Chapter 275: Attack of the Humanoid Demons


This time, they were unable to fully kill all of them. Due to how exhausted they were, they could only cause their enemies to scatter. Also, during their fight with the demonic beast leader, one of the elite disciples had been wounded, albeit lightly.

Although it was not particularly dangerous, they did feel something amiss.

“Something about this feels odd.”

“It is odd. We didn’t encounter any particularly powerful demonic beast, but how can there be so many low-level demonic beasts?”

“We ventured this far last time. Should we continue onwards this time? I keep getting the feeling that there is something amiss!”

“What is there to fear? It’s not as if some powerful demonic beasts have appeared. Those are all low-level demonic beasts. Do not forget, by joining forces, we managed to kill off a Great Demon last time.”

“Humph! Don’t forget that three of us ended up getting seriously injured as a result of that. Our powers are suppressed here, making it impossible for us to unleash our full abilities. At any rate, I have this foreboding sensation.”

“We have a total duration of one month, but we have only been inside for less than 2 days. Are we going to leave just like this? Besides, there are no dangers right now. If we are to return just like this, when we return to the sect, we will surely become a laughing stock. Besides, once we develop a fearful mindset, our future cultivation path will become much more difficult.”

Everyone had differing opinions, leading to disputes. In the end, they turned their gazes towards Sun Xuan. At any rate, Sun Xuan was their group leader.

Sun Xuan was also feeling conflicted. He too, could sense something; something indescribable was in the air. However, to simply return like this felt somewhat inexcusable.

“How about this, those who want to continue advancing, put your hands up.” In the end, Sun Xuan had no choice but to resort to this method.

Out of the 18 people there, 13 raised their hands. Seeing that result, they all continued venturing forward.

None of them noticed that Chen Feng had, at that moment, entered a deep state of contemplation. It was because of the conversation he had with Tower earlier.

“Tower, there are so many demonic beasts all of a sudden. Could something big be about to happen?” asked a concerned Chen Feng.

“This environment is quite good. It is suitable for you to practice the Demonic Heavengorging Art.” That was Tower’s only response before falling silent.

“What does that mean?” Chen Feng felt puzzled. I was asking if there are any dangers!

As they were continuing forward, Chen Feng stopped contemplating the matter. Instead, he began to secretly practice the Demonic Heavengorging Art. After circulating the technique, Chen Feng found that the atmosphere was truly suitable for practicing the Demonic Heavengorging Art. Strand after strand of demonic energy flowed into Chen Feng’s body. To Chen Feng’s surprise, Sun Xuan and the others did not notice his body’s abnormal situation.

As the Demonic Heavengorging Art began spreading its influence, Chen Feng could feel his sensing radius growing wider. It did not take long for Chen Feng to discover faint emanations coming from up ahead. Furthermore, despite having no reason for it, Chen Feng knew that the emanations moving towards them were from demonic beasts.

As expected…

“More demonic beasts have appeared,” Sun Xuan suddenly said.

Their group began putting their guard up. In the very next instant, a black horde of demonic beasts charged towards Chen Feng and the others.

“Heavens! There are so many demonic beasts this time! There are at least 2,000 of them. A few of them are already close to becoming Great Demons!”

“There is a group of humanoid demons here as well. They are actually assuming a formation? What is going on here?”

“I think we should go hide.”

“How do we go about doing that? These demonic beasts are already upon us!”

“Everyone, stop bantering. Kill off all these demonic beasts! With so many demonic beasts, we can make a small fortune from the demon cores we get from them,” Sun Xuan said grimly.

He had only just finished speaking when the earth-encompassing horde of demonic beasts surrounded them. The demonic beasts leading the charge attacked.


In the face of the demonic beasts, Sun Xuan’s group burst forth with killing intent as well. They were also ferociously unleashing their killer moves. With but one confrontation, tens of demonic beasts had been killed off.

Sun Xuan and three other disciples possessed flying swords of the Prized tier. They possessed the strongest offensive abilities amongst the group. Sword light flashed about without respite and they easily killed off the demonic beasts, one by one.

The weakest amongst the disciples was at level 8 of the Concealed stage. With the exception of Chen Feng, everyone there had condensed out their domain power. Everyone’s domain spread out before quickly joining up to form an expansive domain. Thus, their offensive power began rising. For the demonic beasts, making contact with the domain meant getting torn to pieces.

“Junior Brother Chen, come to the centre position!” Sun Xuan shouted. Chen Feng was the only one who had yet to condense out his domain power, after all.

Chen Feng smiled and chose not to refuse. With a flash, his figure arrived at the centre of all the disciples.

Since entering the Demon Trial Grounds, Chen Feng had not been participating much in their offensive operations. Almost all of the demonic beasts they encountered along the way had been killed off by Sun Xuan and the others. As for Chen Feng, he had not taken the initiative to attack. Instead, he had been secretly practicing the Demonic Heavengorging Art.

Naturally, Luo Bo and Sun Xuan did not say anything about it. However, the others were feeling displeased. What gave Chen Feng the right to not contribute? Did he think they were there to play around? Even so, despite the considerable number of demonic beasts they encountered along the way, they had not been in too much danger. Thus, the others had not spoken up despite their feelings of displeasure.

