Chapter 225: Thunderhawk Egg


As Chen Feng was escaping, he quickly healed his injuries. The Heavenly Origin acupoint and the other insight acupoints operated rapidly to completely absorb the lightning bolts coursing within his body. Next, his damaged muscles and bodily structure began to recover.

As his cultivation base kept improving, Chen Feng could feel his recovery ability growing stronger as well. Although he was not yet capable of re-growing a cut limb, he could recover from most injuries quickly. That included damaged internal organs.

Sensing the ever-approaching aura behind him, Chen Feng gave an evil chuckle. Turning, he took a different path. 

“Humph! Since you are going to ignore whether I live or die, don’t blame me for being disloyal,” Chen Feng said with a sneer. With the Thousand Seeker Mirror in hand, finding Liu Tian and the others was a simple matter.

Chen Feng planned to lead the Thunderhawk towards Liu Tian and the others so that he could use the resulting opportunity to escape. Although this was quite despicable, Chen Feng did not feel burdened by this thought.

“The Thunderhawk did not chase after us.”

Liu Tian and the others, having ran for quite a bit, gathered up again. Sensing no movements behind them, they all breathed sighs of relief.

“However, Chen Feng is probably in danger now,” Tie Changkong lamented.

Hearing those words, Liu Xihua’s face flickered as well. Chen Feng had saved him before, after all.

“If he is dead, so be it. He is but a minor disciple from Extreme Celestial Sect,” Ling Fei said with a sneer.

“Yes, Extreme Celestial Sect has plenty of disciples like him. However, I think the kid will not die so easily,” Liu Tian said.

“What makes you say that?” Ling Fei asked curiously.

“Humph! Do all of you consider that Chen Feng as merely a level 4 Concealed stage cultivator? Do not forget, back then, he managed to block the Thunderhawk’s lightning bolt attack. Additionally, the lance in his hand is obviously a Prized artefact,” Liu Tian said coldly.

“Besides, a level 4 Concealed stage cultivator can remain safe here for so long? Without strength, how could he accomplish that? I do not believe luck alone is enough for that.”

“Could Chen Feng be lying to us? Is he not Extreme Celestial Sect’s disciple?” Liu Xihua asked.

“Perhaps not. However, he is definitely hiding his strength. Thus, there is no need for us to worry about him. We should hurry up and leave this forest,” Liu Tian said. 

“Eh, what is that sound?”

“It’s Chen Feng! He is coming over to join us.”

It was then that the six of them noticed some movements in the distance. Turning, they saw Chen Feng rushing over.

“This is bad! He brought the Thunderhawk over!” Liu Tian said, gritting his teeth.

“Surely not?” Tie Changkong said with a doubtful tone.

“Not? Look what is behind him!” Liu Tian said in exasperation.

Only then did they notice a grey-coloured figure chasing after Chen Feng. The figure was not too far away from Chen Feng.

“That is the Thunderhawk’s human form!”

By then, Chen Feng had noticed them as well. His face immediately revealed a look of joyful surprise. “Guys, help me!”


Liu Tian and the others completely ignored him. Instead, they all burst apart, darting away as fast as they could to escape.

“Guys, don’t run! Let’s join forces to kill off this Great Yao!” Chen Feng kept shouting.

Kill the Great Yao? You sure can dream! When the six of them heard those words, they nearly coughed out blood.

“Hey, Thunderhawk! Can you stop chasing me? Your enemies are right in front of you.” After saying that, Chen Feng changed his escape path again. He prayed that the Thunderhawk would not continue to chase after him. 

As expected, when the wild-looking man saw the other fleeing cultivators, light flashed across his eyes and he gave up on chasing after Chen Feng. Instead, he turned to go after the others.


Chen Feng gave a sigh of relief. His figure turned again as he chased after Ling Fei.

With the Thousand Seeker Mirror in his hand, the only way they could escape Chen Feng’s detection ability was to put a distance of over 1,000 li between them and Chen Feng.

It did not take long for Chen Feng to catch up to Ling Fei. At that moment, this cultivator in white no longer had that arrogant expression on his face. Instead, he ran in a wretched manner through the forest, fearful of the Thunderhawk’s pursuit.

Thankfully, he is alone, otherwise it would have been hard for me to take action. Chen Feng smiled as he hastened forward to block Ling Fei.

When Ling Fei saw someone suddenly appearing before him, he became shocked. However, when he realized that it was Chen Feng, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Observing Ling Fei’s reaction, Chen Feng secretly sneered. As expected, Ling Fei did not view him as a threat at all.

“Why are you here?” Ling Fei asked with a frown.

“I am here to see how wretched you look when you are running,” Chen Feng said with a snicker.

“What? Kid, are you trying to court death here? Don’t think that I wouldn’t kill you just because you are a disciple of Extreme Celestial Sect. There is no one here. Even if I do kill you, no one will find out. Besides, even if Extreme Celestial Sect do find out, they will not go against my Transcendent Firmaments Sect for a little inner disciple like you,” Ling Fei said with a sneer.

“You are right. There is no one here. Even if I kill you, no one will find out,” Chen Feng said scornfully. Next, the lance in his hand stabbed into Ling Fei’s right arm.


In but half the blink of an eye, Ling Fei’s arm withered up before exploding. The explosion caused Ling Fei’s face to turn pale and he fell to the ground.

“So useless. You are supposed to be a cultivator at the condensed Soulflame realm,” Chen Feng said contemptuously. Stepping forward, he placed Bloody Soul right before Ling Fei’s face.

