Chapter 230: Wanton Harvest


“Nine-tailed Dragon Sunflower, Earthroot Grass, Dreamleaf Grass, Vilemist Grass. There is also an Azure Dragon Ginseng here. Incredible! There are so many good items here. If we have the right pill formula, we can even concoct out Earthen-tier medicinal pills,” shouted Chen Feng.

After landing, Chen Feng and the others did not even need to move around to discover several rare medicinal herbs. Some of them were over a thousand years old. Even the various great immortal dao sects would consider them as good items. Thus, the three of them ignored Liu Tian and Xu Ziping’s disappearing act. Instead, they eagerly began picking the various spirit-type herbs.

“Ha ha ha ha! Look! This Fire Dragon Ginseng is at least 3,000 years old. It is comparable to a Prized artefact!” Tie Changkong laughed loudly as he clutched a fiery-red ginseng.

Seeing the ginseng, Chen Feng’s eyes immediately turned red. The arm-sized ginseng’s fiery-red colour resembled that of dripping blood. It was like a volcano that was on the verge of erupting compressed into a plant, like the condensed form of a sea of blood. More shockingly was the dragon pattern on the surface of the ginseng. A fire dragon brandishing its claws and fangs swirled around the surface of the ginseng, giving it an added air of mystery.

This was why the ginseng was named Fire Dragon Ginseng.

The reason Chen Feng’s eyes grew red was that, even at its lowest, that Fire Dragon Ginseng’s value was at least the equivalent of a Prized artefact.

“This ginseng can be exchanged for a Prized artefact. Not to mention, by adding in some other medicinal herbs, you can concoct out several furnaces’ worth of Earthen-tier medicinal pills. That is a really good item. Why didn’t I see it?” Chen Feng jumped about in regret.

“This is a thousand-year-old Dream Lingzhi!” Suddenly, Shangguan Yun exclaimed.

Chen Feng turned and saw Shangguan Yun holding a palm-sized lingzhi. A faint fluorescent light radiated from the surface of the lingzhi, giving off a dreamy sensation.


Chen Feng immediately sucked in a cold breath. The lingzhi in Shangguan Yun’s hand was of a higher value compared to the Fire Dragon Ginseng that Tie Changkong obtained. In the world of cultivation, it could be traded for a decent grade 2 Prized artefact or better.

The redness in Chen Feng’s eyes grew and his mouth opened wide. Next, he subconsciously closed it.

“If we could find so many good items just by casually looking around, doesn’t that mean there are even more immortal-tier medicinal herbs on this mountain?”

Having reached that line of thought, Chen Feng stopped gaping around. Instead, he rapidly sent his divine sense out to search the mountain.

“This is Rainy Swallow Grass, good stuff! This is Wintersting Grass. There is also an Earthen Ginseng here. It is at least 2,000 years old.”

“This is a Ricecrack Lingzhi!”

“This is actually a Fire Dragon Grass! Ha ha ha ha! I didn’t think there would be so many rare medicinal herbs.”

“The number of rare medicinal herbs here alone makes this a big harvest. Entering this immortal mountain was not in vain.”

After collecting who knows how many of those immortal-tier medicinal herbs, Chen Feng was unable to stop himself from laughing out.

“So many medicinal herbs! They are surprisingly over a thousand years old!”

It was then that Purplebolt, who was recuperating inside the Longevity Tower, swirled forward. Opening its jaws, it wanted to gulp down the various medicinal herbs that Chen Feng had tossed into the tower.

“Hold it! Those herbs are not suitable for you. Wait a little longer,” Chen Feng suddenly shouted at Purplebolt to stop him from randomly gulping the herbs.

What nonsense! Those were all good items. How could Chen Feng allow Purplebolt to randomly gulp them down?

Although Purplebolt felt displeased, he was incapable of disobeying Chen Feng. Thus, he could only lie on the floor and look at the growing pile of medicinal herbs with a pitiful look on his face.

“Found it!”

As Purplebolt was growing flustered, Chen Feng suddenly shouted. Next, two arm-sized ginsengs fell before the Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm.

“This is an Azure Dragon Ginseng! And a Fire Dragon Ginseng! They are both at least 2,000 years old. Good stuff! Really good stuff! With these two, I will be able to fully recover. Additionally, I can advance further.” Purplebolt’s eyes grew wide and his jaws fell to the ground, saliva flowing out from it.


With a swooshing sound, Purplebolt swallowed the two ginsengs. Next, a thunderous roar rang out from his belly. It sounded as though two wyrms were roaring out from within.

“The two ginsengs have already developed some spiritual attributes. A pity, a pity. If only they were a few thousand years older, they would have a better effect. If they could grow up to more than 10,000 years, then-” Purplebolt began fantasizing.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

As Purplebolt was fantasizing, several more medicinal herbs landed before him.

“This is a Fire Dragon Fruit! And True Dragon Vine. This is a Wyrmwood. Good stuff! This time, not only will I fully recover, I will also be able to advance again.”

“Hurry, let me out! My rate of searching for medicinal herbs is very fast!”

Purplebolt finally couldn’t hold back anymore. He began shouting out loud and called out to Chen Feng.

“Humph! Coming out now is practically suicide. You should wait until your injuries are completely healed up before even thinking about it,” replied Chen Feng. After that, he ignored Purplebolt and continued searching for treasures.

“Chen Feng.”

