Chapter 273: Level 5 of the Concealed Stage


Having lost the fight, Zhao Hai became aware of the gazes from the surrounding onlookers. Immediately, he felt his face burning. Vexed, bitter, ashamed, unbearable. Various thoughts surged into his mind, causing him to feel confused. Due to his rage, he could only think of one thing. Kill Chen Feng! 

Thus, he brought forth his most powerful card, the Soulblade.

Zhao Hai’s cultivation base had reached level 9 of the Concealed stage, the great success phase. Thus, he could condense out his Soulblade to kill his enemies.

The power of the Soulblade was both greater and faster. Furthermore, it was not easy to block. Cultivators capable of condensing the Soulblade were practically invincible within the Concealed stage.

This attack using his Soulblade was intended to kill off Chen Feng.

“Hurry up and dodge!” Although Luo Bo’s reaction was slightly slower compared to Hua Liufeng, he too, shouted.

As the Soulblade was about to hack Chen Feng into two, Chen Feng finally responded. Swiftly turning around, he slashed out with the Overwhelming Astral Sword in his hand to accurately strike the Soulblade.


The Soulblade shattered and Zhao Hai stepped backwards as blood flowed out ceaselessly from his mouth. Chen Feng then swung his hand and a large palm silhouette slammed furiously into Zhao Hai’s body.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! 

The sounds of bones cracking rang out in quick succession from Zhao Hai’s body, his figure blasting tens of metres backwards. Earlier, his Soulblade was shattered and his soul ended up becoming damaged. And now, every bone in his body was cracked. Zhao Hai could not even mount a cry of misery before fainting.


Chen Feng scoffed. Then, without saying anything else, he vaulted into the sky and quickly disappeared from sight. Luo Bo was quick to follow suit.

For a good moment, the surrounding cultivators were silent as they observed the unconscious Zhao Hai. Then, a great clamour of noise instantly erupted from them all as they began discussing what just happened. Some of them were simply joining in the liveliness while some others were secretly gloating at what happened to Zhao Hai. At any rate, Zhao Hai was a relatively arrogant person within Extreme Celestial Sect.

“I did not expect this. Can an heir disciple be this powerful?” Hua Liufeng, who was looking at Zhao Hai, wondered.

An heir disciple named Chen Feng seriously wounded the elite disciple Zhao Hai. News of this quickly spread through to all the cultivators present.

It did not take long for the heir disciples and elite disciples – those that were within the sect – to find out about the matter.

Although it did not cause an uproar, it did create a minor wave. A disciple at a lower rank defeated a disciple at a higher rank. Something like this was not unprecedented, after all. Those who heard about it simply felt surprised, but they were not too shocked. All they were interested in knowing was how the Zhao Family planned on dealing with Chen Feng.

“Ha ha ha ha! To think something like this could happen! This time, the Zhao Family has suffered a serious loss of face!”

“Zhao Hai was actually wounded by a minor fellow at level 4 of the Concealed stage and is supposedly still lying in bed? Could there be any mistake with this news?”

“Of course not! Back then, hundreds of disciples bore witness to this matter. I hear that Zhao Quan was the first to be beaten up. After that, Zhao Hai went to stop it and was beaten up as well!”

“Serves them right! Some of those Zhao Family disciples have always been arrogant. Now, they’ve been humiliated. Let’s see what they are going to do next!”

“Given Chen Feng’s strength, it seems they will need to send a Sky Human stage cultivator. However, a Sky Human stage cultivator stepping forward to fight a minor cultivator at level 4 of the Concealed stage is a shameful act in and of itself!”

“Hey, it will be hard to deal with Chen Feng if they don’t send out a Sky Human stage cultivator. However, in addition to Zhao Hai, the Zhao Family still has several other elite disciples. Right, what background does Chen Feng have? Get some fellows to investigate it. If he doesn’t have any backers, we should think of some ways to recruit him to our side!”

Zhao Hai lost and the Zhao Family was humiliated. A good number of people within Extreme Celestial Sect were secretly happy to know that. They were the individuals and forces that were not on the same side as the Zhao Family. Some were even considering recruiting Chen Feng.

Let’s first ignore what storm this matter would trigger or what would happen after Zhao Hai returned to the Zhao Family. On Chen Feng’s side, he had not left his mountain since his return.

Although Chen Feng appeared indifferent, he knew that he had thoroughly offended the Zhao Family, an old family within Extreme Celestial Sect. It was an existence far stronger than Fairbright Club. At the moment, Chen Feng could only hope that they would not send out their powerful cultivators to deal with him, otherwise he would have no choice but to run.

The first thing Chen Feng did after returning to his mountain residence was to bring out the Five Elemental Metalcore and absorb its metal essence. By adding several more pieces of rare ores, Chen Feng was able to open up his Metal acupoint.

After Chen Feng was done absorbing the metal essences from the metal ores, the tough metal ores immediately fragmented into flour-like bits. A light gust sent them scattering into the wind.

The Five Elemental acupoints had been completely opened. The power of the five elements within Chen Feng’s body intertwined with one another before finally reaching a state of harmony. At the same time, the power within Chen Feng’s body began rising rapidly. The spiritual energy within the entire mountain began flowing according to the magic array there to converge upon Chen Feng’s body.

The density of the spiritual energy within the heir disciples’ zone was sufficient for the disciples’ cultivation practice. For Chen Feng, however, it was far from sufficient.

