Chapter 285: Pulling the Sword


Pop! Pop! Pop!

Under Chen Feng’s control, the Heavengulping Absorption Technique and the Demonic Heavengorging Art smashed against one another yet again. This time, Chen Feng did not simply puke out blood. Rather, a series of explosions erupted throughout the meridians inside his body. Some of the more severe explosions directly broke his meridians.

Sensing the serious injuries within his body, a trace of clarity re-appeared within Chen Feng’s eyes. He stopped smashing them. Instead, he took a deep breath and began healing up his wounds.

Streams of longevity-type primary energy flowed and the broken meridians swiftly reconnected. After three circulations of the longevity-type primary energy, the broken meridians within Chen Feng had fully recovered. Even the chaotic state within his body had returned to a state of calmness.

“Again!” Chen Feng gritted his teeth and continued his attempts. This time, Chen Feng did not simply smash them together. Instead, he slowly brought the two cultivation techniques close to each other. At the same time, his soul power expanded to its limits to carefully examine every movement within his body, wanting to figure a way to meld the two.

Unfortunately, this attempt ended in failure as well and Chen Feng puked out blood yet again.

Tower was unable to continue watching. Just as he was about to interfere, however, a middle-aged man appeared on the first floor of the Longevity Tower.

He was fully clad in cyan-coloured attire. His figure was athletic and strong while his face was handsome, with a resolute expression. His eyes were like the starry sky. He was none other than the person hidden within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom, Boundless.

“Tower, it has been a long time. Have you only recovered this much? This is too disappointing.” Boundless’ voice remained warm, filled with a magnetic charm.

Noticing Boundless’ appearance, the Longevity Tower immediately shook. However, it quickly regained a state of calmness.

“Humph! For me to be this badly damaged, I believe you are in no better shape yourself.” Although there was indifference in Tower’s voice, he could not conceal the feelings of excitement within it.

“Yes. My cultivation base is not something that can be restored quickly. However, I am still far stronger than you. From the recent thoughts I sense from my main body, it is clear than my main body has recovered to a certain level,” Boundless said with a smile. 

“Humph! What is the point in saying all these things? This kid is attempting something stupid now. If we don’t stop him, the consequences will be dire.” Tower’s voice was filled with urgency.

“Oh? You are so concerned about this little fellow? This is unexpected.” Boundless laughed.

“However, I would suggest that you do not disturb him. The path of cultivation is something that he has to walk on his own. The direction he takes is also something that he should grasp on his own. If you stop him now, this kid’s courage and enterprising spirit would lose its edge,” Boundless said coolly.

“If its edge is too sharp, it will break easily. It will still affect his future path of cultivation,” Tower retorted.

“Humph! If this kid cannot even make it past this hurdle, he will be unworthy of being my son.” Boundless’ voice suddenly turned cold and lofty.

“Don’t forget, this kid’s spiritual root was damaged during that great battle. His cultivation talent cannot even match up against that of an ordinary cultivator now. If it were not for my actions of injecting longevity-type primary energy into his body back then, he would still be a trash right now.” Tower argued against Boundless with a scornful tone.

“Heh! If it weren’t for that lightning bolt back then, you would still be in a state of deep slumber. Besides, cultivation talent is not the only criteria for becoming an expert. As a cultivator, the most important thing is to have a strong heart! I believe my son will grow.” When Boundless said the last part, his face revealed an affectionate smile.

“Whatever! If you are going to put it that way, I won’t care. At any rate, this fellow is your son.” Tower grumbled, seemingly uninterested in arguing against Boundless.

“However, the result of the war...” Tower wanted to ask something else.

“Longevity Palace will never fall.” Boundless’ voice was very calm and steady. It was as though his words was reality.

Tower said nothing else. The war back then had left him so badly damaged. The Longevity Palace could fare no better. 

Chen Feng continued with his attempts. However, he had weakened the force behind his attempts yet again. At any rate, Chen Feng was no masochist. His earlier attempts had been due to the influence of the demonic energy and his inner demons. At that moment, Chen Feng had recollected himself. Thus, he concentrated on researching and analysing the nuances within the two cultivation techniques in order to find a way to meld them both.

He kept trying, getting injured every time he did. Three days quickly passed, but Chen Feng remained adamant and he continued to carefully cultivate himself.

“Humph! This kid is just like you. An average talent, but a stubborn personality,” Tower blurted out.

“He he.” Boundless chuckled, but he did not reply.

Ten days passed and half the amount of water within the 99 rivulets was gone. It seemed the remaining half would also end up getting sucked into the Longevity Tower. As for Chen Feng, he continued to cultivate silently. During his cultivation process, Chen Feng’s meridians had erupted who knows how many times. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Chen Feng had been living through days of unbearably painful torture.

However, Chen Feng persisted.

He was still incapable of integrating the two cultivation techniques. However, he managed to let his cultivation of the Demonic Heavengorging Art and Heavengulping Absorption Technique break through to the next level in the end. Given his present level of cultivation, integrating the two cultivation techniques was an impossibility. Thankfully, his cultivation of both the Demonic Heavengorging Art and Heavengulping Absorption Technique managed to break through. In his joy, Chen Feng slowly relaxed before putting his efforts to a halt.

