Chapter 215: Giant Tree and Green Snake


These trees are so big! Chen Feng was shocked. Raising his head, he looked at the dense foliage, which gave him the feeling that he had come to a nation of giants and that he had become a dwarf.

I wonder what species of trees these are? Or perhaps, is this due to the surrounding environment? Or maybe it is because they have been growing for a long time? Chen Feng guessed.


Chen Feng bent his five fingers to form hooks before directly grasping at the tree beside him. A soft popping sound rang out as all five of Chen Feng’s finger were inserted into the tree.

Despite successfully doing that, Chen Feng’s face sank. The tree was even harder than steel. His five fingers, which had successfully inserted themselves into the trees, were wracked with intense pain from the action. It was an extreme level of pain. For any other cultivator, without the might of Chen Feng’s fleshly body, their fingers would have broken from that action.

What a tough wood! It should have some uses. When he thought of that, Chen Feng channelled the Heavengulping Absorption Technique and felt an unending, fountain-like burst of wood essence flow through the meridians within his five fingers before surging into his body. It continued flowing through his four limbs. Next, every pore on Chen Feng’s body inhaled and exhaled continuously as they refined and absorbed all of the wood essence into his flesh and streams of primary energy.

What a thick wood-type essence! By using the trees here to practice cultivation for just some time, I will be able to rise by another level, Chen Feng thought.

Reaching that line of thought, Chen Feng quickly continued. Utilizing his soul power, he swiftly checked his surroundings. After determining there were no dangers in his surroundings, he began his cultivation efforts. Chen Feng’s objective for coming in here was simple. Hmm, rather, he had not actually intended to enter this place. Still, knowing that this place was incomparably dangerous, increasing his strength became of utmost importance. As there were such excellent cultivation conditions and no dangers in his surroundings, Chen Feng began to cultivate with peace of mind.

Chen Feng rapidly put down layer after layer of restrictive barriers there before moving forward to absorb the wood-type essence from the giant tree before him.

Although Chen Feng had failed to find any item that could satisfy him back in the Bloody Whirlwind bandit’s lair, he did find quite a number of Magic-tier magic arrays. Thus, Chen Feng was able to handily use them for this situation.

Having set up the restrictive barriers using the magic arrays, Chen Feng felt more at ease. After giving it a little more consideration, he also brought out the Overwhelming Astral Sword from his Heavenly Origin acupoint. It hovered beside Chen Feng, serving as a bodyguard.

As Chen Feng continued channelling the Heavengulping Absorption Technique, wave after wave of wood-type essence kept flowing from the giant tree into Chen Feng’s body. His arm had become like a passageway.

The life force of this giant tree was exuberant. Despite having absorbed its essence for a whole day, Chen Feng felt as though the giant tree’s life force had not diminished at all. In fact, not a single leaf had turned yellow.

When night came, Chen Feng felt his body brimming with the wood-type essence. He had even stuffed his opened insight acupoints to their limit. Thus, Chen Feng retracted his hand and began to slowly refine the energy within his body. He expanded his meridians and insight acupoints. At the same time, he also attempted to assail his 4th sea of wisdom layer.

The night went by quickly. Once again, Chen Feng continued absorbing the wood-type essence within the giant tree. Again, the process lasted for the entire day and Chen Feng refined the energy again during the night.

Chen Feng spent three days doing that before the giant tree began withering. After that, Chen Feng continued to absorb its wood essence for another five days, which ended with the giant tree’s death.

Regarding the utterly withered giant tree, Chen Feng was secretly surprised. Chen Feng had already opened up 10 insight acupoints and would consume a high amount of spiritual energy for his daily cultivation efforts. In addition, the Heavengulping Absorption Technique that Chen Feng practiced was a monstrous technique, making it seem like there were several cultivators cultivating all at once. Even so, it had taken Chen Feng 15 days to fully deal with one giant tree.

As he was cultivating, Chen Feng had been surprised to discover that the thick and well-developed roots of the giant tree, which were spread outwards, were constantly absorbing spiritual energy from the ground. Even its luxuriant foliage was constantly absorbing the worldly spiritual energy around it.

If it weren’t for Chen Feng’s unique cultivation technique, it would have taken him even longer to fully absorb this giant tree’s wood essence.

After having fully absorbed the giant tree’s wood essence, Chen Feng could feel primary energy filling up his entire body. Even his hair contained potent primary energy.

By Chen Feng’s estimate, it would not take long for him to break through the level 4 barrier in his sea of wisdom.

After that, Chen Feng attacked the second giant tree. Feeling the ever-growing primary energy within his body, Chen Feng felt that entering the immortal mountain was a good choice. At the very least, his rate of cultivation had become fast. As for how he would go about exiting the place, Chen Feng had yet to consider it.

However, as he was cultivating, Chen Feng thought of something. This was a good place for cultivation. If someone were to cultivate here right from the beginning, how much room for growth would they have? Thinking about that excited Chen Feng somewhat. He further considered; if the inhabitants of the Immortal Plane practiced cultivation right from the beginning, what kind of cultivation rate would they have?

Chen Feng quickly cast aside those thoughts. The most important matter at that moment was cultivation, continuous cultivation.

As Chen Feng was absorbing wood essence from the second giant tree, a small, bluish-green snake emerged from nowhere. Slowly, it slithered towards Chen Feng. The restrictive magic arrays that Chen Feng set up did not react at all. They had failed to stop the small snake.

