Chapter 280: Demonic Soul Stone


The Great Demons in charge of guarding the demonic soul stone mine were alarmed the instant Chen Feng entered.

“What happened? There was a fluctuation from the restrictive barriers just now!”

“Someone must have sneaked into the mine. Hurry, send a few fellows to investigate it!”

After they entered the mine, Tower did not wait for Chen Feng’s command. The Longevity Tower directly flew out to devour the surrounding demonic soul stones as fast as possible.

To Chen Feng, a perfunctory look at the demonic spirit stone and demonic soul stone would reveal that those two were about the same. However, by checking them in detail, he could see the differences between the two. 

The demonic spirit stones were as black as ink. Although the demonic soul stones were also black, they looked more like crystals. They possessed a higher rate of transparency than the demonic spirit stones. Looking at them in detail, Chen Feng saw that there were strand-like mists within the demonic soul stones. They looked like drifting souls. That was also how the demonic soul stone got its name.

Woah! Woah!

Vast amounts of fragmented bits, remnants of the demonic soul stones, flowed down. One breath after the Longevity Tower began devouring the demonic soul stones, the demonic beasts mining within the mines began attacking.

Chen Feng did not have the time to light up any smoke or perfume. He simply brought out Bloody Soul before starting a fight with the incoming demonic beasts.

Bloody Soul was a demonic artefact and was more lethal when used against demonic beasts. Blood-coloured lance silhouettes spread out to engulf the air and the demonic beasts charging at him were all killed.

Chen Feng was not using Bloody Soul to suck blood, nor was he utilizing the Demonic Heavengorging Art. Instead, he focused on stopping the charging demonic beasts as fast as he could.

Chen Feng did all that in order to seize a tiny bit more time for the Longevity Tower. For the Longevity Tower, one breath’s worth of time was the equivalent of getting a vast number of demonic soul stones. A vast number of demonic soul stones meant that the Longevity Tower could restore a bit more of its power. Even though it was just a bit of its power, it was something that Chen Feng wanted to fight for.

This time, however, the rate at which the Longevity Tower devoured the demonic soul stones was obviously slower compared to when it was devouring demonic spirit stones. This was a spirit stone of a higher grade, after all. Given its current level of strength, devouring the entire mine would take quite some time.

It was then that four Great Demons descended. Two were humanoid demons while the other two were demonic beasts. Both the demonic beasts had the appearance of black gorillas.

Upon their arrival, two of the Great Demons pounced at Chen Feng while the other two charged towards the Longevity Tower.


Chen Feng brandished the bloody lance to create an after-image, which shot forward with lightning-like speed, leaving a bloody hole on one of the Great Demon’s body. At the same time, Chen Feng also swung his hand out, channelling the Demonic Heavengorging Art. Next, blood gushed out profusely towards Chen Feng. As it did, Chen Feng could feel strands of unique energy flowing into his body before making its way into his sea of wisdom. When the strands of energy made their way into his sea of wisdom, his soul power churned intensely and he could clearly feel his soul power growing stronger.

This is soul power! The thought flashed across Chen Feng’s mind.


The other Great Demon’s attack arrived before Chen Feng. However, light flashed out beneath Chen Feng’s feet as the Lightstream Shield appeared under him. Next, Chen Feng effortlessly dodged the Great Demon’s attack.

“This is, Demonic Heavengorging Art! How can this be? How can this be?” The wounded Great Demon cried out in horror.

“Kid, are you surprised?” Suddenly, Tower’s voice rang out from beside Chen Feng’s ear. The other two Great Demons had long since fragmented apart after receiving Tower’s attack.

Normally, Tower would have suppressed the two Great Demons. At that moment, however, devouring the demonic soul stones was of utmost importance.

“A little.” Chen Feng replied as he continued fighting off the Great Demons.

“This is the wondrous aspect of the Demonic Heavengorging Art. Do not forget what I said back then. In the Demon Plane, only Devourer Beasts can practice this technique. Their great power is not the only reason why they can become the overlords of the Demon Plane. The bigger reason is that their Demonic Heavengorging Art has potent countering effects against all creatures in the Demon Plane. One of the effects is to devour the target enemy’s soul to strengthen yourself. Can you feel it already?” Tower swiftly described the technique even as he was rapidly devouring the surrounding demonic soul stones.

“Absorb the enemy’s soul to strengthen myself. What a monstrous and Heaven-defying technique!” Chen Feng was shocked. However, he quickly grew joyful. If that was the case, he might be able to deal with his present crisis.

Having reached that line of thought, Chen Feng swiftly channelled the Demonic Heavengorging Art. Although it was a technique that Chen Feng was still somewhat incapable of fully grasping, it circulated wildly, causing bursts of suction force to appear from his body. Next, Chen Feng saw the two Great Demons facing him shudder. After that, strands of potent soul power flowed out from their minds before making their way into his body.

“It really is the Demonic Heavengorging Art. Hurry, run!” The two Great Demons cried out in dread. They no longer had the courage to fight Chen Feng. Instead, they cried out and turned to run.