At that very moment, however, Chen Feng was still not lending a hand. Some of the disciples grew infuriated and one of them deliberately opened up a path within the domain to allow several demonic beasts to enter. The demonic beasts, having successfully breached their position, immediately howled out as they attacked Chen Feng.

Chen Feng revealed a faint smile as he unleashed several lightning-fast punches, killing off the invading demonic beasts before they could even show off their might.

“Liu Ming, what are you doing?! Are you trying to get us all killed?” Sun Xuan scolded loudly.

“Cough, cough! I just got careless for a bit,” Liu Ming said awkwardly.

Rumble! Rumble!

The earth quaked as waves of thick demonic energy swiftly moved forward, eroding all in its path. The formidable pressure bore all the way down into the disciples’ hearts.

“Not good! A high number of demonic beasts are rushing over. It seems we are in trouble!” Luo Bo shouted.

“Do not panic! Quick, give it your all to kill a path forward. Do not ever let the demonic beasts surround us!” Sun Xuan gave the command.

Thus, their combined domain began moving and all the demonic beasts caught in its path would be killed.

After moving past 50 kilometres, having killed off who knows how many of the demonic beasts, they felt the pressure bearing down on them lessening. They knew then that they were close to breaking out of the encirclement.

“Everyone, give it your all! We will be breaking out soon!” Sun Xuan shouted.

Suddenly, a giant, furry fist the size of a building descended from the sky to heavily bombard their combined domain.


A loud banging sound rang out and the domain cracked. Next, the giant fist proceeded to continuously bombard the domain. At the fifth punch, the disciples were finally incapable of holding on. Some began bleeding from their seven orifices and the combined domain ended up dispersing.

Next, a three-zhang tall, human-shaped demonic beast charged into their midst. It did not even attack them, but the potent energy streams around it caused the elite disciples to fly out.

“Not good! It is a humanoid demon!” Sun Xuan’s face was contorted to its limits.

Humanoid demons were different from demonic humans. Demonic humans were once human cultivators who were eroded by demonic energy until they transformed into demonic humans.

On the other hand, humanoid demons were a product of the Demon Plane. They could be considered as demonic beasts, albeit with human forms. In the Demon Plane, demonic beasts that could cultivate up to the point where they can assume human form possessed formidable strength.

This opponent before them was a humanoid demon. Additionally, it was a very powerful humanoid demon. At the very least, it was the equivalent of a level 2 Sky Human stage cultivator.

“Guys, don’t panic! Hurry up and assume battle formation!” Sun Xuan bellowed loudly. He knew that – given the circumstances – dispersing right now would mean getting individually surrounded and killed by the endless horde of demonic beasts.

However, it was useless. The humanoid demon was too powerful. Stepping forward, it immediately broke apart their battle formation. Next, it charged forward furiously. The disciples could not even get close to the humanoid demon before getting knocked away.

Bang! Bang!

The humanoid demon’s thick arm suddenly swung out and two disciples were swept away before falling heavily amidst the horde of demonic beasts, their fates unknown.

“Ha ha ha ha! These few small fries are likely insufficient to fill the gaps between my teeth!” Suddenly, the humanoid demon opened its mouth and spoke.

Surprisingly, it was a humanoid demon capable of speaking the human tongue.

“It’s over. This time, it is truly over. I didn’t expect such a powerful fellow to appear.” Sun Xuan’s face was pale-white. The other disciples were also revealing looks of dread. Although they had faced countless near-death experiences before, in the face of death, they could still feel fear coming from the depths of their hearts.


Suddenly, a heavy sound of collision caused them to snap back to reality. When they saw what had happened, they all stared with widened eyes. There were looks of disbelief in their eyes.

One big fist and one small fist had collided against each another.

Shockingly, Chen Feng had stopped the attack from the large, mighty and brutish humanoid demon.

How is that possible? The thought flashed across the minds of all the disciples. However, it quickly turned into pleasant surprise. If Chen Feng could stop the humanoid demon, they would be able to escape.

Amongst all the disciples present, Luo Bo was the only one with any understanding of Chen Feng’s strength. Even so, this situation was beyond Luo Bo’s expectations. It was true that Chen Feng had displayed incredible prowess back in the immortal mountain. However, he had been relying on the power of his Prized artefact back then. At that very moment, however, he was blocking the humanoid demon bare-handed.

It seemed the humanoid demon had not expected this at all. Someone amongst these disciples could block his attack? As it was feeling stunned, it suddenly felt streams of potent, torrent-like energy surge through its arm to attack it.

Deng! Deng! Deng!

Surprisingly, the large humanoid demon began to retreat. Every time it stepped backwards, it would leave a deep hole on the ground. It continued retreating for tens of steps before finally halting.

“Guys, don’t get distracted. Hurry up and group up. We need to rush out first.” After saying that, Chen Feng’s figure leapt upwards before crashing into the horde of demonic beasts. Next, a wave of potent energy erupted from his body, sending the demonic beasts around him flying. In the blink of an eye, the area around Chen Feng had been cleared.

Next, Chen Feng waved his hand and the two disciples that the humanoid demon had sent flying earlier were hurled forward to land before Sun Xuan and the others. 

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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