Chapter 220: Plunder the Burning House


“Nothing at all. How is that possible?” Seeing the clear sky above, Chen Feng grew surprised. He was unable to find anything there at all. And yet, the rays of golden light earlier had clearly existed. Not to mention, the holes they left on the ground were still there.

After some consideration, Chen Feng put away the Thousand Seeker Mirror and brought out Bloody Soul instead. Next, he charged upwards, transforming into a beam of light as he did. 

Chen Feng was in mid-air when something flashed before his eyes. Slices of golden light was shooting towards him. Chen Feng grunted in response while hastily twirling Bloody Soul to form a circular shield. After a series of collision, the rays of golden light were all shattered.

Sensing the resulting impact coming from the lance, Chen Feng was able to gauge the situation. The rays of golden light were not that strong. Given Chen Feng’s current level of cultivation, it was completely within his ability to deal with them.

I want to see just what is it, Chen Feng thought. Next, he charged towards the source of the golden light.

It did not take long before more rays of golden light shot towards Chen Feng once more. Moreover, the number of rays was increasing. Gradually, the number of rays grew so dense they could blot the sky.

Bloody Soul kept stabbing forward, releasing vibrations, which caused a series of explosions through the sky. The explosions caused the incoming rays of golden light to shatter.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! 

The series of explosions was like fireworks spreading out before Chen Feng. As for Chen Feng, he could feel both his hands trembling. Each of the rays of golden light possessed the offensive power of a grade 3 flying sword.

It was unknown just how many rays of golden light Chen Feng shattered. However, as he was feeling somewhat strained for breath, the rays of golden light suddenly stopped attacking Chen Feng.

Chen Feng moved his aching arms for a bit. Then, he was able to get a proper look at the culprit behind the rays of golden light.

“What a big wasp nest!” Chen Feng blurted.

Not far away from Chen Feng was a thriving, giant tree. It was a notch higher compared to the surrounding giant trees. There at the top of the giant tree was a wasp nest the size of a building. Due the intense sunlight, the golden-coloured wasp nest shone with an eye-piercing lustre. Countless golden-coloured, flaming wasps were crawling across the surface of the nest, each the size of a fist.

Chen Feng was taken aback. He soon discovered that the solar essence descending from the sky were converging upon the large wasp nest. It was as though there were some unique magic arrays engraved into the surface of the large wasp nest, allowing it to continuously absorb sunlight from the sky.

Seeing Chen Feng approaching, every one of the flaming wasps that was on the wasp nest buzzed. They all stared intently at Chen Feng. Next, their bodies shone with golden light before shooting out beams of golden light at Chen Feng.

Seeing that shocked Chen Feng once again. They aren’t attacking with their stingers? What kind of attack is this?

Next, Chen Feng brandished the lance in his hand once again to shatter all the incoming attacks. At the same time, the Overwhelming Astral Sword swiftly emerged from his Heavenly Origin acupoint. Transforming into a beam of light, it stabbed towards the large wasp nest.

Right as the Overwhelming Astral Sword was about to stab into the large wasp nest, the wasp nest suddenly released a dazzling light. Row after row of mysterious patterns began spreading throughout the surface of the wasp nest as the magic arrays engraved upon the wasp nest began operating. 


A sharp blade wreathed in raging fire – seemingly made from gold – shot towards the Overwhelming Astral Sword.


Chen Feng growled and the speed at which the Overwhelming Astral Sword was stabbing forward increased. It then slammed heavily into the sharp blade.


Fireworks spread out across the radius of one zhang as the Overwhelming Astral Sword was shockingly sent flying from the impact. It tumbled tens of times through the sky before managing to return to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng was stunned, resulting in him faltering for a bit. As a result, two beams of golden light struck his body. Thankfully, the protective layer of astral energy around his body managed to block off the two beams. Still, Chen Feng was shocked. The two beams had nearly managed to pierce through the protective layer of astral energy. Should the tens of beams strike him, he would end up becoming riddled with holes.

Looking at the blade wreathed in raging fire that was hovering before the wasp nest, an odd look flashed across Chen Feng’s face. It was one of both shock and excitement.

I didn’t think I could encounter a Prized artefact here. It seems this will be my biggest harvest since coming into this immortal mountain. Chen Feng smiled.

After confirming that the blade was a Prized artefact, Chen Feng made up his mind. He wanted it.

Chen Feng was still lacking magic treasures to suppress his insight acupoints. The higher Chen Feng’s cultivation base went, the more insight acupoints he would open up. Thus, the number of magic treasures he required would only increase.

Chen Feng would feel concerned whenever he considered this matter. Unexpectedly, he would encounter a Prized artefact here. No matter what, Chen Feng would not let this slip from him. More importantly, Chen Feng was confident that he could acquire this Prized artefact.

Observing the distant Prized artefact, Chen Feng’s eyes began shining. The primary energy circulating within his body roared with an even greater intensity.

The Thousand Seeker Mirror emerged from his palm once more to fire out beam after beam of light towards the wasp nest.

Weng! Weng! Weng!

Who knows just how many of those flaming wasps had flown out, but the loud and non-stop buzzing created by their wings was such that it could create a sense of dizziness.

