Chapter 232: One-horned Thunderbull


“Liu Tian has begun making his move on the True Thunderscour Fruits. However, Xu Ziping has yet to reveal himself. He is instead stealthily attacking others. How unexpected. Those two are complementing each other quite nicely. Isn’t Xu Ziping from the Central Plains? Could he have known Liu Tian before in the past?” asked a curious Chen Feng.

“I don’t know. However, judging from their actions, they must be acquainted, otherwise they would not be able to show such a good level of coordination,” answered Tie Changkong.

The scope of the battle up front gradually increased. As time went by, more cultivators arrived. In the end, the group of cultivators that was besieging the One-horned Thunderbull rushed over as well. It seemed as though they had killed off the Great Yao. 

“These people are courting death! They dare plunder the burning home? They are taking our items!” one of them shouted in rage.

“Kill them!”

“That is right, kill them! We are in the immortal mountain, after all. It doesn’t matter who they are, just kill them all!”

“Tsk, tsk. The situation has become chaotic. It is about time we made our move,” Chen Feng could not stop himself from saying.

Next, Chen Feng’s team of three moved out to secretly pursue a cultivator who had fled far away.

The target was a level 7 Concealed stage cultivator. Although his cultivation base was decent, he was nothing in the eyes of Chen Feng’s team. It did not take them long to catch up to the cultivator and surround him.

Chen Feng’s team of three did not waste any time with nonsensical words. They attacked the moment they appeared. Additionally, they did so at the same time.


The attacked cultivator only had enough time to utter out that one word before the attacks struck him. In half a blink, the divine sense within his mind was blown apart by the overpowering forces and his whole body blew up.

“Keep the spatial pouches first. We’ll split the spoils after we gather up.” Chen Feng waved his hand and the killed cultivator’s spatial pouch landed in his hand.

Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun exchanged glances. They then nodded their heads, not saying anything else.

“Hurry, there is another one there,” said Chen Feng as he inspected the Thousand Seeker Mirror on his palm.

Soon enough, the three of them found their new target and surrounded the person.

“Who?!” This cultivator possessed a high cultivation base and was not to be underestimated. Even before Chen Feng’s team of three approached him, he had attacked them. A powerful force shot out from his body to violently assail Chen Feng and the others.

“Domain power. We have encountered an expert!” Tie Changkong was shocked.

“Use Prized artefacts to defend!” Chen Feng shouted. Bloody Soul transformed into a beam of blood-coloured light, which then stabbed towards the cultivator.

“Flowing Cloud Ribbon!”

“Solo Grandsky Sword!”

Both Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun utilized their Prized artefacts at the same time. A swift and forceful sword beam and a rapidly fluttering ribbon struck the cultivator’s body at the same time, shattering his domain.

However, Chen Feng was still the fastest amongst them. By the time their attacks landed, the bloody lance in Chen Feng’s hand had already pierced the cultivator’s body.


After Bloody Soul pierced the cultivator’s body, it began devouring the blood energy and essence within his body. In the blink of an eye, it left the cultivator a withered husk. At that moment, the force behind Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun’s attacks erupted.


The cultivator who had been alive just a moment ago was shattered into powder by their attacks. Not a single drop of blood fell out from him.


Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun were simultaneously shocked. They could not stop themselves from taking a few steps back as they regarded the blood-coloured lance in Chen Feng’s hand.

“What a monstrous demonic artefact! Where did you get it?” Tie Changkong could not stop himself from asking.

“I picked it up,” Chen Feng answered with a snicker. With a wave of his hand, another spatial pouch fell into his hand.

However, when Chen Feng replied, a sensual figure flashed across his mind.

I wonder what Mo Ji is doing right now? Chen Feng could not stop that thought from appearing within his mind.

To Chen Feng, Mo Ji was someone with a mysterious background. Additionally, she was also very powerful. The bloody lance in his hand, Bloody Soul, was something that he had taken from her. Whenever Chen Feng recalled the incident, he could not stop the pleased feeling from rising within him. Back then, they had been tricked by Mo Ji to enter the Demon Soul Valley to go to their deaths. Unexpectedly, not only did Chen Feng’s group manage to escape with their lives, they even obtained some gains. The most valuable gains all came by snatching what was Mo Ji’s. 

When I left Demon Soul Valley, Mo Ji had yet to leave. Not to mention, there were experts there fighting against the Nine-tailed Firefox. Surely, Mo Ji would not be affected by their battle?

For some unknown reason, despite the fact that she had lied to him, from the bottom of his heart, Chen Feng did not want her to die. There was only a faint desire for revenge and the pleasure of managing to one-up her.

Next up, Chen Feng and the others continued to hunt together. Their level of cooperation grew increasingly perfect. It did not take long for another five cultivators to die under their hands.

After ambushing another cultivator, Shangguan Yun could not stop herself from saying, “Aren’t we going overboard with this? If we continue, I feel like I will end up with inner demons. It will surely affect my future cultivation adversely.”

“Heh! What inner demons are there to fear? I only believe in the sword in my heart!” Tie Changkong barked out with a laugh. 

“Forget it. Let’s stop here. There is no challenge in killing these people. If a Sky Human stage cultivator appears, that would be more like it,” Chen Feng said.


