Chapter 250: Mighty Violent Ape



A piercing sound rang out as the Venomous Sand Scorpion sent a poisonous needle forward, piercing its way into Qin Long’s shoulder. With a wretched cry, Qin Long fell to the floor.


The large venomous scorpion quickly climbed up the wall and its sharp stinger shot towards Qin Long, who was lying on the floor.

A sword beam flashed out and the venomous scorpion was cut into two. Next, a foul stench spread out.

Chen Feng stepped forward to prop Qin Long up. Reaching out with his hand, he pulled out the poisonous needle left on Qin Long’s shoulder. Next, he quickly stuffed a detoxification pill into Qin Long’s mouth. Only then did Qin Long wake up.

“All right, then. You stay back. With your current level, you cannot fight against these yao beasts.” After considering it for a moment, Chen Feng then brought out a magic robe and put it over Qin Long’s body. Although the magic robe could not block the attacks from strong yao beasts, it should have no issue blocking attacks from poisonous bugs.

“Although there are a lot of yao beasts, there are no Great Yaos. No need to worry.” Wielding a Longevity Sword, Chen Feng carved out a path of carnage. Every slash he unleashed would kill a yao beast.

Those were all low-level yao beasts. No matter how many of them there were, killing them all was just a matter of time for Chen Feng. He wasn’t even utilizing his Prized artefacts.

Large swaths of Steel-eater Ants began devouring the city walls. The ants could chomp down even the hardest metal. What could those fragile sandstones do to stop them?


It did not take long for them to chomp down a large hole through the wall. The swarm of yao beasts flowed towards the hole.

“Fire Current!”

A middle-aged cultivator shouted, both his hands forming a dazzling symbol. Next, a fire dragon shot out from his hands to scorch the Steel-eater Ants until their charred bodies began popping.

A level 9 Concealed stage cultivator! Chen Feng was shocked.

“Mantle of Sword Beams!”

A hundred sword beams erupted outwards and all the yao beasts rushing into the city were killed.


A large, square-shaped seal descended to close up the hole. Immediately after that, a bearded man flew out of the wall. With a wave of his hand, a treasure seal the size of a mountain descended from the sky to slam the ground. Tens of yao beasts were flattened as a result.

“Prized artefact!” Tie Changkong exclaimed.

“Another two level 9 Concealed stage cultivators.” Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

“Kill off all these yao beasts!” A muscular, three-metre tall man brandished two huge, square-shaped hammers. Every swing of the hammers would send a yao beast flying.

“Pledge your life to defend Flashbolt City!”

“Fight these yao beasts to the end!”

“Ha ha ha ha! These yao beasts are all excellent prey.”

In the face of the wave of yao beasts, some of the zealous cultivators from Flashbolt City jumped down from the city wall to kill the yao beasts below.

“I didn’t think so many of them could show such fearlessness towards death,” praised Tie Changkong.

“If the yao beasts break through into the city, most of the cultivators within the city would probably end up dying. It is only natural for them to put their lives on the line. However, today’s situation doesn’t look good,” Chen Feng said.

“Yes, there are just too many yao beasts. Besides, the strong yao beasts have yet to appear,” Tie Changkong said. Displaying his Grandsky Sword, he killed the yao beasts charging at them.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Over a thousand snakes flew forth from afar. Like sharp arrows, they shot towards the cultivators on the wall.

“Sand Snakes!”

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Large pythons soared forward through the clouds but were all blocked by an invisible barrier in mid-flight. They fell to the ground and began attacking the cultivators below.

“Those are Sand Pythons.”


A sky-shaking roar rang out as three ape-type yao beasts charged towards the wall. Judging by their sizes, each the size of a small mountain, even if the wall was two times thicker, they would still be able to smash their way through.

“Those are Mighty Violent Apes! Hurry up and stop them!” someone shouted dreadfully.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Three young cultivators rode their flying swords and charged towards the three Mighty Violent Apes.


The Mighty Violent Apes released an overpowering soundwave, causing the three young cultivators to fall from the sky, disappearing into the swarm of yao beasts below.


The muscular man wielding square-shaped hammers slammed his hammers against one of the Mighty Violent Apes. It was as though he had struck a huge drum, and a resounding sound reverberated outwards.

A stream of light spread across the Mighty Violent Ape’s body. However, the yao beast merely staggered slightly. Then, it punched out, sending the cultivator flying.


The muscular cultivator slammed against the city wall and spat out blood profusely as a result.


The wounded Mighty Violent Ape furiously charged at the cultivator, wanting to tear him to pieces.


A chain flew down to pull the muscular cultivator back. Brandishing Bloody Soul, Chen Feng, who was standing atop the city wall, stabbed at the charging Mighty Violent Ape.

 “Brother Chen, be careful. This Mighty Violent Ape is very close to the Great Yao stage,” shouted Tie Changkong.

“Don’t worry.”

In the face of the incoming violent ape, Chen Feng charged forward, gripping the bloody lance in his hand. Red light flashed out like a bolt of lightning as Chen Feng bellowed. Next, the charging Mighty Violent Ape ended up getting pierced and raised up.

The yao beast’s chest was pierced through by the lance and it roared out as its body was raised up into the air. Next, an incomparably tyrannical aura radiated out from Chen Feng’s body. When the surrounding yao beasts sensed the aura, they reflexively retreated.


