Chapter 271: Zhao Hai


“Why you are so weak?” Chen Feng said scornfully while facing Zhao Quan’s attacks, a look of indifference on his face.

“Exploding Shadow!”

Finally, Zhao Quan howled out. All the grasping palm silhouettes he unleashed merged into one before abruptly erupting outwards all at the same time. This time, it was not aimed at the stone box in Chen Feng’s hand. Instead, the grasping silhouettes were aiming at Chen Feng’s neck.


A loud sound rang out as the grasping palm silhouettes disappeared. Zhao Quan’s palm dangled limply. Chen Feng had broken his wrist.

Next, Chen Feng performed a casual shove, causing a series of bone-cracking sounds to ring out. Zhao Quan then cried out wretchedly as he was thrown backwards.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Three consecutive sword beams shot towards Chen Feng. One amongst the sword beams – the fastest one – gave Chen Feng a sense of danger.

The three sword beams blasted the hard ground, creating three deep holes. As for Chen Feng, he dodged the three sword beams and stood not far away from the spot.

“What is this? Are you planning on bullying me through sheer numbers?” Chen Feng sneered while keeping the stone box in his hand.

Zhao Quan had brought six people with him. Of the six, five were not worth Chen Feng’s time. Only one of them could give Chen Feng a slight sense of wariness. Of course, he was only slightly wary of him.

“Zhao Hai, you fellows are here to cause trouble, aren’t you?” the roguish-looking youngster said coldly.

“Hua Liufeng, this does not concern you,” one of the six cultivators said. He wore a set of blue robes.

The cultivator was Zhao Hai. He was the one that Chen Feng felt wary about. He was a level 9 Concealed stage cultivator, someone that Chen Feng cannot simply ignore. Additionally, based on the earlier attack, Chen Feng could sense the aura of a Prized artefact. In other words, the one known as Zhao Hai possessed a Prized artefact.

“Horseshit!” Hua Liufeng, who was maintaining a roguish expression just a moment ago, immediately swore.

“You say this does not concern me? I had only just sold the yao core to this little brother when you fellows suddenly came here to raise a ruckus. Do you think this does not concern me? Or what? Since your cultivation base has increased, do you want to start a fight with me?” said Hua Liufeng scornfully.

“If you want a fight, I’ll give it to you, but not now. Wait until I finish off this kid first,” Zhao Hai said coolly, showing indifference towards Hua Liufeng’s poor attitude.

“So, you are here to trouble this kid. However, no matter how you cut it, he is a big customer of mine. If you make a ruckus this way, my reputation will go down the drain,” said a frowning Hua Liufeng.

“Fine, I will respect you,” Zhao Hai said. Then, he turned towards Chen Feng. “Chen Feng, right? We’ll be waiting for you outside.”

Thus, Zhao Hai led the others to bring the unconscious Zhao Quan out from the trading zone.

The earlier clash had alarmed the entire trading zone and all the cultivators there began discussing the matter amongst themselves.

“Senior Brother Chen, how did you end up offending the Zhao Family?” Luo Bo came to stand beside Chen Feng.

“A mad dog keeps chasing after me. There was nothing else I could do save to beat it up every time it did. If it happens again, I will have to kill it,” said Chen Feng with a smile. It was as though the earlier incident did not matter to him.

“Ha ha! Well said! Those fellows from the Zhao Family are just too arrogant. Little brother, do you want any help? You might not be able to deal with those fellows alone.” Hua Liufeng laughed.

“Thank you, senior brother. However, I can deal with this problem myself,” Chen Feng replied smilingly.

“In that case, you will need to exercise caution. Zhao Hai’s group likes to play dirty,” Hua Liufeng said.

Chen Feng nodded his head. However, he did not anxiously rush out. Instead, he continued looking around the trading zone, buying up whatever caught his eye. There was not a single trace of concern on his face.

“This guy has guts. It seems he is not concerned about Zhao Hai’s group at all. Does this Chen Feng fellow have some backing?” one of the onlookers said curiously.

“Tch, I think he just doesn’t have the guts to go out,” someone else said scornfully.

“Would Zhao Hai’s group get impatient and rush in?”

“Probably not. Zhao Hai wouldn’t want to offend Hua Liufeng for no reason. Although Hua Liufeng often acts like a rogue, who doesn’t know that he is a courageous man who would willingly put his life on the line when necessary? Fighting against him would be the equivalent of putting your life on the gambling table.” 

“Will Luo Bo intervene?”

“Even if Luo Bo intervenes, what can he do about it? Would he have the guts to offend the Zhao Family?”

“Guys, stop it. We can just watch the show later.”

Finally, Chen Feng finished going through the entire trading zone. He had bought up a great deal of items in the process, spending up to five million Magic crystals for them. The scale of his purchase left Luo Bo dumbfounded.

“I say, Senior Brother Chen. Are you responsible for mining operations?” Luo Bo could not stop himself from asking.

“He he, of course not. I just happen to have some Magic crystals on me.” Chen Feng laughed.

“If you have so much Magic crystals, you should leave some for cultivation. Rather, it would be understandable even if you use them to buy some talismans or magic treasures. However, why are you buying up so many metal ores? Are you planning on learning how to forge treasures?” Luo Bo grew puzzled.

“Of course not. I just have some use for them. All right, let’s leave. Today’s harvest is quite considerable and I want to hurry back,” Chen Feng said.

“But Zhao Hai’s group should still be waiting outside.” Luo Bo was concerned.

