Chapter 233: Inside and Outside the Mountain


“I didn’t think there would be so many rare medicinal herbs here. These True Thunderscour Fruits are especially rare. With these herbs, I can improve my strength quickly. It would not be an issue for me to rise up to the Sky Human stage within 10 years. No, in less than 10 years! In just 8 years, I will be able to rise up to the Sky Human stage.” Xu Ziping felt pleased as he observed the medicinal herbs filling the ground.

“That is right. With these True Thunderscour Fruits, my fleshly body can be improved by several notches. With the improved blood energy and the complementary effect of other spirit-type medicines for soul power, I will be able to break through to the Sky Human stage in half a year’s time. When that happens, I will be able to step into Heaven and join the ranks of Sages!” Liu Tian was also feeling joyful.

Forget a Concealed stage cultivator like Liu Tian, even a Sky Human stage cultivator would grow shocked at the sight of so many spirit-type medicines. Those were good items capable of greatly improving cultivation, after all.

Several corpses lay not far away from them. Clearly, those people were killed in the earlier fight for the True Thunderscour Fruits.

“Eh? Why do I sense something amiss?” Liu Tian suddenly said.

“My heart is also palpitating. Could something dangerous be about to appear?” Xu Ziping’s face gradually grew serious.

Next, the two of them spread out their soul power. Liu Tian even brought out a Reconnaissance Talisman to investigate their surroundings.

Even before they could discover anything, Chen Feng’s team of three rapidly rushed towards them.

“It’s you fellows!” Liu Tian’s brows jumped.

“Senior Brother Liu, help!” Chen Feng shouted as he swiftly run behind Liu Tian.

By then, Liu Tian and Xu Ziping had noticed the One-horned Thunderbull that was chasing them. Their faces spontaneously sank while they inwardly swore at Chen Feng’s team.

“It’s a Great Yao!” Liu Tian said solemnly. The One-horned Thunderbull was already upon them. It quickly noticed Liu Tian. Next, it roared before executing a lightning-like charge at Liu Tian. 

“Capturing Domain!”

Liu Tian shouted as his entire body released a pulse. Energy streams surged forward as he pushed both hands out, sending two vast, grasping palm silhouettes – formed using his domain – towards the Great Yao.

As for Xu Ziping, he slipped away the moment he saw the One-horned Thunderbull. Whether or not Liu Tian could stop the Great Yao was not a concern for him at all.


The One-horned Thunderbull easily smashed apart the palm silhouettes that Liu Tian sent out, eliciting a low grunt from Liu Tian. His whole body instantly bounced up into the sky. Next, he twisted his body while it was in mid-air and he disappeared from sight.

“Guys, don’t go! With the five of us, we can surely finish off this Great Yao!” Chen Feng shouted.

“Deal with your troubles yourselves. Don’t bring it to us.” Liu Tian’s voice rang from afar.

“Didn’t you say we are all companions?” Chen Feng shouted again.

This time, however, Liu Tian did not answer. It would appear he had run far away.

“Those two sure are quick at running.” Chen Feng could not stop himself from blurting out.

“Be careful!”

Tie Changkong sent out over 100 sword beams as he shouted. In an instant, waves of sword nets were formed in the sky. They all charged towards the One-horned Thunderbull without respite.

“Let’s go!”

The three of them did not bother waiting to see the result of the attack. Instead, they quickly ran away again. They knew that an attack of this level was simply incapable of stopping the Great Yao. At most, all it could do was leave some superficial scars on the Great Yao’s body.

As expected, before the three of them could run too far away, the One-horned Thunderbull had already caught up to them. It smashed about while roaring, charging forward at an incredible speed. When there was only a certain distance left between them, a lightning bolt shot out from its horn. It was like a sword made of lightning, shooting towards Chen Feng and the others.

“Hurry, dodge!”

Chen Feng and the others were quick to react and they swiftly dodged the lightning bolt.

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

The lightning bolt pierced through three big trees in quick succession. In the end, it slammed into the surface of the mountain, leaving a circular and bottomless hole.

“Sii! If I got hit, I would have been blasted apart,” Chen Feng exclaimed.

“Careful, it’s coming again!”

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

Lightning bolts kept shooting out from the One-horned Thunderbull’s horn. All in their path would be shattered like withered twigs. Even the tough rocks were incapable of stopping them. Once, Chen Feng had been slightly too slow in dodging and the corner of his robes was obliterated by the lightning bolt.

“How is this Great Yao so powerful? The cultivators besieging this One-horned Thunderbull earlier sure got guts!” Chen Feng could not help but give praise to them.

“We can’t escape. Why don’t we stop and fight this fellow for a bit?” Tie Changkong shouted.

“I have no objections.” Chen Feng also felt that continuing their current actions was not the right way forward.

“If so, let’s fight this Great Yao!” Shangguan Yun was more direct. She waved her hand and ribbons covered the sky before flying towards the charging Great Yao, wrapping it up.


Chen Feng and Tie Changkong utilized their magic treasures as well to charge forward.


Instantly, the three of them surrounded the Great Yao and engaged in a battle with it. It was a very intense battle.

In the outside world, the area surrounding Driftcloud Immortal Mountain remained the same. However, the number of cultivators around the immortal mountain had increased. Even Sky Human stage cultivators had appeared in droves.

The reason there was such a large number of Sky Human stage cultivators there was because a Sky Human stage cultivator had flown out from the immortal mountain not too long ago. Moreover, that person had managed to obtain a top-grade Prized artefact from the immortal mountain.

