Chapter 265: Water Acupoint


Looking around, Chen Feng saw a considerable number of cultivators flying towards the Heir Hall. The aura radiating out from the Heir Hall revealed just how many cultivators there were inside.

The number of cultivators inside the Heir Hall must be over 10,000. Additionally, it would appear that there are no overcrowding issues. Looks like it’s true that the Heir Hall can accommodate up to 100,000 disciples, Chen Feng thought before landing gracefully before the gate of the palace. The sword light on his person slowly faded.

Stepping into the hall, Chen Feng saw row after row of cultivators seated close to each other - cross-legged - as they listened carefully. Up ahead was a middle-aged cultivator who was talking seriously about the subtleties of a certain cultivation technique.

After listening carefully, Chen Feng realized that he was talking about a cultivation technique for condensing the Soulflame. To Chen Feng’s surprise, he was incapable of determining the middle-aged cultivator’s cultivation base. That meant that the middle-aged cultivator’s cultivation base was far stronger than Chen Feng’s.

I wonder how many Lightning Tribulations this fellow has under his belt. Chen Feng pondered.

There were thousands of disciples listening seriously to the middle-aged cultivator’s lecture. When they saw Chen Feng standing there, a few of the cultivators nearby immediately revealed looks of dissatisfaction.

“Why is an inner disciple here? Hurry up and leave! Don’t bother us.” The cultivator closest to Chen Feng sent him a secret vocal transmission.

Chen Feng smiled. He did not retort. As he was a level 4 Concealed stage cultivator, it was no surprise that they would mistake him for an inner disciple.

After that, Chen Feng turned and continued moving forward. The entire Heir Hall was divided into blocks. There was a high-level cultivator giving a lecture in each block and the number of disciples listening to the lectures varied accordingly.

Chen Feng looked around and saw that the disciples, both the ones who arrived early and the ones who had only just arrived, were all silent. Only the sound of lectures could be heard within the Heir Hall. There was no noise at all. Some of the disciples, having only just arrived, quickly sat cross-legged on the ground. Some would hold their heads straight up and some would hang their heads down and they quickly listened attentively.

Occasionally, some of the disciples’ auras would burst outwards, signifying a stroke of realization.

After moving around for a bit, Chen Feng finally found a place to sit down. The place he chose did not have many disciples, only over 100 of them. A young cultivator was giving a lecture there, his saliva spitting out all over as he did.

When Chen Feng saw the cultivator, he grew stunned and his eyes widened. The one giving the lecture was actually Luo Mingdao. The last time they met, he was only at level 9 of the Concealed stage. After just a short period of time, he had risen to the Sky Human stage.

For cultivators, only those who had overcome Lightning Tribulation could qualify as someone walking the Heaven-defying path of cultivation.

Luo Mingdao was teaching a secret technique known as the Golden Enigma Slash. Despite Luo Mingdao’s way of giving the lecture – his spit was flying all around – the contents of his lecture were well organized. It gave off a pinpoint sense of enlightenment.

Chen Feng smiled. He knew that Luo Mingdao had practiced the Golden Enigma Slash.

Sitting cross-legged on the floor, Chen Feng listened attentively to Luo Mingdao’s explanations. After pondering through them, Chen Feng could feel himself gaining some benefits from the lecture. Although he was practicing the super powerful Longevity Scripture, it had to be said, Tower was not a good teacher. All this while, Chen Feng had been cultivating on his own. The fact that he could make it this far was, quite frankly, a miracle.

The various knowledge within cultivation practice was exactly what Chen Feng lacked. In the past, when he was at the outer and inner disciple ranks, he could not receive this treatment. Only now could Chen Feng find the joy and goal of entering Extreme Celestial Sect.

As Chen Feng listened, he went through the situations he had encountered in his own cultivation practice to confirm the lessons taught. After four hours, Chen Feng found himself benefitting considerably from the lecture.

“All right. We’ll stop here today. If you fellows still want to attend my class, you will need to wait until next month,” Luo Mingdao said smilingly.

“Senior Brother Luo, why so?” someone asked.

“Sigh, I have only just overcome Lightning Tribulation. Now is the time for me to consolidate my cultivation base. I only ended up coming here to give a lecture because someone tricked me into coming. All right! Let’s stop here.” Once again, a lackadaisical smile appeared on Luo Mingdao’s face.

After that, Luo Mingdao headed straight towards Chen Feng and said, “Junior Brother Chen, I heard that you managed to enter Driftcloud Immortal Mountain. How was it? Did you get anything from there?” 

“I feel lucky just to be able to come out alive,” Chen Feng said with a wry smile.

“Come, tell me how it’s like inside the immortal mountain.” Luo Mingdao enthusiastically pulled Chen Feng out from the Heir Hall.

“Who is that minor cultivator? Why is Senior Brother Luo acting so enthusiastically towards him?” After Chen Feng and Luo Mingdao left, the remaining disciples began discussing amongst themselves.

“He is just a level 4 Concealed stage cultivator. How could he come to our Heir Hall?”

Some of them felt puzzled.

“Maybe he has a backer. Right, just now, did you all hear what Senior Brother Luo said? That disciple entered Driftcloud Immortal Mountain.”

“I know! There are some rumours recently. Two disciples from our Extreme Celestial Sect managed to make it out from the immortal mountain. One of them is an elite disciple while the other one is an inner disciple. Could it be that fellow?”

“Most likely. To think that he could come out from the immortal mountain. What a lucky fellow! Come, let’s inform our Club Leader about this. He must surely be interested to know about this.”