Seeing that their earlier attacks had been incapable of dealing with Chen Feng, they went for a different approach. This time, they themselves charged Chen Feng.

Puchi! Puchi! Puchi!

Whenever a flaming wasp was struck by the beam of light fired out by the Thousand Seeker Mirror, they would become like an extinguished fireball. With a wail, they fell to the ground.

As for Chen Feng, he wielded Bloody Soul, emanating an aggressive atmosphere as he charged forward. At the same time, the Overwhelming Astral Sword became like a line as it shot towards the blade again to force another engagement.

After the earlier collision, Chen Feng knew that his Overwhelming Astral Sword was no match for the blade. Thus, Chen Feng decided to go all out against the flaming wasps. Once that was done, he would be able to focus his all on suppressing the blade.

Bang! Bang!

After two violent clashes, the Overwhelming Astral Sword was sent flying once again. Streams of fierce blade energy and sharp sword energy decimated a large stretch of the flaming wasps.

As the Overwhelming Astral Sword was in a disadvantageous position, Chen Feng’s mind was affected as well. However, Chen Feng could not stop himself from revealing a smile. He had discovered an advantageous fact. The blade, that Prized artefact, could only defend and not attack.

So long as the Overwhelming Astral Sword did not attack, the blade would only choose to defend the wasp nest. Only when the wasp nest was under attack would the blade unleash its formidable might.

Magic arrays are non-living objects after all. If a cultivator wields this Prized artefact to engage me in a fight, I would probably have to put in quite some effort to win. But now, that blade will surely be mine. Chen Feng could not stop himself from smiling.

Next, Chen Feng’s aura spiked upwards, seemingly reaching an apex. With one hand holding the bloody lance and the other holding the Thousand Seeker Mirror, Chen Feng charged forward, crushing a great deal of the flaming wasps.

Chen Feng continued for two joss sticks’ worth of time and countless flaming wasps were crushed as a result. Finally, Chen Feng arrived before the building-sized wasp nest. Without giving it any thought, Chen Feng waved his hand and kept the large wasp nest into the Longevity Tower.

Seeing their nest disappear all of a sudden, the remaining flaming wasps grew even more infuriated. They all charged at Chen Feng and began self-destructing.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Every one of the flaming wasps’ self-destruct move could create a huge explosion of flames. The violent flames, which contained great destructive forces, engulfed Chen Feng.

Human cultivators, yao beasts, they all like to resort to self-destruct moves in the face of death. Chen Feng sneered. Next, he lunged out with lightning-like speed and his lance struck the flaming blade.

Without the controlling power of the magic arrays on the wasp nest, the blade’s power was greatly reduced. It could not even quickly defend itself. After getting struck by Chen Feng’s lance, it was knocked far away, tumbling as it did.


Chen Feng snickered. Extending one palm, he performed a grasping move at the blade. Next, a suction force came from his palm.

Currently, Chen Feng had already opened up his Four Extreme acupoints. Additionally, two of the acupoints had the aegis of Prized artefacts. As such, it would not be an exaggeration to say that Chen Feng’s palms possessed the might of Prized artefacts. This suction force from his palm was so powerful, not even a cultivator with Soulflame could resist. Furthermore, Chen Feng was confident that he could directly grasp the blade.

However, Chen Feng’s smile immediately faded away. The Prized artefact that was about to fall into his hands ended up falling into someone else’s hands.

The suction force he sent out was just about to envelop the blade when a thick and strong hand suddenly appeared out of nowhere. The hand grabbed the blade, causing Chen Feng’s move to miss.

The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole from behind. The thought flashed across Chen Feng’s mind. Next, he performed another grasping motion, sending a tyrannical force which enveloped both the blade and the other person.

Due to the force that Chen Feng sent out, the cultivator who had suddenly appeared staggered. Suddenly, he gave out a pulse. Shockingly, he managed to break out from the force that Chen Feng had sent out through his palm. Swift winds blew all of a sudden as several sword beams seared the sky to attack Chen Feng.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Chen Feng swung Bloody Soul, shattering those sword beams. The contorted expression on his face regained its calmness. However, the rage and killing intent within him churned high. Seeing others snatch the Prized artefact that was about to fall into his hands, killing intent surged into Chen Feng’s mind.

However, Chen Feng dared not be reckless about it. Seeing as they could snatch the Prized artefact from his hand, they were not to be underestimated. Using the action of shattering the incoming sword beams earlier, Chen Feng gauged the strength of the other party.

This was the other reason why Chen Feng did not continue his attack. The other party was not just one person. Thus, Chen Feng hovered coolly, watching as the other cultivators flew forward, grouping up before him. The Bloody Soul in his hand and the Overwhelming Astral Sword hovering above him were staying extremely quiet. In actuality, they were secretly gathering their power in preparation to attack at any time so that they may unleash their most potent attacks.

There was a total of four people. Judging by their clothing, they were of the same gang. The cultivator who snatched the flaming blade possessed the highest cultivation base. However, he cast a grim stare at Chen Feng while wielding the blade. Obviously, he could tell that Chen Feng was not to be trifled with.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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