Chapter 283: Sealed Zone


Thunder Hegemon continued appearing every few days and Chen Feng quickly got used to it. The conversation length between the two also increased, encompassing every topic. In the end, they even talked about cultivation. It was then that Chen Feng realized that Thunder Hegemon was indeed no ordinary character.

Thunder Hegemon constantly displayed pinpoint insight towards cultivation. For Chen Feng, Thunder Hegemon’s knowledge about cultivation was even higher and more insightful compared to the lecturers from Extreme Celestial Sect’s Heir Hall. After conversing at length with Thunder Hegemon, Chen Feng was able to benefit considerably. Unknowingly, his cultivation base had also risen.

Is he really not bearing any malicious intentions against me? Chen Feng felt puzzled.

“Right, Senior Thunder. There are so many spiritual herbs here. Do you not need any of them?” Chen Feng deliberately asked.

“He he, these are all spiritual herbs in the peripheral areas. They are not worth mentioning. The good items are deep inside this mountain range,” Thunder Hegemon said smilingly.

“What? These spiritual herbs are not worth mentioning?” Chen Feng stared with widened eyes. The value of the harvests he obtained during the past few days had surpassed all the treasures within the Longevity Tower. There were over a thousand spiritual herbs that were over 1,000 years old. It was such that Chen Feng felt as though he was some countryside plutocrat. However, Thunder Hegemon had suddenly said that these spiritual herbs were not worth mentioning. That came as a shock to Chen Feng.

“That is right. Although these spiritual herbs are somewhat rare, they cannot actually be considered valuable. There are extremely few amongst them that are over 2,000 years old. By going slightly deeper, you will realize that the spiritual herbs here are but inferior plants!”

“All right, let’s end our conversation here today. I want to check out the depths of this mountain range.” After saying that, Thunder Hegemon floated up and disappeared.

“Tower, what do you think? Did Thunder Hegemon deliberately say that?” Chen Feng calmly asked Tower.

“Of course.” Tower was quick to answer.

“However, I am still feeling very tempted,” said a smiling Chen Feng.

“In that case, just go and have a look. The grade of the spiritual herbs here is indeed too low,” said Tower scornfully.

Chen Feng was very decisive. After having made up his mind, he flew forward, moving past several mountains before landing.

“Indeed! The spiritual herbs here have a higher age.” With a casual wave of his hand, Chen Feng picked up a ginseng, which was as thick as an arm. It was just an ordinary mountain ginseng. However, it was over 2,000 years old. Feeling the vigorous medicinal power within it, Chen Feng could not stop himself from feeling shocked.

There were also many spiritual herbs that were over 1,000 years old in the peripheral areas. However, they were not as commonplace as this mountain. With just one glance, Chen Feng saw tens of spiritual herbs that were over 1,000 years old.

Seeing that, Chen Feng felt excited and he began digging them up.

“Humph, how lacklustre. You are satisfied with this kind of spiritual herbs?” Tower said disdainfully.

“Yes, there must be even better spiritual herbs up ahead. Strangely, there are no restrictive barriers here.” Chen Feng felt puzzled as he flew forward once more.

After flying through 10 plus mountains, Chen Feng finally saw Thunder Hegemon again. He was seated cross-legged as he practiced cultivation on a mountain. He seemed unaware of Chen Feng’s arrival.

“Most of the spiritual herbs here are over 3,000 years old. Some are close to 10,000 years old,” Tower said slowly.

“Close to 10,000 years old!” Chen Feng felt somewhat dumbfounded. He felt his throat going parched. Spiritual herbs at this level was already good enough to concoct out Sky-tier medicinal pills.

While it might be a little difficult to concoct Sky-tier medicinal pills with them, concocting out Earthen-tier medicinal pills would be a piece of cake.

The medicinal pills that Chen Feng was presently using were only at the Human-tier. Earthen-tier medicinal pills were items that Sky Human stage cultivators take.

Chen Feng assumed that his arrival would alarm Thunder Hegemon. However, after digging out tens of spiritual herbs, Thunder Hegemon continued to show no reaction. He continued to sit silently on the mountaintop. It was unknown just what kind of cultivation technique he was practicing.

“Heh, this fellow is pretending. He is constantly observing you,” Tower said with a chuckle.

“When you put it that way, he truly has bad intentions,” Chen Feng said.

“Most certainly,” Tower said confidently.

“No matter what his intentions may be, I cannot give up on these spiritual herbs,” Chen Feng replied with a smile. Every one of the spiritual herbs resting before him was a treasure. Chen Feng wanted so desperately to grow several more hands to help him. Thousands of years old, these spiritual herbs were qualified for even Human Immortals.

Naturally, there was the condition that Chen Feng could collect them all and keep them inside the Longevity Tower.

“Tower, these spiritual herbs should be somewhat useful for you, right?” Chen Feng asked Tower.

“Naturally. However, you should keep them for yourself. I can sense spiritual herbs of a higher grade up ahead,” Tower said.

“There’s higher?” Chen Feng gazed ahead. As usual, there were rolling mountains laid out before him. However, Chen Feng could feel his heart palpitating.

“Didn’t you say there should be a Demon King sealed here? If we go deeper, I fear there will be danger.” Chen Feng displayed caution.

“Heh! You said it yourself, it is sealed. Since it is sealed, it should be inconvenient for it to move around. Additionally, its level of strength should have been worn down. No need to fear, no need to fear,” Tower said with a chuckle.