As for Chen Feng, he remained in the dark as he focused on his cultivation efforts.

Finally, there were only several metres left between the bluish-green snake and Chen Feng. Even then, Chen Feng had not noticed a thing. The small snake’s pair of bluish-green eyes stared carefully at Chen Feng. Next, its eyes revealed a serious expression and it transformed into a beam of green light as it moved to bite Chen Feng’s neck.

With lightning-like speed, it arrived before Chen Feng in half a blink of an eye. Its pair of sharp fangs gleamed with a dreadful, chilling light.

Yet, Chen Feng was still not responding to it.


With a flash of light, the small snake was cut into two. Then, the Overwhelming Astral Sword continued to hover beside Chen Feng.

Only then did Chen Feng realize what was happening. There was a shocked expression on his face as he looked at the small, bluish-green snake, which had been cut in half. Chen Feng, who was focused on cultivating himself, had failed to realize that the snake was trying to execute a sneak attack on him. If he had not put the Overwhelming Astral Sword up to protect himself beforehand, he would have been bitten by this snake.

The small snake was only as thick as a little finger and its entire body was bluish-green and transparent. With a casual glance, it looked like a crystal sculpture.

Chen Feng waved his hand and the small snake floated up from the ground. Next, he flicked out a wind bullet from his fingertip, which struck the small snake’s body, sending it flying across tens of metres. Chen Feng’s eyes grew wide. That move he made earlier was done using 30 % of his full strength, but it could only leave behind a mark on the snake’s body. It had failed to pierce through the body.

After considering it for a bit, Chen Feng sent out another wind bullet. This time, he put 80 % of his full power into it. Only then did a see-through hole appear on the snake’s body.

Given my current level of power, 80 % is comparable to a level 6 Concealed stage cultivator. However, it can only barely pierce through a dead snake. Any other cultivator would probably have died to this snake’s bite. Chen Feng considered.

Having come to that conclusion, Chen Feng closed his eyes. The Magnetic acupoints on his feet and the Four Extreme acupoints began operating, establishing a link with the land, allowing Chen Feng to sense every movement happening around him 

There are two more small snakes. One is underground, while the other is hiding in the foliage. How strange. They suddenly appeared and are not affected by the magic arrays I set up. Why? Chen Feng grew puzzled.

Shua! Shua!

Two sword beams flashed out. One by one, the two small snakes were cut into two.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Suddenly, three very small, green-coloured snakes shot towards Chen Feng from within the thick foliage at the same time. Obviously, they’d realized that this human had noticed their existence. Immediately, they launched their attacks. 

Sou! Sou! Sou!

The Overwhelming Astral Sword flashed forward swiftly to kill off the three small snakes.

Next up, however, Chen Feng’s face turned extremely grim. Chen Feng could sense it. Small snakes had begun to appear in every direction from beneath the ground. Instantly, faint, greenish beams filled the surrounding space. All the beams were aimed at Chen Feng, who had been standing still.

“This is an issue. It seems I will not be able to cultivate for now.” Chen Feng sighed before taking a forward stride. Every step covered a distance of 10 zhang and he charged forward. Layer after layer of thick astral energy enveloped his body while the Overwhelming Astral Sword circled above him as it continuously killed off the small snakes approaching him.

Finally, a small snake managed to avoid the sword beam headed its way and it moved forward to bite Chen Feng’s throat. Chen Feng swung his hand, smashing the small snake down to the ground. The action left his hand with a faint aching sensation.

Impressive. These small snakes have high speed, strong defence and powerful attacks. Add their ability to execute sneak attacks, they will be able to kill off even cultivators at level 4 of the Concealed stage. With enough luck, they could even surround and kill off a cultivator who has condensed his or her Soulflame! Chen Feng was secretly shocked and he hurriedly charged forward.

The number of small snakes in his surroundings grew. One after another, they attacked Chen Feng without any regard for their own lives, wanting only to kill off Chen Feng right there and then.

Kacha! Kacha!

Two small snakes bit down upon Chen Feng, one from the front and one from the back. Surprisingly, they managed to bite off a good chunk of the astral barrier that Chen Feng had put up around him. Any deeper and they would have reached Chen Feng’s flesh.

Thankfully, Chen Feng was quick to react. The Longevity Blade quickly flashed out and the two small snakes were cut into two each.

Despite having killed 100 of these small snakes, Chen Feng was still incapable of charging out. As he was feeling vexed, the attacks coming from all around him suddenly disappeared. All the small, green snakes around him disappeared completely. If it were not for the corpses of the snakes littering the ground, Chen Feng would have believed that those snakes had never appeared at all.

It appeared as though the small snakes had realized how powerful Chen Feng was. Thus, they decided to give up. Even so, Chen Feng did not let his guard down. Who knows if there were more dangers lying around? Also, those near-invisible snakes might re-appear.

Chen Feng did not stop moving. He continued advancing and was shocked to discover that the number of trees was gradually growing. They were more luxuriant and more exuberant with wood essence. The flourishing foliage eventually covered the sky in its entirety, leaving not a single gap in between. Chen Feng felt as though he had entered a wondrous fantasy world.

Suddenly, Chen Feng sensed an extreme stillness around him. There were no birds, no darting little animals, no beasts that could usually be seen in a forest. There wasn’t even a single reptile there.

Why is it so strange here? Could there be a master-rank yao beast here? Chen Feng speculated.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

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