“You dare harm me?!” Ling Fei cried out miserably. His hand reached out to grab a piece of jade talisman, intending on crushing it.

Light flashed across Chen Feng’s eyes and the lance in his hand stabbed out. With a banging sound, Ling Fei’s remaining arm was reduced to nothing and the piece of messaging talisman fell to the ground.


Ling Fei screamed out wretchedly as he rolled across the ground. His voice sounded miserable to the extreme.

Chen Feng frowned. With a swing, the lance heavily struck Ling Fei’s head.

“Enough, one more scream from you and I will kill you,” Chen Feng threatened him ruthlessly.

Hearing Chen Feng’s threat, Ling Fei’s cry of misery halted. His hate-filled eyes stared fearfully at Chen Feng.

“I want to ask you. Why is the Thunderhawk after you all?” Chen Feng asked coldly.

A hesitant look flashed across Ling Fei’s face. However, with a mere wave of the lance in Chen Feng’s hand, Ling Fei grew honest.

“I will tell you. However, you must promise not to kill me,” Ling Fei hastily said.

“If you don’t tell me, I will just kill you right now,” Chen Feng said indifferently. Bloody Soul, having just absorbed blood, radiated thick demonic and blood energy, causing Ling Fei to feel even more fearful. 

“Hurry up and say it,” shouted Chen Feng.

“We stole the Thunderhawk’s eggs.” Due to the pressure that Chen Feng was putting Ling Fei under, he finally blabbed.

“Thunderhawk eggs?” A look of surprise flashed across Chen Feng’s eyes.

“You are saying you fellows broke into the Thunderhawk’s grotto-mansion and stole her eggs?” Chen Feng asked again.

“But the human form of the one chasing us is clearly a male.”

“Back when we were secretly entering the Thunderhawk’s grotto-mansion, this Thunderhawk was not around. The only one around was a female hawk who had just laid her eggs,” Ling Fei said.

“So, you killed that weakened female hawk and stole the eggs? No wonder this Thunderhawk would chase after you fellows for so long. With this level of grudge, he would soar to Heaven and descend to Hell for the sake of vengeance,” Chen Feng said with a sneer. 

“How many Thunderhawk eggs are there in total?” Chen Feng asked again.


“Who has them?”

“I only know that Liu Tian has one. As for the others, I do not know. It was rather chaotic back then.”

“I have already told you everything. You must never kill me. You will end up in trouble if you kill me,” Ling Fei hastily said.


Chen Feng stabbed the lance into Ling Fei’s chest, sucking Ling Fei’s blood away.


Ling Fei only managed to utter out that one word before dying.

Ignoring the fact that Chen Feng had always felt displeased with Ling Fei, there was no way he could spare him even if there were no enmity between them. Since he had chosen to attack Ling Fei, he would have to go all out and weed out all future issues. Besides, Ling Fei was a disciple of Transcendent Firmaments Palace. By not killing Ling Fei, Chen Feng would be in trouble after getting out from the immortal mountain.

Moving forward, Chen Feng found Ling Fei’s spatial pouch, which he tossed into the Longevity Tower. Then, he dug a hole and buried Ling Fei’s corpse there.

After that, Chen Feng picked up the messaging talisman that was on the ground before quickly disappearing from sight. When there was a distance of over 1,000 li between him and Ling Fei’s corpse, he crushed the messaging talisman.

“Heh! I wonder how many amongst them can survive the Thunderhawk’s pursuit. Still, it is hard to predict. They have survived the Thunderhawk’s pursuit so many times, after all. They might survive this one as well,” Chen Feng said.

Chen Feng then found a giant tree to hide in. He waited there for four hours, but no one came. Chen Feng determined that Liu Tian and the others must have run far away. Either that, or no one cared about Ling Fei’s state at all.

Only then did Chen Feng send his divine sense into the Longevity Tower. There, he brought out all the items inside Ling Fei’s spatial pouch.

Spirit stones, medicinal pills, medicinal herbs, books, magic treasures, metal ores and various other items crashed out into a messy pile within the Longevity Tower.

However, Chen Feng only gave them a perfunctory glance before ignoring them. Another item had caught his attention.

It was an egg. Its surface flashed with the power of lightning.

“This is a Thunderhawk egg,” Chen Feng exclaimed. Next, his entire body slipped into the Longevity Tower and he picked up the Thunderhawk egg.

“According to Ling Fei, there is a total of four eggs. However, this fellow has one of them. Tsk, tsk. How unexpected. This fellow has some abilities,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

The egg was neither large nor striking. It was only slightly bigger than a fist. However, faint lightning bolts kept flashing across the surface of its shell. Chen Feng could also sense a faint life force within it.

“As expected from the egg of a Great Yao,” praised Chen Feng.

After inspecting it for a bit, Chen Feng found a jade box and placed the Thunderhawk egg inside it before moving out from the Longevity Tower.

The egg’s value is probably at the same level as a yao core. After it hatches, it will be a mini Thunderhawk. Chen Feng smiled.

Next up, Chen Feng continued venturing through the forest for a few more days before finally feeling frustrated.

Could it be I will have to keep cultivating myself here? Although the conditions here are good, it is quite monotonous. It was then that Chen Feng realized that he was not as patient as he had thought.

As Chen Feng was at a loss, he suddenly sensed a terrifying aura flying past him. Chen Feng rapidly retracted his aura and hid himself within the dense number of leaves within the forest.

1 li = 0.5 km

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