Chapter 270: Uncurbed Buying


“Rare metals? I will buy them all. Are there any other good items?” Chen Feng asked.

“Of course. Kid, looks like there is no need to go elsewhere. You can open the Metal acupoint once you return. Guess what I found?” Tower said with a chuckle.

“A top-grade metal ore? Or a metal-type yao core?” said Chen Feng as he began looking around. It did not take long for him to notice a stone box. He could faintly sense a thick power of metal coming from it.

“That’s right. Inside that stone box is a metal-type yao core. Additionally, it is a 2 Lightning Tribulations yao core. That yao core alone is enough for you to open up your Metal acupoint. However, I am not talking about the yao core. There is something else. Something that is more precious in terms of utility compared to the yao core,” Tower said joyfully.

“What exactly is that?” Chen Feng grew excited.

“It’s a piece of Frost Ironcore Essence. Tsk, tsk. Kid, if it were not for the fact that you need it, I would have wanted it for myself,” Tower said, chuckling.

“Frost Ironcore Essence. You mean this one?” Chen Feng said, picking up a pitch-black metal ore. A perfunctory glance revealed that it was only as big as a nugget. However, when Chen Feng picked it up, its weight caused his hand to jerk down.

“So heavy! It is not even the size of a fist, but it is over a thousand jin in weight! How outrageous!” Chen Feng exclaimed.

“That is the condensed core essence of Frost Iron. Its weight cannot be put on the same pedestal as normal Frost Iron. This piece of core essence is comparable to a 5 Lightning Tribulations yao core. Kid, hurry up and buy it,” Tower said happily.

“How much for this?” Chen Feng raised the Frost Ironcore Essence and asked with a smile.

“Inner disciple?” The stall owner was a middle-aged cultivator at level 8 of the Concealed stage. However, Chen Feng could sense a faint waning aura from the cultivator’s body. It meant that this cultivator’s life span was about to come to an end. Should he fail to quickly make a breakthrough to extend his life span, he would slowly age and die. 

“Heir disciple.” Chen Feng smiled. Seeing the look of disbelief on the stall owner’s face, he brought out his heir disciple identification token. At the same time, he felt his heart stirring. Despite being a cultivator at the domain power realm, the stall owner could not even see his Soulflame.

Seeing the token in Chen Feng’s hand, the middle-aged cultivator revealed a brief look of surprise. However, he quickly recollected himself.

“You want this iron core?” the middle-aged cultivator said coolly.

“Yes, how much do you want for it?” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Since you are an heir disciple, I will give you preferential treatment for the price. Ten thousand Magic crystals.” The middle-aged cultivator’s voice remained indifferent. The expression on his face revealed that he did not believe Chen Feng would buy it.

“Not a problem. It’s a deal. I also want all these metal ores,” Chen Feng said happily.

When the middle-aged cultivator heard that, he grew stunned. His stall did have some rare metal ores. Originally, he had been unwilling to put them up for sale. Some had been kept to be used in the forging of a Magic artefact for himself. However, as time went on, he found himself constantly incapable of breaking through. Sensing his near-depleting life span, he had no choice but to put up all the rare ores on his person in exchange for some Magic crystals to help with his cultivation efforts.

Unexpectedly, after peddling his wares for the past few days, he had failed to sell much. The Magic crystals he had obtained were insufficient for his cultivation needs. To his surprise, a big buyer suddenly appeared today. Not to mention, this big buyer was a minor heir disciple.

“What is it? Are you afraid that I do not have any spirit stones?” Chen Feng laughed.

“He he! It’s not that. If you want to buy metal ores, I do still have some more on me. However, I wonder if little brother can afford them?” said the middle-aged cultivator after a moment’s consideration.

“It doesn’t matter how many rare ores there are, I can afford them all,” said Chen Feng smilingly as he waved his hand, causing 10,000 Magic crystals to appear before the middle-aged cultivator.

“These are for this iron core.” Chen Feng smiled and he kept the Frost Ironcore Essence. With the Frost Ironcore Essence, Chen Feng would be able to open his Metal acupoint.

“Great! Since little brother is so straightforward, I will be straightforward with you as well. Besides, I do need a lot of spirit stones,” the middle-aged cultivator said, bringing out some more metal ores from his spatial pouch.

Sure enough, the metal ores he brought out was of a better quality compared to the ones displayed in his stall. Not to mention, a few of them were comparable to the Frost Ironcore Essence.

“Absolute Metalcore, Enigma Iron Sand, Five Elemental Metalcore. Good items! Good items! Ha ha ha! This Five Elemental Metalcore is more suitable for you than the Frost Ironcore Essence!” Tower began laughing out.

“There are 10,000-year-old Ironcore and Thunderscour Sand here as well. Kid, hurry up and buy them up. You won’t need so much. I will devour the rest,” Tower continued.

“Senior brother, in addition to ores with metal attributes, I also want other good items of the other attributes,” Chen Feng said smilingly. Seeing so many good items, he believed that the middle-aged cultivator should have more.

“He he, it’s laughable, but the most precious items I have are these ores here. Sigh! If I hadn’t suddenly gotten lost while mining in the past, I would not have wasted so much time. Due to that, I can no longer advance.” There was a somewhat gloomy expression on the middle-aged cultivator’s face.

“Senior brother, please tell me how much you want for them.” Chen Feng could see that the middle-aged cultivator was not in a good mood.