Suddenly, Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun appeared before Chen Feng. The muscles on their faces were twitching. Clearly, it was due to excitement.

“What are you two standing here for?” Chen Feng asked curiously.

“Did you realize it yet?” Tie Changkong suddenly asked in a mysterious and excited tone.

“Realize what?” Chen Feng felt puzzled. He did not understand what Tie Changkong meant.

“The higher up this mountain you go, the herbs found rises in rarity and age,” Shangguan Yun said. 

Hearing that, Chen Feng was taken aback. Next, he sensed around carefully and noticed that Shangguan Yun was correct. He could sense it. The higher up the mountain his divine sense went, the medicinal power he sensed grew thicker. Additionally, Chen Feng could also clearly see a fiery-red medicinal herb hidden a hundred metres up ahead.

Chen Feng rapidly moved forward. Reaching out with his hand, he plucked the medicinal herb out. Holding it in his hand, he could feel waves of hot medicinal power flowing into his body, causing the blood energy within his body to swell.

“This is a 3,000-year-old Fire Dragon Grass,” Tie Changkong said enviously.

“No wonder Liu Tian and Xu Ziping chose to directly rush up the mountain. It seems they know something.” After saying that, Chen Feng kept the Fire Dragon Grass. Then, the three of them quickly rushed up to the mountaintop.

After making their way up 100 zhang, Tie Changkong said, “The medicinal herbs here are over 3,000 years old.” 

“The medicinal herbs here are at least 4,000 years old,” said Shangguan Yun after another 100 zhang.

“How troublesome. Let’s just fly straight up to the top of this mountain.” Having said that, Chen Feng took the lead to soar up before quickly rushing to the mountaintop.

“Right, how did we forget? We should have done so right from the start,” said Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun as they looked at each other.


Suddenly, a silvery-white stream of light burst out from the dense grasses within the mountain with lightning-like speed and shot towards Chen Feng.

“What?” Chen Feng was shocked. Before he could even attempt to dodge, he felt his body bound in place. Next, a gaping jaw filled with fangs came biting down on Chen Feng.

Having no time to break free, Chen Feng thrust out his hands to grab the thing, which stopped right before his face. The pungent smell blowing at him caused Chen Feng to feel somewhat dizzy.

What a powerful poison! Chen Feng swiftly stopped breathing. Even the pores on his body were all closed.

With the thickness of an arm and an unknown length, the silvery-white python wrapped itself around Chen Feng. As for Chen Feng, both his hands were grabbing the python by its neck.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Chen Feng, Tie Changkong and Shangguan Yun attacked at the same time. Three sword beams flashed out and the terrifying-looking white python was cut into pieces.


With a punch, Chen Feng caused the python’s head to explode. A thumb-sized yao core fell into Chen Feng’s hand.

“Although it is not a Great Yao, it has already condensed out its yao core. Thankfully, there is a slight harvest from this. Otherwise, I would have been shocked for nothing,” Chen Feng said jokingly.

“This is a White-scaled Python. It is a high-ranking yao beast. Thankfully, it hasn’t reached the Great Yao stage, otherwise it would have directly strangled you to death,” said Tie Changkong.

“It seems we’ll have to be careful here. This is not a safe place,” Shangguan Yun said cautiously.

The moment Chen Feng tossed the yao core into the Longevity Tower, Purplebolt swallowed it up.

Due to the sudden appearance of the White-scaled Python, the three of them chose to continue to go on foot once more, slowing down the speed of their ascent.

“How strange. There are so many immortal-tier medicinal herbs growing on the same spot. This could never happen outside.”

“Naturally, what is this place? This is the immortal mountain. It is only natural for it to have a place like this.”

“If we can get out from here, the medicinal herbs we obtained alone will be enough for us to concoct out several furnaces of Earthen-tier medicinal pills.”

“More. With the right pill formula, concocting out Sky-tier medicinal pills will not be an impossibility. If I can get out, I will first use the herbs I obtained and exchange them for a top-grade protective vest. Then, buy some Prized artefacts and some high-grade techniques.”

“Don’t get so excited first. We’ll first need to get out.”

“If I cannot get out, I will find a safe place and consume all these medicinal herbs. By doing that, cultivating up to the Sky Human stage will not be an issue.”

“Lower your voice. There is movement ahead!”

They simultaneously stopped talking. They vigilantly inspected their surroundings and waves of power seeped out from their bodies as they made ready for any sudden battles.

“Up ahead. There are sounds of battle,” Tie Changkong said in a hushed tone.

“Did Liu Tian and Xu Ziping encounter some yao beasts?” Chen Feng said with a smile.

“It doesn’t sound like them. It’s probably some other people,” said Tie Changkong.


The Thousand Seeker Mirror appeared on Chen Feng’s hand. After Chen Feng channelled his magic power into it, light began flowing across its surface. Spiritual energy spread outwards and images began playing upon the mirror surface.

The image shown on the Thousand Seeker Mirror was none other than their current position. As Chen Feng continued channelling his magic power into it, their surroundings gradually appeared within the mirror as well. Additionally, its range was continuously expanding.

“This is the Thousand Seeker Mirror! I didn’t think Brother Chen would possess such a good item!” Tie Changkong exclaimed.

“Brother Tie has a discerning eye. This is indeed the Thousand Seeker Mirror. Now, let’s see what is happening up ahead,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

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