Chapter 252: World of Ice and Fire


A fireball erupted not too far from Chen Feng’s team of three and the resulting heat waves scorched the surrounding buildings. Chen Feng’s team was slightly too slow in running away and they felt their brows getting singed as well while their bodies grew uncomfortably hot.

“This is dangerous! We need to leave quickly! A foe of this calibre is not something we can face,” Tie Changkong shouted.

Even as he spoke, the three of them felt their blood boiling. The layers of astral energy protecting their bodies released popping sounds and the magic robes on them began to wrinkle.


Knowing that they could no longer stay there, the three of them dashed forward as they hastily ran as far as they can.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Suddenly, the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm changed its attacks. Iceballs became ice arrows while fireballs became fire arrows. The attacks took on increased speed and power. Even if the cultivators who were struck managed to stay alive, they would end up getting terribly wounded.


An ice arrow shot towards the distant Chen Feng. With a shout, Chen Feng stabbed out using Bloody Soul to shatter the ice arrow. However, a stream of frost aura flowed through the bloody lance into Chen Feng’s body. Instantly, Chen Feng felt himself getting frozen stiff to the point where he could not even hold the bloody lance in his hand.


The formidable streams of longevity-type primary energy within him rapidly surged forward, allowing Chen Feng to slowly recover. However, that incident caused cold sweat to break out from Chen Feng’s body. If someone had taken advantage of the earlier moment to attack Chen Feng, he would have been like a fish on the cutting board, a being that anyone could easily slaughter. 

What an incredibly powerful yao beast! If it had focused its attacks on me earlier, it could have easily killed me off, Chen Feng thought.

“Brother Chen, are you all right?” Tie Changkong noticed that Chen Feng had fallen behind and he quickly turned around.

“I’m fine. This place is not safe. The Great Yao is too strong,” Chen Feng replied.

Puchi! Puchi! Puchi! Puchi! 

The cultivators from Flashbolt City were incapable of fighting back against the Great Yao’s attacks. Even the Sky Human stage cultivators that stepped forward had been killed. They were either turned into ice or incinerated.

“What? Are you still not coming out? Fine, I will slowly destroy this whole city!” The Two-headed Icefire Wyrm kept howling out, its voice reverberating across the whole city.

Truth be told, there was actually quite a high number of Sky Human stage cultivators within Flashbolt City, but fighting a Great Yao of this level was the equivalent of suicide. Thus, some of the Sky Human stage cultivators that had yet to step forward chose to quickly turn around. They had no desire to fight against the Great Yao. Instead, they simply wanted to escape from Flashbolt City.

Chen Feng’s team of three was not able to go too far before they were surrounded by a group of yao beasts. Steel-eater Ants, Sand Pythons, Sand Snakes, Venomous Sand Scorpions and Demonwild Sand Wolves besieged them.

Chen Feng brandished Bloody Soul and unleashed a series of bloody lance silhouettes. Any yao beast within a radius of three zhang would find a bloody hole within their bodies.

Given Chen Feng’s present level of cultivation base, any yao beast that was not of the Great Yao stage or higher could only die before his attacks. Most of them died with just a single hit.

Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun were not to be underestimated as well. They were already level 9 Concealed stage cultivators. Additionally, they also possessed Prized artefacts. Thus, the combat prowess they displayed were not too inferior when compared to Chen Feng’s combat prowess.

It did not take them long to carve a path forward. When the battle first began, the three of them did not go all out. However, the situation had changed and the three of them wanted nothing more than to quickly kill their way out and escape from the terrifying Great Yao.

However, their actions of carving a path forward created too much of a ruckus, causing the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm to finally notice them. Tens of ice arrows shot towards Chen Feng’s team of three. Even before the arrows arrived, the frost aura had already affected their bodies. The three of them felt as though their minds had frozen into ice.


Knowing that there was no time left for them to dodge, Chen Feng roared out and the bloody lance in his hand became like a roaring blood dragon as it stabbed out.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After shattering three ice arrows in quick succession, Chen Feng was finally incapable of holding on. The immense impact sent him flying backwards.

The power behind the impact was nothing serious. However, the frost aura within the ice arrows turned Chen Feng’s whole body stiff. His teeth kept chattering as a result.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Chen Feng could feel his heart beating vigorously and his thriving blood energy kept flowing throughout his whole body to rapidly expel the frost energy within his body. Chen Feng knew. If he hadn’t taken the Blood Pill before, thereby enhancing the might of his fleshly body, this frost energy would have been enough to crack his heart.

On the other side, holes had been blasted through Shangguan Yun’s Flowing Cloud Ribbon while Tie Changkong’s Grandsky Sword had been transformed into a popsicle. Additionally, streams of frost energy were quickly spreading through their bodies.

Defending against that one attack wave was an arduous task in itself. However, it was followed up by a wave of sky-enveloping fire arrows.

Chen Feng’s team of three was immediately greeted with sensations borne from a world of both ice and fire. Not even Chen Feng’s mighty fleshly body could withstand the high temperature as tears began appearing upon his body. What more could be expected from Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun, whose bodies were weaker than Chen Feng?

Firstly, the layers of astral energy shielding their bodies were destroyed. Next, the magic robes they wore were turned to ash. The blood vessels beneath their skin began bursting out and their flow of primary energies fell into a state of chaos.

Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun’s faces turned red. After spitting out a mouthful of blood, their faces then turned incredibly pale.

“Longevity Shield!” Chen Feng growled and a circle of light radiated out from his body. Next, a thick layer of shield made from primary energy covered Chen Feng. Ancient patterns could be seen on the surface of the shield. 

After the Longevity Shield appeared, Chen Feng could feel the temperature around him plummeting. Then, he flew forward, grabbing Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun with each hand before dashing forward, disappearing and re-appearing 100 metres away.


The Two-headed Icefire Wyrm gave a snort and an incredibly compressed soundwave silently shot towards Chen Feng’s team. All the buildings in its path were reduced to nothingness.

As Chen Feng’s team was about to be reduced to nothingness, a cultivator in deep blue clothes suddenly appeared before the soundwave. Without any overt movements from the cultivator, the rippling soundwave disappeared. It had failed to affect even a corner of the cultivator’s body.

“Ha ha ha! Brightbolt, you are finally willing to reveal yourself. And here I thought you are too afraid to return,” the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm roared as it charged towards the cultivator in blue clothes.

The cultivator in blue was none other than the City Lord of Flashbolt City, Brightbolt. He had the appearance of a middle-aged man, a straight figure, a firm face and unconcerned eyes. Lightning bolts could be seen flashing constantly within his eyes. In the face of the colossal wyrm, he revealed no trace of concern. It was as though the wyrm before him was just a snake.

“Harmony of Ice and Fire, Ice Fire Totality!”

The Great Yao’s dual heads attacked simultaneously and two energy streams with different attributes fused together to form a stronger attack. During the Great Yao’s training sessions, this move from it could flatten a small mountain. If it had unleashed this attack against Flashbolt City earlier, it could have instantly reduced the city to ruins. However, the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm had waited until this moment before unleashing its strongest attack. And the reason for that was that the person it had been waiting for had finally showed up.

When enemies encounter one another, rage would rise to their heads. In their last encounter, the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm had barely escaped from Brightbolt, nearly dying in the process. It had to bitterly heal itself for several years before making a full recovery. Thus, it had come for revenge.

In the face of the powers of both ice and fire, Brightbolt maintained the same expression on his face. When the attack was about to make contact with him, he flicked his fingers. A bolt of electricity flashed forward and the ice fire attack dissipated into the sky.

“The same trick again? If this is the only thing you can do, a serious beating is what awaits you,” Brightbolt said. His fingers then forked out and lightning bolts shot out. Despite their ordinary appearance, the lightning bolts contained formidable power. In terms of power, they had surpassed the lightning bolts from the Sky Human stage’s Lightning Tribulation.

“Huh! Someone has stopped the Great Yao.” Chen Feng’s team of three ran far away before finally coming to a halt. Turning around, they saw dazzling golden lights flashing about.

“To be able to stop the Great Yao, that person must be the City Lord of Flashbolt City. Let’s wait for a bit and observe what happens.”

By then, they had already changed into new sets of magic robes. However, that brief confrontation earlier had wounded the three of them. Chen Feng was in a slightly better state. Due to his mighty fleshly body, he could keep his wounds in check after just a short time. The wounds were practically incapable of affecting his combat strength anymore. As for Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun, they had to furiously take medicinal pills. Even so, their auras remained unstable.

The world of ice and fire they experienced earlier was seriously unbearable.

Chen Feng defended the two of them. While he was killing off any approaching yao beasts, he was also observing the situation behind them. He wanted to acquire a mental picture of the situation.

However, he could only hear sky-shaking roars reverberating outwards as the constant explosions of lightning bolts blinded his vision.


A massive explosive sound accompanied the sky-shaking roars, causing the blood energy within Chen Feng to churn.

“Brightbolt, you have actually cultivated up to the Human Immortal stage.” The Two-headed Icefire Wyrm’s voice echoed across the city.

“Human Immortal, he really is a Human Immortal!” Chen Feng’s eyes glinted with light. He did not think he could truly encounter such an existence.

“Enough, don’t stay here any longer. If a battle of this level spreads out, this whole city would be reduced to ruins,” Tower suddenly reminded Chen Feng.

“Is that really a Human Immortal?” asked Chen Feng.

“He has only just broken through to the Human Immortal stage. He still doesn’t know how to utilize immortal dao laws, otherwise he could have killed off the Great Yao with just one move,” Tower said disdainfully.

“If he is a Human Immortal, it shouldn’t take much for him to deal with this Great Yao, right?” asked a curious Chen Feng.

“If he only has to deal with the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm, then he will naturally have no problems,” Tower said with a leisurely tone.

“What do you mean by that?” Chen Feng’s heart immediately tightened.

“I mean, another powerful yao beast is about to make its appearance.”


A 10-metre-tall building not far from Chen Feng’s position abruptly exploded and a massive, brownish-grey wyrm emerged. With a gust of wind, the wyrm, tens of zhang long, joined the battle and attacked Brightbolt.

Surprisingly, the wyrm had been hiding underground all this time, waiting for Brightbolt to appear so that it could join forces with the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm to kill him off.

“That is a Dark Yellow Wyrm, born with an innate proficiency in the earthen element. Additionally, it has overcome 9 Lightning Tribulations. Next up, it will transform into a genuine dragon. It is even stronger compared to the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm. Looks like this will be a tough battle,” Tower said, not waiting for Chen Feng to ask.

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