Chapter 260: Giant Stone Man


Only when there were ten metres left between the palm and Chen Feng’s group did they finally notice it. They had all faced attacks from the stone men before. However, seeing a giant palm emerge from the stone pillar was still a shocking sight for them.


A bloody light shot out from Chen Feng’s palm. Next, a see-through hole appeared in the centre of the giant palm. Then, cracks spread out and the palm finally broke apart into pieces with a bang.

“Hurry up and run!” Chen Feng shouted.

However, it was too late. Two more palms swept across the sky in a grasping motion as they moved towards them. Unlike the first palm, these two palms were incomparably fierce. Strong winds rose and crashing friction sounds were left in their wake.

“Attack! Break them!”

Given their present circumstance, there was no way for them to safely leave. In order to rush out, they would have to fight and break the palms.

Chen Feng and Purplebolt attacked together, one wielding a bloody lance while the other wielding a sword which flashed with lightning.

Despite the ferocity displayed by the giant palms, they were incapable of stopping Chen Feng and Purplebolt’s attacks. With one exchange, the two palms were broken into fragments.

At the same time, Wu Tian and Luo Bo came under attack as well. There were more than one stone pillar around them, after all. Under the manipulations of a mysterious power, two more palms swung forward to grab them.

“Iron Spear, Tyrant Dragon!”

“Iron Sword, Golden Enigma Slash!”

Wu Tian and Luo Bo, who had recovered their strength, unleashed their own formidable attacks. Waves of domain power swirled around them. Wu Tian’s domain power was a world of spears while Luo Bo’s was one filled with sword beams. They were both unleashing incredibly ferocious attacks.

However, despite their impressive display, their attacks fell short compared to Chen Feng’s attacks. Although they were capable of blocking the attacks from the giant palms, the two of them were forced to retreat again and again. The primary energies within their bodies churned to the point where they were nearly incapable of controlling it.

The surrounding stone pillars came to life, twisting non-stop. Some were already attacking while others made ready to unleash their own attacks.

“There must be a yao beast around here.” Chen Feng knew he could not allow the situation to continue. There were countless stone pillars around them. No matter how powerful they may be, it would be impossible to stop the infinite number of attacks from the stone forest.

As Chen Feng was fighting off the incoming attacks, he channelled his power through the Thousand Seeker Mirror to scan his surroundings. It did not take him long to see a blurry, black dot on the Thousand Seeker Mirror.

“This way!” Chen Feng’s figure abruptly shot forward as the lance in his hand drilled forward to shatter two giant palms in quick succession. As for Purplebolt, he followed Chen Feng closely while knocking back the other incoming attacks.

Wu Tian and Luo Bo wanted to follow, but the surrounding stone pillars quickly melted down to form a stone wall, which surrounded the two of them.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

The defensive power of the stone wall was even stronger than the stone men they encountered back then. No matter how hard Wu Tian and Luo Bo attacked the wall, they could do nothing more than chip off small pieces of the stone wall. They were incapable of breaking out of the stone wall.

The surrounding stone wall then contracted. Wu Tian and Luo Bo suddenly noticed the sky turning dark and saw that the walls had closed up above them as well.

“Are we going to get crushed to death here? Wouldn’t it be a little too humiliating to die like this?” Luo Bo blurted out.

“No matter what, we must do our best to hold on. Chen Feng’s team seems to have found something. Hopefully, they can make it in time to save us.” Despite saying that, Wu Tian did not appear too convinced.

Given how dangerous their present situation was, it was only normal for Chen Feng and Purplebolt to escape on their own. They were not related in any way. Thus, there was no reason for them to risk their lives to save Wu Tian and Luo Bo.

“Get out!” Bloody Soul shot out from Chen Feng’s hand to stab into a giant stone pillar.


However, the stone pillar did not react like a stone would. Instead, it was more like a highly sticky dough and Chen Feng could sense strands of soft power enveloping his lance. The momentum behind his ferocious attack was dissipated and a suction force attempted to pull his lance in.


Both of Chen Feng’s feet stamped down against the ground, causing cracks to appear. Next, the bloody lance stabbing into the stone pillar rapidly spun to cause popping sounds to ring out. As it did, the strands of soft power enveloping it were all snapped apart.


Chen Feng pulled the lance out from the stone pillar. Next, he rushed forward and sent a mighty punch into the stone pillar.

Chen Feng put all 100 % of his power into the punch. Like an erupting volcano, power exploded from Chen Feng’s fist. The might behind his punch was such that the large stone pillar began quaking. Low-pitched sound waves spread out, reverberating between the surrounding stone pillars.


The stone pillar abruptly exploded and a giant stone man strode out. It then threw a heavy punch at Chen Feng.


Chen Feng felt his surroundings take on a sticky quality and he was incapable of dodging at all. All he could do was to give it his all to stab out with his lance. 

The giant fist slammed into the tip of the lance and an intense colliding sound erupted. The lance flew out of Chen Feng’s grasp as his figure was thrown far back like a lost kite. 

