Chapter 267: Ball of Earthen Light


By the time Chen Feng walked out from the Heir Hall, the sky had turned dark. There, three cultivators in bright yellow magic robes were waiting for Chen Feng.

“It’s the guys from Fairbright Club again.” Chen Feng felt somewhat troubled. Why are they being so problematic? All I want is to quietly cultivate. I have no desire to constantly get bothered by others.

“You are Chen Feng?” said one of them, a hint of anger in his voice. There were also some doubts.

All three of them were elite disciples who had reached the domain power realm. The one speaking had a fairly good relationship with Li Daoguang. Seeing the wretched appearance of Li Daoguang, who had to return after failing his mission, this cultivator felt furious. For him to not immediately attack Chen Feng was already a show of restraint on his part.

“That’s right. If there is anything, please just hurry up and tell me.” There was a frustrated expression on Chen Feng’s face.

“Come with us,” said the cultivator.

“I don’t have the time.” Chen Feng shook his head.

“Why bother exchanging pointless words with this kid? Let’s just catch him back.” The two other cultivators grew impatient and one of them stretched his hand out to grab Chen Feng.

Palm silhouettes – engulfing the sky itself – grasped towards Chen Feng. The palm silhouettes merged together and formed a tight cage. It was such that Chen Feng would be incapable of dodging away no matter how hard he tried.

Surprisingly, it was a fairly formidable Human-tier magic technique.

However, Chen Feng did not attempt to dodge. He allowed the cultivator to grab his shoulder. Like hooks, the cultivator’s fingers grabbed Chen Feng’s shoulder. Seeing his move succeed, the cultivator was immediately overjoyed. As he was thinking about using his magic power to subdue Chen Feng, however, he felt a sudden repelling force erupting from Chen Feng’s shoulder.


With a cracking sound, the cultivator’s wrist broke, causing him so much pain that he cried out and backed away.


Seeing Chen Feng – without making any overt moves – wound their companion, the other two fellows roared out and they immediately attacked.

Rumbling sounds rang out as the two of them unleashed their domain powers at the same time. Two domains, one dark-yellow and one golden, unfurled before rushing towards Chen Feng.

The two cultivators wanted to utilize their cultivation bases to suppress Chen Feng.

The power of earth and the power of metal. These two fellows’ cultivation bases are quite strong. Chen Feng considered.

Bang! Bang!

This time, Chen Feng chose not to just stand there so that their attacks could not make contact. Instead, he sent out two punches with lightning-like speed. Those punches were unleashed using the power of fire.

The power of fire raged forth. When it came in contact with the two cultivators’ domains, it blew up, becoming like an erupting volcano shooting right at the two cultivators.

Sou! Sou!

The two of them were thrown backwards, one to the left and one to the right. The face of one of the two cultivators turned dark-yellow while the other turned red. The simple-looking but violent attack from Chen Feng just now had caused them internal injuries.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Three small and exquisite flying swords floated in the air, their tips aimed right at Chen Feng. The blade portion of the swords thrummed, seemingly ready to attack at any moment.

“What is this? Could it be you fellows do not know when to retreat? Do you want me to beat you up to the point of becoming bedridden?” Chen Feng sneered.

“Chen Feng, you are just a minor heir disciple. You dare offend our Fairbright Club?!” one of them said fiercely.

Next, the three flying swords shot towards Chen Feng from three different directions. As all three cultivators were at the domain power realm, the flying swords they brought out were all grade 9 Magic artefacts. The combined attack of the three cultivators would allow them to put up a brief fight against even a Sky Human stage cultivator.

However, Chen Feng did not give them the opportunity. Rather, it would be more accurate to say that Chen Feng simply couldn’t be bothered to deal with the three cultivators. He was feeling inspired and wanted to return to his residence and begin cultivating.

A blast of flames surged out from Chen Feng’s hand like a whirlwind and engulfed the three flying swords. The expression on the three cultivators’ faces sank and they immediately backed away. Then, one by one, each of them spat out an arrow of blood.

“Prized artefact! This kid has a Prized artefact!”

“Let’s go!”

Knowing that they were no match for Chen Feng, they were quick to come to a decision. Hastily, they ran away. As for Chen Feng, he did not give chase. Instead, he kept the Shadowless Goldshine Blade he used earlier and left. In the earlier exchange, the Shadowless Goldshine Blade had melted the three flying swords, thereby wounding the three cultivators’ souls. Due to that, the three of them dared not linger anymore.

After returning to his residence, Chen Feng pushed the matter aside and began cultivating again.

This time, Chen Feng was cultivating the five elements’ power of earth. He stood upon the ground silently, like an untouched thousand-year-old rock, seemingly fusing as one with the earth.

Both his Magnetic acupoints were constantly operating and he became like a large tree, extending countless roots to ceaselessly extract the power of earth from the ground.

The earth, thick and firm, vast and infinite. Chen Feng was constantly scanning the various earth-type powers and elements, absorbing them non-stop.

Days passed and Chen Feng seemingly became truly one with the earth. He was like a piece of rock on the mountain.

Layers of glossy, pale-yellow light slowly seeped out from the ground to envelop Chen Feng. It was like a formless ball of soil. In the beginning, it was still possible to see Chen Feng’s figure, but as time passed, the surrounding glossy light grew more intense and Chen Feng’s figure grew increasingly blurry to the eye. Finally, his figure disappeared from sight, leaving only a large, yellow-coloured ball of light.

