Chapter 223: Thunderhawk Attacks


Hearing Liu Tian’s invitation, Chen Feng’s heart gave a thump. Then, he smiled and said, “As long as you are not afraid that I will drag you fellows down.”

“So, you know you will drag us down,” mumbled the detestable Ling Fei.

“He he. Junior Brother Chen is able to venture through this place alone all this time. Even if you are lacking in strength, you probably have a corresponding level of luck. What we need here is luck,” Liu Tian replied with a chuckle.

Thus, the group of six became a group of seven. Chen Feng had his own reasons for following them. At any rate, he was lacking in strength to be exploring this unfamiliar space alone. There was no way to know if he might encounter a danger he could not deal with. As they were all disciples of the immortal dao sects, grouping up would make it better for them should they encounter any issues.

Observing the endless forest of towering trees, Chen Feng casually said, “I wonder how big this forest is. I have flown over several thousand li but have yet to reach its end.”

“We came from the direction opposite from yours. We have also flown across several thousand li. It seems we’ll have to change our route,” Liu Xihua said with a smile.

“It is really strange. Before entering, I could never have expected to see something like this inside. However, this is a good place for cultivation,” Xu Ziping said, a smile on his face.

“I had thought that we’d be able to meet Immortal Humans after entering. At the very least, we should be able to find one or two Immortal artefacts. How else could it deserve its name of immortal mountain?” Chen Feng joked.

“Immortal artefact? You sure can dream big. All I want is to get out. Immortal artefact? Forget it.” Shangguan Yun felt amused after hearing Chen Feng’s words.

“This space is too big. Who knows where the other cultivators who came in are? I don’t have the guts to dream about getting Immortal artefacts. To be able to get one or two Prized artefacts will satisfy me,” Liu Tian said.

“With the exception of the abundance of spiritual energy here, nothing else surprises me. I have never even encountered any insanely powerful yaos or demons,” Tie Changkong said coolly.

“We are but lesser beings. It’s best to be safe. Forget those insanely powerful monsters, even those slightly powerful Great Yaos could finish us off. Did you forget what happened not too long ago?” Liu Tian said coldly.

Hearing that, Chen Feng grew puzzled as he did not understand what Liu Tian was talking about. After asking around for a bit, Chen Feng found out that their group originally had more than six people. Rather, it had 20 people. Other than these disciples from the immortal dao sects, there were also loose cultivators amongst the 20 cultivators.

Truth be told, it had not been easy for those cultivators to gather up as one. After gathering up, they planned on exploring the immortal mountain. Unexpectedly, they encountered a Great Yao, a flying type at that. As a result, the Great Yao killed off most of the cultivators, leaving only these six cultivators.

After escaping, the six of them found a safe place to hide. Only after their injuries had healed up did they emerge from hiding. Not long after that, they encountered Chen Feng.

Hearing that, Chen Feng became surprised. He did not think that the six of them had had such an experience. Even more shocking was the news of the flying Great Yao. The Great Yao must surely be much stronger than the violent ape he encountered earlier.

Disregarding all else, Chen Feng could sense that Liu Tian was not to be underestimated. It was highly likely that he possessed at least one Prized artefact. Given that he was already a level 9 Concealed stage cultivator, the fact that he also possessed a Prized artefact meant he would be able to fight against even the violent ape for a bit.

“That is why, every time I fly, I feel scared,” Liu Xihua said with a bitter smile.

“What kind of Great Yao did you fellows encounter?” Chen Feng was curious.

“It’s a Thunderhawk. Moreover, it is one with 2 Lightning Tribulations under its belt,” replied Liu Xihua grimly.

“So, it is a Thunderhawk.” Chen Feng was somewhat shocked. He could still remember the Thunderhawk talon in his possession. He had personally cut out that talon.

“Oh, no. It’s come again!” Liu Tian’s face suddenly turned serious.

Hearing Liu Tian’s words, the expressions on the other five cultivators sank. Chen Feng was the only one who failed to understand what Liu Tian meant.

Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! Sou! 

The six of them hurriedly descended into the dense jungle beneath, leaving Chen Feng alone hovering above the forest. 

“Junior Brother Chen, hurry down here,” Tie Changkong’s voice rang from beside Chen Feng’s ear.

A black dot was growing closer. An overpowering atmosphere of suppression similar to that of a descending mountain pressed down on Chen Feng. As Chen Feng was attempting to get a clearer view of what that black dot was, a bluish, water-coloured lightning pierced through the air, arriving before Chen Feng in the blink of an eye.


Chen Feng chose to neither retreat nor dodge. Instead, he brought out Bloody Soul to stab the incoming lightning bolt.

He’s courting death! When the others below saw what Chen Feng was doing, that same thought flashed through their minds. What happened after that, however, shocked them. 

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Electrical current flashed out and Chen Feng became like a lost kite as he was blown off. However, the lightning bolt had been shattered apart.

He could actually block the Thunderhawk’s attack? All six of them revealed looks of incredulity.

Chen Feng had finally realized what was coming. He hastily stabilized his body before swiftly flying down into the thick forest beneath.

By then, Liu Tian and the others had begun fleeing in separate directions. Judging by their movements, it would appear that they were already very used to this.