After Chen Feng was finished with his cultivation efforts, he stood up and saw that the Demonic Spirit Fountain had been fully absorbed by the Longevity Tower.

“Despicable! The Demonic Spirit Fountain is for me to restore my strength! This kid actually absorbed them all. No matter. Later, this kid will be returning it all to me, with interest added! I’ll let him be happy for now.” Killing intent flashed non-stop across Thunder Hegemon’s eyes.

“All right, this kid finally managed to get something. I should also return to my slumber. Hopefully, this kid can continue moving forward and not require my aid.” After saying that, Boundless’ figure gradually grew faint.

“Humph! Given your current state, what kind of aid can you give?” Tower retorted scornfully.

Boundless did not reply. His figure became increasingly faint and he disappeared as he once again hid himself within Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom.

“Tower, can you collect the sword now?” Chen Feng asked.

“Of course. Now, go do it,” Tower said gleefully.

Chen Feng grew hesitant. The rebound back then had been unbearable. Would he end up suffering from the same fate this time around?

“He he, don’t worry. It is just a crappy Sacred-tier sword. With me taking the lead, this will be easy,” Tower proudly said.

Chen Feng nodded. He stopped ruminating the matter and strode forward. Clenching his teeth, he reached out with his hand to grab the sword hilt. 

Seeing Chen Feng grab the sword hilt, Thunder Hegemon, who had been hovering in the sky, immediately grew excited. Both his eyes stared intently, watching every move Chen Feng made. This very moment would decide his freedom. I have been sealed here for years. This has to succeed! I must escape!

Thunder Hegemon roared inwardly.

A burst of formidable and thunderous force charged at Chen Feng the instant he grabbed the sword hilt.

“Not good!”

Chen Feng was stunned. The thunderous force was simply too fast. He simply did not have the time to release his grip. As he was about to cry out, however, he suddenly felt the thunderous force disappearing after flowing through his arm.

“Huh! It’s Tower.” Chen Feng breathed a sigh of relief.

Suddenly, an overpowering aura flashed across Chen Feng’s body and the sword, which had been on the verge of attacking again, immediately turned still. Feelings of fear and submission flowed into Chen Feng’s mind.

“Hurry up and pull it out,” Tower said with a serious tone.

Not having much time to think about it, Chen Feng exerted force through his arm and a three-chi-long sword, flashing with chilling light, appeared in his grasp. A black sword hilt, a sleek blade and a sword tip that emanated chilling intent. Although it possessed a decent appearance, Chen Feng instead felt as though he was simply wielding an ordinary sword.

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

As Chen Feng was examining the sword, cracks began spreading out from the point where the sword had been inserted into, spreading continuously towards the surrounding platform area.

“Hurry up and book it! This is a demon-sealing sword. Once pulled out, the Demon King sealed inside will emerge!” Tower said.


Chen Feng’s figure immediately flashed away as he vaulted up into the sky. As Chen Feng was planning on swiftly leaving the place, Thunder Hegemon’s body flashed forward to block Chen Feng’s path. At the same time, his hands shot out to grab Chen Feng.

“Kid, stay,” Thunder Hegemon said, laughing out loudly. He was finally free.

“Humph! You ungrateful fellow. I knew you would make a move,” Chen Feng said, slashing at Thunder Hegemon.

Seeing the demon-sealing sword in Chen Feng’s hand, Thunder Hegemon reflexively backed away. Suddenly, an overpowering atmosphere spread out from Chen Feng’s body. Next, an extremely potent force shot out from Chen Feng’s body, spinning rapidly as it struck Thunder Hegemon’s body heavily.


A snapping sound rang out and countless cracks appeared on Thunder Hegemon’s body. His eyes revealed looks of disbelief.

“You-” Thunder Hegemon could only utter out a single word before his body exploded.

There was no scattering of flesh and blood. Instead, chaotic streams of energy dispersed into his surroundings. However, a suction force immediately emerged from Chen Feng’s body to absorb every strand of the energy back into the Longevity Tower.

“A pity, it is only a clone. It is not even enough to fill the gaps between my teeth.” Tower felt somewhat disappointed.

“If you don’t feel satisfied, you can wait for the sealed Demon King to come out. If you devour him, you should be able to increase your strength by a bit, right?” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Humph, smelly brat! Enough with your sarcasm. Right now, we need to leave this place as soon as possible, otherwise we are both goners,” Tower said coldly. Next, he tore space open and – bringing Chen Feng along – proceeded to jump through space.

That one spatial jump brought them 50 kilometres away. However, Tower did not stop. He continued to jump, again and again.

When Chen Feng was over 1,000 kilometres away, a loud roar spread out. 

“A puny human?! You?! You dare destroy my clone?! Unforgivable! Unforgivable!!!”

In the beginning, the words only had a dull quality to them. However, they grew increasingly loud. It was as though the amalgamation of over tens of millions of thunder claps was charging towards Chen Feng. Finally, it shook both Heaven and Earth and the entire training grounds became filled with the Demon King’s massive aura.

1 chi = 0.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km

[“My legend begins in the 12th century…”]

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