Chapter 216: Scouring Spirit Snake


As Chen Feng was visited by an uneasy feeling, another green beam shot towards Chen Feng. This time, the beam was bigger and faster. It was so fast that Chen Feng himself had yet to react by the time the Overwhelming Astral Sword hacked down heavily against the green beam of light.


Sensing the Overwhelming Astral Sword’s success in striking the green beam, Chen Feng released a sigh of relief. Immediately, however, he grew anxious once more. This time, his sword had failed to cut the enemy into two as it had done so many times in the past.

The enemy was also a green-coloured snake. However, this snake was much bigger compared to the earlier ones. It was as thick as a thumb and was three chi long. Its body was crystalline and transparent and it exuded a thick amount of vitality. It stared at Chen Feng with both eyes, ready to attack at any moment. The earlier attack from the Overwhelming Astral Sword had not elicited any visible reaction from it.

Noticing that, Chen Feng’s heart sank. It did not require much consideration for Chen Feng to realize that this green snake he faced was at the Great Yao stage.

Earlier, when he had encountered the small snakes, Chen Feng had thought to himself that this immortal mountain was undeserving of its reputation. Unexpectedly, a Great Yao would appear so soon.

Watching the green snake, every muscle in Chen Feng’s body grew taut. His Soulflame raged without respite as he pushed his concentration ability to its highest. The movement speed of the green snake alone was not something that Chen Feng could see.

The Overwhelming Astral Sword hovered before Chen Feng. It spun non-stop, releasing wave after wave of sword energy to form a shield before Chen Feng.


With a flash, the green snake disappeared from Chen Feng’s sight. This time, even the Overwhelming Astral Sword had failed to lock on to the green snake. Goosebumps rose across Chen Feng’s whole body. He felt as though his heart had stopped even as his soul power constantly spread out into his surroundings.

Chen Feng managed all that within but a third of a second. Finally, when the green snake was about to reach him, Chen Feng was able to vaguely detect the green snake’s position.


The Overwhelming Astral Sword cut a tear through space and smashed heavily against the green snake that was lunging towards Chen Feng.

Due to the collision, the Overwhelming Astral Sword wailed out while the green snake merely flipped away. As Chen Feng’s mind was connected to the Overwhelming Astral Sword, he was immediately affected. A terribly suffocating sensation befell him. It was extremely hard to bear and Chen Feng felt a desire to puke out blood.


The green snake swiftly circled through the air before charging towards Chen Feng once more to bite his waist. This time, Chen Feng was no longer capable of blocking the green snake. He could only watch as it pierced through his protective layer of astral energy and bite his flesh.

Chen Feng felt a soft, ringing sound echoing out from every part of his body. Next, he sensed a strange force rushing into his body unimpeded. In but the blink of an eye, half his body had gone numb. He could not feel the other half of his body at all. More shockingly was the fact that the green snake was attempting to make its way into his body.

Kacha! Crash!

The Longevity Blade, Longevity Sword, Longevity Pike, Longevity Spear, Longevity Chains and even the Longevity Furnace that Chen Feng had condensed surged out from his body, smashing towards the green snake in an attempt to push it away from his body.

Although the green snake was a Great Yao, the chaotic mess of arsenal coming from Chen Feng’s body caused it to falter for a moment. That moment was the chance that Chen Feng needed.


Purplebolt roared as he swirled out from Chen Feng’s body, his opened jaw snapping at the green snake. The Overwhelming Astral Sword swiftly followed suit, cutting through space to attack the green snake, ignoring the risk of harming Chen Feng in the process.

In the face of such attacks, the green snake gave up. Quickly turning, it slipped away. While doing that, however, it bit off a piece of flesh from Chen Feng’s waist. The resulting pain caused Chen Feng to cry out in pain.

“I am in the middle of cultivating,” Purplebolt said with a slightly dissatisfied tone. Back then, Chen Feng had given him two yao cores. He was in the midst of refining and absorbing them, but now Chen Feng had forced him out instead.

“Enough with your nonsense. Hurry up and finish off this small snake,” shouted Chen Feng while rapidly treating his wound. He was very concerned. If another Great Yao were to appear, he would die for certain. As Tower was not responding at all, Chen Feng was simply incapable of unleashing all of the Longevity Tower’s abilities. Additionally, he was already wounded. His combat power was rapidly falling.

“It’s just a small snake. Watch as I subdue it,” Purplebolt said haughtily. It would appear that he simply did not view the small snake as a threat. That was to be expected. He was a Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm, a wyrm. It was only natural for him to belittle a little snake. However, when Purplebolt finally got a good look at the green snake before him, he faltered.

“This is a Scouring Spirit Snake! How did you end up provoking it?” Purplebolt said with a rather serious tone.

“Deal with it, I am busy healing my wound!” Chen Feng hurriedly said.

“A little difficult.” After saying that, Purplebolt carefully faced the small snake. His body was hundreds of times bigger than the snake, but it revealed no signs of belittling it.

As they were both Great Yaos, the suppressive atmosphere from Purplebolt’s rank was ineffective. This opponent was a formidable spirit snake. With a high enough cultivation base, this type of spirit snake would not show fear even when facing a true dragon. Truth be told, this was the first time Purplebolt had encountered this snake.


