Chapter 281: Uproar


The Longevity Shield exploded into fragments. Next, an air-piercing sound rang out, accompanying the ferocious attack arriving before Chen Feng. By then, however, Chen Feng had already stabbed forward with Bloody Soul.

Bloody Soul collided against the young cultivator’s sharp talon.

Chen Feng had originally assumed that Bloody Soul's power was enough to pierce through his opponent’s palm. However, following a resounding sound, the bloody lance in Chen Feng’s hand was deflected backwards and his opponent’s talon grazed his arm.

Thankfully, the attack had only managed to graze his arm, otherwise it could have snapped it. Even so, Chen Feng’s arm screamed in pain from the graze. Lowering his head, he saw that the sleeve portion of his magic robes had torn and a chunk of his flesh there had disappeared. 

This fellow is strong. With a thought, Chen Feng summoned the Lightstream Shield. Riding it, he hastily darted some distance away.

After just a brief exchange of blows, Chen Feng realized that this opponent was far stronger than him. As winning was not possible, Chen Feng would not go all-out against this enemy. Instead, he wanted to do his best to entangle the young cultivator so as to buy time.

The Longevity Tower’s rate of absorption was rising and vast amounts of demonic soul stones kept flowing into it. Seeing that, the young cultivator who was fighting Chen Feng grew vexed.

“Do you humans only know how to borrow the power of other items? If you have balls, put aside your weapons and come fight me for real!” shouted the young cultivator.

“Have you lost your mind? Why don’t you pull out your claws and teeth before fighting me, then?” Chen Feng sneered as his figure flitted away from the young cultivator’s attack.

A large, circular crater burst open and the surrounding rocks were disintegrated. Even the mine was quaking as a result.

Chen Feng was shocked. If that attack had landed, he would surely be grievously injured.

As Chen Feng was entangling the young cultivator, the Longevity Tower suddenly expanded in size, growing from a height of ten plus metres to a height of ten plus zhang. The formidable and suppressive atmosphere coming out from it assailed its surroundings and the entire demonic soul stone mine shook.

Having absorbed a sufficient amount of energy, Tower finally decided to show off.

“What kind of magic treasure is this? Could it be a Sacred artefact?” A look of shock appeared on the young cultivator’s face.

Tidal wave-like demonic energy crashed forward from every direction to rapidly converge upon the Longevity Tower. Due to the formidable momentum of the waves of demonic energy, Chen Feng and the young cultivator felt it hard to steady themselves. Under those circumstances, they can forget about continuing their fight.

Next, a stream of light shone out from the Longevity Tower to wrap Chen Feng up. With a flash, Chen Feng’s figure was transported into the Longevity Tower.

“Tower, kill this fellow!” Chen Feng shouted.

“No time for that. There are powerful fellows coming!”

Immediately, the Longevity Tower swiftly smashed into the rocky ceiling of the mine. The lands within a radius of over 50 kilometres shook. At the same time, the restrictive barriers outside the mine blew up.


The Longevity Tower simply broke space open to jump away. The young cultivator wanted to stop it but was incapable of doing so. Putting aside the question of whether he could get near the Longevity Tower, going near the tower was simply the equivalent of suicide.

“It must be a Sacred artefact! It has to be a Sacred artefact!” The young cultivator kept stamping his feet. If he could get his hands on this Sacred artefact, his strength would definitely multiply. In fact, rising to the Demon King stage in the future would not be impossible.

Before the remnant fluctuations from the Longevity Tower’s action of breaking space disappeared, two spatial fluctuations rippled outwards and two Great Demons appeared.

“Greetings, fellow sirs!” The young cultivator who had fought Chen Feng earlier hurriedly stepped forward to bow respectfully.

“What happened just now?” asked one of the Great Demons with an imperiously cold tone.

“The person should be a cultivator from Extreme Celestial Sect. His strength is average. However, he possesses a very powerful magic treasure. It should be a Sacred artefact,” the young cultivator answered truthfully.

“Sacred artefact? What cultivation base does he possess?” The eyes of the two Great Demons shone brightly.

“Concealed stage cultivator!”

“Let’s go!”

The two Great Demons exchanged glances before tearing open space once more to chase after Chen Feng.

After his surroundings returned to its state of tranquillity, the young cultivator breathed a sigh of relief. He could still feel a certain feeling of pressure when facing his superiors. Additionally, he also understood. Since the two superiors had taken action, he would not be able to get the Sacred artefact anymore.

In but one breath, the Longevity Tower had jumped through a distance of over 50 kilometres. After emerging, the Longevity Tower immediately shrunk. This time, it directly entered Chen Feng’s Heavenly Origin acupoint. Once it entered, the Overwhelming Astral Sword, which had been hovering within the acupoint, was summarily kicked out.

Immediately, Chen Feng felt his Heavenly Origin acupoint expanding swiftly. Wave after wave of pain assailed Chen Feng’s nerves.

“Tower, what are you doing?!” Chen Feng asked furiously.

“Helping you open your Heavenly Origin acupoint. Kid, stop with the nonsense! Right now, you only have two options. The first is to find a place to hide. The second is to immediately turn back, leave this training space,” Tower said coolly.

“Didn’t you devour a lot of spiritual energy? If some Great Demons come after us, can’t you just kill them?” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“Do you think I am invincible? After absorbing so much spiritual energy, you think I don’t need to digest them first?” Tower flew into a fit of rage after hearing those words.

“Tch, aren’t you someone who would look upon Immortal artefacts with disdain? Could a few Great Demons be too much for you now?” Chen Feng retorted scornfully.

