Chapter 248: Wood Acupoint


“Ha ha ha ha! What a load of Black Dragon crap! This kid is simply bluffing. This is just a piece of 10,000-year-old purified iron. However, this kid did get one thing right. This purified iron can be used to forge a Prized artefact.” Tower laughed.

“Is it of any use to you?” asked Chen Feng.

“Of course.”

“Alright then.” Chen Feng nodded his head and asked the middle-aged cultivator, “How much for this Black Dragonstone?”

Ha ha ha ha! I’ve encountered a rich fool! To think that this kid could be so stupid! Still, he is an endearing fool, ha ha ha! The middle-aged cultivator felt joy blooming in his heart.

“This Black Dragonstone’s price is 10,000 ah, no no no, 1,000, no no no, 100 Magic crystals,” said the middle-aged cultivator as he assessed Chen Feng’s face.

“My offer is the same, 10 Magic crystals. Uncle, when doing business, you must be honest. How can you just randomly set your prices? Forget it, I will go check out the other stalls,” Chen Feng said, shaking his head. 

“Wait, wait. Don’t go, don’t go. 10 Magic crystals it is, then. Deal!” The middle-aged cultivator hastily pulled Chen Feng.

Thus, the piece of 10,000-year-old purified iron worth tens of thousands of Magic crystals was sent into the Longevity Tower once again. There, it was melted down to patch up a crack.

After that, Chen Feng pretended to look around. It did not take long for Tower to inform him. “The others are all garbage. There is nothing worth looking.”

Thus, Chen Feng extricated himself from the middle-aged cultivator’s enthusiastic hands and walked towards another stall.

“Brother Chen, what did you buy just now? They look ordinary to me,” Tie Changkong could not stop himself from asking.

“He he, they are very ordinary. Still, there is nothing for us to do here and I have so many Magic crystals on me that I can’t even spend them all away. If so, I will just buy whatever strikes my fancy,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

As Chen Feng was shopping earlier, Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun had been observing him but were incapable of seeing what was so valuable about those two items. They then shook their heads and split off on their own.

Qin Long was the only one who kept following Chen Feng closely. To Qin Long, amongst the three of them, Chen Feng was the true tycoon.

“These yao cores are pretty good,” said Chen Feng as he regarded the few jade boxes before him.

“Naturally. Little brother, you know your stuff. These are all from Great Yaos.” The one speaking was an athletic-looking man, around 30 years old. His eyes would occasionally glint with light. He appeared to be very shrewd.

“Correct, they are all yao cores from Great Yaos. Two of them have overcome 1 Lightning Tribulation each while the remaining three are very ordinary. However, they will be quite good for your little pets,” Tower said.

“Tsk, tsk, yao cores. These are good stuff. To think that he would sell these items,” replied Chen Feng with a smile.

“He cannot refine them even if he chooses to keep them. Naturally, he will have to sell them,” Tower said coolly.

“I want all the yao cores here. State your price,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

Those yao cores were truly good stuff. Of course, that was only for certain types of people. For most people, however, other than selling the yao cores, there was no other use for them. While it was possible to refine and absorb the energy within the yao cores, most human cultivators do not possess that ability.

Only a small number of cultivators could refine the yao cores or utilize them to concoct pills or forge magic treasures.

In the outside world, these yao cores could command a good price. However, things were different for the cultivators within the immortal mountain. The number of people who could utilize the yao cores was too small. Rather, not a single person within Flashbolt City could do it.

Thus, when the athletic cultivator saw that someone wanted to buy the yao cores, he felt both overjoyed and conflicted. He knew the value of the yao cores, but he also knew that the natives would never waste their spirit stones to buy them.

This outsider, however, was different. At that moment, the cultivator was conflicted on what price to set. If the price was too low, he would feel dissatisfied. At any rate, these yao cores did not simply fell into his lap. He’d had to risk his life to obtain them. However, if the price was too high and this customer decided against buying them, that would be even worse.

“About that.” The athletic cultivator’s face grew troubled.

“I wonder, how much little brother willing to pay?” the athletic cultivator asked instead.

“He he, you are the seller. Naturally, you must be the one to set the asking price,” replied Chen Feng with a smile.

“You should know the price of yao cores as well. I will not ask for much. One for 1,000 Magic crystals,” the athletic cultivator said, clenching his teeth.

It was indeed not expensive. One yao core for 1,000 Magic crystals. It was quite cheap. Especially considering the fact that two of the Great Yaos had overcome Lightning Tribulation before. By selling them to cultivators who can utilize them, their worth would become humongous.

“The price is indeed reasonable. However, you know as well that if I do not buy them, you will be unable to sell these yao cores,” replied Chen Feng. Although he possessed enough Magic crystals on him, he was not one to casually spend money.

“If you want all of them, then all five for 4,000 Magic crystals,” said the athletic cultivator after a moment’s consideration.

“3,000,” Chen Feng coolly countered.



When the yao cores entered the Longevity Tower, Purplebolt joyfully swirled forward. If it were not for his feelings of reservations towards Chen Feng’s intentions, he would have devoured them all in one go.

“Two of them are yours,” Chen Feng said coolly. At the same time, the two yao cores with 1 Lightning Tribulation floated before the Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm.