Suddenly, an overpowering shockwave charged towards them from afar. The medicinal herbs, thick trees and even the protruding rocks were all pulverized to pieces in its wake. The shockwave was targeting Chen Feng’s team of three, who did not know what was going on.

“Not good! Hurry up and dodge!”

“Everyone, be careful!”

Sou! Sou!

Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun reacted quickly and they dodged to the left and right respectively. As for Chen Feng, he stamped one foot down, causing the mountain to tremble. Next, a thick earthen wall rose from the ground to block the shockwave.


Instantly, the shockwave smashed the earthen wall to pieces.


Chen Feng raised his lance and stabbed furiously. A potent force blasted out from the lance to collide against the incoming shockwave.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

A series of popping sounds rang out. In the chaos, Chen Feng saw a savage yao beast charging at him.

“It’s the One-horned Thunderbull!” shouted Chen Feng. He furiously stamped again and a forceful earthen power rose from the ground to enter his body. The power fused with Chen Feng’s own power before finally converging upon Bloody Soul in his hand. Then, Bloody Soul transformed into a beam of bloody light as it stabbed towards the Great Yao.

Pa! Pa!

The sound of flowing electrical current rang out continuously, causing all of Chen Feng’s hair to stand on end. He shouted aloud as his figure was sent flying backwards. His whole body felt numb and his muscles kept trembling.

I forgot this Great Yao is a lightning-type yao beast, Chen Feng thought. He watched as the Great Yao descended before him and a daunting atmosphere of oppression befell him.


A colourful ribbon arrived just in time to wrap Chen Feng up and tug him to the side. At the same time, the Grandsky Sword Beam that Tie Changkong unleashed struck the One-horned Thunderbull’s body.

After falling to the ground, Chen Feng could not stop the cold sweat from oozing out from his body. If the Great Yao had struck him earlier, its horn would have pierced right through his body.

The longevity-type primary energy within his body flowed and the numbness afflicting Chen Feng gradually faded. Next, the Magnetic acupoints on Chen Feng’s feet operated furiously. The forceful primary energy coming out from them quickly merged with the earthen power coming from the ground.

After that, Chen Feng uttered a soft shout, causing the ground within a radius of tens of zhang to quake. Pieces of rocks flew up from the ground to smash the One-horned Thunderbull. Chen Feng then gradually increased the amount of magic power he channelled into the attack, causing blocks of earth to rise, transforming into a long dragon which charged towards the Great Yao.


The One-horned Thunderbull responded with a resounding roar and the resulting shockwave shattered the earth dragon. That was not all. The Great Yao charged rampantly with its massive body, looking down on the attacks that Chen Feng launched its way as it swiftly broke through the thick layers of earthen stones to arrive before Chen Feng.

Seeing that, Chen Feng dared not continue his attacks. Instead, he quickly condensed out Longevity Lances to stab at the Great Yao.

At present, the magic treasures that Chen Feng condensed out possessed a certain level of spirituality, comparable to decent Magic artefacts. The attacking lances shot out with a maddening fervour, causing sparks to erupt from the One-horned Thunderbull’s body. Although they failed to break through its defences, they did manage to stop its attack.

It was then that Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun swiftly brought out a palm-sized net. From afar, they sent the net forward to encompass the One-horned Thunderbull. While in mid-air, the net expanded in size while emitting waves of bright light. It then wrapped up the Great Yao.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

The lightning powers flowing around the One-horned Thunderbull flashed and the net wrapping its body instantly broke apart.

Immediately after that, however, three more nets shot towards the Great Yao from three different directions. Chen Feng also sent out two Longevity Chains to tie up the One-horned Thunderbull’s four limbs.


The One-horned Thunderbull kept howling as it smashed about wildly, tearing the binding attacks that the three of them had unleashed.

“This Great Yao is incredibly powerful. I fear we will not be able to deal with it.” By then, Tie Changkong was sweating all over. The same was true of Shangguan Yun.

This Great Yao was still slightly too strong for them. That was especially true of this Great Yao with rough hide and thick muscles. Its unending ferocity and might was harder to deal with.

Chen Feng was also feeling troubled. If it were not for Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun’s presence, he would have attempted to utilize the Longevity Tower. Although Tower was not responding to him, Chen Feng was still capable of controlling some of the Longevity Tower’s seals. By utilizing the Longevity Tower in a surprise move, Chen Feng was confident he could suck the Great Yao into the tower.

Once they were inside the Longevity Tower, their field of battle would be under Chen Feng’s control. It would be easy to deal with the Great Yao.

“Liu Tian is in the sourtheast. Let’s lead this Great Yao there,” said Chen Feng after considering it for a moment.

“Good idea! Let’s do that.” Tie Changkong immediately agreed.

Thus, the three of them sent out several more ropes and nets to entangle the One-horned Thunderbull. Then, simultaneously shouting out, the three of them rushed to the southeast direction.

At that moment, Liu Tian and Xu Ziping were still wantonly picking the True Thunderscour Fruits on the mountain. Their harvest was great and the two of them could not stop smiling. They were simply unaware that Chen Feng’s team was bringing the party to them.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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