Chapter 249: Yao Beasts Attack the City


Chen Feng’s success in opening the Wood acupoint of the Five Elemental acupoints caused his cultivation base to soar. It should have been a joyous occasion, but at that moment, Chen Feng was incapable of feeling joyful.

The longevity-type primary energy he cultivated had always favoured wood-type cultivation. Additionally, Chen Feng’s usual cultivation efforts involved a high amount of grass essence. Recently, he had devoured the energy of many great trees. Just now, he had devoured the energy within one whole yao core, allowing him to smoothly open up his Wood acupoint.

A level 4 Concealed stage cultivator could devour all the energy within a yao core. If news of this were to spread out, it would certainly shock others to the point where their jaws fell off. However, Chen Feng knew even the energies within several yao cores could not match up to the amount of essence energy that he had absorbed.

And that was the reason why Chen Feng felt depressed.

Just one Wood acupoint requires so much essence energy. How am I to cultivate the other acupoints? Just how much essence energy will I need? Chen Feng felt his head aching.

His cultivation efforts before had progressed at a fairly smooth pace. Unexpectedly, however, he ended up facing this issue in his attempt to assail the 5th level of the Concealed stage.

“Do you take the Longevity Scripture to be some piece of trash? It is the apex cultivation technique in all of the cosmos and space-time. Instead of working hard on cultivation, you are spending your time complaining?” Tower said in an annoyed tone.

“I am only at level 4 of the Concealed stage. For my cultivation to require so much resources, how much more would I need when I reach the Human Immortal stage?” replied Chen Feng with a bitter smile.

“The Five Elemental acupoints is just a minor hurdle. Do not forget, with your level 4 Concealed stage cultivation base, you can now fight against cultivators at the domain power realm. That is due to the Longevity Scripture,” Tower said coolly.

“That is clearly my hard work,” Chen Feng mumbled.

Still, even though his level did not rise, the fact that his strength had increased was a good thing.

At times, even Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun would feel surprised. During this period of time, the aura radiating off Chen Feng’s body kept growing stronger until it surpassed them both. And yet, Chen Feng remained at level 4 of the Concealed stage.

In the beginning, Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun had assumed that Chen Feng was practicing a special cultivation technique to disguise his true power. Only later did they realize that was not the case. Thus, they speculated that Chen Feng must be deliberately suppressing his level. Unknown to them, Chen Feng was feeling depressed because he really wanted to quickly increase his level.

Chen Feng spent every second growing stronger. However, breaking through to the next level would require some time. Or rather, an opportunity.

On this very day, the room where Tie Changkong was residing in suddenly erupted with a formidable aura. Chen Feng, who was in the midst of cultivation, became shocked.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! I finally broke through to level 9 of the Concealed stage!” Tie Changkong laughed loudly as he walked out. His aura shone with vigour and sharpness, like a sword soaring into the sky.

“Congratulations to Brother Tie on taking yet another step towards the Sky Human stage,” Chen Feng said, stepping forward with a smile on his face.

“It is all thanks to the spiritual energy here and some of the spiritual herbs we obtained recently. If not for that, it would have taken me some more time before I could break through to level 9 of the Concealed stage,” Tie Changkong responded happily.


Suddenly, waves of formidable aura also erupted from Shangguan Yun’s room. Swirling energy streams appeared in the sky above the courtyard. The formidable emanations were even stronger compared to that of Tie Changkong’s.

“Shangguan Yun has broken through as well!” Tie Changkong exclaimed with joy.

“I did not expect the cultivation techniques of Flowing Cloud Hall to be this tyrannical,” said Chen Feng jovially.

It did not take long for Shangguan Yun to walk out from the room, spiritual energy overflowing from her body into her surroundings. Her pair of eyes shone brightly. One glance was enough for them to tell that she had indeed broken through and her cultivation base had risen spectacularly.

“Congratulations!” Chen Feng stepped forward and said happily.

“Thank you, thank you!” Shangguan Yun was very delighted. She did not think she could break through so quickly. Only one last step remained between her and the Sky Human stage.

“Brother Chen’s aura is stronger than ours, but you still haven’t broken through. Which cultivation technique from Extreme Celestial Sect is this?” Tie Changkong asked with a smile.

“Don’t laugh, but it is not a technique from Extreme Celestial Sect. It is my family legacy,” replied Chen Feng with a grin.

“Brother Chen is such a genius. For you to just have the status of inner disciple in Extreme Celestial Sect is too much of an injustice towards talents. Why don’t you come to our Sword Hall to develop yourself? Our Sword Hall values talents the most.” Tie Changkong began attempting to recruit Chen Feng.

“Your Sword Hall favours sword cultivation. Chen Feng should come to our Flowing Cloud Hall. We have the most beauties,” said a laughing Shangguan Yun.

“He he, I thank you two for your good intentions. However, it hasn’t been too long since I entered Extreme Celestial Sect. For now, I have no intentions of changing sects.” Chen Feng refused.

“What a pity! However, Brother Chen, the gates of our Sword Hall will always be open to you. You are welcome to be a guest in our Sword Hall,” Tie Changkong said happily.

“The same for our Flowing Cloud Hall.” Shangguan Yun’s smile was as beautiful as flowers.

“I say, we are still inside the immortal mountain. Whether or not we can get out is still up in the air. Isn’t it a little too early to be discussing about this?” asked Chen Feng.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! That is right, now is not the time to be talking about this. We should be thinking about what to do next.” Tie Changkong laughed.