The Scouring Spirit Snake was the first to attack Purplebolt. With lightning-like speed, it transformed into a green beam of light as it bit at Purplebolt’s neck.

Kacha! Kacha!

Purplebolt responded quickly and two lightning bolts shot out, one from the left and one from the right. He wanted to pincer the snake in between the two attacks.

The Scouring Spirit Snake did not dodge. It barrelled forward, smashing the two bolts of lightning as it continued lunging forward to bite Purplebolt’s neck.

Purplebolt’s long body unfurled and he swiftly circled around, making ready to engage in a melee.

Chen Feng ignored the dazzling showdown between the two. Under the aegis of his Prized artefact, Chen Feng hurriedly focused on healing his wound.

One breath after another, the snake venom that had made its way into Chen Feng’s body slowly weakened. Even so, Chen Feng was in an extreme state of shock. If the green snake had managed to bite him one or two more times, the venom would likely render him unconscious.

Thankfully, the green snake was a wood-type yao beast. Its venom contained powerful wood-type power. Thus, Chen Feng was able to quickly unravel the venom inside his body. The Longevity Scripture that Chen Feng practiced leaned towards wood-types slightly, after all.

Even so, the opponent was a Great Yao. Level wise, it was far superior compared to Chen Feng. Even though Chen Feng could unravel the venom inside his body, he needed time.

Healing his wound under such circumstances was very dangerous. While Chen Feng understood that, there was no other option. At that moment, Chen Feng could only hope that Purplebolt could finish off the green snake and that no other Great Yaos would appear.


Purplebolt was finally able to get a breather as his tail swiped the Scouring Spirit Snake away, causing it to smash heavily against the ground, creating a large crater in its wake. Several wounds could be seen on the Purplebolt Silverlight Wyrm’s body. All of them were the work of the Scouring Spirit Snake. The tough scales on Purplebolt’s body were actually incapable of stopping the snake’s fangs.

Appearance wise, they were mutually wounded. However, Purplebolt appeared more miserable. And yet, Purplebolt had succeeded in entangling the snake, allowing Chen Feng the time to recover.

During the past few days, Chen Feng had absorbed a great deal of wood essence during his cultivation process. All that essence gave Chen Feng a mighty foundation. Thick primary energy kept flowing through his body, scouring and quickly unravelling the venom within his body.

Finally, Chen Feng moved again, causing every bone in his body to ring out. The venom within his body had been cleared away and the paralysis disappeared. He could move once more.

“Huh!” Feeling relieved, Chen Feng exhaled deeply. His body felt light. However, when Chen Feng saw the scenery laid out before him, he grew shocked. 

The giant trees around him, each at least 100 zhang tall, had been irreparably damaged and the broken foliage, resting atop one another, blocked Chen Feng’s line of sight. The trunks of several giant trees were broken to reveal sharp wooden splinters.

There were bloody holes all over Purplebolt’s body. Scales had come off on some of the wounded parts. Of course, the Scouring Spirit Snake that Purplebolt was fighting against fared no better. Not only was its entire body charred by the power of lightning, a segment of its tail was missing.

It was a sight of absolute brutality.

Chen Feng was secretly surprised. He did not think he would end up seeing such a scene. Thus, Chen Feng began gathering his strength, causing the Overwhelming Astral Sword to thrum non-stop. When the two began fighting again, the Overwhelming Astral Sword transformed into a beam of light as it slashed towards the Scouring Spirit Snake.


As a result, the Scouring Spirit Snake lost yet another small portion of its body. Next, Purplebolt took advantage of the situation to bite it once. The snake finally lost the courage to continue fighting. The remaining half of its body moved with lightning-like speed into the flourishing foliage. By the time Chen Feng and Purplebolt gave chase, the Great Yao had utterly disappeared. Not a trace of its aura remained.

I’ve incurred a heavy loss today. Having to fight those yao beasts for no reason and ending up wounded. Chen Feng shook his head as a somewhat suffocating feeling descended upon him.

“Why is there such an abundance of spiritual energy here? Where are we?” asked Purplebolt curiously as he regarded their surroundings.

“We are likely inside Driftcloud Immortal Mountain,” Chen Feng said coolly.

“What? Immortal mountain?” Purplebolt was shocked. However, he was feeling more excited as this place was very suitable for cultivation.

“No wonder there is the highly spiritual Scouring Spirit Snake here,” Purplebolt said, shaking his head.

“Don’t feel too happy just yet. Don’t think that this is a good place to cultivate. This place is filled with dangers. We might end up dying in here,” Chen Feng said with a sneer.

After a moment’s hesitation, Purplebolt said, “If that is the case, I will stay inside the tower.”

“Humph! Go open a path for me.” Chen Feng scoffed.

“But I am seriously injured. No matter what, you should wait until I recover, no?” Purplebolt slyly said.

“Did you think the two yao cores I gave you was for free? If you can’t even do something so simple, how can you continue following me in the future?” Chen Feng threatened.

1 chi = 0.333 m

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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