Chapter 236: Kill a Way Out


Hearing Chen Feng’s words, Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun revealed wry smiles. Externally, Chen Feng’s cultivation base was lower compared to the two of them and he was also a disciple of Extreme Celestial Sect. Unexpectedly, he would put on a bandit’s demeanour. As they smiled wryly, they felt their spirits rising.

“You two stay close to me. There should be some other people nearby who will take action.” Chen Feng sent a secret vocal transmission to the two of them.

“Sigh! Next up, we will be depending on Brother Chen.” Tie Changkong sent back another secret vocal transmission.

At that moment, both Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun had lost all their combat power. Thus, they could only depend on Chen Feng. Should Chen Feng fall, the three of them would immediately be torn to shreds by the surrounding cultivators.

“Say, if Liu Tian and Xu Ziping appear now, would they attack us?” Chen Feng suddenly asked, a smile on his face.

“That, hard to say,” replied Tie Changkong, a frown on his face.

“Ha ha. In that case, let’s hope those two don’t appear,” Chen Feng replied with a laugh. Next, the bloody lance in his hand furiously plunged forward to stab into a thick stretch of grasses.



A wretched scream rang out from the grasses. Chen Feng pulled back the bloody lance. Then, with lightning-like speed, he attacked again. Beams of bloody light shot out from the tip of the lance and the cultivators lying in ambush inside the grasses were killed.

After killing six cultivators in quick succession, Chen Feng finally stopped. By then, no more cultivators dared to make a move. Chen Feng’s earlier actions had been too tyrannical.

Thankfully, none of these cultivators have condensed their domain powers. Else, even with this bloody lance in hand, I would have a real fight to deal with. Fortunately though, after this bloody lance absorbed so much power, I was in need of venting. However, what can I do in the face of an expert? Hopefully, cultivators like Liu Tian won’t appear. Chen Feng considered.

Although Chen Feng was not feeling too confident, he continued to attack with his strongest force the moment he sensed an ambush nearby, killing the opponents. Due to that, the cultivators who were hiding around dared not attack the three of them anymore.

“Brother Chen, won’t this action of yours cross the line? Some of them aren’t attacking us.” Tie Changkong asked using secret vocal transmission.

“If we wait until all of them swarm us, I would have no choice but to run. You two would likely end up dead,” replied Chen Feng coolly. Next, the bloody lance in his hand was suddenly flung out, nailing a cultivator to a big tree. The cultivator had been utilizing an Invisibility Talisman. Thankfully, Chen Feng had been able to notice him, otherwise that cultivator would have attacked them once they got too close to him.

These people with cultivation bases of level 5 and level 6 are practically committing suicide by coming at me. Chen Feng secretly sneered.

Not far away, near a thick, giant tree, Liu Tian and Xu Ziping were hiding within a dense spot of grasses. Their gazes pierced through the layers of grasses as they observed Chen Feng’s team of three.

“How about it? Should we attack?” Xu Ziping suddenly asked.

“Wait a bit. That Chen Feng kid is a little strange. Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun are already out of strength. It will be easy to take care of them. However, that Chen Feng is not to be underestimated. Look at the demonic artefact in his hand. Even if we survive getting hit by it, we will be injured. More importantly, his primary energy is vigorous and firm. It is as though that earlier battle did not exhaust his power at all. How strange.” There was a serious expression on Liu Tian’s face as he stared at the distant Chen Feng, feelings of shock assailing his heart.

“If the two of us attack, can we not deal with that little fellow? If we wait until Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun recover, we would no longer be able to attack them. Do not forget, those three have Prized artefacts on them. They are juicy sheep,” Xu Ziping could not stop himself from saying.

“It’d still be better to observe them first. Do not be careless. If we fail to kill all three of them in one go, it will cause a series of unending troubles in the future. Do not forget, each of them comes from a different sect. Each one of those sects are on the same level as our Nine Firmaments Palace, immortal dao sects,” Liu Tian said.

“Then, how long should we wait? I cannot hold on much longer. We are in the immortal mountain, after all. We can take this risk.” Killing intent glinted across Xu Ziping’s eyes.

“I just want to verify if the kid is injured or not. With the right conditions, even if the kid is not injured, the two of us will be able to kill him,” Liu Tian said with a sneer.

“That is right. Even that the kid has a demonic artefact, with the two of us joining hands, killing him will not be an issue,” Xu Ziping said coolly.

“Eh? The three of them are leaving this mountain?” Xu Ziping’s eyes grew wide.

“They must be going to find a place to recuperate. We’ll slowly tail them,” said Liu Tian with a nod of his head.

At that moment, a huge flying sword was flying through the sky. Chen Feng stood atop the sword with a bloody lance in hand. As for Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun, they were seated cross-legged on it, focusing on quickly recovering their exhausted power.

As Chen Feng was scanning their surroundings, he also sent a strand of his divine sense into the Longevity Tower.

The One-horned Thunderbull’s yao core floated down before the cultivating Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm. Sensing the yao power within the yao core, Purplebolt’s eyes snapped wide open.

“Yao core!” Purplebolt uttered in shock and joy.

“After refining this yao core, how much of your strength can you recover?” Chen Feng asked coolly.

