Chapter 263: The Major Clubs


“I now promote you to heir disciple. When you return to the sect, someone will lead you through the rest of the formalities,” Sage Clearwind said.

“Thank you, elder,” Chen Feng said with a smile, bowing respectfully.

“Now tell me, what happened just now?” said Sage Clearwind as he looked at Purplebolt, who was standing beside Chen Feng.

Chen Feng nodded his head and recounted everything that happened earlier, “What happened was…”

“Humph! So, was that what happened earlier?” Sage Clearwind directed the icy question at He Tian.

“Err…” He Tian’s face twitched.

“Don’t stammer. I am asking you if that really did happen?” A look of ridicule flashed across Sage Clearwind’s face. 

“Yes.” He Tian nodded his head.

“Humph, you embarrassment! You are to immediately return to the sect and reflect on your mistakes for three months in solitude,” shouted Sage Clearwind. 

“Sage Clearwind, you do not have the authority to deal with me,” He Tian forced himself to say, gritting his teeth.

“He he, I don’t have the authority? It seems you have forgotten my status as an elder,” replied Sage Clearwind with a scoff. 

“Going against an elder, a subordinate turning against a superior. I can punish you right this moment for the great crime of being audacious.” After saying that, Sage Clearwind unleashed a lightning-fast slap.

He Tian had wanted to dodge the slap only to find himself restrained. Following that, he wanted to shout only to find himself lacking the strength to do so. Thus, the slap connected, and his figure flew up. Next, his figure smashed heavily against the ground, causing him to spray out a mouthful of blood.

“Since you were unwilling to ponder your mistakes in solitude, I had to help you. Now, take this embarrassment away!” Sage Clearwind said icily.

None of them had expected the spontaneous attack from Elder Clearwind. After all, He Tian was someone with quite the backing. 

The cultivator that was close to He Tian quickly moved forward to help He Tian up. He Tian’s face had gone red and he glared at Sage Clearwind with a trace of resentment.

“What? Are you not convinced?” Sage Clearwind sneered.

“Disciple wouldn’t dare.” He Tian lowered his head.

With the help of the supporting cultivator, He Tian left, cutting a miserable sight as he did. Only after they were out of sight did the two of them stop.

“Senior Brother He, what do we do now?”

“Return to the sect and find our Club Leader. We cannot let this slide.”

He Tian was a member of Extreme Celestial Sect’s Fairbright Club. Fairbright Club had always acted arrogantly within the sect and some of the executives in the club don’t even view the sect elders with respect. Getting wounded from Sage Clearwind’s attack was unacceptable for He Tian. It was only natural that he would complain the matter to his Club Leader.

“All right. Now, it is time to tell us about what happened to you inside the immortal mountain,” Sage Clearwind said with a smile.

And so, Chen Feng and Luo Bo began recounting what happened to them within the immortal mountain. It took them merely two hours for that.

“In other words, you fellows came out through a teleportation array within a stone forest?” asked Sage Clearwind after a moment’s consideration.

“Yes.” Chen Feng nodded.

“At present, we do have a few other disciples who managed to make it out safely from the immortal mountain as well. Although the places they went to are different, the circumstances are more or less similar. The immortal mountain is unlike what we had imagined.”

“Ha ha ha! We had originally thought that you fellows could bring out an Immortal artefact.”

“Even a Dao artefact or a Sacred artefact would be good.”

“However, you fellows did manage to obtain some good items from your trip. At the very least, your cultivation bases have increased. Not to mention, you also experienced the immortal mountain. Tsk, tsk, we are quite envious.” The surrounding Sky Human stage cultivators laughed as they discussed the issue.

“Right, what do you plan on doing next? Will you continue to stay here or return to the sect?” Sage Clearwind suddenly asked.

“Return to the sect.”

Chen Feng and Luo Bo replied at the same time. After experiencing so many life-threatening circumstances inside the immortal mountain, they felt exhausted and wanted to return to the sect and have a good rest.

“That’s good too. You should return to the sect and get a good rest. Luo Bo, this is my command token. When you return to the sect, make arrangements for Chen Feng’s promotion to the heir disciple rank.” Sage Clearwind brought out a token and handed it to Luo Bo. 

“Affirmative!” Luo Bo bowed respectfully.

Originally, Chen Feng had wanted to exchange a few words with Bai Ziyan. However, seeing the Sky Human stage cultivators stepping forward to ingratiate themselves with Bai Ziyan, Chen Feng decided against it.

In any case, he was just a level 4 Concealed stage cultivator. There was a big difference between him and them. Instead of sticking around, it would be better for him to return to the sect and focus on cultivating himself.

However, before leaving, Chen Feng and Bai Ziyan made eye contact.

On their way back, Luo Bo said with a concerned tone, “Brother Chen, you’ve provoked a great deal of trouble today.”

“You mean He Tian?” Chen Feng replied with a smile.

“Yes, he has a bad reputation within the sect. However, he likes to put on the façade of a gentlemen. Not to mention, I’ve heard that he is a vengeful person. He suffered a huge loss today. Since he does not have the guts to find Sage Clearwind for revenge, he will surely go trouble you,” Luo Bo said.

“Trouble me?” Chen Feng sneered.

“If he dares come, I will kill him,” said Purplebolt, who was beside him, a murderous atmosphere radiating off him.

“It wouldn’t be an issue if it is only He Tian. However, he has some backing,” Luo Bo said with a bitter smile.

