Chapter 243: Dark Kirin


Seeing Tie Changkong produce a torch, both Chen Feng and Shangguan Yun were taken aback. They did not expect Tie Changkong to have something like this on his person at all times.

“He he, whenever I go out to train myself, I sometimes like to roast some wild game,” said Tie Changkong with a smile.

The three of them were not ordinary humans. In some cases, they would trust their divine senses over their eyes. Even so, they were not accustomed to the darkness surrounding them. With the existence of the warm illumination, the three of them felt much better.

Most people would have a psychological fear towards darkness, after all.

After walking forward for a while, the three of them sensed the surrounding vile energy growing even stronger. It was such that the three of them had to keep expending their primary energies to fight off the invasive power of the surrounding vile energy.

“The vile energy is getting stronger. It seems we are headed in the right direction. However, our way out is still blocked,” Chen Feng said.

“Who knows what is going on in front? The entire underground cavern is black, filled with nothing but vile energy. If we fail to get anything from this, we’ll end up suffering from a loss,” said Tie Changkong.

“At any rate, we can no longer go back. We should work hard and move forward. Hopefully, we can get some good items,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

After that, they had an uneventful time. They did not encounter any yao beasts or dangers. With the exception of the vile energy – which grew ever stronger – there was nothing.

“How long do we need to keep going forward?” The three of them sat down cross-legged on the ground and began adjusting their rate of breathing. Only after the primary energies within their bodies had recovered did they continue forward.

By their estimate, they had been going forward for around 10,000 metres. Finally, though, they were incapable of venturing forward anymore. The streams of vile energy there was extremely strong, so much so that not even their Prized artefacts could help them defend themselves.

“Let’s go back. I feel my heart turning to ice.” Tie Changkong was the first to speak up.

“Yes, I can feel it as well. The vile energy is beginning to erode every one of my bones,” said Shangguan Yun as she suppressed a shiver. It was an icy sensation that came from the heart.

“You fellows head back first. I’ll go forward for a bit more,” Chen Feng said, clenching his teeth.

To end up with nothing after spending so much time there left Chen Feng with a dissatisfied feeling. Additionally, Chen Feng also wanted to know what was the source of these streams of vile energy.

 “Brother Chen, forget it. Let’s just go back. Safety first. There is no need to throw your life away for an adventure,” advised Tie Changkong.

“That’s right, we should just go back. The vile energy here is too thick. It will be problematic if it gets into your mind.” Shangguan Yun followed suit.

“He he, there is no need for you two to advise me against it. I know my limits. If I cannot hold on, I will turn back. I am not the type to joke around with my life.” Chen Feng smiled.

No matter how hard the two of them tried to persuade Chen Feng, he remained adamant in going forward. Seeing Chen Feng slowly disappear into the black clouds, Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun could not stop themselves from sighing. Then, they turned around and went back.

“Let’s find a place to wait for Chen Feng.”

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Chen Feng leisurely walked through the thick and billowing clumps of black smoke. It was as though he was taking a stroll, with a casual expression and a relaxed pace. The primary energy and blood energy within his body were highly stable. It appeared as though he was completely unaffected by the surrounding vile energy.

The surrounding streams of vile energy were so thick that not even Tie Changkong, a cultivator at the condensed domain power realm, could fend them off. However, for Chen Feng, it did not feel like he was at his limits. Far from it. He did not feel himself damaged much by the surrounding vile energy.

Chen Feng stretched a palm forward and the sword luminescence protecting it disappeared. A stream of vile energy immediately flowed forward to rest upon Chen Feng’s palm.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

Wisps of white smoke rose from Chen Feng’s palm while faint sounds of erosion could be heard. It did not take long for a few blisters to form on his palm.

Chen Feng suddenly jerked his palm. His muscles quivered and the surrounding streams of vile energy were immediately dispersed as a result. Then, the wounds left on his palm quickly disappeared.

“The vile energy here is truly powerful. It could actually wound my skin somewhat,” Chen Feng whispered.

If Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun had heard those words, they would have gotten so enraged, they would puke out blood. They were both cultivators with domain powers. And yet, despite utilizing their powers in conjunction with their Prized artefacts, they had been incapable of defending against the vile energy there. And yet, Chen Feng had relied solely on his fleshly body to venture forward. What an infuriating thought!

The source is getting closer. But why are there no treasures still? How strange. Could it be this trip was for nothing? Chen Feng felt dissatisfied.

Even if there are no treasures, I still want to go and see what the source of all this looks like, Chen Feng thought. After that, he kept the Thousand Seeker Mirror. At the same time, he exchanged the Overwhelming Astral Sword for Bloody Soul.

By then, Bloody Soul had finished refining the blood essence that it absorbed back then and its power had grown considerably. It was just a matter of time before it broke through to become a grade 3 Prized artefact.

As he was within a place with a thick vile energy, a demonic artefact would be more capable of unleashing its power.

Feeling the formidable power of Bloody Soul in his hand, Chen Feng’s heart grew steady. Even his advancing pace became steady and forceful. 

“Sigh! I wonder when Chen Feng will come back. The vile energy there is just too thick. I fear it will be too dangerous for him.”

