Chapter 287: Forging Magic Treasures


Regarding the smiling old man standing before him, Chen Feng’s face furrowed slightly. He was actually incapable of determining the old man’s cultivation state.

This old man is not to be underestimated. Could he be a hidden expert? Chen Feng wondered.

After pondering for a moment, Chen Feng then brought out a sharp, two-chi-long talon and a poison stinger that gleamed with a chilling light. It was none other than the Thunderhawk talon and Demon Scorpion stinger that he had collected long ago.

Originally, Chen Feng had wanted to wait until his cultivation base was high enough and use his Longevity Furnace to forge the items into treasures. However, Chen Feng had decided to bring them out to give it a test. Perhaps this old man was truly a hidden expert.

The old man waved his hand and the talon and poison stinger landed on his palm. After giving them a casual glance, he smiled and said, “A Thunderhawk talon and a Demon Scorpion stinger. Not bad. It seems little brother wants to forge two Prized artefacts.”

Seeing the old man easily identify the two items, Chen Feng felt more confident.

“Yes. I wonder, will you accept this business?” Chen Feng nodded.

“No problem. Young man, you are a pleasing sight. I will accept this business. All right! Now, let’s discuss the price.” The old man nodded his head.

“Senior, please state your price.” Chen Feng’s voice took on a slight tone of respect.

“Let’s make it simple. Two million Magic crystals, non-negotiable,” said the old man with a smirk. His eyes glinted and he looked like a treacherous businessman.

“So expensive!” Chen Feng was stunned. Back then, he had only paid one million for a yao core with 2 Lightning Tribulations.

“All right, no problem.” Chen Feng’s shock only lasted for a moment. Then, he nodded his head in agreement.

“Pay first.” The old man stretched out his weather-beaten palm.

“What if the forging process fails?” Chen Feng asked.

“The money is non-refundable even if it fails,” the old man replied.

Chen Feng found himself going speechless. He didn’t expect this old man to be such an ‘incredible’ character. Still, he brought out a spatial pouch and placed it on the old man’s palm.

After accepting the spatial pouch, the old man did not even look at it before keeping it. Next, he turned and made his way into the adjacent room. His voice rang out, “Wait for a while. It will be ready soon!”

“It will be ready soon?” The corner of Chen Feng’s mouth twitched. Did he encounter a swindler today? No matter how you look at it, two million Magic crystals was not a small sum of money.

“Tower, did I encounter a swindler today?” Finally, Chen Feng could not hold himself back and he asked Tower.

“No,” Tower replied confidently.

“Why so?” Chen Feng did not understand why Tower could be so confident.

“I don’t think a Human Immortal would swindle a little Concealed stage cultivator’s spirit stones,” Tower said coolly.

“What? Human Immortal? Tower, did you make a mistake?” uttered a shocked Chen Feng.

“Humph! You are questioning me? How can I be mistaken? This thin, weather-beaten old man is a Human Immortal.” Tower sounded somewhat displeased.

“Human Immortal? How can there be such a coincidence? I can encounter a Human Immortal just by casually strolling into a shop? Are the experts of this world like roadside cabbages now?” Chen Feng was still not convinced that the weather-beaten old man was a Human Immortal.

After just one joss stick’s worth of time, the weather-beaten old man walked out from the room. With a wave of his hand, he sent two clumps of light flying out to land before Chen Feng.

A small, three-inch-long flying sword and a one-inch-long poison needle. They emanated a soft gleaming light. One glance was sufficient for Chen Feng to sense the formidable power contained within them.

“Grade 1 Prized artefact! Both of them are grade 1 Prized artefacts!” Chen Feng was now convinced that this weather-beaten old man was a Human Immortal. He was able to forge out two Prized artefacts in such a short time. This was not something that anyone could easily accomplish.

“Check it out. The products of Arms Forging Pavilion are all high-quality goods,” the old man said with a smile.

Chen Feng reached his hand out to grab the two Prized artefacts. One was a flying sword with lightning attribute while the other was a poison needle with a stealth function.

Just by making contact, Chen Feng could sense that the two Prized artefacts were of a much higher quality compared to the Overwhelming Astral Sword. The overjoyed Chen Feng immediately said, “Not bad! I am very satisfied!”

“Senior, I still have some items that I want to turn into magic treasures,” Chen Feng hastily said. He did not want to miss out on such a good opportunity.

“Another day. Today, I will only be forging two weapons.” The old man waved his hand.

Chen Feng was somewhat disappointed. However, he did not pursue the matter further. He was already satisfied with the forging of the two Prized artefacts.

“Thank you, senior.” Chen Feng bowed respectfully before slowly walking out of the shop.

The two million Magic crystals was worth it. I now have two more Prized artefacts on my person. When I integrate these two Prized artefacts into my insight acupoints, my strength will increase again, Chen Feng thought.

“Kid, you got lucky. To think that you can get a Human Immortal to forge magic treasures for you,” Tower said with a chuckle.

After returning to his lodgings, Chen Feng quickly attempted to refine the two Prized artefacts. Unexpectedly, the process was very easy. The flying sword melded into his body before flowing into his other Magnetic acupoint. Immediately, Chen Feng felt a shudder from his entire body. That Magnetic acupoint began churning with intensity before slowly calming down. At the same time, the power within his body began to slowly rise.

“Strange, how can it be so easy to refine and integrate?” Chen Feng was slightly surprised.

