Chapter 246: Situation Within the City


Qin Long was a fast worker and it did not take him long to lead Chen Feng’s team of three to a decent restaurant.

Chen Feng simply tossed out a handful of Magic crystals. Soon enough, the table was filled with dishes and drinks.

“Your tip.” Chen Feng also tossed two pieces of Magic crystals to their waiter.

“He he, Brother Chen, you are quite generous,” Tie Changkong said smilingly.

“It’s just a little bit of spirit stones. Come, let’s have a drink first. We’ve been spending the past few days getting cooped up to the extreme, after all.” Chen Feng smiled as he picked up a cup of wine.

“Come, a toast!”

Both Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun raised their respective wine cups as well and they began drinking.

Chen Feng was once again reminded of the mysterious cyan-robed cultivator and the bowl of wine capable of increasing his cultivation by 100 years. Every time he recalled the incident, Chen Feng would feel puzzled. He did not understand why the other party would help him. He possessed neither a spectacular talent nor an amazing background. Although he was acquainted with a few figures in the world of cultivation, none of them were at that level.

To be able to increase one’s cultivation by 100 years, that wine was indeed worthy of the name immortal wine.

I wonder when I will be able to meet the cyan-robed cultivator again. No matter what, he had helped me and I now owe him a favour. Hopefully, I will get the opportunity to repay him, Chen Feng thought.

“Brother Chen, what are you thinking about?” asked a smiling Tie Changkong.

“It’s nothing. I was just recalling some things. Right, Brother Tie, you possess a high level of cultivation and have more experience with the world of cultivation. Have you ever heard of a certain person…” Chen Feng’s heart suddenly gave a thump and he asked about the cyan-robed cultivator.

Tie Changkong pondered for a moment before shaking his head. “No. I have never heard of this cultivator in cyan clothes.”

“Don’t hold back. Eat, drink. Later on, I have things I want to ask of you.” Chen Feng then turned his attention towards the restrained Qin Long and smiled.

“Yes.” Hearing that, Qin Long stopped being so restrained and began to eat with gusto. It would appear it had been some time since he could enjoy such a feast.

Observing Qin Long eating, Chen Feng and the others could not stop themselves from smiling.

Listening to the discussions going on between the surrounding cultivators, Chen Feng’s team of three came to a certain understanding of the situation. They were still within the immortal mountain. Furthermore, they also obtained a more shocking information. The city was established by cultivators who grew here. In other words, there were cultivators living within the immortal mountain.

At first, they were shocked. However, they quickly understood. Clearly, the interior of the immortal mountain was a very big, special space. In fact, it would be more appropriate to call it a pocket dimension. As it was a pocket dimension with a high level of spiritual energy and yao beasts, it was only natural that there would be humans as well. Given the high level of spiritual energy, cultivation was convenient for them. Thus, the cultivators inside were generally of a higher level compared to the cultivators outside.

After they’d had their fill, the three of them followed Qin Long as he found a decent inn for them. There, they got a small courtyard to stay in.

“Qin Long, let me ask you. Are you a native, born and raised in Flashbolt City?” asked Chen Feng as he looked at Qin Long.

“Yes, I was born in Flashbolt City,” replied Qin Long with a smile.

“What about your parents?”

“When I was still young, they went out for an adventure, but never came back.” After saying that, a trace of bleakness flashed across Qin Long’s face.

“You know that we are outsiders, I mean, what do you see us as? Where did we come from?” Chen Feng attempted to forward a clear question.

Qin Long’s answer went beyond their expectations.

“I know that this is the inside of an immortal mountain. I also know that you outsiders came from the real, outside world.” Qin Long’s words shocked Chen Feng and the others.

“Truth be told, we natives who were born and raised here could trace our origins to the outside world. Long ago, we came in from the outside world. After tens of thousands of years of accumulation, the number of people here has grown.” 

Thanks to Qin Long’s explanation, Chen Feng’s team of three was able to understand the situation there. The city had been established by people like them, cultivators who had entered the immortal mountain to investigate. They had simply entered far earlier compared to Chen Feng’s batch.

“He he. If we fail to get out, after 100 years, 1,000 years, our future generations will become natives here as well,” said Tie Changkong with a laugh.

After pondering it for a moment, Chen Feng asked, “If so, has anyone from this place ever got out?” 

“There are many people who left Flashbolt City to go on adventures. As to whether or not any of them managed to leave, I do not know. According to others, there are people who managed to leave. Meaning, they managed to go back to your world,” Qin Long said.

“If so, do you know how big this whole space is?” asked Shangguan Yun, who was seated beside them.

“I do not know. I have never even left Flashbolt City, I don’t know anything about the other places. When my cultivation base improves by another notch and after I buy a Magic artefact, I plan to go out on an adventure.” A look of determination suddenly appeared upon Qin Long’s face.

“Who is the strongest person inside this city?” Tie Changkong asked.

“Obviously, it is the City Lord,” answered Qin Long as-a-matter-of-factly. 

“The City Lord? The City Lord of Flashbolt City? If so, what level is he at?” asked a curious Chen Feng.

