Chapter 245: Flashbolt City


Thick hurricanes raged across the desert and stretches of thick, yellow sand, tens of metres in length, were easily sucked into the sky, seemingly transforming into a yellow dragon.


Chen Feng’s team of three suddenly felt a weightless sensation overcoming their bodies as the yellow sands above them were utterly sucked away. It just so happened that a hurricane was spinning over their location. Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun were sucked into it.


The two of them shouted out in unison. They could feel the overpowering force tearing their bodies, sending them spinning uncontrollably.

This is the end! The same thought flashed across their minds.

Sou! Sou!

Two chains shot out to quickly wrap around their waists before pulling them out from the hurricane.

Chen Feng was holding onto each chain with one hand, his body slowly sinking downwards. Earlier, Chen Feng had finally made it to the soil stratum. The moment he made contact with the earth, his Magnetic acupoints rapidly circulated and his entire person became one with the earth. Earthen energy flowed endlessly into Chen Feng’s body and he became like a great tree sprouting his roots deep into the land.

Not enough! This is far from sufficient to resist the coming storm! Chen Feng thought.

The soil beneath his feet were pushed away and Chen Feng sank down.

With a forceful tug by Chen Feng, both Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun fell down. 

“Phew! You saved us once again,” Tie Changkong said, a lingering feeling of fear in his heart. The earlier experience was too terrifying.

“Now is not the time to say that. We aren’t out of danger just yet!” Both of Chen Feng’s feet abruptly pulsed out and the surrounding soil kept getting pushed away. The three of them then descended by around one zhang.

Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun took action as well and the rate at which they descended increased. Only after descending for another 20 zhang did they finally stop.

“We should be safe now, right?” said Tie Changkong.


A vast amount of yellow sand poured down, inundating all three of them.


The yellow sands smashed into a large shield positioned atop the three of them. Chen Feng had brought out that Magic artefact. Although it was not a high-grade artefact, it was enough to block the yellow sands.

Listening to the whistling sounds coming from above, all three of them subconsciously revealed wry smiles.

“This is the first time I encountered something like this. This is quite the wretched experience,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“Is there anyone here who doesn’t feel that way? I did not expect a sandstorm to be this incredible. I think even a Sky Human stage cultivator would find it hard to fend against it,” Tie Changkong said with a bitter smile.

“I wonder when we’ll be able to go out.” Shangguan Yun felt a little constrained.


A formidable suction force descended and the shield that was positioned atop them was swept up.

“It seems this is still not safe.” The three of them exchanged glances before drilling deeper underground.

After one whole day, the sandstorm finally settled down. Feeling the returning sense of tranquillity from underground, the three of them began making their way up.


Yellow sands erupted and three figures made their way up to the surface, one at a time. Although the temperature was a little high, they felt freshness in the air.

“Phew! We’re finally out. To think that an unexpected sandstorm would suddenly descend out of nowhere. How unfortunate!” said Tie Changkong as he shook his head.

“Ha ha! You should say how fortunate! Didn’t we survive it?” Chen Feng laughed out.

After successfully escaping the calamity, the stifled feelings within them were cleared away and the three of them grew joyful.

“We should find a way to leave this desert first. If another sandstorm comes, we won’t be as lucky,” Chen Feng said.

As they were discussing how to get out of the desert, they suddenly noticed a few black spots some distance away.

“Eh, there are actually cultivators here!”

There was a total of four people. They flew on flying swords at an incredible speed and they quickly flew over Chen Feng and the others. As they were flying too quickly, they left air trails behind them.

“Just four minor cultivators.” Tie Changkong sneered. The four cultivators who flew past them did not possess high cultivation bases and Chen Feng’s team of three were able to determine their cultivation states with just a glance.

“If their cultivation bases are high enough, they would probably have attacked us,” Chen Feng said with a chuckle.

“However, they don’t appear to be flying around aimlessly. They should know something. Come, let’s follow them. Maybe we can leave this desert,” Chen Feng continued.

When the four cultivators notice Chen Feng’s team of three following them, they grew anxious. Thus, they sped up.

“Senior brother, those three behind us are catching up. Should we stop and fight them?” said a younger-looking cultivator.

“Humph! Do you want to die? Two of them have already condensed out their domain powers. Any one of them could kill us four,” scolded an older looking cultivator.

“I think the three of them must have come from the outside world. The sandstorm earlier failed to suck them away. They really do possess some skills.”

“They are speeding up. I fear it won’t take them long to catch up to us. What do we do?”

“Don’t worry. I think they must be lost. They are following us to figure out which way to go.”

Although the four of them sounded firm, they were actually still feeling fearful. Plundering others for treasures was a common occurrence. 

However, Chen Feng’s team of three had no intentions of catching up to them. Instead, they simply followed the four of them from afar, wanting nothing more than to figure out which way to go.

Seeing that, the four cultivators secretly released sighs of relief. They knew then that Chen Feng’s team meant them no ill-will. They were truly just lost.

