Chapter 282: Demon King’s Clone


Chen Feng quickly flew forward, ignoring the effects on the streams of demonic energy around him. Since the demonic beasts were already coming after him, Chen Feng no longer had to fear exposing himself. He rode on the Lightstream Shield and swiftly flew through the sky.

Chen Feng’s actions exposed his position and immediately attracted the attention of the other Great Demons. One by one, they rapidly locked down Chen Feng’s aura.

“We’ve found the kid!” One of the Great Demons laughed skyward and his soundwaves spread over 50 kilometres.

Naturally, Chen Feng too, was able to hear his voice. However, he ignored it. Instead, he continued advancing. The distance between him and the mountain range was swiftly decreasing. As Chen Feng was swiftly moving forward, he prayed that no demonic beasts would appear from the front.

As he got closer to the mountain range, Chen Feng finally discovered something amiss. Since not too long ago, he had not encountered any demonic beasts, not even a single weak demonic beast.

The amount of life force became increasingly thick and the number of vegetation and trees rose. There were also some rare spiritual herbs. However, there were no demonic beasts. Looking down at the spiritual herbs constantly appearing before his eyes, Chen Feng felt pangs of regret. Due to the pursuing Great Demons, Chen Feng was unable to stop down to collect the herbs. However, Chen Feng made up his mind. After this storm is over, I must come back here to collect all these spiritual herbs.

“This place is a little strange. The demonic energy and life force here are getting thicker, but there are no demonic beasts,” Chen Feng blurted out. At the same time, a thought flashed across Chen Feng’s mind. Usually, this kind of place will have powerful characters.

However, despite knowing that there might be danger up ahead, Chen Feng could not stop. The danger coming after him would be upon him the moment he stopped.

Finally, Chen Feng flew past the first mountain, entering the mountain range.

“Not good! The kid is heading towards the sealed zone.” All the Great Demons chasing after Chen Feng began slowing down.

When the Great Demons saw Chen Feng enter the mountain range, they finally stopped pursuing him.

“The kid really went in. Forget it, let’s head back,” one of the Great Demon said emotionlessly. 

“Go back! Go back! Since the kid has entered the sealed zone, his death is certain. We should quickly go back. Do not offend His Highness, the Demon King!”

None of them showed any hesitation. They all sported indifferent looks as they knew that Chen Feng was a goner. There was no way he could survive.

It did not take long for all the Great Demons to leave. They did not even look back. Only Tuel, the humanoid demon who had fought against Chen Feng in the past, sighed. He had wanted to find out who was stronger. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng would die like this.

Not long after entering the mountain range, Chen Feng sensed that the demonic auras behind him were gradually disappearing. Sensing that, Chen Feng felt puzzled. He did not understand why they would no longer pursue him. He had already prepared himself to do battle against them. Unexpectedly, this happened instead. 

It seems there is really a problem here. If even the pursuing Great Demons dare not continue their pursuit, they must believe I am a goner. When you look at it that way, this place must be very dangerous. Chen Feng slowly turned halfway up a mountain and observed the wide variety of spiritual herbs there. There were doubts and excitement in his eyes.

The spiritual herbs here are rare in the outside world. Additionally, they have a high enough spiritual age. The three mountains I flew past earlier have plenty of spiritual herbs growing on them too. In other words, almost nobody comes here. Chen Feng speculated.

Who cares! At any rate, there are presently no dangers. Given how many spiritual herbs there are here, Heaven will be furious at me if I don’t collect them. Chen Feng smiled. With a wave of his hand, a Demonblood Grass flew into his hand.

One glance revealed tens of spiritual herbs there. There were Bonecorroding Spiritflowers, Heart Eroding Mushrooms, Demonblood Grasses, Earthroot Grasses, Snowclear Thistles and some other rare spiritual herbs that Chen Feng could not recognize.

In the beginning, Chen Feng was only collecting the herbs. Later, however, he collected even the soil there and transplanted the herbs into the Longevity Tower.

After one whole day, Chen Feng was only able to clean up the top part of one mountain. He had dug out over 1,000 spiritual herbs and the first floor of the Longevity Tower now resembled a medicinal field. Row after row of spiritual herbs emitted thick medicinal fragrance, giving the Longevity Tower an extra strand of vitality.

“I wonder, how many spiritual herbs are needed to completely cover the first floor of the Longevity Tower?” Chen Feng whispered.

“Humph! Even if you have a hundred million times more of these spiritual herbs, you can forget about filling up the first floor of the Longevity Tower,” Tower suddenly said with a sneer.

“One hundred million times is not enough? Then I will bring 200 million times the amount. I don’t believe I cannot fill the first floor,” said a smiling Chen Feng.

“Humph! Kid, are you really considering me as a spatial-type magic treasure? Do not forget, I am a combat-type magic treasure,” Tower re-emphasized.

“Right, I forgot to ask you. You have absorbed so much spirit stones this time. How much of your power have you recovered?” Chen Feng suddenly asked.

“I have only recovered up to that of a grade 6 Prized artefact.” Tower sounded monotonous. However, Chen Feng was still able to notice Tower’s feeling of depression. He must also be feeling dissatisfied with this result.