The three of them were in no rush to leave Flashbolt City. At any rate, Flashbolt City was a very safe place.

As for Qin Long, he had been staying in the courtyard that they rented. Chen Feng gave him 1,000 Magic crystals and a decent flying sword. The youngster grew so overjoyed his face turned red as a result.

They spent one month cultivating themselves within Flashbolt City. Chen Feng was totally engrossed in his cultivation efforts and forgot about all about time. There weren’t many things that could become causes of concern for cultivators. For them, working hard on cultivation was the only right path forward. 

Not to mention, Chen Feng was an orphan with no other relatives. Thus, there were even less concerns within his heart. In the beginning, the reason Chen Feng had worked hard on cultivation was to avoid getting bullied. Now, there was only one reason for him to work hard on cultivation. Grow stronger! After that, go find out about himself. As to what he would do after accomplishing that, Chen Feng had not given it much thought.

After that one month, Chen Feng’s power had fully stabilized. Next up, he wanted to open the Water acupoint. Chen Feng was not too worried about the essence requirement for that acupoint. According to Tower, just one drop of Vile Fountain Water was needed for Chen Feng to open up his Water acupoint. When Chen Feng heard that, he first grew dumbfounded. Then, he grew ecstatic.

With that, there was no more problem with the Water acupoint of the Five Elemental acupoints. As for the other three acupoints, he could slowly search around for the essence energies required.

As Chen Feng was planning on assailing and opening the Water acupoint in one go, something big happened to Flashbolt City.

“A high number of yao beasts are attacking Flashbolt City!”

When Chen Feng heard that, he was taken aback.

“Are there a lot of yao beasts around here?” Chen Feng asked Qin Long, who was just in front of him.

“There are none inside Flashbolt City. There are many outside,” Qin Long quickly replied.

“What type of yao beasts are there?” Chen Feng asked curiously.

“There are Sand Snakes, Sand Pythons, Venomous Sand Scorpions, Demonwild Sand Wolves, Flying Gold-eyed Camels. There are also Steel-eater Ants and countless poisonous bugs,” said Qin Long as he gesticulated with his fingers.

“So many? Have the yao beasts ever attacked the city before?” Chen Feng was secretly shocked.

“Almost every year,” Qin Long replied, not revealing a single hint of panic. Clearly, this was a normal occurrence for the cultivators of Flashbolt City.

“Brother Chen, it is getting chaotic out there.” Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun suddenly rushed inside.

“Yao beasts are attacking the city,” Chen Feng said with a wry smile.

“Yes, there is a high number of yao beasts outside this city. Many of this city’s cultivators have been wounded or killed.” There was a serious look on Tie Changkong’s face. Recalling the number of yao beasts outside the city, Tie Changkong felt that Flashbolt City could be destroyed at any moment.


Chen Feng flicked his finger and a wind bullet flashed out. As a result, a black-coloured, palm-sized ant was nailed to the ground.

“Steel-eater Ants!” Tie Changkong uttered in shock.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Tie Changkong waved his hand and another three ants were nailed to death.

“These ants are very powerful, capable of eating various metals and ores. They usually come in swarms. They could even clean up a metal mountain in a short time,” Tie Changkong said as he picked up one of the dead ants.

It was as big as a palm and its entire body was black in colour. It seemed as though it was made from cast iron. As for its limbs, they were sharp. Its jaws glowed with a soft light.

“When you put it that way, these creatures are the nemesis of this city’s walls? For these creatures to make their way into this city, it would appear that the situation is quite dangerous,” said Chen Feng thoughtfully.

“Come, let’s go to the wall and check out the current situation,” Tie Changkong suggested.

When Chen Feng’s team finally made it to the wall, their hearts immediately gave a thud. Observing the dense swarm of yao beasts outside the walls, they lost the ability to say anything.

“Qin Long, was the number of yao beasts as big as this in the past?” Chen Feng asked.

“No, no.” Qin Long had already become dumbstruck from terror.


A violent Demon Wolf jumped in through the wall, killing three cultivators in quick succession before getting killed off by a group of cultivators. It was cut to pieces and its yao core was seized by one of the cultivators.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A high number of yao beasts attacked the city in waves. Their powerful atmosphere was such that it seemed as though they could easily flatten the dilapidated little city.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou!

Various magic treasures and streams of light began appearing in the sky. They all attacked the yao beasts below.

The moment they made contact, a large number of yao beasts was killed. However, in the face of the monumental pressure from the yao beasts, some cultivators died as well.

“These yao beasts should be capable of flight, no?” Chen Feng said.

“The City Lord has utilized his magic powers to enchant Flashbolt City before. There are countless restrictive magic arrays imbued into this city. These yao beasts are simply incapable of attacking from the sky. If they want to break this city, they can only attack head on,” Qin Long answered.

“So, that’s why. It seems your City Lord did that in order to train this city’s cultivators. Otherwise, it would have been better to set up an impregnable wall,” said Chen Feng with a grin.

“That should be the case.” Qin Long nodded his head.


Chen Feng’s punch shot out with lightning-like speed and a muscular Demonwild Sand Wolf burst apart as a result. Blood splashed all over, scaring Qin Long and causing him to back away.

“A pity, this yao beast’s level is not high enough. It does not have any yao cores,” said Chen Feng, who shook his head.

Qin Long felt both very anxious and excited. He was also feeling fearful. Clearly, this was the first time Qin Long had ever faced such a situation. Gritting his teeth, he controlled his flying sword and sent it out to attack a Venomous Sand Scorpion, which was climbing up the wall.

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