Chapter 221: All Courting Death


Chen Feng narrowed his eyes to regard the other party as they did the same towards him. Neither side spoke up.

Out of these four, the one with the highest cultivation base is the one who snatched away my Prized artefact. Surprisingly, he is a level 8 Concealed stage cultivator who has cultivated out his domain power. If he also possesses a Prized artefact that he can fully utilize, I will probably suffer here. The other three have decent cultivation bases as well. They are all at level 7 of the Concealed stage. However, they have yet to cultivate out their domain powers. They will be easier to deal with. Still, who are they? Chen Feng considered.

The four cultivators secretly discussed amongst themselves as they regarded Chen Feng.

“Who is this kid?”

“Who cares? Just kill him!”

“No. This person is not to be underestimated. Do not forget, the flaming wasps here had brought us quite a bit of suffering back then.”

“We’ve snatched the Prized artefact away. He will never let this slide.”

“Humph! If this kid doesn’t understand his place, we’ll just kill him. It doesn’t matter who he is. There is no one else here, after all.”

“That is right. Us being inside the immortal mountain aside, even in the outside, how many dares to oppose our Nine Firmaments Palace?”

As the four of them were secretly discussing amongst themselves, Chen Feng finally said, “Leave the item and I will not kill you fellows.”

Hearing the calm tone in Chen Feng’s words, the four of them grew dumbfounded. They exchanged glances. Immediately, they broke into laughter. It was as though they had heard the funniest joke ever.

“Ha ha ha ha! Did I get it wrong? What did the kid say just now? Ha ha ha ha!”

“You didn’t get it wrong. The kid said he won’t kill us, ha ha ha ha! I think there are probably no cultivator as arrogant as this in our Northern Plains, right?”

“Right. This fellow must be from some other place. Either that, or he is a fool. To think that he would say something like that to our face. Ha ha ha ha! I’m dying of laughter here!”

After laughing for a good while, one of the four cultivators said, “Kid, do you know who we are?”

Chen Feng frowned and thought to himself, Like hell I care who you fellows are! Even if you are from the same sect as me, the fact that you snatched my magic treasure means death!

After the line of thought crossed Chen Feng’s mind, he stopped bothering to talk with them. At any rate, they were inside the immortal mountain. There were unlikely to be any other cultivators within a radius of hundreds of li. Since these fellows chose to offend him, he would just have to kill them off.

Chen Feng’s left palm pushed violently towards the four cultivators. He furiously mobilized his Four Extreme acupoints to send a formidable palm force out to envelop the four cultivators. While he did so, Chen Feng swiftly dashed forward and Bloody Soul transformed into a bloody beam of light to stab into one of the cultivator’s chest.


A piercing sound rang out and the cultivator’s blood was sucked dry, leaving a withered-up corpse. The remaining three cultivators, having fallen under Chen Feng’s palm force, hastily retreated.

“You!” The cultivator who snatched the blade did not expect Chen Feng to attack so quickly. Not to mention, Chen Feng had killed off one of his junior brothers with his very first attack. His eyes widened from shock. Next, he spread out his domain to protect the other two cultivators.

As he had already started his attack, Chen Feng did not hesitate. After killing off one of the cultivators, Chen Feng did not stop. The bloody lance in his hand left after-images in the air as it shot towards the three remaining cultivators. Simultaneously, the Overwhelming Astral Sword, which had been hovering above his head, descended upon the three cultivators as well.

“Oh, no! It’s a Prized artefact! Two Prized artefacts!”

“Quick, flee!”

“You cannot kill me! We are disciples of Nine Firmaments Palace!”

The three of them had originally considered fighting back. However, when they realized that Chen Feng actually possessed two Prized artefacts, they realized that they were in hot soup. Each of them shouted as they split up, fleeing in three different directions. The one with domain power escaped at a much faster speed compared to the others. Surprisingly, he was burning up the power of his domain power. In the blink of an eye, he covered a distance of over 100 metres.


The Overwhelming Astral Sword decapitated one of the fleeing cultivators. Even the cultivator’s Soulflame was shattered by the Overwhelming Astral Sword.


The other cultivator was stabbed by the bloody lance and was reduced to a withered corpse.

After killing the two cultivators, Chen Feng rode the Overwhelming Astral Sword to swiftly chase after the last cultivator. Due to the delay, the cultivator, with his domain power, had managed to disappear from sight.

“In the past, trying to kill a fleeing a cultivator who has cultivated out his domain power would have taken quite the effort. But now, things are different.” After saying that, the Thousand Seeker Mirror appeared on Chen Feng’s left palm. A red dot could be seen on the surface of the mirror. The red dot was none other than the fleeing cultivator. With the Thousand Seeker Mirror, a Prized artefact, in his possession, Chen Feng was not afraid that the cultivator could escape from him.

In order to avoid any unexpected complications, Chen Feng chose to increase the speed of his pursuit. Gradually, the distance between them was reduced. No matter how powerful the other party may be, he had yet to reach the Sky Human stage after all. Trying to outrun Chen Feng’s Prized artefact was simply impossible.

Hopefully, no one else appears. If someone finds out that I had killed the disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace, not even Extreme Celestial Sect could protect me. Chen Feng was feeling concerned.

The Ten Great Immortal Dao Sects in the Northern Plains had their own rankings. The Nine Firmaments Palace, Purple Firmaments Palace, Transcendent Firmaments Palace shared the same root. Should a large-scale battle arise, the three great sects would certainly join hands. In the face of their combined force, even the mighty Sword Hall would end up facing annihilation.

