Chapter 266: Grabbing A Sword Barehanded


Chen Feng had opened up the Wood acupoint and the Water acupoint of his Five Elemental acupoints. In order to rise to level 5 of the Concealed stage, Chen Feng would first need to open up the Metal, Fire and Earth acupoints.

Only then did Chen Feng understand that the high-level and powerful cultivation techniques were far harder to practice than the ordinary ones.

“If I am practicing an ordinary cultivation technique, after absorbing so much spiritual energy and power, I should already be close to reaching the Sky Human stage. However, if I do not open up the insight acupoints within my body, the energy reserve hidden within my body would destroy me from the inside out,” said Chen Feng with a wry smile as he shook his head.

After that, Chen Feng did not go to the Heir Hall and instead stayed on the mountain to focus on his cultivation efforts. Daily matters were left to the six outer disciples. Purplebolt automatically became the mountain guardian while Four Ears would either cultivate or play around. As for Lu Ta, he too, had chosen not to go out for the time being. With the resources Chen Feng provided, their zeal for cultivation grew strong. Every day was calm and satisfactory for Chen Feng. For Chen Feng, this was the type of life that a cultivator should have, as opposed to constantly killing others and creating enmities.

Naturally, that was assuming no one came to trouble him.

After quietly cultivating himself from one month, Chen Feng decided to assail the Fire acupoint. Back in the immortal mountain, Chen Feng had spent some time absorbing the earthen fire there. Furthermore, the mountain that he was residing upon could also connect directly to the earthen fire below. Most importantly, Tower had finally finished off the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm within the Longevity Tower. A fire-attribute, 8 Lightning Tribulations yao core was presently resting within the Longevity Tower.


Chen Feng touched the magic arrays within the alchemy room and a series of rumbling sounds rang out from the depths of the ground. Immediately after that, waves of fiery, fire-type energy gushed out ceaselessly.

Chen Feng then absorbed the fire essence within the earthen fire and began assailing his Fire acupoint.

Safety wise, there was Purplebolt to act as the mountain’s guardian. There were also some fairly powerful restrictive magic arrays. Thus, Chen Feng was not worried that someone might disturb him.

Of course, if someone could break the restrictions around the mountain and get past Purplebolt, any concerns would be redundant.

Chen Feng sat cross-legged within the alchemy room as he kept absorbing the fire essence coming from the depths of the ground. He began searching for the location of his Fire acupoint.

This cultivation process lasted for one month. Chen Feng felt as though he had become a furnace; his whole body had gone hot and red, and was constantly emitting heat.

“Kid, are you ready?” Tower asked.

“Yes, there is no problem. Come!” Chen Feng said solemnly.

The yao core of the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm, which had been resting silently within the Longevity Tower, suddenly stirred. Then, a strand of fire essence flowed out from it and out of the Longevity Tower before moving into Chen Feng’s body.


Chen Feng’s body, which was already resembling a volcano, instantly ignited. A formidable, fire-type aura gushed out into his surroundings. If it were not for the obstructions afforded by the surrounding magic arrays, the alchemy room would have been reduced into ruins.

As expected of the yao core of a yao beast with 8 Lightning Tribulations under its belt. It even contains some power of laws. However, what I want right now is not that. I just need the power of fire within it, Chen Feng thought.

Chen Feng spent three whole days to refine that one strand of fire-type essence. Next, he continued to refine the second strand. Before he was done refining the second strand, however, a rumbling sound echoed out from within his body.

The Fire acupoint had opened. The torrential power of fire within him charged and smashed their way into the Fire acupoint. Sensing the power within it, Chen Feng grew shocked. He quickly channelled the Longevity Scripture and the power within his body slowly and steadily increased.   

At that moment, Chen Feng could sense the formidable momentum brought about by cultivating the power of the five elements. After opening up the Five Elemental acupoints, Chen Feng would be able to condense out his domain power and materialize myriad objects.

There were still the Metal and Earth acupoints left. However, Chen Feng did not continue attempting to assail them all. Instead, he began to consolidate his cultivation base.

He was actually fairly confident in his ability to assail the Earth acupoint. At any rate, he had already opened up the Magnetic acupoints, which could link up with the earth. In truth, the second easiest acupoint to open up after the Wood acupoint was the Earth acupoint.

The hardest acupoint amongst the Five Elemental acupoints to open up was the Metal acupoint. Chen Feng would not normally absorb metal-type energy while cultivating himself, after all. However, Chen Feng was not too concerned. At any rate, he had plenty of resources on him. He could simply go purchase some metal essence to absorb and cultivate. 

In addition to cultivating himself, Chen Feng also spent his days refining his Prized artefacts, the Bloody Soul and the Thousand Seeker Mirror. At the same time, he had also shifted the Thousand Seeker Mirror into the Tristar acupoints’ Celestial Fate acupoint and placed the Shadowless Goldshine Blade into the West Extreme acupoint in his left palm.

In addition, the Lightstream Shield that he seized from Xu Ziping had been placed into one of his Magnetic acupoints.

With that, Chen Feng had refined five Prized artefacts into his body.

The Overwhelming Astral Sword was melded into his Heavenly Origin acupoint, the Bloody Soul and the Shadowless Goldshine Blade were melded into two of his Four Extreme acupoints, the Thousand Seeker Mirror was melded into his Celestial Fate acupoint and the Lightstream Shield was melded into one of his Magnetic acupoints.

