Chapter 217: Cultivation Frenzy


Due to Chen Feng’s threat, Purplebolt had to go forward and open a path. At the end of the day, the Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm was a Great Yao. It possessed a high level of sensitivity towards the worldly spiritual energy around them and its ability to perceive its surroundings was not something that Chen Feng could hope to match.

Seeing Purplebolt shrink its body and move forward, Chen Feng slowly retracted a small portion of his soul power.

“This place is very safe. There shouldn’t be any yao beasts here,” Purplebolt said.

“In that case, we’ll cultivate here for a time. At any rate, the spiritual energy here is abundant and there are also many giant, towering trees. Hopefully, you will be able to overcome Lightning Tribulation here,” Chen Feng said.

“Overcoming Lightning Tribulation. It will likely come soon after I finish absorbing the two yao cores. Add the abundant spiritual energy here to the mix, I believe it shouldn’t be an issue.” The Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm felt very pleased. Originally, he would have had to spend some more time gathering his strength in order to face Lightning Tribulation. However, as he now possessed the two yao cores, the time required for that had decreased drastically. 

Chen Feng carefully examined his surroundings before flying up to a giant tree. Stepping upon the luxuriant foliage, he kept running upwards until he reached the top. Breeze after breeze blew upon Chen Feng’s body. It felt like knives cutting at him.

This time, Chen Feng did not absorb the wood essence of the giant tree. Instead, he retrieved a yao core from the Longevity Tower. It was a green-coloured yao core.

The yao core possessed wood attribute and was obtained from a Great Yao. It was the equivalent of the compressed essence of a Sky Human stage cultivator.

The average cultivator would have found it very difficult to refine and absorb the yao core. However, Chen Feng was different. As he was cultivating the Longevity Scripture, he could refine and devour many types of power.

Originally, Chen Feng had wanted to absorb the power within the other yao core. However, since entering the immortal mountain, Chen Feng had absorbed a great deal of wood essence. Due to that, he could feel himself reaching a bottleneck. The power he accumulated had reached a peak. It was like a reservoir that was on the verge of breaking due to the torrential waters assailing it.

Chen Feng knew. He was about to break through.

He placed the yao core within his palm and it shone with an entrancing light. There was a thick amount of energy within the yao core. Chen Feng slowly took a breath and a misty stream of green essence flowed out from the yao core. Like a river, it then flowed into Chen Feng’s mouth. Next, it circulated around Chen Feng’s body a few times before fusing with his limbs and every corner of his body.

Every one of Chen Feng’s bones trembled constantly. His pores opened and closed; his opened insight acupoints swallowed without respite and his Soulflame raged continuously.

After the stream of energy was completely refined, Chen Feng opened his mouth and absorbed another stream of energy, which he proceeded to refine and absorb. He repeated the process, again and again. Throughout the cultivation process, Chen Feng could feel his strength slowly and firmly rising.

As expected from a yao core from a Great Yao. One mouthful of its essence is equivalent to tens of Magic crystals or Pure Yang Pills. Moreover, the grade of its energy is higher, Chen Feng thought.

Ignoring Chen Feng’s action of cultivating atop the tree, Purplebolt spread his colossal physique before opening his jaws widely. Then, he began to ceaselessly absorb the worldly spiritual energy around him. The overpowering suction force created by his move created a massive vortex formed entirely of spiritual energy.

The days ticked by. Finally, the quantitative changes within Chen Feng’s body led to a qualitative change. Streams of potent energy transformed into great, torrential dragons, which assailed the level 4 barrier of Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom.

Kacha! Kacha! Kacha!

Cracks appeared upon the level 4 barrier and the energy hidden within the sea of wisdom sprayed out incessantly. With a roaring sound, the passageway was fully opened and an endless deluge of energy surged out. In but the blink of an eye, it had filled every corner of Chen Feng’s body.

According to Tower, the energy was longevity primary spirit, something that was sealed within the various layers of Chen Feng’s sea of wisdom since his younger days. With every increase in Chen Feng’s cultivation base, the energy would continuously be released to transform his constitution and improve his power.

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

Due to the onslaught of the potent energy, the interior of Chen Feng’s body released a series of shocking, explosive sounds. Chen Feng could feel his fleshly body swelling up. The amount of energy inside his body was exceeding his limit.

As he had experienced this before, Chen Feng did not panic. Instead, he mobilized the various forces within his body to absorb and take in the sudden deluge of excess energy.

The Heavenly Origin acupoint, the Magnetic acupoints, the Tristar acupoints, the Four Extreme acupoints. All of them vibrated as they exerted wave after wave of formidable suction force to devour the energy flowing out from his sea of wisdom.

It did not take long for the insight acupoints to become full. With a thought from Chen Feng, the Overwhelming Astral Sword, which had been hovering protectively beside him, flew into the Heavenly Origin acupoint. Immediately, the wildly churning Heavenly Origin acupoint stabilized and expanded continuously.

A cycle was immediately formed between the Heavenly Origin acupoint and the Overwhelming Astral Sword. After that, it began to absorb the longevity primary spirit again.

Even so, it was still impossible for Chen Feng to fully absorb the longevity primary spirit, which kept surging out. Sure enough, Chen Feng’s body began swelling up again. The pain of muscles and flesh tearing spread across his whole body once again.

“I’ll try this!” Gritting his teeth, Chen Feng brought out Bloody Soul. Chen Feng’d had this demonic artefact for quite some time now. It had accompanied Chen Feng through plenty of bloody battles and absorbed a great deal of blood. Whenever Chen Feng had the time, he would slowly refine this demonic artefact. He would also put it into the Longevity Tower, where he utilized the lightning power stored within to help with the refining process so that he could increase the degree of integration between him and this demonic artefact.