If news of Chen Feng killing disciples of Nine Firmaments Palace were to spread out, Nine Firmaments Palace would certainly put pressure on Extreme Celestial Sect. When faced with that pressure, Chen Feng did not think that Extreme Celestial Sect would choose to fight against Nine Firmaments Palace for the sake of a minor disciple like him.

Although the Ten Great Immortal Dao Sects do constantly engage in acts of killing one another, those were all done in secrecy. Without any evidence, no one could say anything. However, to openly kill off the disciples from one of the great sects meant openly declaring war. Not to mention, those four disciples were not ordinary disciples.

This was the first time Mo Lie burned the power of his domain. He felt an oppressive force ceaselessly tearing his meridians. As a result, the rate at which his primary energy circulated became ten times higher. He had never felt himself going this fast before.

Still, Mo Lie knew. Even if he did manage to escape this calamity, it would take who knows how long for him to recover his cultivation base.

Truth be told, it had not been too long since Mo Lie cultivated out his domain power. Right after getting promoted to the rank of elite disciple, he was sent forth to search for immortal serendipity. In the beginning, Mo Lie felt somewhat unhappy. Then one day, he and his fellow juniors were sucked into the immortal mountain through a rift. Thus, Mo Lie and his fellow juniors found themselves within the Driftcloud Immortal Mountain. 

Initially, they felt somewhat happy. They thought that they were blessed with immortal serendipity. However, it did not take long before they encountered danger. After several of his fellow juniors successively lost their lives, they came to understand that this was a danger zone. Following that, they became more cautious with the way they moved forward.

Truth was, they had discovered the huge wasp nest early on. One of them had actually died to the golden rays of light released by the flaming wasps.

Despite knowing the terrible danger represented by the flaming wasps, Mo Lie and the others did not leave as they knew about the existence of the Prized artefact within the wasp nest. For them, a Prized artefact was truly a treasure.

They had waited for a few days. When Mo Lie and his group began growing restless, Chen Feng appeared. Additionally, he managed to defeat the flaming wasps and take away the large wasp nest. Seeing that, Mo Lie could not stop himself. Sensing an opportunity, he made his move and was fortunate enough to obtain the Prized artefact.

Unexpectedly, Chen Feng was a monster. Without saying a word, he had killed off three of Mo Lie’s junior brothers. And now, Chen Feng was coming after Mo Lie. As Mo Lie fled, he gave a sigh of relief. Despite being forced to run by burning the power of his domain, he did manage to obtain a Prized artefact. Should he succeed in escaping from this calamity, everything would have been worth it.

It was truly a beautiful thought. However, can he escape?

It’s been long enough. Chen Feng grew impatient. Fiercely igniting his Soulflame, he transformed the Overwhelming Astral Sword into a sword beam which covered a distance of over 100 zhang in a flash. Despite how far away the fleeing Mo Lie was, the Overwhelming Astral Sword stabbed towards him.


A sword beam flashed out and a big tree was cut down, its foliage scattering outwards while the trunk was neatly split into two. Mo Lie descended into the forest and darted through the thick forest in his attempt to escape.

I want to see where you can escape to. Chen Feng swiftly landed on the ground. The Magnetic acupoints on his feet rapidly created a respiration cycle. Without slowing down, Chen Feng swiftly dashed through the forest. It did not take him long to catch sight of Mo Lie’s figure. 


A sword beam furiously sliced forward to collide against the flaming blade in Mo Lie’s hand. Two nearby trees, each requiring several people to wrap around, were split apart. The Overwhelming Astral Sword released a ringing sound before returning to hover above Chen Feng’s head. As for Mo Lie, his fleeing figure faltered. That slight delay allowed Chen Feng to chase up to him.

“Which sect are you from? You dare kill disciples from Nine Firmaments Palace? Are you not afraid of sect extermination?” Knowing that he could no longer escape, Mo Lie turned around and shouted at Chen Feng. His grip on the flaming blade tightened.

Chen Feng ignored his words. He wielded Bloody Soul, which spun and stabbed towards Mo Lie. At any rate, he was going to kill Mo Lie and snatch back the treasure. There was no point in wasting any more time.


Bloody Soul smashed heavily against the flaming blade in Mo Lie’s hand. The massive impact forced Mo Lie to stagger backwards. Regarding the bloody lance in Chen Feng’s hand, he shouted, “Demonic artefact! You are a member of a demonic sect?!”


The bloody lance left another after-image in the air as it smashed into Mo Lie to send him flying.

“You seem like an elite disciple from Nine Firmaments Palace. Is this all you have?” Chen Feng sneered. With a stamp, a formidable earthen power shot forward to send Mo Lie flying into the air once more. 

Next, Chen Feng grasped, causing Mo Lie to slowly float towards him. Mo Lie struggled furiously while howling again and again.

With a wave of his hand, Chen Feng took the flaming blade. The moment the blade fell into his hand, Chen Feng felt a fiery energy wave coursing through his arm into his body.

“What a thick primary solar fire,” Chen Feng exclaimed. After that, he kept it inside the Longevity Tower. He would refine it and put it into one of his insight acupoints when there was time.

“Kid, I don’t care who you are. If you kill me, you will be in trouble,” Mo Lie shouted.

“If I don’t kill you, I will truly be in trouble,” replied Chen Feng with a sneer. The Overwhelming Astral Sword spinning above his head undulated continuously with sword light as it made ready to kill off Mo Lie.

As Chen Feng was about to make his move, a black silhouette suddenly pounced at Chen Feng. It happened at such an alarming speed that Chen Feng was incapable of seeing what it was.

1 li = 0.5 km

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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