At that moment, Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun had retreated to a less dangerous spot to wait. However, it was clear that the two of them were worried for Chen Feng.

“For Chen Feng to be doing something like this, he should have a certain level of confidence. Let’s just wait here for a while.”

As Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun were feeling concerned, Chen Feng had stopped moving forward. He believed he had found the source.

“The sound of flowing water,” said Chen Feng after listening for a bit.

After pondering for a moment, Chen Feng walked towards the sound of flowing water. The surrounding black smoke there appeared to be entirely composed of the vile energy. Even for Chen Feng, he could feel great deal of pressure there. Despite possessing several Prized artefacts to protect himself with, he would still need to constantly expend primary energy to resist the surrounding vile energy. Chen Feng no longer dared to use his flesh to experience the power of the surrounding vile energy.

It was a fountain the size of a bowl. The fountain water was as black as ink and it churned while constantly spraying upwards in strange-looking shapes.

It’s a fountain. Its water is surprisingly black. Could this be the source of the vile energy? All the black clouds, spreading all around for who knows how many kilometres, all of them came about due to this fountain? Chen Feng was in disbelief.

No, no. That’s not it. Chen Feng immediately realized that the black clouds outside had nothing to do with the fountain.

That was because he had looked up and beheld an unbelievable sight. When he confirmed what he was seeing, his heart palpitated chaotically. Even his rate of breathing had become somewhat ragged.

A colossal beast the size of a small mountain was lying down before Chen Feng. As it breathed, streams of black air surged out from its mouth. Every breath it released was capable of shooting up to hundreds of metres out before billowing even further away.

Siii! So, the black clouds out there are all due to this colossal creature’s act of breathing? How outrageous!

In the beginning, Chen Feng felt worried, fearing that the colossal beast would wake up and devour him. However, after staying immobile for a while, Chen Feng noted that the colossal beast was not moving at all. There was no movement from its tightly closed eyes at all. Only then did Chen Feng slowly relaxed. He began examining the colossal beast’s shape.

It looks a little like the legendary kirin. However, it is black in colour, Chen Feng whispered to himself.

A dragon’s head, a deer’s body and dragon tail and scales. It is indeed similar to the description of kirins. However, I have never heard of a black-coloured kirin. Besides, I don’t think kirins are yao beasts. Chen Feng carefully examined the colossal existence before him.

“Kirins are also yao beasts. However, you humans simply deified them into saintly and divine creatures.” Suddenly, Tower’s voice flowed into Chen Feng’s mind.

Hearing Tower’s voice, Chen Feng quickly breathed a sigh of relief. He quickly asked, “In other words, this thing in front of me is really a kirin?”

“Yes, it is a kirin. Additionally, it is the Dark Kirin, the most mysterious amongst the kirin race,” said Tower.

“Dark Kirin. That does sound better than Black Kirin,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Kid, hurry up and collect the Vile Fountain Water and leave. Count yourself lucky. This Dark Kirin hasn’t woken up yet, otherwise, you will die even with the cultivation base of a Human Immortal,” Tower said.

 “What? This Dark Kirin is so incredible?” Chen Feng exclaimed.

“Even the weakest kirins possess the strength of a Great Yao from birth. Some of the more powerful kirins possess the strength of a Yao King at birth. The Dark Kirin is even stronger. This one before you seem like an adult. Strange, strange. To be able to encounter a Dark Kirin here. Kid, you are really lucky,” Tower said.

“What? It is even more powerful than a Human Immortal? If so, collecting the fountain that is right before it is suicide, no?” said Chen Feng carefully as he regarded the fountain [1].

“Hey! Just collect less of it then. Why would someone at that level care about a small fry like you?” Tower said amusedly.


A stream of fountain water flowed out from the fountain and into the Longevity Tower.

“So little?” Chen Feng felt speechless. That was just the equivalent of a small bottle.

“This is not little. What do you think this is? This is Vile Fountain Water. Human Immortals would fight each other for just one drop of this water. Alright, don’t talk anymore. Hurry up and leave.” Tower chuckled. Truth be told, Tower had wanted to collect the entire fountain. However, he had yet to fully recover and was no match for the Dark Kirin. If the Longevity Tower had recovered its power, Tower would have wanted not only the fountain but also the Dark Kirin.

“It’s been so long now. Chen Feng should have come out by now.” Tie Changkong grew impatient.

“He hasn’t gone in for that long. Let’s wait a little longer.”

“The vile energy is so strong that I can’t even defend against it. I don’t even know how Chen Feng could do it. He is just at level 4 of the Concealed stage, but his strength is surprisingly above us. Where should I go put my face in the future?” Tie Changkong felt his emotions stirring. No matter what, he felt himself to be quite talented in the world of cultivation. That was especially true amongst those of the same age. He had quite the capital to feel proud of himself. However, since meeting Chen Feng, his ego had taken a huge hit.

There was no need to ask about their age. He was far older than Chen Feng. Even his cultivation base was several levels higher than Chen Feng. Not to mention, he had also condensed out his own domain power. However, if he were to fight Chen Feng head on, Tie Changkong knew that he would certainly lose.

 1 The human equivalent for Yao King stage is Human Immortal stage.

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