Hearing Chen Feng’s words of contempt made Tower unusually displeased.

“How many times have I told you? Right now, I have yet to recover my strength. Once I have recovered, I can gulp down this entire Eternal World in but one breath’s worth of time!” Tower raged.

“Fine, fine. If you don’t have that ability, don’t brag. Just think of a way to escape from here,” Chen Feng deliberately retorted.

“Whether or not you can escape is your problem. I don’t care.” After saying that, Tower went silent.

“This is the demonic beasts’ territory. Where can I go hide?” Chen Feng shook his head. He felt somewhat dispirited. Given his level of strength, Chen Feng knew that it was impossible for him to return to the teleportation array. Thus, there was only one option for him, find a place to hide and wait for things to settle down before figuring a way to return.

After making up his mind, Chen Feng did not turn back. Instead, he continued venturing deeper into the Demon Trial Grounds. Chen Feng believed that the more dangerous it was, the safer it would be for him. It was dangerous to turn back. However, many of the demonic beasts would never expect him to go the other way instead.

Chen Feng covered every part of his body with Invisibility Talismans. There were also some that could cover his aura. Only then did he cautiously venture into the Demon Trial Grounds.

Hopefully, they don’t come too quickly. I wonder how many people did Extreme Celestial Sect dispatch? If their forces are strong enough to kill off all those Great Demons, this dangerous situation will be over. Chen Feng’s mind began wandering.

As Chen Feng was cautiously running away, he collected whatever spirit stones and spiritual herbs he encountered along his way, unaware of just how big of a ruckus his actions had caused.

Two mines, a demonic spirit stone mine and a demonic soul stone mine had been utterly gobbled up by the Longevity Tower. Due to that, almost every one of the Great Demons within the Demon Trial Grounds were alarmed. Additionally, there was a rumour that an Extreme Celestial Sect disciple had utilized a Sacred artefact to accomplish that. An even greater uproar broke out as a result. The uproar was not limited to demonic beasts. It did not take long for the news to reach Extreme Celestial Sect. The cultivators from Extreme Celestial Sect also entered a state of uproar. 

By then, Luo Bo and the others had returned to the sect. Originally, Luo Bo and Sun Xuan had chosen to wait outside the passageway. After quite some time, however, Chen Feng still did not come out. Thus, they returned to the sect.

Two days after returning to Extreme Celestial Sect, they heard the news and were shocked. In the beginning, they did not think too much about it. They had assumed that some other cultivator from Extreme Celestial Sect had been the one behind it. However, many factors quickly arose to reveal to them that the one behind the destruction of the demonic beasts’ spirit stone mines was Chen Feng.

At any rate, the humanoid demon, Tuel, had fought against Chen Feng before. Additionally, the other demonic beasts had also seen Chen Feng before. Thus, they spread the news. 

“It really sounds like Chen Feng. This is going to be a big problem,” Sun Xuan said.

“What should we do? Can Senior Brother Chen escape? Didn’t many sect elders enter? They should be able to rescue Senior Brother Chen, right?” said a concerned Luo Bo.

“Hard to say. However, I didn’t think Chen Feng would be in possession of a Sacred artefact. Even if he can escape from the Demon Trial Grounds, he will still face a series of problems. That’s a Sacred artefact! Not even the sect elders can resist the temptation of a Sacred artefact,” Sun Xuan said with a sigh.

The Sacred artefact was the standard magic treasure for Human Immortals. At that moment, however, it had fallen into the hands of a minor Concealed stage cultivator. That was something that could invite disaster. Carrying a treasure was a crime for the common man. Even if Chen Feng can escape the murderous pursuit of the demonic beasts, he will not be able to escape the siege from the other cultivators.

“If the magic treasure in Senior Brother Chen’s hand is a Sacred artefact, the average Sky Human stage cultivators would be incapable of doing anything to him, right?” Luo Bo suddenly said.

“Do not forget, Chen Feng is just at the Concealed stage. If Chen Feng can overcome a few Lightning Tribulations, with the Sacred artefact in his hand, there will be no need for him to fear others trying to trouble him. However, the present Chen Feng is still too weak,” Sun Xuan said.

“Senior Brother Chen is a disciple of Extreme Celestial Sect. I don’t believe someone would dare attack him!” Luo Bo’s mouth twitched.

“Junior Brother Luo, how could you still be so naïve? Naturally, other people would not recklessly attack our Extreme Celestial Sect. The ones I am talking about are our own Extreme Celestial Sect cultivators,” Sun Xuan said grimly.

Luo Bo fell silent. Naturally, he had already figured out that something like that would happen.

“Hopefully, the rumour is false!”

“Hey, even if it is false, after this rumour spreads out, even falsehoods will become the truth!”

Chen Feng had only just collected a few Plague Flowers when he sensed a powerful aura approaching him from afar. He reflexively frowned.

Looks like the demonic beasts must have figure out my whereabouts. However, this is too fast. Chen Feng felt his head aching. In order to avoid attracting the attention of the powerful Great Demons, Chen Feng had been secretly avoiding every group of demonic beasts he encountered, not facing them in the slightest. He had assumed that he could avoid getting tracked by doing so. Then, find a place to hide for a while. Unexpected, they would find him so soon.

Chen Feng shook his head and sped up. This time, he was heading towards a mountain range that was several hundred li away. Chen Feng planned on hiding within the mountain range. Doing so, he should be able to deal with the other party.


1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km

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