“I don’t know that either. I hear that the City Lord has been attempting to assail the Human Immortal stage for the past 100 years.” Qin Long’s face revealed a very solemn and respectful expression when he spoke about the City Lord. It seemed the City Lord was a figure of worship for him.

Human Immortal! To think that a dilapidated little town like this could possess a Human Immortal. Chen Feng’s team exchanged glances, the same thought going through their minds.

“We’ll end it here for today. Go and rest first. Tomorrow, bring us around. If your service as a guide is good, I don’t mind giving you a Magic artefact,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“Thank you, senior! Thank you, senior!” Qin Long was shocked and he continuously thanked Chen Feng before stepping out.

After Qin Long left, Chen Feng and the others exchanged glances and began discussing the matter.

After a moment of silence, Tie Changkong was the first to speak up, “I did not expect this. Will we end up stuck inside this immortal mountain forever?” 

“It is possible. Besides, the chances of that happening is very high,” Chen Feng said.

“I realized something. Although the spiritual energy here is very high and the cultivators here are generally at a high level of cultivation, there are still certain aspects that cannot be compared with the outside world,” Shangguan Yun said.

“You mean resources.” Chen Feng smiled.

“Indeed, resources. It is not just resources. Even the cultivation environment is not that good. Even the cities of ordinary humans in the outside world are much grander than this city,” Shangguan Yun said.

“Besides, the cultivators here are clearly lacking spirit stones and magic treasures. I believe that other cultivation resources must be scarce as well.”

“Truth be told, this immortal mountain is very rich with cultivation resources. There are places that even Human Immortals would yearn after. However, risks and rewards come together. In order to obtain the items, you will need to go take risks,” Chen Feng said.

“In other words, this Flashbolt City does not have much in terms of value?” Tie Changkong said.

“Not necessarily. If we fail to get out, we might end up settling here,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“Humph! I will go out and fight the yao beasts. Even if I end up getting devoured by yao beasts, I will never hide here forever!” Tie Changkong said sternly.

“Let’s go check the other places within Flashbolt City tomorrow before deciding anything. Maybe we’ll encounter other cultivators from the outside world,” Chen Feng said.

Every part of the courtyard was built from sandstone. It could be said to be extremely dilapidated. However, for Chen Feng’s team of three, these conditions were good enough for them to rest. At the very least, it was much better compared to the desert outside.

After Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun left for their own areas, Chen Feng waved his hand and a great tree stood high up within the little courtyard. It immediately covered the entire courtyard.


Chen Feng thrust five fingers into the tree trunk and continued cultivating.

Chen Feng felt as though he had reached a critical point. He might be able to open up one of the Five Elemental acupoints soon. Thus, whenever Chen Feng had the time, he would cultivate himself. Within such a dangerous and unfamiliar place, strength was essential in preserving his life.

Chen Feng’s rate of absorption rose higher and higher. In just one night, the great tree crumbled to the point where it could crumble no further, leaving a pile of wood chips on the ground. Next, Chen Feng utilized his Soulflame to completely burn away the wood chips.

He could feel thick wood-type power filling his body. It was as though branches could grow from both his hands. When he first felt that, Chen Feng was shocked. After asking Tower about it, he found out that it was normal.

Approaching the only tree within the small courtyard, Chen Feng placed one palm on the tree. Next, a stream of pure wood-type power flowed into the tree.


The tree trembled and its branches and leaves shook. Next, it quickly grew. Chen Feng could clearly feel the feelings of joy coming from the tree. When Chen Feng retracted his palm, the tree had grown by a notch. Judging by the normal rate of growth, it had acquired 10 years’ worth of growth.

The next day, Chen Feng’s team of three and Qin Long began wandering around Flashbolt City.

The city was not too large and its population size was only around 100,000. In the outside world, it was the standard of the smallest city.

However, their cultivation level was fairly decent. Concealed stage cultivators made up over 90 % of the residents there. The remainders were either young children or experts at the Sky Human stage.

“Impressive. We can only see this in great cities in the outside world. However, the equipment of the cultivators here are too lacking,” Chen Feng said.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Chen Feng’s team was swaggering through the streets. The magic robes they wore were practically regal equipment in the eyes of the passers-by.

Although the natives there possessed high cultivation bases, even those at the condensed domain power realm did not possess decent magic robes.

“Hold it!”

Finally, trouble came knocking. Two cultivators, their faces filled with killing intent, stopped them.

“Is there a problem?”

They were in other people’s territory after all. Thus, Chen Feng’s team chose not to stand out too much.

“Hand over all the spirit stones and magic treasures you have and we will spare you all!” one of them, a tall cultivator, shouted loudly.

“Are you robbing us?” Chen Feng could not stop himself from smiling.

“Nonsense! If you don’t want to die, then be obedient, you outsiders!” the other fellow, a short and fat cultivator, swore at them.

“What are you doing? The City Lord has given the command to not kill each other within this city. We also cannot rob outsiders!” Although Qin Long was terrified, he emboldened himself to speak up.

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