Throughout the entire day, Chen Feng did not encounter any danger whatsoever. Not only that, he had instead acquired a great deal. It gave him an unreal feeling.

After practicing the Demonic Heavengorging Art for a bit, Chen Feng resumed digging the various spiritual herbs on the mountains. No matter what, he must not miss out on this good opportunity.

Chen Feng spent three whole days to scour an entire mountain, harvesting nearly 5,000 spiritual herbs. All of them were planted within the Longevity Tower.

Standing at the peak of the mountain and watching the seemingly endless rolling mountains, Chen Feng could not stop himself from laughing out.

One mountain alone had given him so much. How many spiritual herbs would there be within that many mountains? Just thinking about it made him feel slightly dizzy.

“Little brother, what are you so happy about?” Suddenly, a voice spoke up from behind Chen Feng. Chen Feng’s body froze for an instant before hastily turning around. A scholarly-looking, middle-aged man in white stood not far away from him, watching him with an ambiguous smile.

“Tower, what is going on here?” Chen Feng secretly asked Tower even as he gave off a nonchalant look.

“A little strange. Surprisingly, I failed to notice him. However, don’t worry too much about it. This fellow should be just a clone,” Tower secretly informed Chen Feng.

“Clone? A clone of what?” Chen Feng was slightly surprised.

“Probably something sealed here. Do not panic. Chat with him first,” Tower said seriously.

“Who are you?” Chen Feng asked coolly.

Seeing how quickly Chen Feng was able to recollect himself, a look of shock flashed across the white-clad scholar’s face. He secretly praised Chen Feng’s steady heart.

“He he, I am just a loose cultivator. Little brother, the way I see it, your fleshly body is strong and filled with energy while magic arts circulate within despite not being spurred. You should be from a great sect, right?” the white-clad scholar said with a smile and a brilliant light glinted across his eyes.

Immediately, Chen Feng felt the eyes seeing through every part of his body.

“Tower, how powerful is this clone?” asked a surprised Chen Feng.

“He he, don’t worry. He is just a clone. While he won’t have any problems dealing with you, don’t forget, I am here in the shadows,” Tower replied.

Hearing that, Chen Feng calmed down.

“Junior’s name is Chen Feng, a disciple from Extreme Celestial Sect. How should I address senior?” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“So, you are a disciple from Extreme Celestial Sect. My name is Thunder Hegemon. My name is not that famous in the world of cultivation. You have probably never heard of it before,” the white-clad scholar said smilingly.

“Thunder Hegemon.” Chen Feng felt a little apprehensive. It was quite the impressive name. However, was it his real name?

“Usually, it is rare for Extreme Celestial Sect disciples to come here. Unexpectedly, little brother is quite lucky. There are many spiritual herbs here; some are rarities. This can be considered a treasure zone.” Thunder Hegemon maintained his smile and both his eyes were partially squinted. There was no way to know what he was thinking.

“I am just lucky. Right now, I am feeling concerned because I cannot dig up so many medicinal herbs alone.” Chen Feng laughed. Truth be told, there were still some Demonic Bloodthirsty Hunters and a Phantom Beast suppressed within the Longevity Tower. Chen Feng had originally wanted to bring out these demonic beasts to help him out. However, after considering the fact that this was the demonic beasts’ territory, Chen Feng discarded the thought.

“If you cannot finish digging them out, you can do it slowly. At any rate, no one will be coming,” Thunder Hegemon said, the same smile on his face.

“No one will be coming?” Chen Feng felt a thump from his heart. However, his face revealed no change.

“All right, little brother. We’ll end our conversation here for today.” After saying that, Thunder Hegemon’s figure fluttered up. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared into the depths of the mountain range.

Watching Thunder Hegemon’s departure, Chen Feng grew more puzzled. He did not understand why this fellow had appeared before him.

“Tower, have you figured out his real body?” Chen Feng asked.

“No. For me to fail to see through his real state, he must be as strong as a Human Immortal. In other words, a Demon King could be sealed here,” Tower said solemnly.

“Demon King!” Chen Feng was astounded. Demon Kings and Yao Kings were existences that could rival Human Immortals. Unexpectedly, the one he was chatting with earlier was the clone of a Demon King.

“However, he did not attack me. It seems he does not have any malicious intentions.” Chen Feng frowned.

“It is true that he did not attack you, but it is difficult to say whether or not he has any malicious intentions,” Tower said with a sneer.

“Who cares if he has any malicious intentions? Since he is not attacking me, I won’t care too much about it. The most important thing right now is the countless spiritual herbs here.” Chen Feng smiled and resumed scouring the mountain.

If it were not for the fear of exposing Longevity Tower’s existence, Chen Feng would have brought it out and simply shoved all that stood before him into the tower, the land included.

Another day passed and Chen Feng was able to acquire harvest after harvest. Feelings of joy after joy filled Chen Feng.

The next day, the mysterious Thunder Hegemon appeared again. Once again, he engaged in a nonchalant chat with Chen Feng before disappearing again.

Thunder Hegemon continued appearing for the next few days. He would suddenly appear before Chen Feng for a moment each day. No matter how hard Chen Feng pushed his soul power, he could not notice Thunder Hegemon.

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