Chapter 272: Fight


Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of clashing sounds reverberated out as sword beams covered the sky ceaselessly. Some were haphazardly flying into the surrounding areas.

The observing disciples backed away as sword holes appeared upon the hard ground.

They were evenly matched. At the very least, that was how it appeared to the onlookers.

“This fellow is quite strong. Isn’t he just at level 4 of the Concealed stage? Or am I mistaken?” said a puzzled Hua Liufeng.

After seeing their fight, the concern on Luo Bo’s face disappeared. Luo Bo did know a little bit regarding Chen Feng’s strength, after all. He also knew that Chen Feng possessed some powerful Prized artefacts that he was holding back. Even though Zhao Hai was strong, he was not necessarily a match for Chen Feng.

“Say, Luo Bo. Is this Chen Feng really just a level 4 Concealed stage cultivator? Is he hiding his strength?” someone edged closer to Luo Bo and whispered.

“I don’t know,” Luo Bo replied casually as he watched the two continue their fight.

“In that case, who do you think will win?”

“How am I to know? We’ll know by watching,” said Luo Bo with a slightly anxious tone.

Truth be told, this was the first time Chen Feng had engaged in a battle of such a scale and type. The two of them were not utilizing their flying swords to attack each other. Instead, both went at each other like ordinary cultivators, wielding their swords to engage in a melee battle.

The amount of time that Zhao Hai had spent on cultivation was several times higher compared Chen Feng. If it were not for Chen Feng’s mighty fleshly body, dexterous reflexes and high amount of primary energy, he would have lost after the first clash.

Even so, Chen Feng was gradually losing ground. Chen Feng, who was less proficient in sword techniques and had spent less time overall in the world of cultivation, was not as proficient as Zhao Hai.

Naturally, there were only a few who could notice the fact that Chen Feng was in a disadvantageous position.

“A pity. Even though this Chen Feng fellow possesses a high level of primary energy, it is clear he hasn’t been cultivating for long. His moves are still too stiff. Additionally, it seems he did not focus on practicing any secret offensive techniques. If not for the fact that he possesses some experience in some serious, life-threatening battles before, he would have lost long ago.” It merely took a casual glance from Hua Liufeng to determine Chen Feng’s situation.

Naturally, Chen Feng knew about that as well. It hadn’t been too long since he entered the Concealed stage. As for Zhao Hai, who knows just how long he had been consolidating his strength within the Concealed stage and how many magic techniques he had practiced. More importantly, Zhao Hai was a pure sword cultivator, the type with powerful offensive power. 

On Chen Feng’s side, he had not practiced even one magic technique since entering Extreme Celestial Sect. As for the offensive techniques within the Longevity Scripture, they require a high cultivation base to utilize.

Even so, Chen Feng was not panicking in the slightest. On the contrary, he felt somewhat happy. What he needed most at that moment was training and pressure. Only under such circumstances could Chen Feng improve faster.

In the face of Zhao Hai’s flawless swordsmanship, Chen Feng felt a formidable pressure bearing down on him. However, that only made him happier. There can be no progress without pressure. Chen Feng had been spending his recent days listening to theory after theory about cultivation. Thus, this was the time for him to train himself and verify the theories.

No matter how much pressure he was under, Chen Feng refused to give an inch as he gave it his all to defend against Zhao Hai’s attacks.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

The unceasing clashing sounds were like that of a blacksmith striking iron. There were barely any pauses in between each clashing sound. The battle between the two was so intense that the surrounding cultivators kept retreating.

Again, the weapons that each of them was using were Prized artefacts. The clashes grew stronger and stronger and pieces of gravel kept popping out, leaving holes on the hard ground.

“Tsk, tsk. What a striking battle! Who are these two fellows?” Suddenly, more cultivators descended from the sky. Clearly, they had been lured over by the battle.

“One of them looks like Zhao Hai, but who is the other fellow? I don’t think there is anyone like that amongst our elite disciples.”

The number of newcomers grew. Furthermore, most of them were elite disciples. As some of them were in the dark about the particulars of the situation, they began asking around.

“Chen Feng, an heir disciple? Surely not. Is there such a powerful heir disciple?”

“Chen Feng. Isn’t he the one who came out from the immortal mountain? I have heard that he offended Fairbright Club. Now, he is fighting against the Zhao Family? How daring of him. He must have some backing.”

The battle went on for one joss stick’s worth of time. However, not only did the battle not lessen in intensity, it instead grew even fiercer. The sounds of gale and thunder had begun spreading out from their bodies, a result of the surging streams of primary energy within their bodies.

Truth be told, Zhao Hai was in a predicament. However, there was no way for him to complain about it. In the beginning, he had assumed that he would be able to deal with Chen Feng immediately. Moreover, he had indeed gained the upper hand when the battle first started. However, an upper hand was all he had. Winning was still a difficult matter.

As the number of times they exchanged blows increased, Zhao Hai grew increasingly vexed. Defeating Chen Feng was no longer just a difficult feat. Rather, Zhao Hai felt as though it was simply impossible.

This highly intense battle they were engaged in was the most exhausting type of battle. After one joss stick’s worth of time, the ferocity of their blows began rising. Zhao Hai was already doing his best, but he was still incapable of overwhelming Chen Feng. Sensing the alarming rate at which his primary energy was flowing away, Zhao Hai began feeling anxious.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Zhao Hai pushed himself to display his full power to abruptly push Chen Feng several steps back. Next, several sword beams flashed forward and Chen Feng’s magic robes were immediately cut. Blood trickled out from the wounds.

