Chapter 240: Explode



Feeling the volcano-like medicinal power within his body, Chen Feng spontaneously opened his mouth to release a howl. Ripple after ripple of shockwaves spread out from his mouth, shocking both Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun, who were cultivating themselves not too far from his position.

“What is wrong with Brother Chen? Could he be suffering from cultivation deviation?” Tie Changkong asked concernedly.

“Probably not. It seems he is practicing a secret technique,” Shangguan Yun said after a brief inspection.

What a potent medicinal power! Chen Feng could feel countless strands of medicinal power rampaging about chaotically within him. Every one of those strands was like a massively powerful snake.

Overbearing, overpowering, violent, turbulent, invincible, surging without respite.

Those were the powers contained within the Blood Pill.

Crack! Crack!

Cracking sounds began ringing out from Chen Feng’s body for one joss stick’s worth of time. Then, it transformed into rumbling sounds, resembling that of rumbling thunder.

Chen Feng’s entire body had become blood-red in colour. The grade 5 magic robe that he was wearing burst apart. Strands of black hair flew out like steel needles before fluttering about. An unparalleled atmosphere of savagery radiated out from Chen Feng’s body, giving off the image of a Heavenly God descending upon the mundane realm.

“Incredible! Just what kind of cultivation technique is Chen Feng practicing? Why does it look so scary?” Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun could no longer continue with their own cultivation efforts. Instead, they approached Chen Feng to examine his situation.

“It is quite scary. It is probably not cultivation deviation. Rather, it looks like it is caused by taking some medicine?” Shangguan Yun guessed.

“I think so too, but what kind of medicinal pill could be so overbearing? Could it be an Earthen-tier medicinal pill?” Tie Changkong said.

“Regardless of what tier the medicinal pill may be, it looks like Chen Feng is not having a good time,” Shangguan Yun said.


Chen Feng howled out once more. The mighty soundwaves were so shocking that both Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun felt their blood roiling uncontrollably. The two quickly shut their ears and retreated far away.

“Incredible! That nearly made me go deaf!” Tie Changkong said, shaking his head.


Suddenly, Chen Feng opened his mouth and an arrow of blood shot out. It was like a real arrow, which instantly disappeared into the sky.

“Brother Chen!” Both Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun’s faces sank. Their figures flashed forward to arrive before Chen Feng. They then reached out with their hands at the same time to press down on Chen Feng’s shoulders.

Due to the external interference, Chen Feng instinctively responded and a massive power nearly pushed both Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun away.

“What a formidable primary energy. However, it is in a messy state. Let’s work together to help him suppress the chaos,” Tie Changkong said.

“Alright.” Shangguan Yun nodded her head in agreement. Then, two soft but potent streams of primary energy quickly surged into Chen Feng’s body.

Next, something surprising happened. When their two streams of primary energy entered Chen Feng’s body, both Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun lost control over them as they disappeared into Chen Feng’s body. It was as though there were countless maelstroms hidden within Chen Feng’s body, maelstroms capable of devouring external forces at will.

“Eh? What happened?”

Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun did not give up because of that. After exchanging glances, they sent out another stream of primary energy each. These two streams were far stronger compared to the earlier ones. The streams were comparable to 80 % of their full power.

However, the two streams of primary energy ended up devoured by Chen Feng once again. They had failed to bring about any change. At the same time, an even stronger suction force emerged from Chen Feng’s body to firmly keep both Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun’s hands in place.

Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun became extremely terrified. The primary energies within their bodies were rapidly flowing into Chen Feng’s body. The formidable power within Chen Feng’s body was devouring them all.

Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun’s faces sank greatly. They struggled with all their might, but to no avail. They could feel the increasing rate at which their primary energies were flowing out from their bodies.

“This is bad. How could this happen? Will it end up sucking us up until we become withered corpses?” Tie Changkong muttered in a quaking tone.

“Possibly.” There was a bitter smile on Shangguan Yun’s face. To think that the two of them would end up dying in such a manner.

They would not meet their end within the jaw of a yao beast or under the hands of some other cultivators. Instead, they would die because a companion was sucking all their energy out of them. Thinking of that caused them to feel incredible vexed, so much so that they felt blood dripping out from their hearts.

When nearly 80 % of both their primary energies had been exhausted, Chen Feng abruptly snapped his eyes open. Immediately, Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun could feel the suction force keeping their hands stuck on Chen Feng’s shoulders disappear.


The two of them fell to their buttocks. They gasped, taking deep breaths each while bead-like sweats rolled down their faces. Still, they felt relieved as their crisis had finally been lifted. 

“Don’t come close to me!” Chen Feng’s hoarse voice could be heard.

Before Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun could reply, they felt waves of formidable power radiating from Chen Feng’s body. Like great waves, they sent the two flying some distance away.

The two of them had just lost a great portion of their primary energies to Chen Feng and were in a weakened state. Thus, they were easily pushed over 10 metres away by the wave-like power. Their figures smashed heavily into the ground. 

Rumble! Rumble!