The atmosphere of suppression grew even stronger. Chen Feng felt as though a massive mountain was on the verge of smashing down on his head. Strong winds rose up and the sky actually turned dark. The surrounding giant trees began trembling non-stop.

Rumble! Rumble!

Dull rumbling sounds could be heard coming from the earth. Two giant trees that were comparable to small mountains were torn out from the earth, causing vast tracts of soil to fly about, their interweaving roots rising up from the earth. Chen Feng felt as though there was an earthquake. As he was thinking about leaving as fast as he could, he sensed the sky clearing up. The two giant trees that had risen up into the sky suddenly came smashing down on him.


Chen Feng could not stop himself from swearing out before turning around to run. Both his hands pushed forward and the long Longevity Chains shot forward rapidly to wrap around a tree that was 100 zhang away. After that, the rate at which Chen Feng fled rose greatly.

Rumble! Rumble!

The two giant trees smashed down heavily, causing the other giant trees to shake. For Chen Feng, it felt as though the entire forest was shaking.

Chen Feng had only made it through over 1,000 zhang when he saw a nearby giant tree getting pulled up again. Next, the giant tree came smashing towards him. As Chen Feng was furiously dodging the tree, he saw a massive hawk up in the sky, using its talons to pull up two more giant trees.

It really is a Thunderhawk. Chen Feng felt shocked.

Back in Demonsoul Valley, Chen Feng had encountered a Thunderhawk before. However, this Thunderhawk before his eyes was clearly one level bigger compared to the one from Demonsoul Valley. Its broad wings could seemingly slap a mountain to pieces, its sharp claws could seemingly tear open Heaven. Chen Feng instantly determined that this Thunderhawk was far, far superior compared to the one from Demonsoul Valley.

However, I am also no longer the same as before. This Thunderhawk may not necessarily be capable of doing anything to me. Chen Feng thought to himself before increasing his movement speed to dart through the forest.

Although this Thunderhawk is very powerful, that only applies in the sky. Since I am running through the forest, I should be able to escape, right?

Unfortunately, Chen Feng quickly realized how mistaken he was. The massive Thunderhawk spread open its broad wings and performed a flap. Next, hurricanes emerged from its wings and descended upon the forest.

Kacha! Woah! Kacha! Kacha!

Due to the intense hurricanes, several giant trees were immediately blown up into the sky. Chen Feng was sucked into one of the air currents and his figure smashed heavily into the ground.

Impressive. Still, why is this Thunderhawk aiming for me? What did I ever do to him? Chen Feng felt vexed. 

As he was considering the matter, he heard a shocked cry coming from up ahead. Next, he saw a human figure getting pulled up high into the sky. Without giving it any thought, Chen Feng waved his hand. His Longevity Chain shot out to wrap around the figure. Then, with a tug, he pulled the figure back down.

“Thank you.”

“It’s you? Are you all right?” Only then did Chen Feng saw that the one he saved was Liu Xihua.

“I am fine. Let’s hurry up and run. This Thunderhawk is just too strong,” Liu Xihua said.

Hu! Hu! Hu! Hu!

Another series of intense hurricanes descended upon the ground. Left with no time to think, Chen Feng and Liu Xihua fled.

After one joss stick’s worth of time, Chen Feng and Liu Xihua finally escaped from the Thunderhawk’s attacks. It would appear that the Thunderhawk had chosen to focus going after the others.

Hearing the constant roars coming from afar, Chen Feng could not help but turn to Liu Xihua and ask, “Just what is going on here?”

“It is a long story. The Thunderhawk has been chasing after us all this time.” Liu Xihua shook his head and revealed a bitter smile.

The two of them were covered in dirt. It was an extremely wretched sight.

“Heh! I believe the Thunderhawk wouldn’t choose to chase after you all for nothing. There must be a reason for this, right?” Chen Feng said with a sneer.

“Err, back then, we accidentally came across the Thunderhawk’s territory. Since then, this Thunderhawk has been coming hard after us. Many of our companions were shredded to death by the Thunderhawk during this time,” Liu Xihua said, a slightly pale expression on his face.

One hour later, the distant roars gradually faded away. Liu Xihua then retrieved a piece of jade talisman. Checking it for a moment, he said, “Come, let’s gather up with the others.”

It did not take them long to group up again. There were seven people all together, not a single one less. However, several wounds could be seen on Liu Tian and Tie Changkong’s bodies. It seemed they had some confrontation with the Thunderhawk.

“We should hurry up and get out of here,” Liu Tian said solemnly.

“What happened to the Thunderhawk?” Liu Xihua asked.

“I don’t know what happened, but the Thunderhawk that was up in the sky suddenly disappeared,” interjected Ling Fei.

“Humph! The Thunderhawk has overcome at least 2 Lightning Tribulations. Do not forget, Great Yaos who can overcome Lightning Tribulation can usually take human form. That Thunderhawk has probably entered this forest,” Liu Tian said coldly.

“Given our numbers, if it did take human form, we should be able to put up a fight against it,” Tie Changkong said with an icy tone.

“Even if it does take human form, it is still a Great Yao. If it comes down to a fight, all seven of us will not survive,” Liu Tian said grimly.

1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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