Chapter 239: Blood Pill


Somewhere within an endless barren land was a small, inconspicuous spot of grasses. Chen Feng and the others quietly cultivated themselves there.

While they appeared still on the surface, things were different within their bodies. That was especially true for Chen Feng. The primary energy within his body rumbled continuously. Occasionally, thunderous sounds would ring out, seemingly signalling world-shaking changes within Chen Feng’s body.

Layer after layer of flowing light seeped out from Shangguan Yun’s body to swirl around her while taking different forms. She was cultivating a magic technique from her Flowing Cloud Hall.

Suddenly, a multi-coloured ribbon shot out from her body to quickly swirl and wrap around Shangguan Yun. Soon enough, it formed the shape of an egg with Shangguan Yun firmly within it. No one could see what was going on inside.

As for Tie Changkong, he suddenly stood up after three days. After that, he rushed out of the restrictive barrier. Having reached the outside area, he pulled out his Grandsky Sword and began training with it. As a pure sword cultivator, Tie Changkong could not simply cultivate by sitting down. Thus, winds rose into a tempest as sword beams raged about. Tie Changkong’s entire body became like a swift and forceful sword and he kept unleashing beam after beam of sword energy.

Chen Feng was the only one who remained completely still as he sat on the grasses to quietly cultivate himself.

“How profound! So, this is truly not a simple weapon condensation technique. The past me was like a frog in the bottom of a well. I had underestimated it,” Chen Feng suddenly whispered.

Chen Feng had been spending his time studying the weapon condensation technique. As such, he discovered that it was no ordinary weapon condensation technique. After cultivating it to a certain level, the Longevity Sword, Blade and other items that Chen Feng condensed out would become true magic treasures. They could even possess a higher grade and profundity compared to real magic treasures.

However, my present level of cultivation is too low. Only by breaking through to the Sky Human stage can the condensed weapons be permanently preserved within my body. That way, I can let the magic treasures safeguard my insight acupoints. I don’t need to feel concerned about being unable to find suitable magic treasures. Chen Feng smiled as he considered the matter.

Although this immortal mountain is somewhat dangerous, the harvest here is even bigger. Currently, there are some Prized artefacts within the Longevity Tower that remain unrefined. However, I just don’t have the time for it now. After that, a blazing blade abruptly appeared in Chen Feng’s hand. It was none other than the blade Chen Feng had obtained from the large wasp nest.

Additionally, Chen Feng also possessed the Lightstream Shield, which he had obtained from Xu Ziping. That was also a Prized artefact. With these two spare Prized artefacts, Chen Feng’s rate of cultivation would rise further.

It seems I need to figure a way to break through to level 5 of the Concealed stage. However, I have yet to discover the hidden Five Elemental acupoints. That is a problem. If I assail the level 5 barrier in my sea of wisdom, I will surely have to face an ocean-like amount of longevity true spirit. I would be incapable of taking them all. What a bother. Chen Feng shook his head.

“Tower, Tower, hurry up and wake up!” Chen Feng finally shouted at Tower again.

Shockingly, Tower actually responded.

“What is it?”

However, Tower’s voice sounded slightly weak.

“Eh? You’re awake?” asked a surprised Chen Feng.

“Right, what happened to the Devourer Beast?”

“I’ll be able to settle it soon. However, I recently performed a secret soul-searching technique, exhausting quite a bit of my power. Not to mention, I still need to suppress this Devourer Beast. So, I cannot expend too much power,” Tower said.

“How is it? Did you obtain that devouring technique that you were talking about?” Chen Feng quickly asked.

“It will still take some time. Do you have anything you want to say right now? If you do, hurry. I want to finish off this guy in one go,” Tower said.

“Do you think I should absorb the two strands of Demongod Blood now?” asked Chen Feng.

“Yes, the strength of your body is about there. Fine. At present, you are still incapable of concocting pills. I will help you concoct out the Blood Pill.” After Tower said that, Chen Feng watched as the two strands of Demongod Blood, Soulguard Flower and the other herbs fly out from the Longevity Tower.


Next, a pill furnace abruptly appeared before Chen Feng. The herbs and the two strands of Demongod Blood fell into the pill furnace.

“This is the Longevity Furnace!” Chen Feng exclaimed.

The large furnace before him possessed the same appearance as the one he had condensed out. However, this one was clearly stronger, more perfect. And yet, it still did not possess a tangible body.

“This is a Longevity Furnace I condensed by borrowing the Longevity Tower’s power. Although it doesn’t truly possess form, it is still enough to concoct some minor pills,” Tower said.

“Can I use this method to concoct pills?” Chen Feng asked curiously.

“Of course! However, you still do not have the ability to refine the Longevity Tower on your own. You cannot unleash its full power. Thus, you still need my help.” Tower suddenly laughed out.

“Then, when will I truly be able to refine the Longevity Tower?” Chen Feng felt somewhat frustrated. As the Longevity Tower had entered his body, following him all this time, Chen Feng assumed that he had successfully refined the tower. Unexpectedly, that was not the case.

“He he, don’t worry. The Longevity Tower is different from other magic treasures. With the growth of your cultivation base and my assistance, you will gradually be able to refine the Longevity Tower,” Tower comforted Chen Feng.

“What nonsense! If my cultivation base is high enough, I can naturally refine any magic treasure,” Chen Feng retorted.