Chen Feng ignored them. Those minor wounds could not even qualify as superficial wounds for him. In the face of Zhao Hai’s furious attacks, Chen Feng kept retreating. Every time he stepped back, the ground would shudder slightly. That was due to Chen Feng’s actions of shifting the impact that Zhao Hai launched against him into the ground. At the same time, he was also absorbing the power of earth to bolster his defence.

Chen Feng, who was in a disadvantageous position, kept retreating. However, there was a faint smile on his face because he could sense that Zhao Hai was already displaying his maximum power. By successfully blocking this round of attacks, the one to fall into a disadvantageous position would be Zhao Hai.

How could this fellow possess so much primary energy? He is still not exhausted after all that! Zhao Hai was crying anxiously to himself. Thus, his attacks grew in ferocity as he wanted to use his all to defeat Chen Feng.

“To think that something like this would happen. Interesting, interesting.” An odd smile appeared on Hua Liufeng’s face.

In the beginning, everyone assumed that Chen Feng would lose. However, after all this time, Chen Feng was still only in a disadvantageous position. He did not lose. Thus, the onlookers could not help themselves from discussing the fight.

“Chen Feng should be defeated soon, right? Look at how much he is retreating. He won’t be able to hold on much longer.”

“Zhao Hai is truly strong. His swords techniques are really sharp.”

“Tch! A level 9 Concealed stage cultivator can’t even defeat a level 4 Concealed stage cultivator after so long. Zhao Hai’s reputation has fallen into the gutter this time.”

“No. I think Zhao Hai might not be able to win.”

“Surely not? Zhao Hai has the absolute advantage!” The cultivator had only just spoken when his eyes suddenly widened. His mouth hung widely as he was at a loss for words.

The situation had changed. Chen Feng, who had been retreating constantly, suddenly steadied himself. Despite the tempestuous attacks from Zhao Hai, Chen Feng stopped retreating. On the contrary, Zhao Hai’s attacks were gradually becoming sluggish and the aura he radiated gradually weakened.

“The amount of primary energy within Zhao Hai is almost depleted. However, Chen Feng’s momentum is growing ever stronger. How unbelievable!” Hua Liufeng himself was in disbelief at what he was witnessing.

He was not the only one. The onlookers grew surprised yet again as the situation changed once more.

Sensing Zhao Hai’s weakening attacks, Chen Feng knew it was time for him to counter attack. Both his feet stamped down and the earth abruptly quaked. A faint-yellow power of earth quickly enveloped Chen Feng. Simultaneously, the will to fight emanating out from Chen Feng’s body became increasingly high. Even the power of the Overwhelming Astral Sword in his hand was pushed out to the extreme.


This time, the clashing sound was more sonorous than before. Their two swords were knocked back. Chen Feng maintained his stand but Zhao Hai ended up staggering slightly.

Chen Feng could feel the blood within his body burning and the growing excitement within the Overwhelming Astral Sword in his hand. The power of earth kept surging into his body, giving him a steadier position.


Their two swords clashed once again. Yet again, Chen Feng held his ground while Zhao Hai was forced to take a step back.

Chen Feng swiftly took a step forward and swung his sword out once again. It was as fast as lightning and ferociously decisive. At that moment, Chen Feng could sense himself comprehending a small portion of the Longevity Sword’s sword intent. Sharp. Overbearing. Upright.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The two swords clashed once more and a torrential stream of power surged into Zhao Hai’s body. Zhao Hai’s legs shook and he took three steps backwards, his face turning red as he did.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Chen Feng did not give Zhao Hai any time to recover. He attacked, each strike faster than the previous one as he sent three consecutive strikes at Zhao Hai. Although Zhao Hai managed to block all three attacks, the impact bombarding him through his sword forced him to retreat again and again. That was especially true of the final sword strike. The power behind it was so immense, the resulting clash caused the ground to crack. 


Both of Zhao Hai’s feet were lifted off the ground as he was thrown backwards. His figure slid tens of metres across the ground before he flipped himself back to his feet. His face alternated between flushed and pale. His hair band had broken and his hair hung about in a dishevelled manner. It was a most wretched sight.

“Do you only have this much strength?” Chen Feng tapped the blade of his sword. He felt a little unsatisfied with the fight.


All the onlookers present broke into an uproar. They did not expect Zhao Hai to lose to a nameless heir disciple. Not to mention, it was not due to some careless mistake.


Hua Liufeng sighed. He had originally wanted to find Zhao Hai for a duel in a few days’ time. Judging by the present situation, however, there was no longer any need for him to do so.

Zhao Hai had lost. The cultivators who came together with Zhao Hai had even less courage to attack. If even Zhao Hai could lose to Chen Feng, they would only end up getting humiliated for their troubles.

“Don’t come trouble me again in the future. I joined Extreme Celestial Sect in order to cultivate, not to accompany you fellows to play around.” After saying that, Chen Feng bade Luo Bo farewell and left.

“Where are you going?! You think you’ve won?!” howled the infuriated Zhao Hai. A sharp, phantom-like blade of light shot out from his body, slicing towards Chen Feng’s back.

“Careful! That is his Soulblade!” Hua Liufeng was the first to cry out.

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