The changes to Chen Feng’s body grew more intense. The power from the Blood Pill was already high enough to begin with. Unexpectedly, there was now Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun’s primary energies in there as well. Due to that addition, the situation within Chen Feng’s body grew even more tempestuous.

How problematic. I unconsciously activated the Heavengulping Absorption Technique earlier. Chen Feng sighed to himself again and again.


Chen Feng opened his mouth as he cannot stop another arrow of blood from flying out into the distance. Truth be told, the chaotic powers within his body did not worry him. He had experienced this before. Even if the amount of power was higher, Chen Feng was still confident he could slowly refine and absorb it. However, there was a difference this time. The main difference here was the Demongod Blood. The power with unparalleled savagery was the one giving Chen Feng the biggest headache.

That was just from two remnant strands of blood. Not to mention, Tower had already refined it. Unexpectedly, it was still so overbearing. If it were not for the combined medicinal power of the Soulguard Flower and the other herbs, these two strands of Demongod Blood would have blown Chen Feng’s body up. Even the Longevity Scripture that Chen Feng was cultivating would have proven useless as his present level of strength and cultivation base were insufficient to directly refine such a high-level blood.

Since beginning his path of cultivation, Chen Feng had undergone an unknown number of torturous experiences. As such, he had long since trained his heart to an incredibly resilient level. At that moment, however, he nearly lost control. Yes, he nearly lost control several times. In the end, only one thought remained within Chen Feng’s mind. Fight on! Persevere!

Persevere. Channel the technique. Refine. Absorb. Chen Feng continuously repeated those processes. 

Despite how dangerous the situation appeared, Chen Feng clenched his teeth and continued to soldier on. Although there was no telling how long Chen Feng could continue to hold on, it would appear that the situation was not too problematic for him.

“Hu! I wonder when I can recover the lost primary energy,” said Tie Changkong with a sigh.

“That is right. This loss of primary energy is different from that of normal energy consumption. It had been devoured by a strange power. Even my essence power and domain power are affected,” Shangguan Yun said.

“Me too. Once Chen Feng wakes up, we must blackmail him,” Tie Changkong said.

Feeling depressed, Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun resumed their cultivation efforts.

As for Chen Feng, he continued to endure. However, the situation was gradually improving. Bit by bit, he refined and absorbed the medicinal power of the Blood Pill. For every bit he absorbed, Chen Feng’s power would grow by a notch.

It lasted for three days and three nights. Finally, Chen Feng’s body grew still. The medicinal power within his body had been more or less refined. Some, which remained unrefined, were stored inside the various opened insight acupoints. He would slowly go about refining those in the future.


Chen Feng opened his mouth and breathed out a bloody breath of air. After that, he slowly got up and took a deep breath. He could feel a thunderous and explosive power filling his body. It was not due to his primary energy or soul power. Rather, it was purely due to his fleshly body.

Clenching his fist, Chen Feng could immediately feel that every muscle fibre within him was like a vibrating bowstring. The power they produced melded together into streams and flowed. They were like wild animals, ready to pounce at any moment to unleash the pain.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Chen Feng kept flexing his fists, causing popping sounds to ring out. The sounds were caused by the explosions of the worldly spiritual energy that were affected by Chen Feng’s actions.

Chen Feng casually swung his fists a few times before abruptly punching the ground, causing a booming sound to erupt. Next, the ground churned up, rippling outwards as it did. The rippling ground was accompanied by a rumbling sound. As for Chen Feng, his entire figure disappeared into the ground.

When everything finally subsided, the mini oasis that the three of them were cultivating upon was no more. All that was left there was a large, circular crater. It was as though a meteor had struck the place. There standing in the centre of the crater was Chen Feng.

Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun, who were in the midst of cultivating, nearly fell. When they saw the large crater that Chen Feng had created, their eyes turned wide.


Chen Feng swiftly flew out from the crater. He was feeling very satisfied. Earlier, he had not utilized any primary energy at all. Rather, it had been done using just his fleshly body. Calculating, Chen Feng deduced that the one Blood Pill had made his fleshly body three times stronger. 

Normally, an increase of 30 % from taking medicinal pills was good enough. For Chen Feng to grow this strong was quite a terrifying effect.

The fleshly body has grown stronger, but my cultivation base has yet to rise. It is still at level 4 of the Concealed stage. However, my soul power has grown a bit stronger. Chen Feng felt a little delighted.

“Chen Feng, are you alright? What are you doing?” Tie Changkong asked dissatisfiedly.

“Nothing. I was just testing my cultivation base for a bit,” replied Chen Feng with a smile.

“Hurry up and put on some clothes.” Shangguan Yun’s face turned red and she turned around. Only then did Chen Feng realize that he was completely bare. There was nothing on him at all. He then recalled how his clothes burst apart as he was cultivating.

After recalling that, Chen Feng subconsciously felt awkward. He quickly brought out another set of magic robes and put it on. Only after Chen Feng had fully clothed himself did Shangguan Yun turn around. As they were cultivators, they were different compared to normal humans. They quickly got past it.

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