“Look! There is a city up front!” Chen Feng uttered in shock.

As expected, by following the four cultivators, they were able to quickly make their way out of the desert. Additionally, they could see a city in the distance. It was a city made completely from sand and earth.

When the four cultivators arrived before the city, they descended. Then, they walked into the city through the opened gate.

Observing the city from afar, they saw people constantly coming and going from the city. Chen Feng and the others blinked furiously. They didn’t have the guts to believe what they were seeing.

“Say, did we make it out from the immortal mountain?” Tie Changkong could not stop himself from asking.

“I am also wondering about that. How else could there be a city here? Not to mention, the number of cultivators is considerable. It is no different compared to the cities we normally see,” said Chen Feng.

“No, no! I think we should still be inside the immortal mountain.” Shangguan Yun disagreed.

“Oh, what makes you say that?” asked Chen Feng.

“Don’t you feel a sense of dilapidation from the city ahead?” said Shangguan Yun.

“What about it?” Tie Changkong did not understand.

“The place is so dilapidated, but all its residents are cultivators. Additionally, their cultivation bases are quite decent. I had checked around. Not a single one is below the Concealed stage. I also couldn’t determine the cultivation states of many,” said Shangguan Yun.

“Right. Now that you mention it, the quality of the cultivators there is high. This is quite peculiar.”

“He he. We can find out just by entering and asking around.”

Thus, they walked towards the city gate. However, when they arrived before the gate, two cultivators stopped them.

“Entry fee for Flashbolt City is two Magic crystals per person,” one of them said indifferently.

“What? Why didn’t you take it from the four fellows earlier?” Tie Changkong asked coldly.

“They are locals while you fellows are outsiders. Naturally, the rules are different,” said the cultivator, the same indifferent expression on his face.

Only then did they notice that there was a lightning bolt sign embroidered into the chest part of the two cultivators’ clothes. That was probably the mark representing the locals.

“So, this is Flashbolt City.” Chen Feng and the others exchanged glances. Then, they brought out six Magic crystals. For them, that number of Magic crystals was nothing. What mattered to them was the attitude.

“For the entry fee to be Magic crystals, quite unscrupulous,” Chen Feng said coolly.

After entering the city, the three of them kept a low-profile. They just wanted to figure out the situation within the city.

“You three must be outsiders, right?” Suddenly, a handsome-looking youngster appeared before them.

He looked to be around 15 or 16 years old, with a lean body and alert eyes. It would appear that he was a savvy character. Additionally, he was at level 2 of the Concealed stage. His level of cultivation surprised Chen Feng. At that age, Chen Feng was still a piece of trash.

“What are you doing?” Chen Feng asked smilingly.

“My name is Qin Long. I am a local who grew up here in Flashbolt City. Seeing as this is your first time here, you must need a guide. There is not a single place in Flashbolt City that I do not know of. I am famous in Flashbolt City. My normal guide fee for one day is only two Magic crystals. Of course, you will need to take care of meals and lodgings,” the youngster quickly said while checking their expressions.

“We don’t need a guide.” Tie Changkong directly refused.

“He he, you fellows are outsiders. You don’t know the situation here at all. Don’t come to the wrong impression just because this place looks small. If you go about recklessly, you can end up dying. Additionally, a fee of two Magic crystals is not a lot. It is very economical,” Qin Long kept persuading them.

Truth be told, Qin Long was feeling helpless as well. His cultivation base was not high and he did not have much abilities. Thus, he could only depend on this method to earn some spirit stones for his cultivation. Thankfully, the number of outsiders had grown slightly higher of late. After accumulating a certain amount of Magic crystals, he would be able to buy a flying sword that he had set his sights on. With the flying sword, he would be able to leave Flashbolt City and go on an adventure. He was already at level 2 of the Concealed stage, but he still did not possess a Magic artefact. He had wasted too much time due to that.

No matter what, he must not let this business slip through his hands.

“Hey hey! Kid, are you trying to scare us?” Tie Changkong sneered. Both his eyes shone and strands of sword intent shone forth. The resulting atmosphere of suppression caused Qin Long to back away.

Feeling the aura radiating from Tie Changkong’s body, Qin Long’s eyes revealed looks of shock. This fellow is so powerful!

“Enough.” Chen Feng smiled. Producing 10 pieces of Magic crystals, he tossed them over to Qin Long.

“Qin Long, is it? Now, lead us to the closest restaurant. Of course, it must be of a decent grade,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“Thank you, senior! Thank you! Just follow me.” Seeing the Magic crystals in his hands, Qin Long’s eyes shone. He quickly kept them and stepped beside Chen Feng with a big smile on his face.

“Brother Chen, is there a need for this?” Tie Changkong asked using secret vocal transmission.

“We are unfamiliar with this place and are in need of someone to help us understand the situation. This kid looks quite savvy. Besides, would that amount of spirit stones matter for us?” Chen Feng replied smilingly.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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