“We’ll know once we head out.”

When Chen Feng and Luo Bo walked out of the trading zone, they saw Zhao Hai and his gang waiting with predatory gazes on their faces. Zhao Quan, however, was nowhere in sight. It was likely that they had sent him back to recuperate.

Naturally, there were more who were there to watch the unfolding show. Seeing Chen Feng walk out from the trading zone, the cultivators rushed forward to witness what would happen next.

Zhao Hai had both hands crossed over his chest as he said, “Chen Feng, you are finally out.”

“Don’t you fellows feel bored doing this?” Chen Feng said derisively.

“Kid, what did you say? Do you not want to stay in Extreme Celestial Sect anymore?” the cultivator beside Zhao Hai shouted.

“What a joke! You sure know how to boast. Does Extreme Celestial Sect belong to your family?” Chen Feng could not stop himself from laughing out.

“Kid, what are you saying?!”

“Enough, don’t exchange nonsensical words with him. Hurry up and capture him,” instructed Zhao Hai.

“Let me!”

The cultivator who was arguing with Chen Feng stepped forward. Extending his hand forward, he sent a beam of light towards Chen Feng.

Chen Feng reached out with his hand to casually grip the flying sword. No matter how hard the flying sword struggled, it was incapable of extricating itself.

“If you only have this little ability, don’t show off and throw your reputation into the gutter,” Chen Feng said, his hand tightening. With a cracking sound, the flying sword – a grade 8 Magic artefact – was broken into two.

“Ha ha ha! You think this is a small ability?” After the flying sword broke, the cultivator revealed a pleased expression.


The two fragments of the broken flying sword exploded while still within Chen Feng’s grasp. Countless sword beams then enveloped Chen Feng. The slicing sword beams shot out furiously, wanting to cut Chen Feng into a million pieces.

“Senior Brother Chen!” Luo Bo’s face sank. He did not expect them to possess such a technique. Watching the sword beams engulf Chen Feng, Luo Bo moved to charge forward.

However, before Luo Bo could even make his move, the sword beams engulfing Chen Feng suddenly dissipated. In but the blink of an eye, there was nothing else there. As for Chen Feng, he remained standing on the same spot, unscathed.

“Are you trying to tickle me with sword beams of that level?” Chen Feng sneered. Next, he jabbed out with one finger, sending a sword beam out.

As his opponent had unleashed a ruthless attack against him, there was no longer any need for him to hold back. The sword beam he unleashed contained the might of the Overwhelming Astral Sword, a Prized artefact. It was not something that the cultivator could defend against.

“Prized artefact!”

Zhao Hai’s face sank and he quickly sent out a sword beam of his own. His sword beam struck Chen Feng’s sword beam and the two beams disappeared.

“No wonder you are so confident. It turns out you possess a Prized artefact,” Zhao Hai said, stepping forward.

“What? Have you finally lost patience? Are you going to personally attack now? If you want to, then hurry up. I don’t have the time to accompany you for your games,” Chen Feng said with a sneer.

“What boastful words! If you can beat me, our Zhao Family will not trouble you again in the future!” After saying that, Zhao Hai stretched his palm out. A sword, flashing with a chilling light, appeared in his grasp.

It was his Frostlight Sword, a grade 1 Prized artefact, forged using 10,000-year-old Frost Iron. It was a seemingly invincible weapon.

“A level 9 Concealed stage cultivator challenging a level 4 Concealed stage cultivator. Even as an onlooker, I can feel the shame.” Suddenly, a sarcastic voice spoke up. It was none other than Hua Liufeng.

However, Zhao Hai ignored Hua Liufeng. Instead, he kept his eyes fixed upon Chen Feng. A sharp and forceful aura locked on to Chen Feng.

Zhao Hai was not underestimating Chen Feng. Even more so, he would not be careless. Due to Zhao Quan’s weak cultivation base, he had failed to sense Chen Feng’s cultivation state. However, Zhao Hai could sense that Chen Feng was like a wild beast that was on the brink of going berserk. Should that happen, Chen Feng would be capable of ripping apart his enemies into pieces.

Due to his high cultivation base, Zhao Hai could sense the incomparably turbulent power within Chen Feng’s body. Thus, he could feel pressure piling on him even before the match began.

Zhao Hai’s eyes stared intently at Chen Feng, his aura climbing ever higher. Finally, when it reached a critical juncture, he attacked. All the onlookers saw was a flash before Zhao Hai appeared before Chen Feng. Next, a chilling light spread out, forcing the onlookers to close their eyes. Even so, they knew that the light was due to the Frostlight Sword that Zhao Hai was using.

How will Chen Feng defend against the Frostlight Sword? That same thought flashed across the minds of everyone present.

A clashing sound rang out, followed by a series of more clashing sounds. Dazzling sword light lit up the battle and only a small number of onlookers could clearly observe the battle.

Chen Feng had suddenly gotten his hands on a sword and was exchanging blows with Zhao Hai, not giving an inch in the fight.

Since getting his hands on Bloody Soul, the frequency with which Chen Feng used the Overwhelming Astral Sword had decreased. At that moment, however, when he used the Overwhelming Astral Sword to fight against Zhao Hai, he could feel the Overwhelming Astral Sword coming to life. It kept emanating waves of excitement.

This was the value and significance of weapons. No matter how high a weapon’s grade was, regardless if it was a Prized artefact or an Immortal artefact, using them for battle was the most fundamental part of a weapon’s function.

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