Chapter 251: Two-headed Icefire Wyrm


Iron-winged Hawk, a flying-type yao beast. It was terribly ferocious and its broad iron wings could cut down a mountain while its sharp claws could tear space itself. Add its extraordinary flight speed, it was practically the overlord amongst yao beasts of the same level.

Additionally, there were eight of them. Sword-like gusts of wind shot out from their iron wings to instantly kill off tens of cultivators.

For eight Great Yaos to appear all of a sudden, how were the defenders supposed to fight back? There was too big of a difference.


With a loud bellow, a resplendent sword light flashed out. The Sky Human stage cultivators in the city had finally stepped forward.

However, only one appeared. Dressed completely in white, he stood atop a flying sword which shone with a dazzling light. His clothes fluttered in the wind, giving him a dashing image.


Seeing an expert from their side appear, the cultivators on the wall howled out as their morale spiked.

Sou! Sou!

The Flying Gold-eyed Camel glared and two rays of golden light shot out from its eyes. Both rays of light shot towards the Sky Human stage cultivator.

At the same time, the Demonwild Sand Wolf opened its mouth, sending wind blades towards the Sky Human stage cultivator as well.


The dashing cultivator’s face was stately as he released a shout filled with righteous power. Next, one sword beam after another radiated out from his body to shatter all the incoming attacks.

This cultivator is quite capable. I wonder how many Lightning Tribulations he has overcome? Chen Feng wondered.

Hu! Hu! Hu!

Two Iron-winged Hawks glided forward. With a flash, they appeared above the dashing cultivator and their broad wings swung furiously at him.

The dashing Sky Human stage expert slammed into the ground.


When they saw that, all the cultivators winced. Chen Feng’s team of three gaped. Why is this fellow so unreliable?

They had assumed he was a high-level fellow only to find out he was ‘high’.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

A series of exploding sounds erupted from within the yao beast swarm as the yao beasts were killed one after another. The dashing cultivator in white had soared up once more.


He unleashed yet another bellow. If it weren’t for their current predicament, Chen Feng would have laughed out.

As the dashing cultivator in white was getting surrounded by the Iron-winged Hawks, on the brink of getting shredded to pieces, the other Sky Human stage cultivators from Flashbolt City began appearing, one after another.

Eight of them were sword cultivators. The other two, however, were different. One of the two wielded a broad blade while the other one wielded a spear.

“There is a total of 10 Sky Human stage cultivators. That is quite a bit. However, it is not enough to change the situation,” Chen Feng said.

The clash between Sky Human stage cultivators and Great Yaos resulted in overpowering shockwaves, which affected the cultivators atop the city wall. Cracks began appearing upon the fragile city wall. It would appear as though the city wall was on the verge of collapsing. Should that happen, the ferocious yao beasts would charge into Flashbolt City and the residents of the city would all be massacred. 

“Five Elements, Earth Element Technique!” A tall cultivator with a ferocious atmosphere descended from the sky. His figure slammed heavily upon the top surface of the wall as both his palms pressed down on the city wall. Next, a series of rumbling sounds echoed out from the ground. Misty, grey-coloured streams of light flowed out as formidable layers of earthen power seeped out from the ground below to strengthen the wall.

“Firm Base Talisman!”

An elderly cultivator appeared. With a wave of his hand, a row of talismans struck the surface of the wall. Magnificent light flashed and the surface of the city wall – constructed using sandstones – transformed into a smooth rocky surface. It had become several times stronger.

What an amazing earthen power! That person’s ability to utilize earthen power is tens of times stronger than me. Chen Feng was shocked.

“Ash Mountain Seal!”

A lean-looking cultivator appeared in mid-air. He was not too tall, but the aura radiating off his body was extremely strong. It was as though a small mountain had been compacted into that one figure now floating in mid-air.

The cultivator slowly pushed his hand out and a mountain-sized treasure seal expanded before descending from the sky. It instantly smashed the raging Flying Gold-eyed Camel into pieces. 

“Demon Subduing Sword!”

Dazzling golden light encompassed the entire sky as tens of millions of sword beams shot down from the sky, like an endless rain. After the onslaught of sword beams, over a thousand of the yao beasts below the wall had been killed.


Bursts of joy erupted from the cultivators from Flashbolt City. The spectacle unfolding before them was too shocking. With these experts taking to the field, Flashbolt City could surely hold. Not to mention, they still had the immeasurably powerful City Lord on their side.

“Tower, what level are those two fellows at?” Chen Feng secretly asked Tower.

“The one who utilized the Ash Mountain Seal has 3 Lightning Tribulations under his belt while the one who used Demon Subduing Sword has 4 Lightning Tribulations,” Tower replied.

“With these powerhouses taking action, Flashbolt City should be all right,” Chen Feng said.

“Not necessarily. There are strong existences amongst the yao beasts,” Tower said coolly.

“You can sense it?” Chen Feng was stunned.

“I do not know the exact details. I can only sense a formidable aura hiding itself a good distance away. It should be the leader of these yao beasts,” Tower said.

“So, that’s how it is.”

“Brother Tie, Sister Shangguan, let’s retreat.” Chen Feng sent a secret vocal transmission to the two of them.

Although they did not know why there was a need to retreat, they knew that Chen Feng was not one to take pointless actions. Thus, Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun began to slowly retreat as they continued fighting.

