Chapter 276: Single-handedly Fighting the Humanoid Demon


By the time Chen Feng rescued the two disciples, the humanoid demon had charged at Chen Feng again. This time, hints of shock and excitement could be seen alongside the ferocious and cunning expressions on the demon’s face. Unexpectedly, a little human cultivator could block its attack. Not to mention, the streams of power he sent out earlier had forced it to back away.


Once again, a simplistic punch was thrown out and the resulting winds caused the surrounding demonic beasts to tumble backwards. Even Sun Xuan and the others began staggering as they found it hard to steady themselves.

“Hurry! Gather up and charge out!” Sun Xuan was quick to make up his mind. Seeing Chen Feng block the humanoid demon, he knew that this was the best time for them to charge out.


Chen Feng continued sending another lightning-fast punch. Once again, two fists, one large and one small, collided. This time, however, Chen Feng was not as fortunate. Like a meteor, his figure blasted backwards before smashing into the horde of demonic beasts. He even smashed into the ground, creating a deep crater as a result.

“Senior Brother Chen!” Luo Bo cried out loudly.


The ground erupted as Chen Feng leapt into the sky. Both his feet stamped down against the humanoid demon and he shouted, “Guys, don’t worry about me! Hurry up and charge out! I will hold off this humanoid demon!”

Luo Bo knew that he wouldn’t be able to help Chen Feng by staying back. Rather, he would only cause problems for Chen Feng. Thus, he shouted back, “Senior Brother Chen, you must be careful!”

“Don’t worry. Even if I cannot defeat this big boss, running away won’t be an issue for me!” After saying that, both of Chen Feng’s feet pulsed outwards. Faint-yellow earthen power flowed forward to envelop both his feet and they smashed into the humanoid demon’s chest. The large humanoid demon’s body gave a shudder and it was forced to take several steps back.

It seems this humanoid demon is not the speedy type. In that case, there won’t be too much danger, Chen Feng thought.

“Puny insect, die!” The humanoid demon howled with such a loud voice, it caused the ears of those present to ring. Next, it swung both its arms and Chen Feng sensed the space around him taking on a viscous quality. His movement speed fell as a result.

“Brother Chen, take care! We will be waiting for you up ahead!” Sun Xuan shouted before leading the others as they gave it their all to charge out.

Thanks to Chen Feng holding back the humanoid demon, the pressure on Sun Xuan and the others lessened greatly. With their lives on the line, they unleashed a formidable amount of power. It did not take them long to carve a way out of the encirclement. The distance between them and Chen Feng grew until eventually, they disappeared from his sight.

Meanwhile, the battle between Chen Feng and the humanoid demon only grew more intense. Chen Feng was not utilizing any of his weapons for the battle as the two of them – a human and a demon – engaged in a melee battle.

As his cultivation base had recently improved, Chen Feng wanted to test his strength. Thus, he displayed all his skills to fight the humanoid demon. At any rate, the humanoid demon was slower than him. Should he fail to defeat the humanoid demon, he could simply disengage and escape.

Chen Feng’s winning point was his small, dextrous and vigorous fleshly body. As for the humanoid demon, it had a large and savage body, packed to the brim with strength. Comprehensively speaking, Chen Feng was still at a disadvantage. 

This was due to the extraordinarily strong defence of the humanoid demon. During their battle, Chen Feng had managed to find some openings to land several vicious blows on the humanoid demon. However, no matter how much power he used, he could only cause the humanoid demon to retreat. He could not inflict even a minor wound on the humanoid demon.

As for Chen Feng, he had once been struck by the humanoid demon’s fist and his body was sent flying. His whole body had felt unbearable pain as his blood energy roiled and he found it difficult to breathe. He knew then that his fleshly body was still far from qualified to match up against the big boss before him.

Chen Feng had no intentions of utilizing weapons. This was the best opportunity for him to test himself. He kept circling around the humanoid demon to send out an endless number of attacks. However, the humanoid demon was simply too strong. Every move from it would cause the space around it to become viscous, seriously affecting the speed of Chen Feng’s movements.


The humanoid demon found an opportunity and its large fist bore down upon Chen Feng’s face. It was so powerful that, before the fist even made contact, the astral energy enveloping Chen Feng’s body exploded and even the grade 7 magic robes that Chen Feng was wearing began tearing.

Chen Feng understood that he was incapable of taking this punch. If he were to be seriously wounded, he could end up getting surrounded by the demonic beasts. Should that happen, escaping would become difficult for him.

With a wave of his hand, Chen Feng brought out a thick Longevity Shield, positioning it right before him. Immediately, the humanoid demon’s large fist landed forcefully against the surface of the Longevity Shield.


There were no heart-palpitating moments. Rather, the Longevity Shield shattered instantly. Chen Feng’s cultivation base was simply insufficient and there was still a long way to go for his Longevity Shield to match up to a Prized artefact. It was simply incapable of blocking the overpowering attack from the humanoid demon.

However, that minor obstruction was enough. A stream of light flashed out from beneath Chen Feng’s feet. Riding on the Lightstream Shield, Chen Feng’s figure then shot far into the distance.

The Lightstream Shield was originally a flying-type magic treasure. With just a thought, Chen Feng was able to fly more than 100 metres away.

Chen Feng did not run away. Rather, he quickly regulated his rate of breathing so he could continue with the fight. As expected, seeing Chen Feng dodge its attack caused the humanoid demon to fall into a state of shock. Next, however, it went after Chen Feng. It used just two steps to appear before Chen Feng. Its five fingers spread open, appearing like the palm of a Heavenly God. Immediately, the space around Chen Feng, with a radius of tens of zhang, was enveloped.

