Chapter 286: Arms Forging Pavilion


Sensing the aura of Demon King permeating the world and hearing his voice, all the demonic beasts within the Demon Trial Grounds crouched down. 

“Not good! He is actually so fast!” Tower grew somewhat anxious. He brought Chen Feng into the Longevity Tower. Next, the small tower pulsed out violently before jumping into the void again. By the time it emerged, it was already another 500 kilometres away.

However, the pressure chasing after them grew ever stronger as it rapidly approached the Longevity Tower. Clearly, the formerly-sealed Demon King had determined to capture Chen Feng. That was especially true after seeing the Longevity Tower coming out from Chen Feng’s body. Seeing that made the Demon King even more excited.

At any rate, he was a Demon King. It was only natural for him to possess a discerning sight. Thus, he could sense the extraordinariness of the Longevity Tower from afar.

Seeing the Longevity Tower getting closer to the exit, the pursuing Demon King finally made his move. A gigantic, sky-encompassing and sun-blotting demon hand tore through space, piercing through layer after layer of space in an attempt to capture the Longevity Tower.

“Not good! This Demon King has caught up to us. I am currently no match for him. It seems I can only utilize this demon-sealing sword.” Tower sounded somewhat depressed. Next, the demon-sealing sword that Chen Feng had pulled out earlier swiftly shot out from the Longevity Tower before slashing in the direction of the gigantic demon hand coming from behind. A flash of sword light carved space itself and the gigantic and terrifying demon hand was immediately hacked into two. It was incapable of mounting any resistance against the sword, like a piece of cloth going against a razor.

Then, the Longevity Tower landed on the teleportation array. After that, the teleportation array was activated. As for the demon-sealing sword, it flew back into the Longevity Tower.


With the teleportation array activated, a spatial passageway rapidly opened up. By then, however, the severed demon hand had joined up and was smashing down from the sky. It grasped at the teleportation array with a ferocious atmosphere of majesty.


Smoke billowed about, but the Longevity Tower had already disappeared. When everything finally subsided, only a large crater remained where the teleportation array once stood. As for the gigantic demon hand, it rapidly wriggled to assume a human form. His appearance was none other than that of Thunder Hegemon. However, it was more muscular and domineering. Although he displayed a calm countenance, flames raged ceaselessly within his eyes.

He was the Demon King, after all. Earlier, his clone was destroyed and devoured. After breaking free from the seal, however, his enemy actually managed to escape from him. This was a serious blow of his face.

However, it did not take long for Thunder Hegemon to calm down. Regardless of what happened, he had managed to break free. After his cultivation base had recovered, he would carve a bloody path into Eternal World.

Pity, that Demon Sealing Sword. That little tower is also no ordinary object. Thunder Hegemon considered.

When Thunder Hegemon made his way back, all the demonic beasts were kneeling on the ground as they shouted fervently, “All hail the Demon King!”

“Ha ha ha ha ha!” Observing the scene, Thunder Hegemon finally laughed skywards.

Chen Feng was examining the sword in his hand. The two words ‘Demon Sealing’ appeared on the body of the sword. Clearly, this sword was quite the aged object. Earlier, the sword had unleashed its might, cutting the gigantic demon hand with just one slash. Chen Feng, who had been inside the Longevity Tower earlier, was able to bear witness to its might. At that very moment, however, the Demon Sealing Sword resting within Chen Feng’s hand looked no different from an ordinary sword. It was only slightly sharper.

“It is a Sacred artefact, after all. Your current cultivation base is insufficient, so you cannot unleash its full power. You should place it inside the tower first.” Tower’s voice echoed around.

Items at the Prized-tier already possessed spiritual attributes. What more could be expected of the higher-tiered Sacred artefact? If it were not for the suppressive might of the Longevity Tower, the Demon Sealing Sword would have flown away long ago.

Although the Longevity Tower was not directly there, it possessed a grand and inextinguishable aura of majesty. By merely releasing a small portion of the aura, it could keep the Demon Sealing Sword honest.

What a pity! What a pity! This is a Sacred artefact. If I can unleash its full power, no one else within Extreme Celestial Sect would recklessly try to offend me. Disregarding Extreme Celestial Sect, even if I am to go elsewhere, I would still be able to act wantonly within the world of cultivation, Chen Feng thought.

“Humph! It’s not as easy. If you bring this sword out, even if you can unleash its full power, you will still be incapable of keeping it. The other Human Immortals will surely snatch it away. As for you, you won’t even be able to preserve that little life of yours,” Tower said with a sneer.


A loud booming sound rang out and the space before them broke. The Longevity Tower appeared at the teleportation array constructed by Extreme Celestial Sect. However, the Longevity Tower did not stop there. Instead, an overpowering aura spread out from the tower, causing its surrounding space to erupt violently. The powerful shockwaves spread out and the Extreme Celestial Sect cultivators standing guard there – failing to dodge the shockwaves – were immediately thrown off their feet.


The Longevity Tower jumped into the void once more as it continued spatial jumping.

After the Longevity Tower disappeared, the Extreme Celestial Sect cultivators broke into an uproar.

“What happened just now!”

“I saw a small, yellow-coloured tower just now!”

“It came from the Demon Trial Grounds!”


