Chapter 234: Risk a Hit


Seeing the two of them return, the other Sky Human stage cultivators from Extreme Celestial Sect clamoured and surrounded the two. Seeing so many expert-level seniors who were usually a rare sight surround him, the Concealed stage cultivator grew shocked.

“Hurry, tell us how things are inside,” three Sky Human stage cultivators uttered at the same time.

It wasn’t just Extreme Celestial Sect. Disciples from the other immortal dao sects too, began to sporadically come out from Driftcloud Immortal Mountain. Unlike the other loose cultivators, the moment those disciples appeared, they would be protected by the experts from their respective sects.

“Damn, as expected of a great sect. If those were loose cultivators, they would have been killed off by besieging cultivators long ago,” uttered one of the loose cultivators within the crowd.

“Lower your tone! Don’t let them hear you. We cannot afford to offend them. Any Sky Human stage cultivator from those great sects can sweep us aside.” 


Suddenly, a sky-shocking roar spread out from the top of the immortal mountain. Some of the cultivators who happened to be close by were blasted by the roar and ended up coughing blood.

“That is a dragon roar.”

All the cultivators there grew alarmed. That was especially true of the stronger Sky Human stage cultivators. They all raised their heads, wanting to see what had come out from the immortal mountain.

Golden light flashed as a wyrm, over a hundred zhang in length, swirled wantonly in the sky with an imperious aura. Scales the size of palms covered its entire body. Seemingly crafted from gold, its body flashed with dazzling light. Even its pair of eyes was shining with golden light. They looked like burning furnaces. Its most prominent feature however, were its two fore limbs. Robust and powerful, they seemed capable of ripping the earth apart and crush mountains.

“That is a Five-clawed Gold Wyrm!” Some of the more experienced cultivators uttered in shock.

Five-clawed Gold Wyrm. After its cultivation reached a pinnacle point, it would grow five claws out on each hand. Some of the more powerful members of this species could reach the Yao King stage, capable of soaring through the sky, slip down the earth and turn the world upside down. It could even kill Human Immortals. This one only had two claws on each hand. Even so, it was still a very formidable Great Yao.

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

Right after emerging, the Great Yao devoured three cultivators in quick succession. Its long body thrashed about, knocking a high number of cultivators off their feet.

“Yao beasts are actually emerging from the immortal mountain!” The cultivators present stared with widened eyes. That was the first ever yao beast to emerge from the immortal mountain. 

“Capture this Great Yao!”

Many cultivators came to the same decision. That was especially true for the Ten Great Immortal Dao Sects of the Northern Plains. They all sent out their men.

“This Great Yao belongs to our Jade Talisman Sect!” shouted a Sky Human stage cultivator.

“My ass! You think your Jade Talisman is hot shit? Our Sword Hall wants it!”

“Fellows, don’t fight over it. Our Flowing Cloud Hall was the closest to it. Whoever gets to attack it first gets it.”

“Heh! That will depend on skills.”

“I would suggest working together to capture this Great Yao before anything else. This Great Yao has at least 5 Lightning Tribulations under its belt. It is not easy to deal with.”

Only after devouring over 10 cultivators in a row did the Five-clawed Gold Wyrm recollect itself. When it saw the countless number of cultivators around it, it was immediately horrified. Given the obscene number of cultivators there, the simple act of piling their bodies on it would be enough to kill it.

Thus, the Great Yao began considering escape. By then, however, the Sky Human stage cultivators from the great sects had rushed forward to surround it. Although the Great Yao was formidable, it could not stand against such numbers. It did not take long for it to end up firmly tied up by ropes.

“This type of yao beast is most suited to be used as spirit guardians for the sect. However, there is only one. Too many wolves and too little meat. It would be great if some more Great Yaos appear,” said a Sky Human stage cultivator from Skypond Faction.

That was the truth. That one yao beast was not enough to be divided amongst the Ten Great Immortal Dao Sects. Not to mention, there were other forces there as well.

As the cultivators from the Ten Great Immortal Dao Sects were discussing how to split the Great Yao, another small rift appeared upon the middle portion of the Driftcloud Immortal Mountain. Next, a torrential stream sprayed out. That torrential stream consisted purely of yao beasts.

Immediately, the torrential stream exploded outwards as the yao beasts unfurled their bodies. In the blink of an eye, they blotted out the sun as they raged across the sky, tearing everything in their path.


An unknown yao beast opened its mouth, unleashing a pillar of fire. Instantly, a large stretch of cultivators was burned and they fell to the ground. Some whose cultivation bases were lacking were immediately burned to charcoal.

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

A massive eagle-type yao beast spread open its broad wings as it flew back and forth within the crowd. Its sharp wings formed sharp and thin energy streams in the air and the cultivators who were too close to them ended up getting cut into two each.


A silvery white, colossal wyrm bellowed out and sprayed out a stream of white mist. The cultivators who failed to dodge the mist ended up frozen into ice.

“Icy Silverlight Wyrm, Flame Fantasy Bird, Thunderhawk and even a Skysoar Panther! Those are all Great Yaos. On the other side, there is a flock of Flaming Spiritcrows on the Great Yao stage as well. This is going to be chaotic. Hurry, get the disciples back. Do not attempt to stop the Great Yaos!” one of the Sky Human stage cultivators from Extreme Celestial Sect shouted.