After three days, the ball of light had expanded to wrap up the entire mountain summit. A thick power of earth kept spreading around and the mountain summit appeared engulfed within an earthen-yellow shell.

As Chen Feng was cultivating, a group of elite disciples flew by. One of them was Luo Bo, who had returned from the immortal mountain with Chen Feng.

“Hmm? What a formidable power of earth. To think that there could be such an expert amongst the heir disciples,” said one of the elite disciples, who was in shock.

Turning to look, Luo Bo immediately recognized the place as Chen Feng’s mountain residence. A smile appeared on his face.

“What is it, Junior Brother Luo? Do you recognize this person?” one of the elite disciples, who was beside Luo Bo, asked curiously.

“Truth be told, everyone here knows a bit about this. Back then, there was an inner disciple who came out from Driftcloud Immortal Mountain together with me,” Luo Bo said with a smile.

“You must be talking about that inner disciple, Chen Feng. The moment he came out, he offended Senior Brother He Tian, who is at level 2 of the Sky Human stage. I hear that Sage Clearwind calls him a genius,” said the disciple beside Luo Bo.

Clearly, the disciples were very well-informed and the matter regarding the conflict between Chen Feng and He Tian had spread.

“That is right, it is none other than him.” Luo Bo smiled.

“Come, since we happen to be passing by, let’s head down and see what kind of genius he is.”

However, before their group could land on the mountain, they triggered the magic arrays on the mountain. The powerful restrictions forced these elite disciples back.

“Eh? What a formidable set of restriction! As I recall, the mountain residences of heir disciples should not possess such formidable restrictions. Could Chen Feng have enhanced them?” 

“It is possible. Does that mean we cannot enter?”

“These are just restrictions set up by an heir disciple. Watch as I break them!” A tall and strong-looking cultivator brought out a large, circular hammer and sent it smashing down at the layers of restriction beneath them.

He wanted to use brute force to break the restrictions.

Luo Bo had wanted to stop him, but the large hammer had already made contact with the layers of restriction.


Layer after layer of thin, transparent shields appeared before their eyes and the large hammer bounced away, bringing the mighty-looking cultivator with it as it was thrown into the sky.

“Shield-type restrictions!” Everyone present exclaimed. They did not expect the restrictions Chen Feng set up to be so powerful.

“Forget it. Let’s go back,” Luo Bo said. He was suddenly reminded of Purplebolt, a Great Yao, the equivalent of a Sky Human stage cultivator. It would be bad if their careless actions ended up angering Chen Feng.

“We cannot just go back! I won’t accept this! How shameful would it be if people find out I cannot even break open a restriction set up by an heir disciple!”

“That’s right! No matter what happens, today, we must break the restrictions below!”

As they were about to attack again, a beam of golden light shot out from the mountain to appear before the two cultivators who were planning on attacking. Next, a flurry of attacks erupted.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

In but the blink of an eye, the two cultivators were sent flying from the attacks.

“It’s a monkey yao!” Only then were the disciples able to get a clear look at the attacker. It was a monkey yao whose body shone with golden light.

“It’s a Four-eared Spirit Monkey! I didn’t think I would be able to see this type of variant beast here,” someone cried out in shock.

“Ha ha ha! It just so happens I am lacking a spirit beast to serve as a mountain guardian. This little monkey looks quite good.” One of the disciples then reached out and jabbed the air. Next, a large net descended towards Four Ears.

“Guys, don’t!” Luo Bo quickly shouted, wanting to stop them. He was inwardly blaming himself. If it were not for him, this would not have happened.


The net fell, but a beam of golden light slipped out from the net. It was none other than Four Ears. At that moment, Four Ears had grown furious. As a yao beast, an innate nature of savagery was hidden deep within its soul. Since following Chen Feng, however, that nature of his had been deeply suppressed.


The cultivator who wanted to capture Four Ears was sent flying with a punch. He could not even respond as the punch knocked him unconscious.

Four Ears was simply too fast. It was not something that these disciples could deal with.

“Guys, don’t attack! Wait for Chen Feng to come out!” Luo Bo shouted.

However, the disciples were constantly getting wounded by a monkey. Forget how humiliating it was, the arrogance within them made it impossible for them to calm down.

“This monkey yao is too fast. Everyone, work together to surround it! Let’s capture this yao beast first. Then, we’ll head down and settle the score with Chen Feng. Not only is this minor heir disciple not coming out to greet us, he dares put up such an arrogant display?!” a disciple shouted loudly. If Chen Feng were there, he would surely find the disciple very familiar. That disciple was ceaselessly instigating the others.

Despite Four Ears’ exceptionally talent and speed, all of the disciples there were elite disciples at the domain power realm. It did not take them long to join forces to create an encirclement. The encirclement kept shrinking and it seemed they would be able to capture Four Ears soon.

“Who dares throw a ruckus here? Do you all have a death wish?!” Suddenly a ferocious and temperamental roar rang out from beneath them. The shockwaves from the roar was so intense it caused them to see stars and their heads buzzed.

This is bad. The Great Yao is coming. Luo Bo’s heart sank. He understood that matters had escalated to a critical level. This was no longer something he could stop.

Even so, Luo Bo shouted out, “I am Luo Bo. We do not have any ill intentions. We are here to visit Senior Brother Chen.”

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