Chapter 247: Trade Assembly


“Move aside, kid,” the two fellows said with disdain after giving Qin Long a glance. Clearly, they had recognized Qin Long, but they did not view someone as weak as him as anyone of importance. 

“These people are customers. Could it be you fellows want to defy the city rules set down by the City Lord?” Qin Long gritted his teeth and said once more.

“Kid, forget about using the City Lord’s name to scare us. If you don’t want to die, hurry up and scram!” One of them waved his hand and a strong wind blew towards Qin Long.

A level 6 Concealed stage cultivator, Chen Feng thought. Then, he stretched his hand out to disperse the attack.

Chen Feng did not stop there. He followed up by quickly stepping forward. Both his hands swung out to grab the necks of the two fellows.

All the two cultivators managed to see was a flash before Chen Feng grabbed each of them in a chokehold. Instantly, they felt a jolt coursing through their hearts and their faces turned ashen.

“What did you say just now?” asked Chen Feng coolly.

“Kid, let us go right now! This is Flashbolt City! If you kill us, you fellows will be incapable of escaping!” one of them shouted harshly.

“Don’t worry, I won’t be killing you two.” After saying that, Chen Feng swung both his hands once more to slam the two cultivators against the ground. Smoke erupted into the air as two human-shaped holes appeared on the ground. As for the two cultivators, they had fainted from the impact.

Chen Feng had noticed many other cultivators secretly keeping an eye on them as they were facing off against the two cultivators. However, no one else stepped forward. Seeing that, he understood that the rules of this city was still somewhat effective.

However, Chen Feng also knew that they were not safe. That was due to their magic robes. After all, there was only a small number of cultivators with such resplendent attires. That was further compounded by the fact that the three of them were outsiders.

“These two haven’t even condensed out their Soulflames. They do not have enough power for us to make a show of force. I am personally hoping some other experts would step forward to provoke us.” Chen Feng sent a secret vocal transmission to Tie Changkong.

“Sky Human stage experts usually wouldn’t attack. I am also hoping that some cultivators at level 7 or 8 of the Concealed stage would come out to help us make a show of strength,” replied Tie Changkong with a smile.

However, their plan ended up not coming to fruition. The surrounding cultivators had simply observed what happened before continuing with their own businesses. No one stepped forward to attack them.

Although the three of them were outsiders, those city people were not cruel evildoers. They wouldn’t simply attack anyone they encounter.

Qin Long cast a reverent gaze at Chen Feng’s team of three. He recognized the two attacking cultivators. They were very arrogant fellows who would constantly bully weaklings like Qin Long. As such, Qin Long had long since wanted to beat them up. However, he simply lacked the strength to accomplish that. Seeing Chen Feng casually beat them up to such a degree gave him a sense of happiness.

“Did any outsiders like us come here recently?” Chen Feng asked with a smile.

“A few. I can help you inquire about it,” Qin Long said respectfully.

“Are there any fun places in Flashbolt City? Lead us there,” continued Chen Feng.

“There are the auction house and trade assembly. These two are the most bustling places within this city. If you want to buy anything, you can go to these two places,” said Qin Long.

“What things are there?” Tie Changkong interrupted him.

“Spiritual pills and medicines, magic treasures, jade stones, spirit beasts, yao beasts, yao blood, yao cores and some secret cultivation techniques. There are many unique and peculiar treasures there.” Hearing Qin Long’s description, the three of them grew interested.

“Those things were obtained from other places, right?” Both of Chen Feng’s eyes lit up.

“Yes. Most of them are items that the cultivators from this city obtained by venturing outside. You three possess quite a number of Magic crystals. You should be able to buy some items and even some powerful spirit beasts,” said Qin Long, a look of envy appearing in his eyes.

“Spirit beasts? You mean yao beasts?” Shangguan Yun asked.

“You outsiders call them yao beasts, but some of us call the animals with spiritual attributes as spirit beasts,” Qin Long said with a smile. 

“The people here are clearly lacking spirit stones and magic treasures. Let’s go check it out. Maybe we’ll be able to acquire some good items.” Shangguan Yun spoke to the team using secret vocal transmission.

“That’s right. Let’s go check it out.”

Under Qin Long’s guidance, the three of them quickly made their way to the trade assembly. It was a very crude and simplistic square with just a small number of people. Occasionally, the sounds of people talking could be heard.

When he first entered the square, Chen Feng had mistaken it for a vegetable market from the mundane world, one that was about to close up. However, the items for sale inside the stalls were not vegetables. Instead, they were various spiritual medicines, cultivation resources and magic treasures.

“Isn’t this too crude?” Chen Feng’s team of three were dumbfounded. For Chen Feng, this place was even more inferior compared to the trading zones for Extreme Celestial Sect’s outer disciples.

“Even if word of this gets out, no one would believe it,” said Tie Changkong with a smile as he shook his head.

“If I hadn’t entered the immortal mountain and someone told me about this, I would never believe it,” Chen Feng said.

“It doesn’t matter if the place is crude. What matters is it has good items,” Shangguan Yun said with a chuckle.

“This is the immortal mountain, after all. It should have some good items,” Chen Feng said.

The three of them were not disappointed. Some of the stalls did have some good items. For example, some rare herbs, precious ores, skins and bones of yao beasts and even yao cores.