Till this day, Chen Feng was still not confident that he could fuse this demonic artefact into his body.

Facing the assault from the overpowering torrents of energy, Chen Feng grew somewhat crazy. Waves of power flowed out from both his hands as he forcibly attempted to compress the demonic artefact and fuse with it.

Slowly, Bloody Soul, that was between Chen Feng’s palms, shrank until it became a clump of fiery-red light. Then, it flowed into Chen Feng’s body, quickly making its way towards the East Extreme acupoint in his right hand. This was the decision that Chen Feng decided upon after a considerable amount of thought. The Tristar acupoints were located on his head. There was no way he would attempt such a risky move there when he was not confident of the result. As for the Magnetic acupoints on his feet, they were for establishing a link with the earth. Given that it generated magnetic forces, Chen Feng felt that putting Bloody Soul there was inappropriate. Thus, he finally decided on putting the highly murderous, blood-coloured lance into his right palm. That way, his offensive power would rise as well.

As expected, after Bloody Soul entered the East Extreme acupoint in his right palm, the East Extreme acupoint immediately stabilized. Next, the rate at which it absorbed the outflowing energy increased. Additionally, the East Extreme acupoint was also constantly expanding. In just a breath’s worth of time, it had nearly doubled in size.

Vast amounts of longevity primary spirit surged into the East Extreme acupoint and Chen Feng could feel the power within his right hand growing ever stronger.

However, Chen Feng had yet to completely refine Bloody Soul. Not to mention, Chen Feng’s present level of cultivation was simply insufficient to suppress this grade 2 Prized artefact. Thus, a backlash effect began emerging from Bloody Soul, which was within his East Extreme acupoint.

Every part of the East Extreme acupoint began roiling tempestuously. It was as though a meteor had fallen into the sea, triggering a sky-blotting tsunami. 


Chen Feng felt as though his East Extreme acupoint was on the verge of breaking apart, taking his palm with it. Chen Feng’s face turned red and he sprayed out an arrow of blood.

Acupoint Aegis Art!

Chen Feng roared to himself as he continuously channelled the Acupoint Aegis Art recorded in the Longevity Scripture. Like falling snowflakes, symbols began flying towards the East Extreme acupoint. Then, they all swiftly swirled around Bloody Soul before plastering themselves upon its surface in an attempt to suppress the demonic artefact.

However, the demonic artefact was too strong. The Aegis Acupoint Art that he utilized was still incapable of suppressing it. Tears began appearing on Chen Feng’s right hand and it seemed as though it would utterly rip apart at any moment.

Humph! I refuse to accept this! Chen Feng roared inwardly. With a wave of his hand, a small mirror, its surface gleaming with dazzling light, appeared in his other hand. It was none other than the Thousand Seeker Mirror.

After pondering the matter for a bit, Chen Feng then put the Thousand Seeker Mirror into the West Extreme acupoint in his left palm. Chen Feng had originally planned on using the Thousand Seeker Mirror for one of his Tristar acupoints. However, it would appear that he could no longer do that. For now, he needed to create a balance in his Four Extreme acupoints. He would just have to exchange it after finding a more suitable magic treasure in the future.

The Thousand Seeker Mirror was also a grade 2 Prized artefact. However, it was easier to control compared to Bloody Soul. It was, after all, a magic treasure forged through the immortal dao techniques. There was none of the bloodthirsty madness present in demonic artefacts. However, unlike Bloody Soul, which Chen Feng had been trying to refine for quite some time, the Thousand Seeker Mirror was something that Chen Feng did not understand at all. As such, it was hard to tell which of the two magic treasures were harder to refine.

Just moments after the Thousand Seeker Mirror entered his West Extreme acupoint, a huge tsunami rose within the insight acupoint as well. The insight acupoint expanded and quickly absorbed a vast amount of longevity primary spirit. Thanks to that, the pressure that Chen Feng was feeling lessened somewhat.

However, that only lasted for a moment. It did not take long before the Thousand Seeker Mirror began trembling. It was a grade 2 Prized artefact after all. Given Chen Feng’s current level, it was not possible for him to completely suppress it. Of course, things would have been different if Chen Feng was already at the Sky Human stage.

Tears began spreading across both his hands. Before his blood could even flow out, the power of vibration shattered them away. It seemed as though both of Chen Feng’s hands would explode at any time.

The most terrifying change, however, was with Chen Feng’s body. His body had begun swelling up once more. The amount of energy flowing out from the 4th sea of wisdom layer was tens of times bigger compared to the one from the 3rd layer. Even its quality was a notch higher.

Chen Feng felt his body weakening all of a sudden. He was simply incapable of containing so much energy. At that moment, Chen Feng wondered if he had been too hasty. It had only been a short time since he reached level 3 of the Concealed stage, after all. If he had cultivated for a few more years, he would not have to suffer as badly as this.

And yet, the moment he considered the need to cultivate for a few more years, Chen Feng clenched his teeth and discarded the thought. Just the thought of having to stay within the same level for tens of years like the other cultivators gave Chen Feng an extremely unbearable feeling.

If I am to cultivate at the same speed as the other cultivators, I will likely have no hope of ever cultivating up to the Human Immortal stage! Chen Feng thought. After that, he focused wholly on refining the streams of energy flowing through his body.

Chen Feng could feel the thick streams of energy filling every corner of his body. Even his Soulflame had entered a state of frenzy. Most importantly, his body was still expanding non-stop. If Chen Feng could not figure a way to deal with this issue, this would end badly for him.

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