Chapter 254: Wounded Wyrm


“Senior Brother Tie, given how dangerous our present situation is, we, the disciples of the Northern Plains’ immortal dao sects should indeed unite together,” Yu Jingyang suddenly said.

“Oh, when you put it that way, you want to come with us?” Tie Changkong said, raising his brows.

“Cough! Cough!” 

Liu Tian suddenly let out two coughs before speaking up.

“That is right, Junior Brother Tie. There are too many dangers here. It would be safer for us to join forces,” Liu Tian said with a smile.

“What should we do?” Tie Changkong sent a secret vocal transmission to Chen Feng.

“Agree to it. Let’s see what they plan on doing,” Chen Feng secretly replied.

“No problem, we agree.” Tie Changkong nodded.

“However, we don’t need this fellow. He will only be a burden if he comes along,” Yu Jingyang said scornfully as he pointed at Chen Feng.

“I didn’t realize the disciples from Jade Talisman Sect are so overbearing in nature. Fine. Since recently breaking through to level 9 of the Concealed stage, I have been looking for someone to spar with,” said Tie Changkong as he took a stride forward. A sword intent radiated outwards, soaring up the sky before charging towards Yu Jingyang.

Ta! Ta! Ta!

Yu Jingyang felt as though a mountain of swords was pressing down on him. Immediately, a chilling sensation emerged from within his heart and he could not stop himself from backing away. Every step backwards left deep footprints on the ground.


Liu Tian stepped forward, placing himself in front of Yu Jingyang. He became like a 10,000-year-old rock. No matter how hard Tie Changkong’s sword intent assailed him, he did not budge at all.

“Senior Brother Liu, do you plan on starting a fight?” An intense will to fight radiated out from Tie Changkong’s body.

“He he. We are all partners here. We must not disrupt our sense of harmony. We must still work together to face the incoming dangers,” Liu Tian said with a chuckle.

Truth be told, Liu Tian had his own designs. He had originally wanted to incite a conflict between Yu Jingyang and Chen Feng to find out how strong Chen Feng had become. However, due to Tie Changkong’s intervention, his plans had gone awry. The fact that Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun had broken through to level 9 of the Concealed stage made Liu Tian even more wary. Although they were still no match for him, it was a troublesome issue.

Additionally, there was Chen Feng, whose cultivation state Liu Tian could not determine. Liu Tian could still clearly recall how Xu Ziping had fallen under Chen Feng’s hands.

“Forget it,” Yu Yangtian said coolly.

Although the Yu trio was not pleased, they were unwilling to start a fight with Tie Changkong. Not to mention, there was another level 9 Concealed stage disciple from Flowing Cloud Hall beside him.

“I wonder, what harvests did Junior Brother Tie and your team got?” Liu Tian casually asked.

“We had been staying in Flashbolt City. While we did get some harvests, it is surely nothing compared to Senior Brother Liu,” Tie Changkong said smilingly.

“Flashbolt City? It seems you fellows also found the local cultivators here. How is the standard of the cultivators in Flashbolt City?” Liu Tian was somewhat surprised.

“There is a Human Immortal defending the city,” Tie Changkong said coolly.

“Human Immortal!” Liu Tian and even Luo Daoxing and the others were shocked.

Next up, they calmly discussed some issues.

“Truth be told, we did enter a city. However, that city is somewhat ruined and it did not have many cultivators inside it. Additionally, there were yao beasts occupying its surrounding areas. It was a terribly unsafe. Today, we came out to find a way out of this place,” Liu Tian said. 

“Did Senior Brother Liu ever encounter cultivators who came in from the outside world?” Chen Feng suddenly asked.

“A few,” replied Liu Tian with a smile.

“What? Are you thinking about finding your fellow disciples from Extreme Celestial Sect?” said Yu Jingyang with an ambiguous tone.

“I do think about that,” Chen Feng replied smilingly.

“I did encounter several cultivators from Extreme Celestial Sect.” A sinister glint flashed across Yu Jingyang’s eyes. Although it was well concealed, Chen Feng managed to notice it.

“Really, where?” asked Chen Feng.

“Head south from here. After 5,000 kilometres, you will find a stone forest. Back then, I saw several Extreme Celestial Sect disciples enter the place,” Yu Jingyang said with a grin.

“A stone forest!” Chen Feng nodded and said nothing more.

Yu Jingyang was secretly sneering. That stone forest was incredibly strange. Even Sky Human stage cultivators would be incapable of getting out from the stone forest. He believed that this level 4 Concealed stage cultivator would simply be committing suicide by entering the forest.

Naturally, Liu Tian and the others understood what Yu Jingyang was thinking. However, none of them said anything to reveal his intentions. That was especially true of Liu Tian, who eagerly wanted Chen Feng to die.

“Chen Feng, this fellow has malicious intentions.” Tie Changkong sent a secret vocal transmission.

“I know. Are all the cultivators from Jade Talisman Sect like this?” Chen Feng replied scornfully. He did not view Yu Jingyang as a threat at all. In a fight, Chen Feng was confident that he could kill him with one stab of his lance.

“Just a bunch of narcissists relying on their background. Their true ability is not all that. In a fight, I can singlehandedly and easily kill off all three of them,” answered Tie Changkong with a derisive tone.

It was no surprise that Tie Changkong would look down on the Yu trio. The ones that Sword Hall looked down on the most were Jade Talisman Sect and Pill Ding Sect.