“Let’s go with a total of 100,000 Magic crystals. That’s good enough.” The middle-aged cultivator exhaled deeply, speaking with a dejected tone. There was a reluctant look on his face as he looked at the ores.

“Here are 200,000 Magic crystals.” Chen Feng brought out double that.

“This. How could I?” The middle-aged cultivator refused.

“I know the value of these ores. Senior brother will suffer from too much of a loss with just 100,000 Magic crystals. Besides, I am not lacking in Magic crystals. Additionally, I do have another request,” Chen Feng said warmly.

“Please tell me your request.” There was a serious expression on the middle-aged cultivator’s face.

“In the future, if senior brother comes across more rare metal ores, I hope you can keep them for me,” Chen Feng said.

“That’s not an issue. Unfortunately, if I fail to break through, I will probably have no time to go mine anymore,” the middle-aged cultivator nodded and said.

“Kid, you’re quite the crafty one. These ores are not the kind of things that can be bought even with a million Magic crystals. And yet, here you are pretending to be the good guy,” Tower said with a disdainful tone.

“Hey, what are you talking about? Don’t you see that nobody is buying them?” Chen Feng retorted.

After bidding farewell to the middle-aged cultivator, Chen Feng went to the other stalls and bought up whatever caught his eye. By the time he reached the metal-type yao core, he had spent two million Magic crystals.

“Senior brother. How much for the yao core in this box?” Chen Feng asked with a smile.

If Chen Feng had gone straight to the stall and forwarded this question right from the start, the stall owner would probably be uninterested in entertaining Chen Feng. However, the situation had changed. Chen Feng had bought up a large number of the various ores sold within the trading zone, spending a great deal of Magic crystals doing so. Many people had witnessed him doing so.

Many of them were regarding Chen Feng as a fat sheep with quite the background.

“Are you sure you want this yao core? This is a 2 Lightning Tribulations yao core. As for its price, you should already know, right? Besides, I don’t think you’ll be able to use it.” The stall owner was a roguish-looking youngster at level 9 of the Concealed stage. Chen Feng sensed that he was close to reaching the Sky Human stage. At the very least, the impression he gave Chen Feng was that he was stronger than Sun Xuan.

“That’s right. Naturally, I have a use for it. Senior brother, just give me your asking price,” said Chen Feng smilingly. Although Chen Feng already had enough good items to open up his Metal acupoint, he was unwilling to give up on something as good as a yao core. Not to mention, metal-type yao cores was a rarity.

“One million Magic crystals, non-negotiable.” The roguish-looking youngster extended one finger and said with a smile of his own. 

“No problem, it’s a deal. I want this yao core.” After saying that, Chen Feng immediately handed the youngster a spatial pouch. There were exactly one million Magic crystals inside.

The youngster checked it. Then, he grabbed the stone box and shoved it into Chen Feng’s hand.

“I say, Luo Bo. This kid you brought over has quite a lot of spirit stones on him. However, why is he so eagerly buying up metal ores?” someone curiously asked Luo Bo.

“Maybe he wants to forge some weapons,” Luo Bo casually replied.

“Tch! Who are you trying to deceive? With so much Magic crystals, what Magic artefacts can he not buy?”

“However, I do not understand what the kid is planning by buying the yao core. That thing can only serve as decoration. We cultivators cannot refine and absorb yao cores. Furthermore, that Chen Feng kid doesn’t look like someone who knows how to concoct pills.”

“Hold it! I want the yao core!” A voice suddenly rang out. It was a very theatrical and loud voice which immediately startled the surrounding cultivators.

“Hey, Luo Bo. That little brother of yours is in trouble.” One of the onlookers informed Luo Bo.

Earlier, Chen Feng was opening the stone box. Before he could keep it, however, he heard the provocative words. Turning around, he saw Zhao Quan leading a group of people over.

Truth be told, Chen Feng simply did not view Zhao Quan and his gang as a threat. He was just a pleasure seeker who only knew how to eat, drink and fool around. However, Chen Feng was somewhat shocked. The last time he saw Zhao Quan, he was only at level 4 of the Concealed stage. Surprisingly, he was now at level 6 of the Concealed stage. Additionally, he had also condensed out his Soulflame.

Did he eat some Heaven-defying spiritual medicine or something? Still, Soulflame is not something that you can condense out by relying solely on medicinal pills. It also requires a strong will. Chen Feng considered.

“I want this yao core. State your asking price.” By then, Zhao Quan had arrived before Chen Feng. He directly reached out to grab the stone box in Chen Feng’s hand.

Chen Feng’s palm flashed away and Zhao Quan ended up grabbing empty air. Zhao Quan instantly attacked. Grasping palm silhouettes filled the air as they moved to envelop the stone box in Chen Feng’s hand.

In the face of the attack, Chen Feng’s palm kept flashing about while his face revealed a lackadaisical expression. The corners of his lips curled slightly to reveal a ridiculing smile. He was simply looking down on Zhao Quan.

Zhao Quan sent out over 100 grasping palm silhouettes, but all of them missed. Thus, his face turned ugly to the extreme. After his cultivation base soared, Zhao Quan had been wanting to show off his might. Coincidentally, he came across Chen Feng, someone that he held a grudge against. Not to mention, Chen Feng was only at level 4 of the Concealed stage. Due to that, Zhao Quan had eagerly stepped forward, wanting to teach Chen Feng a lesson.

Unexpected, this was the result. Seeing the ridiculing smile on Chen Feng’s face, Zhao Quan became so furious, he felt an impulsive desire to howl loudly.

1 jin = 0.5 kg

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