One or two Great Yaos were indeed insufficient for the sects to split up. However, in the case of hundreds of Great Yaos, that was just terrifying. Although there were more Sky Human stage cultivators there, a considerable number of cultivators had still died when the yao beasts first appeared.

The casualties consisted of not just loose cultivators, but also the members of the various great sects.

Seeing the disciples from their respective sects die to the Great Yaos without the ability to even fight back, the eyes of the Sky Human stage experts turned bloodshot from fury. In their rage, they did not bother to discuss the situation. Instead, they simply dashed forward to kill the Great Yaos.

By then, the sky above the immortal mountain had been stained with blood. By the time the Sky Human stage cultivators’ attacks arrived, in that short period of time, over 500 cultivators had been killed. As for those injured, their number exceeded those killed.

“For there to be so many Great Yaos! No wonder so many of the cultivators who entered fail to come back. Those who encounter these yao beasts are assuredly dead,” someone subconsciously said.

As chaos broke out outside the immortal mountain, Chen Feng’s team of three were fighting against the One-horned Thunderbull to the point where both sides were getting terribly injured.

Bone-revealing wounds could be seen on the One-horned Thunderbull’s body as parts of its tough scales hung down from its body. More, a part of its thick tail had been cut off.

And yet, despite the Great Yao’s wretched appearance, Chen Feng and the others were in no better shape. Their magic robes were in complete tatters. Both Chen Feng and Tie Changkong’s bodies were bleeding from all over. There were also charred patches on their bodies. Those were the result of the lightning bolt attacks.

“I say, Yao Bro. There shouldn’t be any grudges between us, right? Why do you keep coming after us? If this keeps up, even if you manage to kill us, you will only have half a life left yourself. That is simply not worth it,” Chen Feng could not stop himself from blurting out.

“All you humans deserve to die!” A deep voice came from the Great Yao’s mouth.

“It’s speaking the human tongue. It has indeed overcome Lightning Tribulation.” Chen Feng and the others exchanged glances. They were somewhat concerned. Appearance wise, both sides were mutually wounded. However, should they continue, even if Chen Feng’s team survive, they would be terribly wounded. To end up terribly wounded in such a chaotic place would greatly increase the danger they were in.

“At any rate, you are the one who attacked us for no reason. If we fight to the bitter end, it will only benefit others!” Chen Feng said once more.

“Enough nonsense! Today, all of you will die!” The One-horned Thunderbull bellowed before charging at Chen Feng and the others once more.

“What a block head!” Chen Feng and the others had no choice but to push themselves to battle the Great Yao again.

“Think of a method to get rid of it!” Tie Changkong said.

“If there is a method, we wouldn’t have been forced to stay here,” Chen Feng said with a rueful smile.

“I sense some people observing us,” said Shangguan Yun.

“I noticed them earlier. After we fight to the death against this stupid cow, those hidden cultivators will surely jump out to plunder the burning house,” said Chen Feng.

“How about we lure this Great Yao to someplace with many people?” Tie Changkong suggested.

“Better not. If we encounter some powerful figures, we will end up in an unfortunate spot,” said Chen Feng, who shook his head.

“What then? Are we to just exhaust ourselves like this?” After saying that, Tie Changkong sent out tens of sword beams at the One-horned Thunderbull once more.

“If we cannot figure a way, then we’ll just have to go all out. You two entangle this guy. I will finish it.” After saying that, Chen Feng vaulted up into the sky above the One-horned Thunderbull.

“Fine! Behold, my Myriad Strands Sword Beam!” Tie Changkong opened his mouth and sprayed his essence energy upon his sword. Immediately, over 100 sword beams radiated out from the Prized artefact. The sword beams intersected one another to form three sword nets. They then stacked atop one another as they descended upon the One-horned Thunderbull.

At the same time, Shangguan Yun unleashed her strongest attack. Multi-coloured ribbons encompassed the sky to wrap around the Great Yao.

“This is it!” Chen Feng furiously descended. Brandishing Bloody Soul, he stabbed at the One-horned Thunderbull’s body with lightning-like speed.


Lightning powers flowed through the lance into Chen Feng’s body. Instantly, Chen Feng’s entire body felt paralyzed. It was extremely difficult to bear. Even his hair was standing on end. Chen Feng could smell the scent of something getting scorched.

Gritting his teeth, Chen Feng endured the terrible sensations. He began channelling the Longevity Scripture’s Heavengulping Absorption Technique. The monstrous technique combined with Bloody Soul’s innate and formidable devouring ability to further increase Bloody Soul’s devouring power.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

The stabbed portion of the One-horned Thunderbull’s body rapidly collapsed as it began drying up. Chen Feng felt a potent blood energy essence flow into Bloody Soul. In fact, the energy essence was far too potent that Bloody Soul was incapable of completely absorbing them all. Thus, the energy essence began to flow out from the lance and into Chen Feng’s body. It began flowing haphazardly within Chen Feng’s body.

Looking at Chen Feng from afar, one would see his body flashing with lightning bolts from time to time. It was a highly shocking sight.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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