When Chen Feng saw the yao cores, his eyes instantly lit up. At the same time, he secretly knew that he would gain the most here. Looking around, he found that magic treasures were the least sold there. Even some of the very low-grade magic treasures had outrageous asking prices.

Chen Feng then looked at Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun. He saw looks of joy within their eyes.

“The number of spirit stones and magic treasures here is very low. However, we do have plenty of other materials, especially spirit beasts. Every time the people here go out on adventures, they would kill some spirit beasts,” explained Qin Long. 

“When you put it that way, we’ll have to carefully look around. Hopefully, we can find some good items,” Chen Feng said jovially.

What did Chen Feng possess the most? Naturally, it was spirit stones. There were tens of millions of Magic crystals on him. Not to mention, there were also other spirit stones of varying grades. As for medicinal pills and herbs, Chen Feng didn’t even know how much of those he currently possessed. Recently, he had been spending most of his time on cultivation. Thus, he did not have the time to sort his items.

Seeing Qin Long lead three outsiders in, the entire square lit up. Although the cultivation bases of outsiders were not high, they generally carry with them a considerable number of spirit stones. Even if they did not possess spirit stones, they would possess other good stuff that these people require. Even a Magic artefact or a cultivation technique would be a good item for them.

“Come and have a look. I have many good items here. They are all cheap. You will surely be satisfied.”

“I have a few yao cores here. They are all from Great Yaos. You fellows appear to possess extraordinary cultivation bases. You must surely need these things.”

“Tch! Your yao cores cannot be refined and absorbed at all. Fellows, you should come check out my 10,000-year-old jade stone instead. It contains powerful spiritual energy. This item fell down from the Immortal Plane!”

“As if! That is just a broken stone, what 10,000-year-old jade stone? It is not as good as my top-grade ore. These few top-grade ores of mine can be used to forge Prized artefacts!”

As Chen Feng and his team were considering what good items were available there, the entire square clamoured noisily. One by one, the cultivators there seemingly lost their statuses as cultivators. They became like street hawkers selling fish and meat as they enthusiastically called out to their customers.

Chen Feng smiled. He casually picked up the 10,000-year-old jade stone and said, “He he, you cultivators from Flashbolt City are quite hospitable.”

“Of course! Our Flashbolt City is infamous for its hospitability! Little brother, you have discerning eyes! With just a glance, you managed to see that this 10,000-year-old jade stone is no ordinary item!” The one speaking up was a middle-aged cultivator with a cultivation base at level 7 of the Concealed stage. And yet, he acted like a hawker as he peddled the piece of jade stone that was completely lacking in lustre.

“It really isn’t some ordinary item. I want this jade stone. Give me your price, then,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“About that.”

Seeing Chen Feng show no hesitation to buy it, the cultivator grew stunned. He wondered, could this crappy piece of jade truly be a treasure?

“10,000 Magic crystals,” the middle-aged cultivator said, gritting his teeth.

“He he, are you joking with me?” Chen Feng could not stop himself from chortling.

“1,000 Magic crystals, no less.” The middle-aged cultivator felt embarrassed. It would be bad if he ended up scaring away this customer.

“10 Magic crystals, not a piece more. If you are unwilling, then forget it.” Chen Feng tossed the jade stone up and down the air.

“Deal!” The middle-aged cultivator was very straightforward. He immediately nodded his head in agreement. With a wave of his hand, Chen Feng tossed over 10 Magic crystals. Thus, the jade stone ended up within the Longevity Tower.


The jade stone immediately exploded, but the strand of essence energy within it did not disperse. It was quickly absorbed by the Longevity Tower.

“Tsk, tsk. It is actually the Five Elemental Jade Crystal, containing a strand of energy from the Immortal Plane. Most cultivators would be incapable of recognizing it. Not to mention, it is not easy to absorb the spiritual energy inside,” Tower said with a pleased tone.

“This piece of Five Elemental Jade Crystal is worth 100,000 Magic crystals. Ha ha ha ha! Kid, there is a good number of goodies here. This time, I must eat my fill.” Tower laughed out.

“As expected of an immortal mountain. It actually possesses immortal relics. Say, Tower. If you are so powerful, why can’t you detect which parts of the immortal mountain contain treasures?” Chen Feng asked Tower.

“Cough, cough! I still haven’t recovered my strength. With my strength restored, I can devour this whole immortal mountain with one gulp,” replied Tower with a snicker.

“Say that only after you have restored your strength, won’t you?” Chen Feng pursed his lips to the side.

“Little brother, little brother. I have other good items here. You must look carefully.” The middle-aged cultivator pulled Chen Feng in fear that he would move away.

A crappy jade stone was sold for 10 Magic crystals, what a bargain! Could these outsiders be so blind?

Chen Feng then picked up an unsightly black-coloured ore and asked, “What is this?”

“This is a top-grade ore, called Black Dragonstone,” said the middle-aged cultivator seriously.

“Black Dragonstone?” Chen Feng was taken aback.

“Yes, Black Dragonstone. This Black Dragonstone came about from the bones of a dead Black Dragon. It would be easy to forge this into a Prized artefact.” The middle-aged cultivator continued bluffing.

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