After Chen Feng finished his chat with Luo Mingdao, he headed straight back to his place. The next morning, Chen Feng went to the Heir Hall again and continued listening to the lectures and the subtleties of cultivation practice.

Chen Feng spent the day listening to the cultivation and utilization of Soulflame.

After that, Chen Feng returned to his place and began cultivating himself. He cultivated for three whole days before returning to the Heir Hall.

And so, Chen Feng spent the following days either cultivating himself or going to the Heir Hall. As time went by, Chen Feng could feel his knowledge regarding cultivation growing more abundant. Some of the cultivation issues that had stumped him in the past suddenly became clear to him.

At the same time, Chen Feng came to realize that his past foundation had been too weak. The information gained from books was inferior to the comprehension and feelings gained from lectures.

On this particular day, Chen Feng, as usual, was listening to a lecture about a body tempering technique. When he finally walked out from the Heir Hall, three cultivators stopped him.

“You are Chen Feng?” one of them, a young-looking cultivator, said arrogantly.

Looking at the three, Chen Feng could not stop himself from frowning. Although Chen Feng was not afraid of trouble, he did not wish to be disturbed. That was especially true since he was in the midst of his cultivation efforts. After spending the day listening to the lecture about the body tempering technique, Chen Feng had felt inspired. He wanted to return to his abode to practice properly only to have several strangers stop him. Furthermore, it would appear that these fellows had ill intentions. Thus, Chen Feng felt terribly displeased.

“Is there anything?” Chen Feng asked coolly.

Although the three of them were also heir disciples, having condensed out their Soulflames, Chen Feng did not view them worthy of his time. After just one glance, Chen Feng saw tens of flaws within the three cultivators. Should they end up getting into a fight, Chen Feng could easily kill off the three fellows.   

“We are from Heavenly Origin Club, here to invite you to join our club,” said the leader of the three cultivators with an arrogant tone.

“Heavenly Origin Club? Not interested.” Having said that, Chen Feng turned, ignoring the three cultivators as he made to move away.

“Hold it!” The three cultivators dashed forward to stop Chen Feng, their faces somewhat contorted. It seemed they had not expected a minor cultivator like Chen Feng to reject an invitation from Heavenly Origin Club.

“Have you thought it over properly?” one of the cultivators, He Quan, said coldly.

This time, Chen Feng did not reply. Instead, he simply moved to the side, ignoring the three cultivators completely.

Seeing Chen Feng leaving, a look of rage flashed across He Quan’s face. He swiftly took several steps forward and his hand shot out to grab Chen Feng’s shoulder.


A loud sound erupted and He Quan’s figure shot into the air before smashing heavily against the ground. His face alternated between flushed and pale and he was momentarily incapable of getting up.

“Senior Brother He!” The other two cultivators quickly stepped forward to help He Quan up. The streams of primary energy within He Quan’s body were flowing about haphazardly and it took him several breaths to slowly suppress them.

By then, Chen Feng had disappeared.

“Senior Brother He, what do we do?”

“Let’s go. We’ll return and say that this kid is incredibly arrogant. He is simply looking down on our Heavenly Origin Club,” He Quan said, gritting his teeth.

After returning to his abode, Chen Feng continued cultivating himself. He seemed completely unfazed by what happened earlier.

Chen Feng planned to open his Water acupoint today.

Chen Feng had spent the past few days absorbing the energy within the Vile Fountain Water. Thus, the power of water within his body had reached a critical juncture. Additionally, he had also recently gotten some benefits from the Heir Hall. Feeling delighted, he planned on assailing the Water acupoint.

According to Tower, just one drop of Vile Fountain Water was enough to open up the Water acupoint. At that moment, however, Chen Feng had already absorbed two drops of Vile Fountain Water. And yet, he was still incapable of opening the Water acupoint. Unfortunately, Tower was busy suppressing the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm and simply had no time to help Chen Feng.

It was then that Chen Feng began feeling the slowness at which Tower was recovering.

Another drop of Vile Fountain Water split apart after dropping on Chen Feng’s palm before seeping into his body, flowing through his meridians into every corner of his body.


Chen Feng opened his mouth and exhaled a breath of cold air. He could feel the power of water from the Vile Fountain Water expanding from within his body.

Water gives birth to wood, wood borrows the power of water! Chen Feng shouted inwardly and the Wood acupoint within him began stirring. Every time it stirred, the power of wood that Chen Feng cultivated would grow to a certain extent.

The power of the five elements nourished each other, existing in harmony. It was very difficult to cultivate. However, successfully doing so would result in the multiplication of one’s power.

As the power of wood in his body grew stronger, Chen Feng sensed the power from the Vile Fountain Water growing weaker.

It’s time, start assailing! Chen Feng had long since found the position of his Water acupoint. He had prepared thoroughly for this assailing process.

While the initial assailing process had not been as simple as the time he attempted to assail his Wood acupoint, the assailing process itself was fairly smooth. Chen Feng did not feel any obstruction at all. He easily opened the Water acupoint. After the Water acupoint was successfully opened up, the power of water from the Vile Fountain Water surged into the Water acupoint. At the same time, the powers of wood and water began circulating together. As they circulated, they melded together with the longevity-type primary energy inside and Chen Feng could feel the power within his body increasing gradually.

In the span of just one day, Chen Feng had opened up his Water acupoint. He further used another day to familiarize himself with his new power and how to use them.

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