. Next, both the old man’s hands kept forming hand seals to send beam after beam of magic towards the pill furnace. With a booming sound, the pill furnace floated up while spinning swiftly.

Using the pill furnace to forge artefacts. Chen Feng stared with unblinking eyes, observing every move the old man made. At the same time, he recalled the artefact forging technique within the Longevity Scripture, comparing the technique there with this one and verifying them.

Soon however, all Chen Feng could see was a blur. He had yet to even begin his cultivation of artefact forging while this old man was clearly a grandmaster in that respect. The gap between the two of them was simply too vast. Given Chen Feng’s present level of cultivation and knowledge, he could not understand this artefact forging process unfolding before his eyes.

After observing for just a moment, Chen Feng felt dizzy. His blood energy churned and the streams of primary energy inside his body began flowing about haphazardly. Chen Feng secretly cried out: Not good! Immediately, he shut both his eyes and adjusted his rate of breathing as he suppressed the chaos within his body.

Huh! I shouldn’t watch. Chen Feng took a few steps backwards and sat down cross-legged. He calmed himself, safeguarding his state of mind as he waited for the result of the forging process.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Both of the old man’s hands were still continuously forming hand seals. At the same time, one material after another flew out from the old man’s hand to enter the pill furnace.

Rare ores, various types of spirit stones, flames, spiritual liquid, grasses and even soil. All of them came from the old man’s own pockets.

After two joss stick’s worth of time, the old man finally stopped his actions. The pill furnace dropped to the ground with a booming sound. Next, the old man flicked out wisp after wisp of flames once more, causing the lifebound primary flame within the pill furnace to grow more intense.

Who knows how long the process lasted? Finally, a red beam of light flew out of the pill furnace. After circling through the air once, it moved to float before Chen Feng.

Opening his eyes, Chen Feng saw a fiery-red sword. Heat waves radiated out from the body of the sword. It was as though a volcano had been compressed into the sword’s body, ready to erupt at any moment.

“This fire sword is made from the fangs of the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm. Originally, with the number of fangs you provided, I can forge out twelve grade 8 Prized artefacts. However, I have condensed them all together to forge out a grade 9 Prized-tier fire sword. Most regrettably, this Great Yao only has one head left, otherwise I could have forged an ice sword as well.” There was a twinge of regret in the old man’s voice. 

“Grade 9 Prized artefact!” Chen Feng grew excited. He never imagined it was possible to forge such a high-grade magic treasure, let alone the possibility of forging out a Sacred artefact.

“This Prized artefact is newly-formed. I have already removed all the remnant brutal energy within it. As you are its first owner, it should be very easy to refine. As for how much of its power you can unleash, that will depend on your own abilities,” the old man said.

Chen Feng nodded his head and kept the sword. He placed it inside the Longevity Tower. It was not the time to start refining the sword.

After what felt like another three days to Chen Feng, the pill furnace gave a shudder. Another beam of light flowed out to float before Chen Feng. Surprisingly, floating before Chen Feng was a one-chi long rope with red and white stripes, with the thickness of a finger.

“What is this?” Chen Feng was surprised.

“This is an immortal-binding rope made from this wyrm’s tendons. Do not look down on this short rope. It is also a grade 9 Prized artefact. As long as the opponent is not a Demon King, most Great Yaos will be bound by this. I will say it again, its strength will ultimately depend on your own abilities,” the old man said smilingly.

“Huh! Another grade 9 Prized artefact!” Chen Feng took a deep breath and excitedly kept the immortal-binding rope.

I wonder, what other good items will appear next? Chen Feng wondered.

The next item was a bone whip. After its emergence, it made a light move to create a thunderous sound. It was a most imperious atmosphere.

“This is a whip made from the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm’s bones. It is also a grade 9 Prized artefact. You can experience its wonders for yourself,” the old man said with a smile.


By then, Chen Feng was so excited, he could not find the words to say anything. After examining the bone whip for a moment, he kept it.

I didn’t think that the corpse of the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm could be used to forge so many good items. It seems I will have to figure a way to capture Great Yaos. If I can kill off a Yao King, the bones from its corpse can be made into a Sacred artefact, no? Chen Feng could not stop himself from fantasizing.

“Hey, hey, that is an act of suicide.” Tower sneered.

“Ha ha! Once I refine all these Prized artefacts, killing off Great Yaos will be a piece of cake!” Chen Feng replied proudly.

“Boast about it after you have refined them.” Tower’s response was very cold. It seemed he was not used to seeing a smug look on Chen Feng’s face.


The old man stretched out his finger and performed a furious flick, causing the pill furnace to shake relentlessly. Medicinal pills began shooting out from the pill furnace and the old man brought out a palm-sized medicinal bottle. With a wave of his hand, all the medicinal pills flowed into the bottle.