Chen Feng snickered. He waved his hand and a Longevity Sword slashed out. Ignoring the result of his move, Chen Feng’s figure zoomed into the distance again. With the Lightstream Shield, Chen Feng’s movement speed had practically doubled. Due to that, it was difficult for the humanoid demon to even land a hit on Chen Feng.

Chen Feng was fighting the humanoid demon for the sole purpose of honing himself. That was also the reason why he entered the Demon Trial Grounds.

Hone his cultivation base and thoroughly refine and integrate with the weapons within his insight acupoints. Putting aside his cultivation base, by fully refining the weapons inside his body, Chen Feng’s cultivation state would grow stronger once again.

Riding the Lightstream Shield, Chen Feng kept circling around the humanoid demon. During the battle, Chen Feng felt that the Lightstream Shield was quite useful. He could dash past 100 metres with just a thought. At times, he could even cover several hundred metres with it. This level of speed was beyond Chen Feng’s expectations.

Heh, when I think about it, that Xu Ziping was unlucky to have died that way. Chen Feng felt amused. If Xu Ziping had been able to display this level of speed back then, it would have been impossible for Chen Feng to kill him.

When Chen Feng began fighting the humanoid demon, the surrounding demonic beasts attempted to help the humanoid demon. However, after losing more than a hundred demonic beasts of varying types, they stopped.

Trying to join a battle of this level would only mean death for these lesser demonic beasts. Even the resulting shockwaves from their exchanges were enough to quake them to death.

Naturally, that was not the case for some that were close to the Great Demon stage. However, after the humanoid demon reprimanded them, no one else dared to step forward to help the humanoid demon. At any rate, those with insufficient strength would only cause troubles. It would be better for the two of them to go at it one-on-one.


The large Longevity Shield placed before Chen Feng was shattered once more. Chen Feng’s figure drew an arc through the sky to re-appear several hundred metres away. However, the humanoid demon merely used several rapid steps to reach him.

Just like that, Chen Feng alternated between battling and distancing himself from the humanoid demon. It did not take long for them to cover a distance of several hundred li. As Chen Feng was preoccupied with the battle, he failed to notice his surroundings. Unknowingly, he was venturing deeper into the Demon Trial Grounds.

By then, Luo Bo and the others had long since killed their way out from the encirclement. Amongst the 17 disciples, two had died from their wounds. The remaining 15 were wounded as well. Three, in particular, were grievously wounded. Without the proper treatment, they might end up dying as well.

“I wonder if Senior Brother Chen could kill his way out?” Luo Bo was worried.

“Don’t worry. Chen Feng’s cultivation base is high. He can face the humanoid demon head-on. I believe nothing will happen to him,” said Sun Xuan after a moment’s consideration. 

Despite that, they were still worried for Chen Feng. That humanoid demon was simply too strong, after all. It had left a lingering feeling of fear within their hearts. 

“We should think about how to save Junior Brother Liu and the others first!”

“Senior Brother Sun, Junior Brother Liu’s wounds are too serious. The life-saving pills we have are simply not good enough. What do we do?”

“Return to the sect immediately!”

“I’m afraid we won’t make it.”

As they were panicking, two Sky Human stage cultivators suddenly descended from above. The two were none other than the elders from Extreme Celestial Sect.

“What happened?” The two elders recognized that the disciples were from Extreme Celestial Sect.

“Greetings, elders.” Although the disciples did not recognize the two elders, they quickly stepped forward to bow respectfully after seeing their attires.

Truth be told, these two elders from Extreme Celestial Sect did not possess particularly high cultivation bases. They had only overcome 1 Lightning Tribulation each. They were the lowest existences amongst the elders and can only serve as supervisors for the sect.

“You fellows encountered a horde of demonic beasts?!”

One look at their situation was enough to inform the two elders what had happened to them. They asked more about the situation as they began treating the grievously wounded disciples.

Befitting their status of cultivators at the Sky Human stage, they were able to bring out Earthen-tier medicinal pills. Next, they channelled their powers to save Junior Brother Liu and the other two who were on death’s door.

“Elders, did something happen to this Demon Trial Grounds?” asked Sun Xuan, who had been considering the issue.

“Yes, for some unknown reason, the number of demonic beasts here has suddenly increased. Additionally, many Great Demons have appeared as well. Seeing how bad the situation is, we quickly turned back. Those who ventured deep into this Demon Trial Grounds, be it the loose cultivators or even those from our sect, are probably in grave danger,” one of the elders said grimly.

“All right. Let’s not talk too much here. Hurry up and return. We must quickly leave this place and report this to the sect!”

“Elders, we still have a companion behind us. Please help!” Luo Bo suddenly stepped forward.

“A companion? What is this about?”

Luo Bo hastily informed them about Chen Feng. After hearing that, the two young elders grew hesitant.

“To think that it would be a humanoid demon!”

“Elders, please rescue him!” Sun Xuan too, came forward to beseech them, albeit respectfully.

“Fine, I will go check it out.” One of the elders gave a helpless sigh before flying upwards. After one joss stick’s worth of time, he returned.

“There are indeed a lot of demonic beasts. However, the humanoid demon and disciple named Chen Feng aren’t there,” the young elder said grimly.

A foreboding sensation immediately emerged from within Luo Bo and Sun Xuan’s hearts. They wanted to go back, but the situation was beyond their abilities.

“Will something happen to Senior Brother Chen?” Luo Bo was anxious.

“Don’t you have a Messaging Talisman?” Sun Xuan reminded him.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km

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