With a swing of his hand, Chen Feng sent the Mighty Violent Ape flying far away, where it smashed into a group of yao beasts.

This time, Chen Feng had exerted control over Bloody Soul so that it did not suck its victim’s blood. Chen Feng had gained a higher level of mastery over Bloody Soul. Given its present state, Bloody Soul would need to suck in blood that are of a higher level if it wanted to grow stronger again.

Next, Chen Feng swung and blood-coloured lance silhouettes filled the sky. By the time the lance silhouettes disappeared, Chen Feng had re-appeared atop the city wall. As for the ground below the wall, freshly killed yao beasts could be seen lying on the ground.

“Chen Feng is actually so powerful!” Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun exchanged glances. They could not conceal the feelings of shock within their hearts.

Although the Mighty Violent Ape was not a Great Yao, it was already close to the Great Yao stage. Even for Tie Changkong, he would have had to spend quite some time battling the yao beast before, no, whether or not Tie Changkong could kill the yao beast was a question in itself.

“Who is that young cultivator?” Many of the cultivators on the wall had witnessed the earlier spectacle. All of them were stunned by Chen Feng’s show of strength.

To insta-kill a Mighty Violent Ape, could he be a Sky Human stage cultivator?

Ardent gazes befell Chen Feng as they attempted to figure out his identity.

“It seems he is not someone from our Flashbolt City?”

“He is an outsider. I remember, the three of them are outsiders who arrived not too long ago.” Someone recognized the three of them.

“You mean those three people came from the outside world? No wonder he could possess a Prized artefact.”

Although Chen Feng had killed off a powerful yao beast, it was just a modest incident within the entire battlefield. The yao beasts continued charging the city wall.

After that, Chen Feng stopped standing out. He simply killed the yao beasts that appeared before him. He did not follow the others who charged into the swarm of yao beasts. 

Chen Feng understood. He was no God. Even if he was 10 times stronger, he could not change the situation. Additionally, Chen Feng also did not want to stand out. He had a feeling that the true powerhouses amongst the yao beast swarm had yet to appear. It would be bad if those powerhouses decided to focus on him.

Chen Feng’s team of three stood on the city wall. They did not put on an outstanding display, but they also did not retreat. They kept killing the yao beasts charging the wall.

“Qin Long, hurry up and hide in a safe place within the city. I don’t have the ability to protect you,” Chen Feng said without even turning his head.

“Yes.” As Qin Long was wounded, he knew that his existence would only become a hindrance. Thus, he nodded his head and quickly ran into the city. Before leaving, he propped up the muscular man and brought him along.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The other two Mighty Violent Apes had reached the wall. There, they began utilizing their very bodies to slam the city wall. The cultivators standing atop the city wall could feel the floor beneath their feet quaking as a result.

“Mountainous Treasure Seal!”

A mountain descended from the sky to pulverize one of the Mighty Violent Ape into mush. Meanwhile, the other Mighty Violent Ape was surrounded by two level 9 Concealed stage cultivators and killed.

Observing the mountain shrink before falling into the hands of a cultivator, Chen Feng blurted out, “Prized artefact!”

“It seems the cultivators here have some items on them, after all,” Tie Changkong said.

“But it’s just the high-level cultivators. Even if they do survive this wave of yao beasts, how many would end up dying?” Chen Feng lamented.

“We still haven’t seen any Sky Human stage cultivators,” Shangguan Yun said.

“They must be waiting for the Great Yaos from the yao beast side to show up first.” Chen Feng had only just said that when a behemoth abruptly ploughed forward.

A series of explosive sounds would ring out in its wake. When there were 1,000 zhang between them, Chen Feng sensed the chaos overcoming the surrounding streams of spiritual energy.

“What yao beast is that? It possessed such an imposing atmosphere!” Chen Feng was shocked.

“Everyone, be careful! This is a Great Yao, a Flying Gold-eyed Camel!” shouted someone atop the city wall.

Chi! Chi!

Two rays of golden light shot out from the Great Yao’s eyes to instantly pierce through the chests of two cultivators atop the city wall. With a wretched cry, they fell down the wall.

The Great Yaos had finally appeared.


A Demonwild Sand Wolf, the size of a small mountain, flew forward. With a howl, it unleashed wind blades from its mouth, instantly striking three of the cultivators fighting in the midst of the yao beast swarm. After getting struck, the three cultivators were immediately drowned by the milling swarm of yao beasts.

“Those three killed earlier were all at level 9 of the Concealed stage. What a pity!” Chen Feng could not stop himself from lamenting.

“Nothing pitiable about that. That is the fate of us cultivators. Great Yaos have appeared. The Sky Human stage cultivators from Flashbolt City should be stepping forward now, right?” At that moment, Tie Changkong had seemingly transformed into a sharp sword. Any yao beast pouncing at him would be cut into two by an invincible sword beam.

“If no Sky Human stage cultivator steps forward, we’ll have to figure a way to break our way out,” said Chen Feng with a wry smile.

Soo! Soo! Soo! Soo! Soo! Soo! Soo! Soo!

Sharp air-piercing sounds rang out in quick succession and cultivators whose cultivation bases were not good enough began bleeding from every orifice. Some clutched their heads and screamed.

Another Great Yao had appeared. Additionally, it was not just one. Rather, it was an entire group.

“Iron-winged Hawk! That is an Iron-winged Hawk!” some of the cultivators began screaming in terror.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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