“Backing? Is he from another big family? Since he cannot beat his enemies, it’s time for his uncles and older relatives to step forward, right?” said Chen Feng with a ridiculing tone.

“It’s not that. He Tian is a member of Fairbright Club. He was wounded by Sage Clearwind just now. Fairbright Club will likely not let this slide.” Luo Bo shook his head.

“Is the Fairbright Club so powerful? Could they disregard even an elder?” Chen Feng was in disbelief.

“Fairbright Club’s Club Leader, Li Yitian, is said to be very strong. He has overcome 4 Lightning Tribulations long ago. I don’t even know how strong he is right now. He is surely not weaker than Sage Clearwind. Besides, there are more than a handful within Fairbright Club who have overcome Lightning Tribulation,” said Luo Bo.

“You have Sage Moonbow as your backer. However, in terms of numbers and strength, she cannot match up against Fairbright Club.”

Chen Feng was aware that Sage Moonbow was Bai Ziyan’s title.

“He he, counter soldiers with arms and water with dams. I can only deal with it when they come. Worrying about it right now is pointless,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“I do have a suggestion. It might help you deal with this crisis,” said Luo Bo after a moment’s consideration.

“You mean to have me join a club?” Chen Feng laughed.

“Yes. Fairbright Club may possess numbers and a great deal of influence, but they are not the strongest club in our sect. There are plenty that can go against Fairbright Club. Some are even stronger than Fairbright Club. If you join one of them, there will be no need to fear any troublemakers from Fairbright Club,” Luo Bo said.

“Oh? Tell me about the clubs.” Chen Feng became curious. 

“I will just talk about those few powerful clubs. Those on the same level as Fairbright Club are Seven Kills Club, Heavenly Origin Club and Astral Thunder Club. As for those stronger than Fairbright Club, there are Mountains and Rivers Club, Five Elemental Hall, Sky Human Hall and Extreme Celestial Hall.”

“There are so many that are more powerful than Fairbright Club? Which one is the most powerful?” Chen Feng asked.

“Extreme Celestial Hall,” Luo Bo said seriously.

“Our sect’s name is Extreme Celestial Sect. For the club to be named Extreme Celestial Hall, it is surely not an ordinary club. What are the special characteristics of these clubs?” Chen Feng continued asking.

“Sky Human Hall. As its name implies, all of its members are cultivators at the Sky Human stage. The members of Five Elemental Hall are proficient in magic techniques of the five elements. The Mountains and Rivers’ Club Leader has a technique known as the Seal of Mountains and Rivers. It has never met its match before. The three halls and one club are our sect’s four strongest clubs. The other clubs like Seven Kills Club do have their own special characteristics as well. We have plenty of time until we return to the sect. I will give you a detailed explanation about them so that you don’t accidentally offend these clubs.” Once Luo Bo began speaking, he continued on non-stop.

Chen Feng listened attentively as he pondered. It would appear that he had already offended a few of those famous clubs. However, the Sky Human Hall and Extreme Celestial Hall were quite the lofty clubs. If even Fairbright Club had characters with several Lightning Tribulations under their belts, how much stronger could those two clubs be?

Only then did Chen Feng realize he had underestimated the issue. He had also underestimated these exalted, immortal dao sects.

By the time they returned to the sect, Chen Feng had gained a considerable understanding of the clubs. Almost all of them were founded by disciples of the sect. In other words, the club members were not truly high-ranking members of the sect. However, if even mere club members – the disciples – boasted cultivators with Lightning Tribulations under their belts, just what level were the high-ranking figures within Extreme Celestial Sect at? Thinking about that brought shock into Chen Feng’s heart.

After returning to Extreme Celestial Immortal Mountain, Chen Feng did not tarry. He directly returned to his mountain residence. He had only just entered the mountain when the Four-eared Spirit Monkey jumped towards him happily.

Chen Feng regarded Four Ears and saw that his strength had gone up by a notch and was presently comparable to a level 8 Concealed stage cultivator. Not to mention, it would not take him long to break through once again.

“This is a type of spiritual monkey!” Luo Bo, who was beside Chen Feng, exclaimed. There was a look of envy in Luo Bo’s eyes as he could see that Four Ears was no ordinary yao beast.

“Brother Chen, you are back.” Lu Ta strode forward, a smile on his face. He was happy to see Chen Feng again.

Seeing Lu Ta, Chen Feng immediately smiled back and said, “Congratulations on breaking through to level 5 of the Concealed stage. Your cultivation base has surpassed mine.”

“Ha ha ha! However, even if I break through two more times, I will still be no match for you. Right, I heard you entered the immortal mountain. Did you obtain anything there?” Lu Ta laughed.

“I did obtain some items, but I nearly lost my life as well,” Chen Feng replied jovially.

“These two are?” asked Lu Ta as he looked at Luo Bo and Purplebolt.

“He is Senior Brother Luo, an elite disciple. As for this fellow, he is Purplebolt,” Chen Feng said.

“Purplebolt?” Lu Ta was stunned. Then his eyes lit up.

“You mean, he is that Purplebolt?!” Lu Ta regarded Purplebolt from head to toe in disbelief.

“Of course I am Purplebolt.” After saying that, Purplebolt brought his hand up. Next, scales appeared, covering his entire arm. It was a most peculiar sight.

“Congratulations on successfully overcoming the tribulation!” Lu Ta said sincerely.

“All right, then. Pack up our stuff. It is time for us to move,” said Chen Feng, a grin on his face.

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