Chapter 269: Trading Zone for Elite Disciples


After the Earth acupoint was opened, Chen Feng truly became one with the earth and the power within him rose rapidly. The rate of improvement was so high, it shocked even Chen Feng.

The power of earth flowed steadily and without end. By Chen Feng’s estimate, if his fleshly body was strong enough, there would be no limit to how much power he could absorb. Likewise, there would be no limit to how powerful he could become. The power of earth represented the entire Eternal World. If there were truly someone who could refine the Eternal World, that person must surely be the legendary Immortal Human from the Immortal Plane. 

Although his power was still rising, Chen Feng forced himself to stop absorbing the power of earth. Then, he began refining the absorbed power.

Sometimes, the excessive growth of power was not a good thing. That was especially true for Chen Feng, who had yet to fully master the power of the five elements.

As the earth signified thickness and steadiness, Chen Feng did not feel even a hint of wildness or impatience despite having absorbed so much of the power. On the contrary, his heart remained incredibly calm. He knew that this was due to the innate nature of the power of earth.

Three days later, Chen Feng managed to stabilize his cultivation base. He then slowly walked down from the mountain summit. Every random step he took allowed him to connect with the earth. His footsteps echoed the pulses of the earth. It was the first time Chen Feng felt a heart-warming joy from the simple act of walking. At that moment, Chen Feng realized that his ability to appreciate the power of earth had improved by a notch and the Magnetic acupoints on his feet grew bigger.

When Chen Feng stopped walking, he felt both his legs seemingly turning into roots. The secondary roots growing out inserted deep into the earth to ceaselessly absorb nourishment from within. At the same time, he became steadier and more stable.

Purplebolt came and slowly said, “Your strength is improving at a very fast rate.” 

“It is still not enough. Don’t worry. Once I reach the Sky Human stage, I will unravel the Soul Shackle Technique on you. Then, you will be free to do whatever you want,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“I hope you will keep your promise.”

“I am a man of my words. This yao core has one tenth of its power left, enough for you to refine for now.” After saying that, Chen Feng waved his hand and a small yao core floated towards Purplebolt.

It was none other than the fire-type yao core from the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm, who had overcome 8 Lightning Tribulations.

Seeing the yao core, Purplebolt immediately became excited. He had only overcome 1 Lightning Tribulation. Devouring the 8 Lightning Tribulations yao core would give him an unimaginable amount of benefits.

Four Ears had also jumped forward and was now right beside Chen Feng, looking at him with eager eyes.

Chen Feng broke into a smile. Given Four Ears’ present level of strength, it was impossible for him to refine a yao core of that level. He could only refine yao cores at the 1 or 2 Lightning Tribulations level. 

Pondering for a moment, Chen Feng then brought out some spiritual herbs, spiritual fruits and spirit stones for Four Ears. He was always generous in treating his partners. Additionally, Chen Feng was determined to nurture Four Ears up to become an excellent helper.

“Let’s head out. Hopefully, I can get some good items.” After saying that, Chen Feng left the mountain and headed towards the trading zone for heir disciples.

Chen Feng’s objective was to purchase some treasures containing the power of metal. Truth be told, Chen Feng did possess a considerable number of those items. For example, medicinal pills, medicinal herbs, rare ores and some other peculiar items containing the power of metal. In fact, the Longevity Tower also contained some cultivation techniques for cultivating the power of metal. However, even though there was a considerable number of those things inside the Longevity Tower, they all shared one common attribute. Their levels were too low.

It was possible for Chen Feng to use those items to open up his Metal acupoint. However, it would require time, a really, really long time.

The present Chen Feng could only rely on the Longevity Scripture’s Heavengulping Absorption Technique and Demonic Heavengorging Art to devour high amounts of the power of metal. Naturally, he would still have to find sources of high-grade and pure power of metal.

It had to be said, Chen Feng was not lacking thousands-year-old spiritual herbs. However, while those can be used to increase his cultivation base, they could not help him open up his Metal acupoint.

In less than one month, he would be going to the Demon Trial Grounds. Thus, Chen Feng made up his mind to break through to level 5 of the Concealed stage before that, no matter the cost.

As Chen Feng headed to the trading zone, Chen Feng had resolved himself to buying what he needed, even if it was at a great price.

The trading zone for heir disciples was much better than the trading zone for inner disciples. With the exception of a small number of inner disciples, the rest of the cultivators there were all heir disciples.

Observing the constant flow of cultivators, hundreds of them, coming and going, each having condensed out his or her Soulflame, Chen Feng felt awash with a peculiar feeling.

Thinking back to when he was still in Black Origin City, seeing a Concealed stage cultivator flying on a sword, he would think that he had encountered a celestial being. At present, however, he was watching high-level Concealed stage cultivators coming and going non-stop. Chen Feng felt the fickleness of the world. The past him was just a frog at the bottom of a well who had never seen the world.

However, having thought of that, another thought flashed across Chen Feng’s mind. When compared to a higher levelled place, this scene before him would probably look like a children’s playground.