Right after emerging from the immortal mountain, that cultivator began a slaughter, killing several Sky Human stage cultivators. Finally, in the face of the combined might of all the cultivators present, that cultivator was seriously wounded and had to escape.

One incident alone was not a big deal. However, several more days later, another Sky Human stage cultivator emerged from the immortal mountain with a magic treasure. This time, the magic treasure was not a Prized artefact. Rather, it was a Sacred artefact. With that, the eyes of all the cultivators around the immortal mountain turned bloodshot to the point of dripping out blood.

Sacred artefact. Sacred artefact! That was a magic treasure that only Human Immortals could refine.

When the cultivator emerged, some of the Sky Human stage cultivators tried to rob him. After several of them were killed, no one else dared to attack. Don’t joke around! If that was a Prized artefact in his hand, it would have been possible for them to try and attack him. However, that was a Sacred artefact. That was far beyond what they could handle. Stepping forward was simply the equivalent of suicide.

More shockingly, the Human Immortal stage experts who were lurking around chose not to take action. Instead, they allowed the cultivator to escape with the Sacred artefact.

“Strange. Why didn’t the Human Immortal stage experts take action?” The cultivators there felt puzzled.

“You know as well they are Human Immortals. Since they have the word immortal in their title, how can little cultivators like us understand them? Besides, those Human Immortals cannot throw their reputation aside to snatch something that belongs to their juniors.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha! If you ask me, it is because the artefact tier of the magic treasure that cultivator brought out is not high enough. If someone brings out an Immortal artefact from the immortal mountain, forget Human Immortals, even Earthen Immortals would step out to snatch it.”

“Senior Brother’s words are reasonable.”

“Look! Some more experts have arrived.”

“I know those people. They are the Sect Masters of some small and middle-sized sects. They are all at the Sky Human stage. It seems they have been lured over by the recent appearance of magic treasures.”

“Hey! With the Ten Great Immortal Dao Sects here, even if those small sects join forces, they wouldn’t be able to get even the smallest gain.”

“Eh? Look! Another battle has erupted! Ah! It’s a battle between Sky Human stage cultivators,” one of the cultivators suddenly exclaimed.

Halfway up the mountain, three Sky Human stage experts were besieging a cultivator who had just emerged from the immortal mountain.

The besieged cultivator was also a Sky Human stage cultivator, but his cultivation base was inferior compared to the three experts besieging him. However, a faint golden light covered his body. No matter how much the three experts tried to attack the cultivator, they were incapable of breaking through the defensive golden light.

“That is a defensive talisman. It is at least a grade 5 Prized artefact.”

“A good item. That is really a good item! With that item protecting his body, he is practically undefeatable!” one of the Sky Human stage cultivators shouted, his eyes bloodshot.

As their besiegement was ineffective, the three experts could only watch as the cultivator flew away and disappeared from sight.

“What now?”

“What else can we do? If you want treasures, you will have to enter the immortal mountain.”

“Sigh! But we have already circled around the mountain tens of times. We still cannot enter.”

Several of Extreme Celestial Sect’s high-ranking members were discussing the issue.

“More than 20 of our Extreme Celestial Sect disciples have entered the immortal mountain, but not a single one of them has come out,” said a stalwart-looking cultivator. He was one of Extreme Celestial Sect’s Sky Human stage cultivator. 

“Since Driftcloud Immortal Mountain appeared, a considerable number of cultivators have entered. But look, only a small number of cultivators can come out. Only 20 of our Extreme Celestial Sect’s disciples have entered the mountain. That is too small of a number,” said another Sky Human stage cultivator.

The Sky Human stage cultivator’s stature was a notch smaller compared to the stalwart-looking cultivator. However, his body was robust and sturdy and the atmosphere he emanated was far stronger compared to the stalwart-looking cultivator.

“Are we supposed to just keep waiting here? I want to try explore the mountain,” another Sky Human stage cultivator interjected.

“What is it? Are you feeling envious now? If you feel that way, you may go explore. However, as you can see, there are millions of cultivators around Driftcloud Immortal Mountain. And yet, only a handful managed to enter.”

As the Sky Human stage cultivators from Extreme Celestial Sect were discussing the matter, another cultivator flew out from the immortal mountain.

It was a young cultivator, only at level 5 of the Concealed stage. He hadn’t even condensed out his Soulflame. When the cultivator flew out, he grew shocked. Next, a pleased look of surprise appeared on his face.

However, as he was feeling shocked, the surrounding cultivators began surrounding him.

Seeing the cultivators rushing towards him, the cultivator grew shocked. However, he quickly shouted, “Scram! I am a disciple from Extreme Celestial Sect!”

Sure enough, the name of one of the Ten Great Immortal Dao Sects was quite useful. Hearing that name, the surrounding cultivators halted.

“Eh? It’s our disciple.” The few Sky Human stage cultivators from Extreme Celestial Sect who were in the midst of their discussion immediately perked up. Looks of joy appeared on their faces.

“I’ll be back soon.”

The body of one of the cultivators flashed with light. Then, like a gust of wind, he flew out. In the blink of an eye, he had traversed a distance of hundreds of zhang.


The Sky Human stage cultivator quickly arrived before the disciple who managed to come out from the immortal mountain. Grabbing the disciple, he quickly returned.

In just two breaths’ worth of time, the Sky Human stage cultivator had brought the disciple back.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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