Purplebolt waved his hand and a massive dragon arm appeared behind Chen Feng to catch him.

As for Bloody Soul, it had pierced through one of the surrounding stone pillars. The shaft was still quivering.

Chen Feng beckoned with his hand and Bloody Soul flew back into his grip. Next, he warily regarded the giant stone man striding towards him.

The giant stone man was tens of times larger compared to the stone men he had encountered earlier. It was like a moving mountain. Every step it took caused the ground to shake. In but a few steps, the giant stone man had arrived before Chen Feng.

When the giant stone man appeared, the surrounding attacks immediately stopped. Thus, Wu Tian and Luo Bo broke through the stone wall and rushed out, looking wretched as they did.

However, when they saw the mountain-like stone man, they became dumbfounded. Could the earlier attacks be due to the giant stone man? The normal-sized stone men from earlier were hard enough to deal with. They could not even begin to imagine just how much more powerful this giant stone man can be.

“Hurry up and leave!” shouted Chen Feng. Given the current situation, staying behind was the equivalent of suicide for both Wu Tian and Luo Bo.

“Humans, you have entered my territory. None may leave.” The giant stone man roared out mightily.

Next, the giant stone man unleashed a howl, causing the surrounding stone pillars to twist and melt together. In but the blink of an eye, they had formed an inescapable net, becoming like a giant cage, imprisoning Chen Feng and the others within.

The edges of the battle zone had become filled with rocks. As for the giant stone man, it looked at Chen Feng’s group of four as one would look at lambs to the slaughter.

“This is my territory, my world. It doesn’t matter who enters, there is only one ending for those who enter, and that is death,” the giant stone man opened its mouth and said loudly. 

“Heh, what boastful words. You are just hiding from the strong and bullying the weak,” Chen Feng replied with a sneer.

“Insolence! Human, you dare ridicule me?” The giant stone man grew infuriated.

“If the ones to enter this place were not Concealed stage cultivators like us, but Human Immortals, you would be so terrified that you won’t even have the guts to show your face, no?” Chen Feng taunted with a smile.

“If they enter, even Human Immortals must die. This is my territory. You bugs may die now!” The giant stone man finally entered a fit of rage. It strode forward and attacked.

“Let’s go!”

Chen Feng leapt into the sky and the power that he had been readying for some time erupted from his lance to furiously stab the rock wall on top.

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha! 

Cracks spread out across the rock. Purplebolt then followed suit with a dragon claw attack, causing the rock to explode, leaving a hole on the wall.

Just as Chen Feng was about to rush out, stone pillars shot forward to close up the hole that Chen Feng and Purplebolt had created.

By then, the giant stone man’s attack had arrived. It did not utilize any magic or secret techniques. Instead, it merely used physical attacks. Its punches filled the space within the cage and the violent power contained within its attacks was such that Wu Tian and Luo Bo were incapable of steadying themselves. They could not even step forward to fight the giant stone man.

“Having entered my stone forest combat array, it doesn’t matter who you are, only one ending awaits you all, death!” The giant stone man roared.

“Braggart.” Chen Feng sneered. In a flash, he unleashed over 100 attacks with the bloody lance in his hand. All the attacks landed on one spot on the giant stone man’s fist.


A piece of rock fell out from the fist. Not only did Chen Feng block off the giant stone man’s attack, he created a hole in the giant stone man’s fist.

“Only so-so,” said Chen Feng with a derisive tone. Seeing as he was capable of breaking his opponent’s defence, there was nothing for him to worry about.

Unexpectedly, with just a swing of its hand, the hole on the giant stone man’s fist immediately disappeared, returning to its wholesome shape.

“I forgot to mention. Inside this stone forest, I cannot die.” The giant stone man laughed.

Son of a bitch! How am I supposed to fight? Chen Feng swore. However, he did not reveal his emotions.

“Everyone, let’s go all out against this monster!” Luo Bo shouted.

“Little ants, how can you fight me?” The giant stone man did not view Chen Feng’s group as a threat at all. It had been a long time since it encountered humans. Thus, it wanted to take its time and toy with them to its heart’s content.


It slammed its giant fists together. Then, before the loud sound of collision had faded away, the mountain-like stone man attacked once again.

It was a one-sided battle. It did not take long for Wu Tian and Luo Bo to fall to the ground, incapable of getting up anymore. Gasping for their breaths was about all they could do. Due to the earlier exchanges, over a hundred cracks had appeared on their bones. More importantly, they had suffered serious wounds to their internal organs and meridians.

Chen Feng and Purplebolt continued fighting against the giant stone man. Bursts of blood-coloured light kept shooting out from the bloody lance in Chen Feng’s grip to assail the giant stone man.

However, the giant stone man appeared indifferent to the attacks. It allowed Chen Feng to attack. Every hole Chen Feng inflicted on its body would recover quickly.

The giant stone man was in an invincible position and it cared little for the furious attacks from these two ant-like beings.

Chen Feng was not the only one. Even Purplebolt was unleashing various attacks. Physical attacks, lightning attacks, all of them failed to inflict much harm to the giant stone man.

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