In the beginning, his radius of absorption was over 100 zhang. Next, however, a Heaven-devouring behemoth seemingly appeared within Chen Feng’s body. Like a bottomless pit, it ceaselessly absorbed the surrounding worldly spiritual energy.

The radius of absorption increased from over 100 zhang to 500 zhang, but even that was insufficient to satiate the hunger within Chen Feng’s body. Finally, the radius of absorption increased again to 1,000 zhang, causing all the magic arrays on the mountain to move.

Not enough, not enough. Still not enough!

The absorption force coming from Chen Feng’s body grew stronger yet again, expanding beyond the mountain to madly absorb spiritual energy from outside the mountain.

The power of the five elements began circulating. At the same time, the Heavengulping Absorption Technique and Demonic Heavengorging Arts began circulating as well. With that, the rate at which Chen Feng devoured spiritual energy skyrocketed.

One tenth, half, double, triple; the power within Chen Feng’s body rose sharply.

The surrounding spiritual energy was no longer sufficient. Chen Feng waved his hand and 1,000 Magic crystals appeared before him. Crash! The Magic crystals fell apart as the spiritual energy within them were all absorbed into Chen Feng’s body.

Chen Feng waved his hand yet again. This time, 10,000 Magic crystals appeared before him. However, the Magic crystals, too, quickly turned dry before dissipating away.

“Tower, is there a problem with my cultivation?” Chen Feng felt concerned.

“Don’t worry, it’s normal. You can try to assail level 5 of the Concealed stage,” suggested Tower with an irresponsible tone.

It did not take long for Chen Feng to absorb every one of the 10,000 Magic crystals.

This absorption rate terrified even Chen Feng. He had never imagined himself to be capable of absorbing so much spiritual energy without blowing up his body as a result.

Even so, the hunger within his body remained. Rather, it was even more ferocious than before. Additionally, the movement from his Five Elemental acupoints caused his Heavenly Origin acupoint, Magnetic acupoints, Tristar acupoints and Four Extreme acupoints to react violently. They opened up to furiously absorb the incoming streams of spiritual energy.

“It seems I can only assail my 5th sea of wisdom layer.” Chen Feng stopped devouring spirit stones and began assailing the next level.

Chen Feng had already experienced this before. There was also the extreme amount of power within his body. Thus, it did not take long before cracks appeared on the barrier to his 5th sea of wisdom layer. Right after that, the barrier exploded with a bang and the longevity primary spirit within gushed out like a torrential flood.

The amount of power within his 5th sea of wisdom layer was tens of times more powerful than the amount of power within his 4th sea of wisdom layer. Additionally, it was clear that the power was also one grade higher.

“Isn’t this rate of cultivation a little too fast?” Sensing his soaring cultivation base, Chen Feng blurted out in a pleased tone.

“Far from it. This cultivation rate of yours cannot even match that of a waste in the Immortal Plane!” Tower suddenly gave Chen Feng a critical hit!

Chen Feng ignored Tower. Truth be told, he didn’t have the time to bother with Tower. The amount of power surging out from his 5th sea of wisdom layer was too much and he had to exert himself to refine and absorb them.

The addition of so much energy caused the feeling of hunger within Chen Feng’s body to dissipate. The power of the five elements began circulating calmly within his body. With every circulation, his body would grow stronger.

During Chen Feng’s cultivation practice, several heir disciples had come to visit him. However, they were all stopped by Purplebolt, who sent them back.

Chen Feng had become an infamous figure, after all. After he defeated Zhao Hai, he had secretly become the number one heir disciple. There were those who worshipped him, those who admired him and those who were unconvinced. All of them wanted to see for themselves what kind of person this Chen Feng was.

Naturally, there were also some elite disciples who came to visit him. Some were there to recruit him. However, all of them were stopped by Purplebolt.

No cultivators beneath the Sky Human stage can think about breaking through to where Chen Feng was at. Most importantly, none of the Sky Human stage cultivators from Extreme Celestial Sect had come forward. Thus, Chen Feng could cultivate without any interruptions.

More than 20 days had elapsed by the time Chen Feng stabilized his cultivation base. As a level 5 Concealed stage cultivator, his strength was tens of times greater than before.

Chen Feng had a feeling. Should Zhao Hai come before him, he could smash Zhao Hai into pieces with just one punch.

A feeling of invincibility grew within Chen Feng’s heart.

“Tower, is there still anyone within the Concealed stage that can match my strength?” Chen Feng could not stop himself from asking.

“The average Concealed stage cultivators are simply no match for you. However, there are millions and millions of cultivators. There are quite a lot of geniuses amongst them. Besides, you are not the only one with luck on your side. It is not impossible for an overpowered fellow who is stronger than you to suddenly appear. Let me put it this way. Given your current level of strength, it may be impossible for even 10,000 Concealed stage cultivators to field one who can match your strength,” Tower slowly said.

“Do not forget, you are practicing the Longevity Scripture! I can’t think of any cultivation technique with a higher grade than the Longevity Scripture in this world,” Tower said derisively.

“You are strong enough now. If you have time, you should hone yourself and practice the secret offensive techniques within the Longevity Scripture,” Tower suggested.

Two days later, Luo Bo, Sun Xuan and a few other cultivators came to Chen Feng’s mountain residence.

“Brother Chen, it is time to head out,” said a smiling Sun Xuan.

“Sorry for the wait,” replied Chen Feng with a smile. 


1 zhang = 3.333 m

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