Chapter 262: Dispute


“Courting death!” Purplebolt, who was standing beside Chen Feng, unleashed an intense wave of killing intent. However, as he was about to step forward to kill off all of them, Chen Feng stopped him.

“Don’t move.” Chen Feng informed him using their soul link.       

As the attacks from the cultivators were about to land, two massive palms suddenly descended from the sky. One of the palms radiated golden light while the other was as white as jade.


A loud sound erupted as the attacking cultivators were all pulverized into meat paste by the massive palms. The remaining onlookers and even those who had considered attacking grew terrified and they quickly retreated. 

“Those are Sky Human stage cultivators!”

“It seems those fellows are really from Extreme Celestial Sect and Skypond Faction. Those idiots, serves them right!”

“Sure enough, the cultivators from Extreme Celestial Sect and Skypond Faction have made their move. Thankfully, I did not attack earlier.”

Sou! Sou!

Two young cultivators appeared simultaneously before Chen Feng’s group of four.

“Ha ha! It is Senior Brother Zhen!”

“Junior Brother Wu, it has been a while since we last met. Your cultivation base has improved somewhat.”

The two Sky Human stage cultivators greeted each other before turning to regard Chen Feng’s group.

“Which one of you fellows are from Extreme Celestial Sect?” The one known as Zhen Meng swept his gaze through the four of them. Then, his gaze fell upon Luo Bo’s body. Clearly, the Extreme Celestial Sect cultivation technique that Luo Bo practiced had attracted Zhen Meng’s attention.

Seeing that Chen Feng was not speaking up, Luo Bo replied, “Senior Brother, the three of us are from Extreme Celestial Sect.”

“All three of you?” Hearing that, Zhen Meng’s eyes lit up. Then, he beckoned with his hand towards Chen Feng. “Follow me.”

“He he, your Extreme Celestial Sect is incredible. Three disciples from your sect actually made it out this time. Not to mention, one of them is a Sky Human stage expert,” Wu Feng, the Sky Human stage cultivator from Skypond Faction, said enviously.

“Senior Brother Chen, when I have the time, I will surely go visit you,” said Wu Tian before leaving.

“I will be sure to welcome you,” Chen Feng replied with a smile.

When Chen Feng and the others reached Extreme Celestial Sect’s camp, a swooshing sound rang out and several Sky Human stage cultivators surrounded them, scaring Chen Feng.

“You three, what are your ranks? Announce your names!” a moustached cultivator stepped forward and shouted at them.

Hearing his tone instantly brought a frown to Chen Feng’s face and he felt displeased.

“Elite disciple, Luo Bo.” Luo Bo showed indifference towards the cultivator’s tone as he respectfully faced the Sky Human stage cultivators.

“What about you two?” The moustached cultivator turned to look at Chen Feng and Purplebolt.

“Inner disciple, Chen Feng,” Chen Feng said, bringing out his identification token.

“What about him?” The moustached cultivator looked at Purplebolt once more.

“This is my friend, he is not a disciple from Extreme Celestial Sect,” Chen Feng said.

“This is clearly a yao beast! Hey, watch as I capture him!” Having said that, the moustached cultivator swung his hand, knocking Chen Feng aside before moving to seize Purplebolt.


A mighty roar erupted as the massive silhouette of a dragon talon smashed against the moustached cultivator’s palm. The talon silhouette shattered apart and Purplebolt had to take several steps back. However, the moustached man stood steady as he looked down upon Purplebolt.

“You animal, you dare resist?” After saying that, the moustached man moved to unleash another attack only to be stopped by Zhen Meng, who was beside him.

“He Tian, what are you doing?” said a displeased Zhen Meng.

By then, Chen Feng was greatly enraged. He never expected He Tian to attack Purplebolt. He stepped forward and shouted, “Who are you? Why did you attack my friend?”

As Chen Feng was shouting, he brought out Bloody Soul and pointed it at He Tian. A violent and bloodthirsty aura surged out.

“Demonic artefact!” The cultivators beside them exclaimed. They did not expect a minor disciple like Chen Feng to be in possession of a demonic artefact.

“Demonic artefact! So, you are also an evildoer.” He Tian’s face contorted and he attacked once again. This time, his hand moved to capture Chen Feng.

An attack from a Sky Human stage cultivator was truly extraordinary. He Tian had merely waved his hand, but Chen Feng felt as though the space around him had become sealed, making it impossible for him to move.

“He Tian! It seems you want to start a fight with me!” Suddenly, Zhen Meng launched an attack. His fist shot out swiftly to unravel He Tian’s attack, causing the restraints upon Chen Feng to become undone, allowing Chen Feng to break free.

“He Tian, what are you up to?” Another Sky Human stage cultivator spoke up.

“What do you think I am doing? One of them is a yao beast in human form while the other has a demonic artefact. Should I not capture them?” He Tian shouted back as-a-matter-of-factly.

Chen Feng was infuriated. However, he was also feeling puzzled. He did not understand why He Tian would target him. There was no conflict between them, after all.

“A demonic artefact is also a weapon. In the hands of a demonic cultivator, it is a demonic artefact. However, when used by our immortal dao disciples, it is naturally a magic treasure of the immortal dao. What do you all say?” said another cultivator.

“Senior Brother Tie is right,” Zhen Meng said smilingly.

“But what about this yao beast?” A Sky Human stage cultivator moved to stand beside He Tian. Clearly, they were on the same team.