Some of the higher-levelled cultivators, at the Sky Human stage, immediately gave chase. Some even brought forth their magic treasures to break open space in order to pursue it.

“Will the cultivators from Extreme Celestial Sect catch up to us?” Chen Feng was concerned.

“Don’t worry. They are just minor characters. If they really do catch up to us, we can just kill them,” Tower said coldly.

The Longevity Tower did its best, not stopping at all. It continuously broke space to perform spatial jumping, only stopping after covering a distance of 25,000 kilometres.

Thankfully, the Longevity Tower had recently absorbed a great deal of spiritual energy and had recovered some of its strength. Without that, it would have been incapable of this feat.

“All right. No one should be catching up to us now. I’ll leave the rest to you.” After that, the tower transformed into a stream of light and flowed into Chen Feng’s Heavenly Origin acupoint.

Chen Feng looked around. He was within a stretch of wilderness and he did not know where he was at.

Do I return to Extreme Celestial Sect? Chen Feng began pondering.

Returning to Extreme Celestial Sect will likely cause problems. If they interrogate me and ask me how I came out, how do I answer? More importantly, it will be worse if someone finds out that I have treasures on me. Chen Feng hesitated.

I originally joined Extreme Celestial Sect in order to cultivate. Leaving the sect now doesn’t feel appropriate. At any rate, I am a disciple of Extreme Celestial Sect, one of the Ten Great Immortal Dao Sects of the Northern Plains. If they determine that I am a traitor and dispatch men to capture me, I can only hide in the mountains where there are no humans. I would be incapable of revealing myself easily. I don’t want to lead such a kind of life!

Whatever! I should return to the sect first and check things out. At any rate, Lu Ta and the others are still in the sect. I cannot simply toss them aside and leave. Chen Feng finally made up his mind. 

A distance of 25,000 kilometres was not a big deal for cultivators like Chen Feng. Chen Feng leisurely made his way forward and found First Origin City after three days.

First Origin City was a large-scale city, the closest one to Extreme Celestial Sect. There were countless cultivators in the city. A good number of them were from the various great sects and loose cultivators. However, the majority were cultivators from Extreme Celestial Sect.

After entering First Origin City, Chen Feng did not directly return to his residence within Extreme Celestial Sect. Instead, he casually found an inn to stay in. He wanted to inquire the situation first. If there were no serious issues, he would return to Extreme Celestial Sect.

Chen Feng spent the next few days wandering about within the crowded spots in First Origin City. Thankfully, it hadn’t been too long since Chen Feng joined the sect. He was not fearful of bumping into acquaintances. Chen Feng heard the cultivators discussing about a change that had occurred to the Demon Trial Grounds that Extreme Celestial Sect opened up. News of this had spread through the world of cultivation. However, rumours about the incident were getting out of hand and the pieces of information Chen Feng heard were varied. There were discrepancies between them and what happened within the Demon Trial Grounds.

To Chen Feng’s relief, they did not include him. Although the Longevity Tower was mentioned, it was only once or twice. No one could tell where the tower had come from.

After inquiring about it for a few days, Chen Feng felt relieved. Having gotten less anxious, Chen Feng began assuming a vacation attitude as he strolled around First Origin City. This time, he would stroll around for real.

He drank up in a restaurant until he felt slightly tipsy and chatted with some loose cultivators. Thus, Chen Feng left the restaurant with a pleasant feeling. After walking for a bit, however, Chen Feng abruptly halted his steps. His gaze fell upon an inconspicuous-looking shop by the road.

More accurately, he was looking at the signboard.

“Arms Forging Pavilion.” Chen Feng mumbled.

In Chen Feng’s opinion, the shop looked incompatible with its surroundings. Compared to the luxuriously renovated shops around it, this shop appeared somewhat small and dilapidated.

If it were not for the swaying signboard, it would have been impossible to know what the shop was for.

Chen Feng considered for a moment. Then, not quite knowing why, he walked inside.

The shop was very quiet and without any furnishings. There was just a thin old man lying quietly on a bamboo deck chair. Both his eyes were closed, unaware that someone had entered. 

He didn’t look like someone who was doing business. After entering, Chen Feng had wanted to go away. However, after reconsidering it, he spoke up.

“Hello, who is the boss here?” Chen Feng tried asking.

“I am.” The old man lazily opened his cloudy eyes to look at Chen Feng.

“What does this shop do?” Chen Feng felt as though he was doing something pointless and he began regretting entering the shop.

“Isn’t it written on the signboard? Arms Forging Pavilion. Naturally, it is the forging of arms.” The old man revealed no intentions of getting up.

“What about magic treasures?” Chen Feng became slightly interested.

“Magic treasure is also a type of arms. Naturally, I can forge them as well. Young man, if there is nothing, just leave. Don’t disturb my sleep.” The old man became impatient and he closed his eyes again.

Chen Feng felt amused. This was the first time he saw someone doing business in such a manner. He could not stop himself from feeling interested.

“I have some items that I want to make into magic treasures,” Chen Feng said with a smile.


Hearing that, the old man opened his eyes once again. Next, his figure jumped up and he quickly came to stand before Chen Feng. The difference in attitude surprised Chen Feng.

“Business is here! Little brother, what items do you want to forge into magic treasures? Let me have a look.” The old man smiled.

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