“It’s not as simple as you think. If not for your birthr-… err, forget it. Let’s not talk about that. Right now, the most important thing is to concoct out the Blood Pill. Now, look at the Longevity Furnace before you properly and observe how I concoct the pill. Hopefully, you can gain some enlightenment. At any rate, this Longevity Furnace is more complete.” Tower began lecturing Chen Feng while starting the concoction process for the Blood Pill. Chen Feng watched while listening.

However, as Chen Feng was still feeling confused about what Tower was saying, a blood-red medicinal pill fell into his palm.

“This is the Blood Pill? The concoction process was a success?” Chen Feng could not stop himself from asking as he looked at the red, thumb-sized, medicinal pill.

“Yup. How long did you think concocting a crappy medicinal pill like this would take?” replied Tower with a slightly dissatisfied tone. It was as though concocting this pill was a stain on his reputation.

“Alright. You continue ahead with your cultivation efforts. I will continue extracting the Devourer Beast’s soul,” Tower said.

“Wait, I still have something to ask!” Chen Feng hastily cried out.

“If you have anything to say, hurry up and say it. Don’t waste my time.” Tower sounded somewhat impatient.

“I should be breaking through to level 5 of the Concealed stage now. However, I do not have a single clue regarding the Five Elemental acupoints.” Chen Feng revealed the cultivation difficulty that he was facing.

“Fool! Isn’t it simple enough? Since it is called the Five Elemental acupoints, you must naturally start with the five elements. By absorbing enough power of the five elements, the Five Elemental acupoints will come out on their own.” After saying that, Tower went silent again.

“Power of the five elements! So, that is how it is. However, I had spent quite some time absorbing a great deal of wood-type power. Why isn’t there any response? Could it be the amount I absorbed is insufficient?” Chen Feng grew puzzled.

“That is probably the case.”

Throughout his cultivation path, Chen Feng had been absorbing wood-type power the most. Thus, he decided on cultivating the wood-type power first. Thankfully, Chen Feng had kept a high number of those giant trees within the Longevity Tower back then. It was enough for Chen Feng’s cultivation efforts for the foreseeable future. Additionally, Chen Feng had recently picked up a large number of spiritual herbs that were over 1,000 years old. Chen Feng believed that those were sufficient for him to open up the Five Elemental acupoints’ Wood acupoint.

Having come to that conclusion, Chen Feng did not dawdle. He quickly brought out one of the great trees from within Longevity Tower and began cultivating himself.

The gradual rise in Chen Feng’s cultivation base and his greater understanding of the Heavengulping Absorption Technique allowed him to increase the rate at which he was absorbing external essence energy.

Chen Feng thrust his palm into the tree. Next, streams of thick, wood-type essence flowed into Chen Feng’s body.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

As Chen Feng continued absorbing, the large tree began to grow withered at a visible rate. In the beginning, the leaves turned yellow and dry before falling off. Next to wither away were the branches, which then fell off as they disintegrated into powder. Finally, the large tree trunk itself turned yellow and withered.

Despite the monstrousness of the technique that Chen Feng was utilizing, he still had to spend three days to finish absorbing the power within that one tree. Under Chen Feng’s cultivation efforts, the once mighty and luxuriant tree was reduced to a pile of powder. It was a shocking sight.

Incredible! Could it be Chen Feng is not a disciple of Extreme Celestial Sect? Is he actually a demonic cultivator? Isn’t his cultivation technique too monstrous? Tie Changkong, who was watching it for afar, felt sensations of shock welling up from the deepest portion of his heart.

Chen Feng is definitely cultivating a high-level wood-type cultivation technique, otherwise such an effect would not be possible. Still, from what I recall, not even Earthen-tier cultivation techniques could be this powerful. Could Chen Feng be practicing a Sky-tier cultivation technique? How is that possible? To be qualified for a cultivation technique of that level in Extreme Celestial Sect, he must surely not be a nameless character. Yet, I have never heard of him before. Maybe he is not from Extreme Celestial Sect? Shangguan Yun was also considering the matter.

There was a common point in Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun’s suspicions, and that was whether or not Chen Feng was actually a disciple from Extreme Celestial Sect. However, Chen Feng had risked his life to save the two of them during their time here. Thus, the two of them were unable to consider anything else.

Three days later, Chen Feng began absorbing the energy of the second giant tree. This time, it only took him two and a half days to finish absorbing the tree’s energy.

The amount of primary energy within Chen Feng’s body had grown increasingly vast. If it were not for the resilience of Chen Feng’s meridians, the wood-type essence power within the two great trees would have been enough to blow Chen Feng’s body up.

After that, the rate at which Chen Feng absorbed energy rose higher and higher. After absorbing another 10 giant trees, Chen Feng felt the primary energy within his body reaching a critical point. Every part of his body was saturated with it. Even the opened insight acupoints were filled with the primary energy.

Even so, Chen Feng was still incapable of sensing any of the Five Elemental acupoints.

“It seems there is still not enough power. It is time to take the Blood Pill to strengthen my fleshly body.” After saying that, Chen Feng pulled out the blood-red medicinal pill and shoved it into his mouth.


In less than one breath’s worth of time, Chen Feng felt as though a volcano was erupting within his body. The blunt and humongous medicinal power exploded within his body and wave after wave of the medicinal power charged out wantonly throughout Chen Feng’s body.

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