One day later, Chen Feng and the others came upon an unexpected incident. The encounter left Chen Feng gaping in shock. When he turned to look at Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun, he saw that they were also gaping in shock.

“Yao beast! A wounded yao beast!” Yu Jingyang was the first to shout out.

A massive wyrm had appeared before them. Rather, the wyrm was merely passing through. Furthermore, it was already wounded.

“It is a Great Yao.” Liu Tian was initially taken aback. However, when he saw the wounds on the wyrm’s body, he relaxed.

In Liu Tian’s opinion, even if the Great Yao before them was uninjured, there was no need for them to fear, given how strong their group was. In this case, however, the Great Yao was already wounded.

“Ha ha ha ha! How fortunate! It just so happens I am in need of a yao core to forge a spirit talisman!” Yu Jingyang laughed out. At the same time, he charged towards the wyrm and swiftly blocked the wyrm’s path.

Seeing that, Chen Feng could not stop his mouth from twitching. He looked at Yu Jingyang the same way one would regard a fool. However, the expression on his face quickly turned to one of pity. 

“It looks like that Great Yao.” Tie Changkong sent a secret vocal transmission over, a slight uncertainty in his tone.

“Mm, yes. It is none other than the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm.” Chen Feng nodded.

The wyrm that had suddenly appeared before them was none other than the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm that had displayed a God-like rampage back in Flashbolt City. At that very moment, however, it only had one head left. It would appear that it had lost its other head during the fight. Additionally, there were many other wounds on its body and the strength of its aura fluctuated wildly. One glance was enough to tell that it was extremely wounded.

“Let’s put more distance between us and it. A wounded Great Yao is still a Great Yao. Not to mention, it is a very powerful Great Yao.” Chen Feng sent a secret vocal transmission to Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha! How fortunate! I didn’t think you have such a good luck, kid!” Tower suddenly laughed out.

“Good luck? What good luck?” Chen Feng asked.

“This Two-headed Icefire Wyrm. It is a good thing for you. Right now, it only has its fire-type head left. If you can obtain the yao core inside it, opening up the Fire acupoint will be easy.” Tower continued laughing.

“That is a Great Yao! A Great Yao with 8 Lightning Tribulations under its belt! Even if it only has 10 % of its strength left, we are still no match for it!” Chen Feng replied rationally.

“But what if it has less than 10 % of its original strength right now?” Tower asked with an amused tone.

“Less than 10 %? In that case, I can give it a try.” Chen Feng’s heart grew fiery. For Chen Feng, every part of this Great Yao that had overcome 8 Lightning Tribulations was a treasure. Even a dropped piece of hide from its body can be forged into a high-grade, defensive treasure robe. A drop of its blood can be used to concoct high-grade medicinal pills.

When the Great Yao noticed a minor cultivator blocking its path, it immediately grew furious. Due to its wounds, it had been in the midst of madly dashing away for dear life. It wanted to find a safe place to recuperate. However, someone had the gall to block its path?  Furthermore, this person was looking at it with a highly arrogant expression.

“Ha ha ha ha! Evildoer, give up and allow yourself to be captured!” Yu Jingyang pointed with his index finger and struck a pose, all the while laughing loudly.

The fool! Chen Feng, Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun shouted inwardly at the same instant.

“Something is not right.” Liu Tian suddenly felt something amiss. However, he did not say anything.


The grunt reverberated its way into their hearts. The Yu trio, who were the weakest within the group, simultaneously coughed out a mouthful of blood. Liu Tian and Luo Daoxing backed away as their chests heaved up and down. It was as though they were enduring a great deal of suffering.

Chen Feng’s team of three, however, had already put a distance of over 10 zhang between them and the wyrm. Although the attack had still reached them, the damage they received was comparably lighter when compared to those received by Liu Tian and the others.

Next, Liu Tian and the others saw something terrifying. A fiery light flashed out and Yu Jingyang, who had been standing before the wyrm, combusted into flames.

In less than one breath’s worth of time, Yu Jingyang had turned to ash. A gust from the wind then scattered his remains into the sky, leaving not a single residue. He had not managed to utter out a single cry throughout it all.

He had been a living cultivator just a moment ago. And yet, in just the blink of an eye, he had turned into nothing. Witnessing it all felt like a dream to them.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

The wyrm opened its mouth and several sparks flew out towards Liu Tian and the others.

Only then did Liu Tian and the others recollect themselves. All of them had witnessed the terrifying might of the sparks. In fact, Liu Tian believed that the sparks could burn even Sky Human stage cultivators to ash.

They must never allow the sparks to touch their bodies!

In the face of the incoming sparks, all of them chose to dodge. All except one, Chen Feng. When the sparks – capable of burning a cultivator at the condensed domain power realm – arrived before Chen Feng, they suddenly disappeared. It was as though they had suddenly dissipated in the middle of the air.

“Don’t let a fire of this level go to waste,” Tower said gleefully. The sparks flew into the Longevity Tower.

Tie Changkong, Shangguan Yun, Liu Tian, Luo Daoxing and Yu Yangtian successfully dodged the sparks. However, Yu Luoping failed to dodge them. A spark fell upon his body and his whole body combusted. He only managed half a wretched cry before his voice was cut off as he was turned into a pile of ash, flying into the wind.

1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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