“Yao beast? Junior brothers, surely you jest. Which sect does not house an assortment of their own yao beasts? Just look at our very own Extreme Celestial Sect. Just look at you two. Don’t you have yao beasts living in your mountain residences?” The earlier cultivator, Tie Lie, replied with a sneer. There was a hint of disdain on his face as he said that.

Seeing Zhen Meng and Tie Lie coming out to stop him, He Tian simply sneered a few times before backing off. It would not be wise to make an enemy of these two figures for something so trivial.

“Enough! You fellows managed to come out from the immortal mountain. So, we will now bring you fellows to meet the elder. There, we will be asking you fellows about what you experienced inside the immortal mountain.” A smiling cultivator then stepped forward to diffuse the situation.

“Wait, I haven’t gotten an answer. Why did he attack me? Is it simply because I am using a demonic artefact?” Chen Feng took a step forward and coldly directed the question at He Tian.

“Arrogant kid!” He Tian grew somewhat enraged. He did not think that a minor disciple would dare go against him.

“Am I the arrogant one? You attacked without provocation. Could you do whatever you want and bully the weak just because your cultivation base is high? Or is this how our Extreme Celestial Sect acts?” Chen Feng did not let up and continued retorting.

“Or does the sect have some rules stating that disciples cannot use demonic artefacts and make friends with yao beasts? If that is the case, I will leave Extreme Celestial Sect right now,” Chen Feng continued.

Hearing that, Luo Bo’s face sank. Luo Bo, who was beside Chen Feng, quickly stepped forward to tug Chen Feng’s arm.

“Chen Feng, have you gone mad? You can’t simply say that!” Luo Bo said anxiously.

“Ha ha! Fellows, you heard it as well. This kid wants to leave Extreme Celestial Sect. Fine! In that case, I will cleanse our sect!” He Tian laughed out and made ready to attack.

Zhen Meng and Tie Lie frowned. This time, they did not do anything to stop him because Chen Feng’s words earlier were quite arrogant for a level 4 Concealed stage disciple.

Seeing He Tian about to attack, Purplebolt quickly rushed forward, placing himself before Chen Feng. A bolt of light flashed out from his palm and a lightning sword appeared in his grip.

“Senior Brother He, leave this yao beast to me. You only need to deal with the kid.” The cultivator that had spoken up on behalf of He Tian earlier stepped forward as well.

They were about to start fighting when two figures suddenly appeared in between them. One was a middle-aged cultivator with a stately appearance while the other was a beautiful female cultivator with fluttering, white robes.

“Greeting, Sage Clearwind!” The surrounding Sky Human stage cultivators bowed respectfully.

“Hurry up and bow. That is our sect’s Sage Clearwind. It is said that he has overcome 5 Lightning Tribulations; he is both an expert and an elder in our sect.” Luo Bo quickly explained to Chen Feng using secret vocal transmission.

Chen Feng did not say anything. Instead, he was looking at the female cultivator in fluttering, white robes. His eyes lit up as he did. The female cultivator, too, noticed Chen Feng. She was first taken aback, only to reveal a soft smile.

The female cultivator was Bai Ziyan.

“Junior Sister Bai, you have come out from your cultivation retreat. It seems your cultivation base has improved.” There was a slight enraptured look on He Tian’s face as he looked at Bai Ziyan.

“Humph! Ziyan has overcome 3 Lightning Tribulations. You can stop calling her Junior Sister,” said the stately-looking Sage Clearwind coolly.


Hearing those words, the surrounding cultivators were all stunned. They began whispering amongst one another.

When Bai Ziyan was first admitted into Extreme Celestial Sect, she had only overcome 1 Lightning Tribulation. In such a short time span, she had actually cultivated up to level 3 of the Sky Human stage. This rate of cultivation was too fast. Not even the word talent could be used to describe it.

There was an awkward expression on He Tian’s face. Then, he stepped forward and bowed respectfully. “Greetings, Senior Sister Bai.”

“Congratulations, Senior Sister Bai.”

The surrounding cultivators with lower cultivations levels stepped forward as well to pay their respects.

“Fellow junior brothers, you are too kind. I was just lucky,” Bai Ziyan said coolly, ignoring He Tian. He Tian, who was ignored, found it difficult to bear, but he could not reveal his emotions.

“What happened just now? Why was it so noisy here? I hear that our disciples have made their way out from the immortal mountain. Where are they?” Sage Clearwind asked.

“Senior brother, it is this disciple. Just now, he said he wants to leave our sect.” He Tian played the part of a wicked character, throwing smearing words at Chen Feng.

“What? Such a thing actually happened?” Sage Clearwind’s face turned cold and he turned to look at Chen Feng. Instantly, Chen Feng felt a wave of pressure bearing down upon him.

“Chen Feng, how did you end up here?” Bai Ziyan suddenly spoke up.

“Junior Sister Bai, you know him?” Sage Clearwind was taken aback.

“This fellow’s name is Chen Feng. I was the one who recommended him,” Bai Ziyan said.

“If Junior Sister Bai recommended him, he must surely be a talent. Let me have a look,” Sage Clearwind said. His eyes narrowed and he regarded Chen Feng.

Immediately after that, a look of shock flashed across Sage Clearwind’s face.

“His cultivation base is at level 4 of the Concealed stage, but the primary energy in his body is comparable to a level 8 Concealed stage cultivator at the domain power realm. Even more extraordinary is the fact that he has already condensed out his Soulflame. Genius! This is truly a genius! To think that such a talent is left buried amongst the inner disciples. Humph! When I return, I must investigate this matter properly.” A glint flashed across Sage Clearwind’s eyes. He had never seen such a talented disciple before.

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