A young sword cultivator approached Chen Feng and said passionately, “Fellow brother, let’s join forces and go down to start a rampage!”

The sword cultivator had seen Chen Feng’s actions earlier and knew that Chen Feng possessed a high cultivation base. In his eagerness, he approached Chen Feng, wanting to charge together with Chen Feng into the yao beast swarm.

“My strength is weak, I won’t be making a fool of myself,” Chen Feng replied coolly.

“Defending our home is the wish of all Flashbolt City cultivators. How can you utter those words?” The sword cultivator grew furious. If it were not for their current situation, he would have wanted to fight Chen Feng.

“Your cultivation base is high. Naturally, you can go down and kill the yao beasts. I won’t be doing that,” Chen Feng said coolly before taking a few steps backwards.

“You!” The sword cultivator became greatly infuriated.

“When this is over, I will have a duel with you!” After saying that, the sword cultivator flew into the yao beast swarm.

Chen Feng shook his head. Next, his face abruptly turned grim as he hastily pulled both Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun away. Only after there was a distance of 100 zhang between them and the city wall did he stop.

Just now, Tower had given Chen Feng a warning. The yao beasts’ leader had begun moving.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun had been about to ask Chen Feng what was going on when a thunderous sound suddenly erupted across the entire lands. Next, the city wall began collapsing. Shockingly, water and flames had merged together to assault the city wall. It was as though a natural disaster had befallen the place. The cultivators who were too close to the formidable powers of water and fire were incinerated to ash.

Chen Feng saw two of the Sky Human stage cultivators getting engulfed by the attacks. They did not emerge again. As for the sword cultivator who had wanted a duel with Chen Feng, not a single residue was left of him.

“What is that?!” Chen Feng’s team of three revealed looks of utter dread and shock. 

An extremely formidable aura rose from beyond the city. As for the cultivators who were defending the city wall, forget attacking, they could not even defend against the overwhelming aura. Even the Sky Human stage cultivators who had overcome Lightning Tribulations backed away. Due to the inferior state of their cultivation bases, some cultivators fainted.

“Hey, it’s a Two-headed Icefire Wyrm!” Tower suddenly chuckled.

“Two-headed Icefire Wyrm? What level is that thing at? Is it a Yao King?” Chen Feng asked.

“Far from it. However, it has overcome 8 Lightning Tribulations. It won’t take much for it to destroy this little city,” Tower said.

“It seems only the legendary City Lord can make a difference now,” said Chen Feng. He thought to himself, If the City Lord doesn’t step forward, we’ll have to figure a way to escape.

Rumble! Rumble!

The city wall continued to collapse and a large number of yao beasts roared as they began charging in.


A white ball suddenly erupted from within the city. The power of ice spread throughout the city, turning two streets into a world of ice in just the blink of an eye. Some of the cultivators there failed to escape and were all frozen into ice sculptures.

“Woah! It’s so cold!” Tie Changkong couldn’t stop himself from shivering.


Somewhere else, a fireball exploded and the buildings there began burning. Those weren’t ordinary fire. Rather it was the Soulflame that the Great Yao had cultivated out, capable of burning even stones into nothingness.

“So powerful!”

Chen Feng exclaimed in shock. He had yet to see the Great Yao, but Flashbolt City had already fallen into a chaotic mess.

“Kid, you should run farther. A yao beast at this level can kill you with just one attack,” Tower cautioned.

“Hurry up and back away! Everyone, hurry up and back away!”

“Let’s go all out! Fight this yao beast to the last!”

“Kill! Everyone, attack together!”

All the cultivators in Flashbolt City grew enraged and the situation became even more chaotic. A group of cultivators with extraordinary cultivation bases wielded magic treasures as they attacked the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm. However, they were turned into ice sculptures before they could even get close to the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm.

The Two-headed Icefire Wyrm finally charged its way into the city. Buildings would collapse in the wake of its massive body. As for the cultivators attempting to approach and attack, they were all incinerated by the Great Yao’s ice and fire powers.

Its body was over 100 zhang long and it was completely covered with tough and dazzling scales. Two large heads kept swaying about as they unleashed one attack after another.

One head would unleash the power of ice while the other would unleash the power of fire. Occasionally, the two powers would merge together, causing the power of its attack to skyrocket.

Under the leadership of the Great Yao, countless yao beasts charged into every corner of the city and began a massacre. They destroyed everything as the human cultivators were incapable of fighting back any more. Some Sky Human stage cultivators had wanted to go all out against the Two-headed Icefire Wyrm. However, they were killed after just one round of confrontation. There was no way to make up the difference between them and a Great Yao with 8 Lightning Tribulations under its belt.

“Ha ha ha ha! Flashbolt City Lord, are you still not going to come out? Ten years ago, you injured me. Now, I will destroy this broken city!” A loud voice reverberated throughout the sky above Flashbolt City. The Great Yao was trying to provoke the City Lord.

“So, it is here for revenge. However, why is the City Lord still not coming out? Did something happen?” Chen Feng felt curious.

“Ha ha ha ha! What is this? Are you afraid? Have you become a coward? Fine! If you are afraid of coming out, I will just kill off all the cultivators here.”

The Two-headed Icefire Wyrm howled out as it kept rampaging about. Large stretches of buildings were destroyed and many cultivators were killed off. Should the situation continue, it would be just a matter of time before Flashbolt City fell into ruins.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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