“Right, who else here have yao cores?” asked Chen Feng with a grin.

Who knows when Chen Feng would come across such a good opportunity again? Naturally, Chen Feng wanted to search for them all. Devouring yao cores was the best method for Purplebolt and Four Ears to improve their strength. Additionally, Chen Feng himself was also capable of absorbing and refining yao cores.

“Err, if you want, I can provide you some more in a few days’ time,” the athletic cultivator hastily said.

“All right. I will come again in a few days’ time. No matter how many you can get your hands on, I want them all,” Chen Feng said with an unrestrained tone.

Chen Feng and the others spent the whole day in the trading square. That was especially true for Chen Feng. With the secret guidance from Tower, his harvest was very considerable. The things that Chen Feng bought the most were rare ores and yao cores. Additionally, he even bought the meat and blood essence of several Great Yaos.

After the day was over, the one who benefitted the most were Purplebolt, who was hiding within the Longevity Tower, and the Longevity Tower itself. The Longevity Tower swallowed no less than 10 rare ores, each worth tens of thousands of Magic crystals. In particular, there was this small piece of Purified Ironsource Lode worth 300,000 Magic crystals. In the end, Chen Feng bought the piece of ore for 20 Magic crystals. Tower had instantly guffawed out in joy.

The look of shock on Qin Long, who was following Chen Feng, never disappeared. After the day was over, he felt stiffness in his facial muscles and aching sensations in his eye sockets. It was due to him keeping the same expression for the entire day.

Before leaving, Chen Feng bought another treasure. It was a piece of tough scale. According to Tower, it was the scale from a wyrm that had overcome 5 Lightning Tribulations.

This time, in order to buy the scale, Chen Feng had to bleed. He spent a total of 10,000 Magic crystals for it. If it were not for the fact that the other party was in dire need of Magic crystals, he would not have sold it to Chen Feng.

“This scale is quite good. It can be used to forge a defensive-type magic treasure.” Although Chen Feng had to spend some Magic crystals for it, he was still very satisfied. At any rate, this was generally an item that could not be bought no matter how much Magic crystals he had on him.

“Brother Chen, it seems you have obtained quite the harvest this time,” Tie Changkong said, smiling.

“I just bought some weird items.” Chen Feng smiled back. It was obvious that both Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun had also gotten quite the harvest.

After returning to his abode, Chen Feng continued cultivating. That night, Chen Feng devoured the energy from another great tree. Thus, the wood-type energy within his body grew even thicker. However, he did not break through. Chen Feng could sense it, though, it would not be long before he reached a breakthrough.

For the next three days, Chen Feng kept going to the trading square. Finally, after buying another 10 yao cores, he stopped.

That was because his cultivation base had reached a critical point and he had to begin attempting a breakthrough.

On this very day, Chen Feng had devoured the energies of two great trees until only fragments remained of them. The primary energy within his body roiled explosively. According to the Longevity Scripture, the primary energy within his body would assail a mysterious spot. Chen Feng knew that spot was none other than the Wood acupoint.

After assailing for a whole day, the Wood acupoint was finally opened. Initially, the formidable wood-type life force sprayed out from the Wood acupoint to flow into every part of Chen Feng’s body, allowing Chen Feng to experience the profundity of the wood-type power. Next, the Wood acupoint pulsed and a great suction force emerged. Instantly, a great deal of the longevity-type primary energy within his body was sucked inside.

Incredible! Thankfully, I was prepared. With a thought, a yao core appeared within Chen Feng’s palm.

The yao core was of the wood-type. Chen Feng had only just purchased it recently for his cultivation efforts.

The yao core’s Great Yao had not overcome Lightning Tribulation before, making it easier for Chen Feng to absorb its energy.

Unknown to Chen Feng, who was in the midst of cultivation, their actions for the past few days – going about to buy a great deal of items – had attracted the attention of some cultivators. For them, Chen Feng’s team was like a mobile treasure trove. Due to the rules of the city, everyone did not make a move on them. However, there was no telling what would happen after Chen Feng’s team left Flashbolt City.

As Chen Feng was attempting to break through, Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun followed Qin Long and continued to walk around Flashbolt City as they attempted to find other outsiders. However, they were quickly disappointed. From what they could gather, some cultivators from the outside world did arrive at Flashbolt City. However, they only stayed there for a few days before leaving.

“Right, is your City Lord in Flashbolt City?” Tie Changkong asked Qin Long.

“Our City Lord is an exalted figure that rarely reveals himself, capable of stopping even the sandstorms. I hear he would often go to other places for adventures.” As soon as he mentioned the City Lord, Qin Long’s face brightened.

Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun secretly discussed the matter. If the City Lord was truly a Human Immortal, stopping the sandstorms was as simple as turning his palm.

After spending the day strolling around, the two of them returned to find Chen Feng seated in a peculiar manner within the courtyard.

“What is it, Brother Chen? Did something go wrong?” Tie Changkong asked curiously.

“It’s nothing. I just learned something thanks to my cultivation practice earlier.” Chen Feng revealed a slight smile.

Truth be told, Chen Feng was inwardly laughing non-stop. Earlier, he had managed to stabilize the Wood acupoint after only absorbing all the energy within the one yao core. Chen Feng’s cultivation base also grew substantially as a result.

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