“Where do you think you are going?!” Chen Feng, who was absorbing their soul power, swiftly gave chase. The bloody lance in his hand stabbed into the body of one of the Great Demons. The Demonic Heavengorging Art’s power and Bloody Soul’s innate power combined to quickly reduce the Great Demon into a withered corpse. Next, the bloody lance in Chen Feng’s hand jabbed upwards and a demon core landed in his hand. Unfortunately, due to the Demonic Heavengorging Art, there was less than half of the essence power left within the demon core.

As for the other Great Demon attempting to escape, he was obliterated by Tower’s attack.

Feeling the ceaselessly churning soul power within his mind, Chen Feng felt joyful. However, he was also feeling troubled. There wasn’t much time for him to refine the soul power at the moment. The absorbed strands of soul power kept releasing negative feelings of fear, despair, savagery and bloodthirstiness, affecting Chen Feng’s own soul somewhat.

“As expected, there is no such thing as an easily attainable power. These souls I absorbed can strengthen my soul power, but I must expend some efforts to refine them,” Chen Feng said wryly.

Even so, Chen Feng was still very happy. This was known as experiencing both sorrow and joy. Chen Feng had recently felt that his soul power was progressing slowly. At that moment, however, it seemed that the problem had been resolved. 

The excited Chen Feng began eagerly expecting some more Great Demons to come. Unexpectedly, with the exception of some common demonic beasts, the powerful Great Demons were a no-show.

A frustrated Chen Feng began butchering the low-level demonic beasts coming at him. He couldn’t be bothered to absorb the demonic beasts’ souls. After having absorbed the soul of a Great Demon, the souls of these lesser demonic beasts were not even worth considering.

Soul power required quality, not quantity.

“Tower, didn’t you saw there are 20 Great Demons standing guard here? How come only a few came?” Chen Feng asked.

“A battle has started outside. Experts from Extreme Celestial Sect must have arrived,” Tower replied.

“In that case, you will have to hurry it up,” Chen Feng said.

“This is already my fastest speed,” replied Tower with a slightly displeased tone. 

“I am Extreme Celestial Sect’s Sun Gan. Which senior brother is down there?” Suddenly, Sun Gan’s condensed voice penetrated the ground to echo throughout the mine.

Sun Gan. Although I do not know him, this proves that the guys from Extreme Celestial Sect are truly here. With those fellows helping bear the burden outside for me, things will be easier for me. However, I probably shouldn’t meet up with them, otherwise there will be a lot of problems in the future. Chen Feng pondered.

As the Longevity Tower was around halfway through devouring the mine, another Great Demon finally descended into the mines. This Great Demon possessed the appearance of a very young, handsome and bewitching cultivator. After landing, he released a peculiar sound and the demonic beasts besieging Chen Feng retreated. Like tidal waves, they all backed away in the blink of an eye. The speed at which they retreated and their contrasting behaviours surprised Chen Feng.

“No wonder a minor human cultivator can barge in. It turns out you possess such a treasure. However, since I am here, it seems I am fated to have this treasure. Don’t you think so, human?” Having said that, the incredibly handsome youngster unleashed thick waves of demonic energy. At the same time, his body swiftly dashed forward, leaving fleeting images in the air as he did. Next, a talon, sporting sharp claws, arrived before Chen Feng. A thick and suffocating scent of blood forced its way into Chen Feng’s nose.

The bloody atmosphere alone was enough for Chen Feng to tell that this youngster before him had killed countless cultivators.

Bloody Soul shot out with lightning-like speed, smashing its way towards the youngster’s head. Chen Feng was willing to ignore the youngster’s attack and go for a desperate killing blow.

In the face of Chen Feng’s attack, the young cultivator’s eyes glinted with ferocity. He did not dodge. Instead, he continued to swipe at Chen Feng.

Puchi! Puchi!

Two sounds rang out as sharp claws tore Chen Feng’s magic robes into pieces, leaving several bloody cuts on Chen Feng’s chest.

Meanwhile, Chen Feng’s attack pierced his opponent’s defensive armour to leave a cut on his shoulder.

The two of them backed off at the same instant, turned to look at their wounds at the same instant and frowned at the same instant.

No wonder this fellow did not dodge. It turns out he is wearing a Prized-tier armour, Chen Feng thought. At the same time, he quickly unravelled the streams of demonic energy invading his body through the wounds.

“That demonic artefact is not bad. If I wasn’t wearing armour, that attack would have pierced right through my shoulder. Kid, you are something else. I underestimated you. However, you will not be so lucky next time.” The young cultivator revealed a savage smile.

“Who are you? Are you also a demonic beast?” Chen Feng deliberately frowned and asked in an attempt to buy time.

“Who am I? You can find that out after you die!” The young cultivator saw through Chen Feng’s intentions. Both his hands swung out and his sharp claws gleamed with chilling light, like flying swords. At the same time, bony spikes grew out from his arms. Ghastly white and cold, it gave off a ferocious image.


All Chen Feng saw was a flash and an air-piercing sound shook Chen Feng’s ear drums. Not having enough time to catch the attack coming at him, Chen Feng waved his hand, sending a Longevity Shield out before him as he rapidly backed away. The Bloody Soul in his hand, too, shot out with lightning-like speed.

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