Take the Immortal Plane for example. There, Immortal Humans fill the place and Human Immortals were of a lower rank compared to dogs. When comparing the two places, this scene before him would look ant-like.

The trading zone that Chen Feng visited had quite the standing amongst heir disciples. However, after looking around for a bit, Chen Feng became disappointed. There were quite a number of items there and some were indeed good items, but they were not too useful for Chen Feng. Rather, all the items in the trading zone combined were still lesser in value when compared to all the items on Chen Feng. What rare treasures containing the power of metal could he expect to find? 

Chen Feng felt disappointed. He did not hesitate to just leave and make his way towards another trading zone. He spent the whole day visiting three trading zones for heir disciples, but ended up with no gains.

The next day, Chen Feng contacted Luo Bo using a Messaging Talisman. It did not take long for Luo Bo to reply.

With Luo Bo acting as a guide, they came to a trading zone for elite disciples. The place was one grade higher compared to the trading zone for heir disciples.

“Senior Brother Chen, metal ores equivalent to the 10,000-year-old iron essence are rare even in the trading zone for elite disciples. I think we can only try going to the trading zone for core disciples. Or do you want to check out the trade associations in some large-scale cities?” After hearing what Chen Feng wanted, Luo Bo pondered for a moment before giving his suggestion.

Truth be told, Chen Feng was feeling somewhat depressed. Amongst the gains he obtained from within the Driftcloud Immortal Mountain were some rare, high-grade metal ores which he had bought from Flashbolt City. Unfortunately, the Longevity Tower had devoured all of them. In Chen Feng’s opinion, leaving just one or two pieces for him would have been good.

Chen Feng had also bought some yao cores back then. To Chen Feng’s chagrin, none of them were from yao beasts cultivating the power of metal.

“Let’s go check it out first. We’ll think about something else if there are none,” Chen Feng said.

When they saw a level 4 Concealed stage disciple coming to a place for elite disciples, some of the elite disciples cast curious gazes at Chen Feng.

“Will we end up getting into trouble for coming here?” Chen Feng asked with a smile. He felt he should have changed his aura before coming.

“Probably not.” Luo Bo sounded uncertain.

“Let’s look around first,” said Chen Feng, who found the gazes somewhat unbearable.

“Luo Bo, I hear you managed to come out after entering the immortal mountain?” Suddenly, someone came forward and greeted him.

“That’s right, Luo Bo. You must have gotten some harvest from the immortal mountain, right?”

As Luo Bo was also an elite disciple, it was only natural for him to know some other elite disciples. Some with a good relationship with him directly stepped forward.

“You go on ahead, I’ll look around,” Chen Feng said smilingly. Without waiting for Luo Bo’s reply, he left.

“Luo Bo, who was that earlier? Could he be the son of an elder?”

“That’s right, Luo Bo. Why did you bring an outer disciple in? Some people might trouble you for this.”

“The kid looks very calm. He should have a backer, right?”

“He he he, what are you fellows guessing at? He is Chen Feng, an heir disciple. He came here with me to look around,” Luo Bo said smilingly.

“Chen Feng? That name sounds familiar. Where have I heard that name before?” One of the cultivators beside Luo Bo revealed a pondering look.

“I remember. Recently, two disciples from our Extreme Celestial Sect managed to come out from the immortal mountain. That other disciple’s name is Chen Feng, no? I heard that he caused quite the scene recently, offending Fairbright Club right after returning.”

“I know about that. I think Fairbright Club wants to recruit Chen Feng, right? Fairbright Club is still so overbearing in conduct. Luo Bo, it would be best for you to not get so close to the kid. Offending Fairbright Club is a troubling matter,” someone advised Luo Bo.

“He he! Fairbright Club cannot just bully others for no reason, can they?” Luo Bo let out a forced laugh.

“The bullying is trivial. At any rate, it is best not to end up having any conflicts with those clubs. Of course, if you have a powerful backer, there will be no need to fear them.”

“All right, enough about that. Luo Bo, hurry up and tell us about the immortal mountain. Are you here to sell some immortal-grade spiritual herbs that you obtained there?”

“If I do possess something like that, I would have used it myself long ago. To be able to come out from the immortal mountain was lucky enough for me, what other harvests could I have? Truth be told, I lost a lot going into the immortal mountain.” Thinking back on the matter, Luo Bo felt depressed. He had originally assumed that entering the immortal mountain was a stroke of immortal serendipity. Unexpectedly, he had nearly died. If it were not for him encountering Chen Feng, he would have died in the stone forest.

Ignoring Luo Bo’s conversation with the others, Chen Feng began searching for the items he needed.

“Tower, are there any good items?” Chen Feng asked right off the bat.

“I can sense some rare metal ores nearby. However, I fear it is not enough to satisfy your needs.” Tower’s treasure-hunting ability was not something that Chen Feng could hope to match. After entering the trading zone, Tower’s divine sense began scanning through some of the items inside. Not a single good item could escape Tower’s senses.

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