“Hey, what is strange about it? This is a magic treasure forged by a Human Immortal. How can it live up to its reputation if it doesn’t have some unique functions? Not to mention, since opening up the Five Elemental acupoints, your cultivation base has soared. That is also a very important factor,” Tower said with a chortle.

“In that case, I should strike when the iron is hot and refine this poison needle into my body as well.” Having said that, Chen Feng began refining the poison needle.

Soon enough, the poison needle flowed into Chen Feng’s body as well. This time, Chen Feng chose the Celestial Metropolis acupoint of the Tristar acupoints. After the poison needle entered his Celestial Metropolis acupoint, Chen Feng felt a cooling sensation spread through his whole body. Next, his mind seemingly grew clearer and keener. At the same time, the power inside his body surged and rose considerably. The rise was such that it scared even Chen Feng.

“Huh! Another two Prized artefacts have integrated with my body. I wonder, how much combat power do I now possess?” Chen Feng could not help but wonder aloud.

“Hey, you have now refined seven Prized artefacts. A pity, your cultivation base is not high enough. Once you have overcome Lightning Tribulation, you will be able to unleash the full power of the Prized artefacts inside your body. When that happens, you will be able to instantly kill off the cultivators on the same cultivation level as you and even those that are several levels above you,” Tower said.

“Overcome Lightning Tribulation. That can only happen when assailing the Sky Human stage,” Chen Feng said gloomily. Again, although the Longevity Scripture was powerful, levelling up was much harder compared to the other cultivation techniques.

On the next day, early in the morning, Chen Feng went to Arms Forging Pavilion again. The weather-beaten old man was again lying on the bamboo deck chair with his eyes closed.

“Kid, why are you here again?” This time, without waiting for Chen Feng to speak up, the old man asked.

“Senior, I want to forge another magic treasure,” Chen Feng replied smilingly.

“Hey, hey, how unexpected. These few days, this little shop of mine is doing well. Fine. Bring out the materials and let me have a look,” the old man said with a laugh.

Chen Feng waved his hand and a pile of scales appeared within the room, occupying half the space available.

“Oh? These are good items!” Seeing the scales, the old man’s eyes lit up. Stepping forward, he picked up one of the scales and began feeling it.

“This scale contains the power of both ice and fire. Additionally, it has overcome 8 Lightning Tribulations before. If I am not mistaken, these are the scales from a Two-headed Icefire Wyrm. Kid, this is unexpected. You actually possess such good materials. Are you not afraid that I might snatch them?” said the old man as he cast an ambiguous smile at Chen Feng.

“He he, if senior needs these scales, I still have some,” Chen Feng replied smilingly. The Two-headed Icefire Wyrm’s corpse was presently stored inside the Longevity Tower. It was a colossal existence and the scales on its body, which Chen Feng had cut out, when stacked up, reached the size of a building.

Truth be told, Chen Feng had long since wanted to make a move on the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm’s corpse. However, he lacked a weapon sharp enough to cut the corpse. Although the Overwhelming Astral Sword was sharp, using it to cut the corpse of a yao beast that had overcome 8 Lightning Tribulations was a massive undertaking.

Fortunately, Chen Feng recently obtained the Demon Sealing Sword, a Sacred artefact. Although Chen Feng could not unleash its full power, using it to cut the corpse of the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm was not an issue.

At that point in time, Chen Feng had completely cut apart the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm’s colossal body. He had collected its hide, flesh, tendons, bones, fangs, internal organs and even its blood essence. Every part of a level 8 Great Yao was a treasure. There was presently a good opportunity lying before Chen Feng. No matter what, he must seize it.

“Kid, be frank. Do you have the corpse of a Two-headed Icefire Wyrm with you?” The old man suddenly turned to look at Chen Feng.

“Yes.” Chen Feng did not hesitate to nod his head and admit that he did. At any rate, this was a Human Immortal. Chen Feng would be incapable of fighting back if this old man wanted to make a move against him.

“How about this? I happen to need some blood essence from a high-level Great Yao. You take all the materials from the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm’s body out and I will turn them all into magic treasures for you. I will take the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm’s blood essence as payment. What do you say?” said the old man after a moment’s consideration.

This is a very good bargain. Chen Feng thought to himself and he immediately nodded in agreement.

Next, the old man extended one finger to jab out. Ripples spread out across the space there. After that, Chen Feng felt his surroundings transform. The scene before his eyes changed, disappearing before becoming an empty space. The empty space was not too large, with a radius of just over 100 zhang.

“Spatial dimension!” Chen Feng exclaimed.

The old man who was standing before Chen Feng smiled and said, “Kid, you know quite a bit. That is right, this is a spatial dimension. All right, bring out the materials.”

Chen Feng nodded. Waving his hand, he brought out every part of the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm’s corpse. Naturally, he did not bring out its yao core.

“This corpse is well-preserved and there is no loss of power. Was it just killed recently?” The old man waved his hand and a purple jade bottle flew into his palm. It contained the blood essence of the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm.

“Yes, this is the yao beast blood essence that I need.” The old man nodded his head. Next, without any overt actions from him, a furnace with an ancient and grand atmosphere suddenly appeared within the space.

“That is a Sacred artefact.” Tower’s voice rang out within Chen Feng’s mind.

“Since this old man is a Human Immortal, it is only normal for his furnace to be a Sacred artefact.” Chen Feng nodded.


1 chi = 0.333 m

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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