All of them were Prized artefacts, magic treasures used by Sky Human stage cultivators. Yet, there were five of them melded into Chen Feng’s body. If news of this were to get out, the other cultivators would surely be dumbfounded.

However, with the exception of the Overwhelming Astral Sword, the rest were merely placed inside Chen Feng’s insight acupoints using a certain technique to serve as a safeguard for those insight acupoints. Chen Feng had yet to fully refine all those Prized artefacts. That was something which weighed down on Chen Feng’s mind. Only after magic treasures had been fully refined would nothing go wrong when using them, after all.

Originally, Chen Feng had wanted to continue and assail the Metal acupoint. However, he felt that there were some shortcomings in certain aspects. Thus, Chen Feng left the mountain and headed to the Heir Hall to continue listening to the lectures given by the Sky Human stage seniors.

However, as Chen Feng was about to arrive at the Heir Hall, someone stopped him. A cultivator with a sword slung across his back blocked Chen Feng’s path and instantly attacked him.

A beam of light abruptly descended upon Chen Feng before erupting. Dazzling light shone from sharp sword beams, which enveloped Chen Feng.

In the face of the attack, Chen Feng did not panic. Instead, he reached out with his palm and swung it a few times. Next, the surrounding sword beams shattered apart.

“What?” The cultivator’s face sank greatly. He had just witnessed Chen Feng blocking his sword beams with his bare hand.

Chen Feng’s fleshly body was already strong enough to take on flying swords. In addition, both his palms had melded with a Prized artefact each. Thus, Chen Feng could even use his palms to take on attacks from Prized artefacts.

The cultivator gritted his teeth and quickly brought both hands up to form a sword seal. With a whistle, the sword slung across his back flew out from its sheath and slashed towards Chen Feng. At the same time, his domain power expanded and dazzling sword light enveloped his whole body. It was an incredibly ferocious and majestic sight to behold.

Surprisingly, the attacker was a level 8 Concealed stage cultivator. Furthermore, he was a pure sword cultivator. Thousands of swords materialized around him and the sword intent radiating from his body rose as well.

Their fight instantly attracted the attention of the other cultivators. Those who liked watching fights were quick to gather around. 

“Look, that is Senior Brother Li Daoguang from the elite disciples’ group. Why is he suddenly attacking a minor cultivator?”

“Yes. Not to mention, he unleashed his domain power right from the start. He is planning on unleashing his ultimate moves, isn’t he? One sword attack from him is probably enough to blast his opponent apart.”

As they were discussing the matter, Chen Feng made his move against the incoming sword slash. Once again, he reached out with his hand and grabbed the sword barehanded.

The sword luminescence disappeared and an ordinary-looking sword appeared within Chen Feng’s grasp.

The moment Chen Feng grabbed Li Daoguang’s sword, the domain power around Li Daoguang disappeared.

“You! How is this possible?” There were shock and disbelief on Li Daoguang’s face. He could not believe that his opponent could intercept his sword barehanded. Could it be that this opponent of his was playing the pig to bait the tiger? Was he actually not a cultivator in the Concealed stage, but the Sky Human stage?

“Who are you? Why did you launch a sneak attack against me?” Chen Feng asked coolly as he tightened his grip, causing cracking sounds to come from the grade 9 Magic artefact in his hand.

“You dare?! I am Li Daoguang from Fairbright Club!” Li Daoguang’s face sank and he hastily shouted.

“Does being a member of Fairbright Club mean you can casually launch sneak attacks against others?” Chen Feng sneered.

“If you cannot give me a reason, you can forget about getting this sword back.” Once again, Chen Feng tightened his grip.

That was Li Daoguang’s lifebound Magic artefact. Due to the damage the Magic artefact was receiving, Li Daoguang’s soul was damaged as well. Sensing the power and pressure radiating from Chen Feng’s hand, Li Daoguang wailed wretchedly to himself. If he had known that Chen Feng was so powerful, he would never have casually stepped forward.

“He he. Our Fairbright Club extends an invitation. Earlier, I was just casually testing Junior Brother Chen’s cultivation base,” Li Daoguang said with a gentle tone.

Chen Feng waved his hand and the sword transformed into a stream of light, which flew and stopped before Li Daoguang. Next, Chen Feng ignored him and simply went into the Heir Hall.

Li Daoguang’s face alternated between flushed and pale. His wretched appearance had been laid bare before the other disciples. It was a most embarrassing situation.

Thus, Li Daoguang did not stay there. He quickly leapt upwards and flew away.

After Li Daoguang left, the onlookers began talking once again.

“Did you all see that? Li Daoguang’s attack earlier was caught barehanded! That was a grade 9 Magic artefact! Could that young fellow just now be a Sky Human stage cultivator? Earlier, I sensed that he is only at the Concealed stage.”

“Hey, he is an expert! How can he allow you to figure out his cultivation state? However, he has offended Fairbright Club. We’ll have quite the show now.”

“If that young cultivator does not have a backer, he will be in trouble. Fairbright Club has always been overbearing in conduct and would rarely end up on the losing side. Now that Li Daoguang has lost, a Sky Human stage expert will likely be dispatched next.”

“Right, the young fellow went into the Heir Hall. Let’s go see what kind of background he has to be able to look down on Fairbright Club.”

After entering the Heir Hall, Chen Feng swiftly sat down cross-legged and listened attentively to the cultivation lecture. This time, Chen Feng was listening to a lecture about the power of the five elements. Although the Sky Human stage cultivator there was only giving a rough explanation, Chen Feng could still feel himself benefitting greatly from it.

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