After the bottle was filled, the old man brought out another medicinal bottle. Soon, the two medicinal bottles, made from jade, came to rest on Chen Feng’s palm.

“This is?” Chen Feng felt puzzled as he regarded the medicinal bottles in his hand.

“One contains Blood Pills while the other contains Pure Essence Pills. They are at the Earthen-tier, grade 8. They were concocted using the wyrm’s flesh and internal organs,” the old man said.

“Grade 8 Earthen-tier medicinal pills! There are 1,000 pills in each bottle!” uttered Chen Feng after a quick inspection.

“Yes, these medicinal pills will be enough to last you for quite some time. However, your present level of strength is insufficient. Recklessly taking them would cause your body to blow up,” the old man said with a wry smile.

Chen Feng smiled back, saying nothing. Truth be told, the best medicinal pills that Chen Feng had been taking were only Human-tier medicinal pills. For Chen Feng, this many Earthen-tier pills was a considerable amount of wealth. Especially when considering the fact that these were pills concocted using the flesh of a Great Yao.

“Kid, no need to feel envious. After you level up your Longevity Furnace one more time, you will be able to concoct out these kinds of medicinal pills,” Tower suddenly said.

“I can concoct them myself, but materials of this grade are not easy to obtain.” Chen Feng shook his head.

Sou! Sou!

Two circular, red-coloured gems landed on Chen Feng’s palm.

“Senior, what are these?” After inspecting them for a moment, Chen Feng was still unable to figure out what the two gems were.

“Those are Fiery Eyes, forged using the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm’s eyes. They can be considered as grade 9 Prized artefacts. However, cultivators who cultivate eye techniques can refine them and meld them with their eyes to improve their eye techniques. As for its functions and effects, you can figure them out yourself,” said the old man, not replying to anything else.

Because he was in the midst of forging the final magic treasure. It was also the hardest to forge.

“Kid, don’t talk to me. Do not distract me. I need to focus a bit for this final magic treasure.” As the old man spoke, both his hands kept forming hand seals. More lifebound primary flames shot into the furnace.

“Tower, what will the final magic treasure be?” Chen Feng asked.

“The tendons were used to forge the immortal-binding rope, the bones were used to forge the bone whip, the fangs were used to forge the sword, the eyes were used to forge the Fiery Eyes, the flesh were used to concoct Blood Pills and Pure Essence Pills. The only materials left now are the hide and scales. Thus, it can only be a defensive armour,” Tower slowly said.

“Defensive armour.” Chen Feng nodded his head. He had also come to the same conclusion. That was also the objective he had in mind for visiting this shop.

The forging process for this final magic treasure took longer. Ten more days passed before the pill furnace finally reacted again. It began humming.

“Kid, hurry up and put your blood inside!” the old man suddenly shouted.

Chen Feng was taken aback. Then, without any hesitation, he forced a stream of his blood essence into the pill furnace.


The pill furnace shook and an intense, bloodthirsty atmosphere charged upwards. It took one joss stick’s worth of time before the pill furnace calmed down. Next, a red beam of light flew towards Chen Feng and simply entered Chen Feng’s body.

“Eh?” Chen Feng exclaimed. Next, he felt something appearing within his flesh. With a thought, he was able to clearly ‘see’ a faint-red body armour melding into his skin. It was becoming one with his flesh. As he had sent his blood essence out earlier, Chen Feng could feel a link between it and his body and mind. Naturally, Chen Feng ended up thinking of it as part of his flesh. 

With a thought from Chen Feng, the faint-red body armour slowly emerged from the surface of his skin to completely cover Chen Feng from head to toe. A high number of patterns covered the surface of the armour. It was a very peculiar sight.

“This defensive armour is a grade 9 Prized artefact. I believe there is no need for me to tell you about its functions.” After saying that, the old man waved his hand and the space around them broke apart. The scene before Chen Feng flashed and they re-appeared within the shop.

“Thank you, senior!” Chen Feng suppressed the feelings of shock in his heart and hurriedly stepped forward to bow respectfully.

“He he! Kid, this exhausted a considerable amount of my strength,” the old man said with a smile.

The Two-headed Icefire Wyrm’s entire corpse had been forged into magic treasures. Chen Feng knew, the yao beast’s blood essence alone was insufficient as compensation for the old man.

“Senior, junior doesn’t have much in terms of good items. I only have some metal ores. Since senior likes to forge artefacts, you should be able to use them.” Having said that, he waved his hand and tens of rare metal ores appeared on the ground. They were all high-quality items that Chen Feng had selected from amongst his storage. Naturally, the Longevity Tower had devoured the better ones.

“Mm, at least you have a conscience.” The old man nodded his head. As a Human Immortal expert, it was only natural that he would not think highly of the metal ores. However, he appreciated Chen Feng’s attitude.


1 chi = 0.333 m

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