“I should still focus on what is right before me,” Chen Feng said coolly. With a wave of his hand, the ground shook and ten plus 3,000-year-old Demonic Poison Flowers flew into the Longevity Tower, roots included.

After collecting 1,000 of the spiritual herbs, Chen Feng sat down cross-legged and began practicing the Demonic Heavengorging Art. He was visited by an extremely odd feeling. Recently, the rate at which he was cultivating the Demonic Heavengorging Art had become increasingly high. In the beginning, Chen Feng had assumed that it was because his cultivation base had risen. At that moment, however, Chen Feng sensed that was not the case.

Or is it connected to the environment here? Is a Devourer Beast sealed here? Chen Feng wondered.

Unknown to Chen Feng, as he was practicing the Demonic Heavengorging Art, the distant Thunder Hegemon snapped his eyes open. A brilliant light flashed across them before he closed them up again. It seemed he had discovered something.

After Chen Feng was done with his cultivation session, he noticed that Thunder Hegemon was standing quietly before him. The sight shocked Chen Feng.

“Senior Thunder,” Chen Feng said with a smile after getting up.

“Your cultivation technique is very wonderful. It doesn’t seem like a cultivation technique from Extreme Celestial Sect,” said Thunder Hegemon with his own smile. 

“I had acquired this technique by chance,” Chen Feng casually replied.

“I wonder, what is the name of this technique?” asked Thunder Hegemon, the same smile on his face.

“That I do not know. Back when I obtained it, I found no name on it. It is just a fragment of a certain technique.” Chen Feng shook his head.

Thunder Hegemon grew silent for a moment. Then, he smiled and asked, “Little brother, do you know what is the most precious treasure here?”

“The most precious treasure. Isn’t it the spiritual herbs?” Chen Feng curiously pointed at the various spiritual herbs around them.

“Of course not. All the spiritual herbs here combined cannot match up to the value of that treasure,” Thunder Hegemon said with a cryptic tone.

“Just what kind of treasure is that?” Chen Feng’s interest was piqued. There was already no way for him to measure the value of these spiritual herbs. He could not imagine what other treasures could be lying here.

“He he, discovering it is very simple. Little brother, you simply need to go past 10 more mountains,” Thunder Hegemon said smilingly.

“In that case, I will have to go check it out.” Chen Feng smiled, but he did not move. Instead, he continued to dig up the spiritual herbs around him.

As he was digging out the spiritual herbs, he secretly communicated with Tower.

“Tower, Thunder Hegemon has finally revealed his objective,” Chen Feng said.

“Humph! If I am not mistaken, the place up ahead should be where the Demon King is sealed,” Tower replied with a sneer.

“What do I do? Should I go check it out? If I do not go, this Thunder Hegemon will probably attack me!”

“Might as well go check it out. I also want to find out just what this treasure is,” said an amused Tower.

After considering it for a moment, Chen Feng approached Thunder Hegemon and said, “He he, can Senior Thunder come together with me?”

“Sure.” Thunder Hegemon smiled and nodded.

The mountains below zoomed past them as they flew forward. It did not take long for Chen Feng, under Thunder Hegemon’s guidance, to fly past 10 mountains.

A look of shock appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

“What a thick demonic energy!” said Chen Feng after sucking in a breath of the surrounding demonic energy.

Seeing Chen Feng casually absorb and refine the surrounding streams of demonic energy, a look of shock flashed across Thunder Hegemon’s face.

“Look below,” Tower said.

Only then did Chen Feng notice the scenery laid out beneath him. He saw small rivers flowing across the surrounding mountains in a winding manner.

Small rivers should have been a common sight at the foot of a mountain. However, Chen Feng’s face turned odd. The small rivers were all black in colour, as black as ink. Watching the flowing black rivers gave him the odd sensation of having arrived in Hell itself.

Chen Feng counted and found that there was a total of 99 small rivers. All the rivers finally converged upon a black pool within a valley. There was a stone platform in the centre of the pool and it appeared that there was something on the stone platform. However, as Chen Feng was too far away from it, he could not clearly see it.

“This is a Demonic Spirit Fountain. This is a good thing,” Tower said happily.

“Demonic spirit? Fountain water? eh?” Chen Feng felt curious.

“It is the spiritual liquid formed when demonic energy is condensed to a certain degree. However, that is not the main point. Do you see the stone platform?” Tower asked .

“Yes, I think I see something on it,” Chen Feng said.

“Naturally, there is something there. Additionally, it is a good item. It is indeed more valuable compared to all the spiritual herbs here.” After saying that, Tower laughed.

“It seems little brother knows what this is.” Thunder Hegemon came to hover before Chen Feng. There was a slightly entangled expression on his face.

“This is a Demonic Spirit Fountain. However, what is the stone platform?” Chen Feng asked, pointing with his finger.

“He he, we’ll know once we go down and have a look. All I know is that it is a Sacred artefact,” Thunder Hegemon said with a chuckle.

“Sacred artefact!” Chen Feng revealed a look of shock.

“It is a sword,” Thunder Hegemon continued.

Chen Feng considered the issue before turning to Thunder Hegemon and ask, “Since it is a Sacred artefact, why didn’t Senior Thunder take it? Or do you think that this treasure is not worthy of you?” 

Hearing those words, Thunder Hegemon’s face immediately revealed a wry smile. “This sword is no ordinary magic treasure. It is not something that the average person can pull out. I have tried many times but to no avail. Perhaps, only the destined person could do so. From what I can see, little brother has an extraordinary visage and an upright heart. Maybe you can pull out this peerless treasure.”

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