“A complete recovery.” A fiery look seeped out from Purplebolt’s eyes.

“If so, hurry up and recover. As it is, it is too dangerous out here. I will need your help.” After saying that, Chen Feng’s voice grew silent.

Purplebolt directly opened his mouth and gulped down the yao core.

Both were Great Yaos that had overcome Lightning Tribulation. Although a portion of the essence power within the yao core had been lost, it was enough for Purplebolt to recover his strength. Rather, it was even enough for him to further improve his strength.

Chen Feng empowered the Overwhelming Astral Sword to swiftly fly over 500 kilometres forward. After finding a safe and secluded spot, he landed.

“You two, hurry up and recover your strength. I will defend you two,” said Chen Feng with a smile as he put aside the Overwhelming Astral Sword.

“Brother Chen, are you not exhausted?” Tie Changkong could not stop himself from asking. Earlier, the three of them had fought the One-horned Thunderbull and both he and Shangguan Yun had over exhausted themselves. Yet, Chen Feng appeared to still possess a high amount of primary energy. His soul power also appeared strong. Seeing that, Tie Changkong wondered if he was imagining things.

“I am fine. I can still hold on for a while. You two should take this opportunity to quickly recuperate. We are still in a very dangerous situation right now. Who knows what danger might befall us next?” Chen Feng said. 

Truth be told, Chen Feng’s situation was not as good as he was letting on. Despite his calm external demeanour, he had absorbed the essence power of a Great Yao. No matter how powerful the Heavengulping Absorption Technique may be, he would still need some time to refine and absorb the essence power.

Additionally, Chen Feng could also feel something amiss with Bloody Soul. It appeared it had absorbed too much blood essence and had grown still as a result. Although Chen Feng continued to wield it, he knew that Bloody Soul was no longer capable of unleashing its full power. It was most definitely incapable of sucking blood anymore. It was only slightly stronger compared to ordinary Magic artefacts.

As expected, the two of them followed us. However, I wonder if they will make a move. If they do, I will not be able to take them on alone. With the Thousand Seeker Mirror in hand, Chen Feng was naturally capable of noticing Liu Tian and Xu Ziping.

At that moment, there was a distance of 100 zhang between the two of them and Chen Feng’s team of three. For Concealed stage cultivators, such a distance could be covered in the blink of an eye. If Liu Tian and Xu Ziping wanted to make a move on them, one dash was enough for the two to arrive beside the three of them.

Thus, Chen Feng simply stood with a casual look on his face. He did not put down the lance in his hand. However, a tempestuous storm was roiling within Chen Feng’s body. The potent yao power that he had absorbed was still stored inside his body and he was working hard to refine it.

Chen Feng had already cultivated up to level 4 of the Concealed stage. The corresponding insight acupoints have already been opened. Next up, Chen Feng should break through to level 5 of the Concealed stage. With enough power, Chen Feng can easily open up the level 5 barrier in his sea of wisdom. However, Chen Feng had yet to find any clues regarding the corresponding insight acupoints for level 5.

The insight acupoints to be opened for level 5 were collectively known as the Five Elemental acupoints, also known as the Five Fundamental acupoints, the Five Phases or the Five Fundamental Cycle. While cultivating, Chen Feng had tried many times to sense the five insight acupoints, but to no avail. It would appear that the cultivation technique needed for those acupoints was different from the past.

The cultivating technique to open the insight acupoints for the first four levels, the Heavenly Origin acupoint, the Magnetic acupoints, the Tristar acupoints and the Four Extreme acupoints were all obvious. All he needed to do was to open them up. However, the Five Elemental acupoints were more ambiguous. Rather, it would be more accurate to say that Chen Feng could not sense them at all. Even following the explanations within the Longevity Scripture was of no avail.

It seems I have yet to fully grasp certain parts. Either that, or I simply haven’t fully understood them. Right now, I should fully refine the yao power within me. After that, I will assail level 5 of the Concealed stage. I wonder what is going on with Tower. He has gone silent of late. Could it be due to the Devourer Beast? It doesn’t seem that powerful, Chen Feng thought.

Two hours quickly went by. Chen Feng could feel the power within him growing steadily. Behind him, Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun had entered a deep state of cultivation. The auras coming off the two of them were gradually recovering as their exhausted power kept rising back.

Sou! Sou!

Suddenly, Liu Tian and Xu Ziping appeared before Chen Feng. Their eyes stared intently at Chen Feng. It was unknown what was going through their minds.

These two fellows are finally incapable of holding back. However, will they actually attack? If they do, it will be a swift one. Given my current state, I am simply no match for the two of them. Running away should not be a problem. However, Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun will die. Chen Feng felt hesitant.

“Chen Feng, what are you fellows doing here?” Xu Ziping was the first to speak up.

“You two look like you have had quite the harvest.” Chen Feng evaded the question.

“He he. We just picked some flowers and plants, unlike you juniors. You fellows managed to kill a Great Yao,” Liu Tian said with a smile.

“By the way, are Junior Brother Tie and Junior Sister Shangguan injured?” Saying that, Liu Tian made to move forward.

“Please stop right there.” Chen Feng stepped forward to block the two of them.

1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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