Chapter 214: Entering the Immortal Mountain


“What of it? Those three earlier possessed Prized artefacts. If it were not for the Sky Human stage expert’s interference, the three of them would have escaped. There were disciples of the Ten Great Immortal Dao Sects amongst the many who died earlier. Would the great sects allow those three to safely leave? Don’t forget, they have Prized artefacts with them,” a middle-aged cultivator said coldly, a look of ridicule in his eyes.

No matter how much discussion the other cultivators had about the matter, they could not change the fact that the three cultivators had been captured away. Naturally, the most important point of the issue was that the three cultivators clearly did not possess a powerful backer, else such an ending would not have befallen them. Those who could obtain and bring out treasures from Driftcloud Immortal Mountain were all characters with a certain amount of luck.

“Extreme Celestial Sect disciples, listen up! Move forward immediately!” Suddenly, the hundreds of Extreme Celestial Sect disciples heard a voice speaking beside their ears. None of them could find out where the voice was coming from. However, they all understood that this was a command given by a Sky Human stage expert from their sect.

“Tower, I am going to search for immortal serendipity. Do you have any advice to give?” Chen Feng secretly asked.

However, there was not a single response from Tower. It was as though he could not hear Chen Feng at all.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

All the disciples revealed a somewhat excited expression as they exchanged glances. Next, they flew up and rapidly dashed towards Driftcloud Immortal Mountain. None of them revealed acts of hesitation and none attempted to run away. They all knew that their actions were being monitored. Should any of them choose not to go forward due to fear, they would be killed by the hidden senior.

The immortal mountain grew increasingly close and Chen Feng felt a lofty and overwhelming aura blowing towards him. Chen Feng understood that this immortal mountain had its own story. Maybe, it was not something from the mundane realm.

After arriving, Chen Feng discovered that, when no one was attacking the immortal mountain, the immortal mountain would appear ordinary, aside from its bare surface. However, once attacked, the Driftcloud Immortal Light would come out to attack all the cultivators within its vicinity.

Chen Feng’s group gathered up somewhere halfway up the mountain. After gathering, they all greeted each other before dispersing to search for their own immortal serendipity.

Like everyone else, Chen Feng kept flying around the mountain. However, Chen Feng exercised caution in flying around, showing no intention of attacking the mountain. Additionally, he did his best to stick together with some other disciples. Whenever he saw someone launching attacks at the immortal mountain, Chen Feng would put a great deal of distance between himself and the attackers. Although the mountain was incomparably colossal, the number of cultivators there was simply too high.

There were too damned many cultivators.

Additionally, almost all of them were cultivators at the Concealed stage. As for whether or not there were any Sky Human stage cultivators hiding amongst them, that was not something that Chen Feng could figure out.

Thus, Chen Feng safely spent the whole day flying around the mountain. When he was finally allowed to move away from the immortal mountain, he found a safe place and rested.

The same thing happened on the second day. For three consecutive days, nothing happened and Chen Feng’s anxious heart gradually relaxed.

Today, Chen Feng was circling the mountain again, as usual. Suddenly, immortal light flashed out from a point not far from Chen Feng’s position to strike two cultivators who were attacking the immortal mountain, immediately reducing the two fellows into torn bits. Seeing the resulting fog of blood enveloping the sky, Chen Feng swiftly flew hundreds of zhang backwards. His heart was throbbing uncontrollably. Just now, those two fellows were only tens of metres away from him. And yet, danger had descended without any warning. The incident caused Chen Feng to grow anxious once more. Should any issue arise with the immortal mountain, he would likely have no time to dodge or respond.

Not long after that, a rift suddenly appeared on the immortal mountain and three cultivators who were flying close to Chen Feng were sucked into the rift. Chen Feng had watched as the rift appeared on the bare surface of the immortal mountain. It was as though a monster was opening its mouth. Then, exerting a peculiar suction force, it swiftly sucked in the three cultivators. After that, the rift disappeared. If it weren’t for the cries of shock from the surrounding cultivators, no one would have believed that three cultivators had suddenly disappeared.

Chen Feng was gaping. He had witnessed everything, from the moment the rift appeared to the moment it closed. Having seen the three cultivators disappear, Chen Feng’s heart began throbbing in fear again.

Unlike the other cultivators, Chen Feng had never felt as fervent or eager towards this immortal mountain. On the contrary, he felt fear towards it, a fear that came from the bottom of his heart. For some unknown reason, Chen Feng was not interested in this immortal serendipity that the other cultivators spoke so much about. If his cultivation base was insufficient, all he could think about was to hide far away from this place.

The most important factor was that his cultivation base was insufficient. If Chen Feng could cultivate up to the Human Immortal stage, he would have the confidence in going in to test his luck.

How dangerous! If I had been just a little closer, I would have been sucked in as well. Looking at it that way, does that mean I am not fated to have this immortal serendipity? Chen Feng thought and he laughed at himself.

As Chen Feng was shaking his head and laughing at himself, he suddenly noticed several nearby cultivators looking at him with excitement etched on their faces. Seeing that puzzled Chen Feng. He was not acquainted with those cultivators. Why would they reveal such looks of excitement? Additionally, Chen Feng could also detect a hint of fear deep within the eyes of one of those cultivators.

Excitement, fear. Chen Feng’s mind lit up as he swiftly understood what was happening. He pushed his magic power to its limit as he attempted to charge forward.

Feeling the churning power within his body, Chen Feng grew confident. Immediately, however, he felt his soul getting crushed apart. An overpowering suction force was enveloping his body. To his horror, he was incapable of resisting the suction force at all.

Despite having pushed himself to his limit, despite having ignited his Soulflame with ardent ferocity, he was incapable of doing anything. Next, Chen Feng’s vision turned dark and he lost his sense of direction.

It seems I am fated for immortal serendipity after all. The thought flashed across Chen Feng’s mind.

Following that, he entered a state unlike that of jumping through space. There was darkness all around him, no light, no space, no direction. Chen Feng tried shouting aloud, but no sound came out. He tried to struggle with all his strength, but to no avail. He was incapable of seeing or hearing anything. He no longer had any sense of touch or taste. Chen Feng felt as though all his six senses had disappeared and an indescribably uncomfortable feeling spread through his body.

It was as though he was drifting within the deepest part of the universe. The shock from this completely new feeling caused Chen Feng to panic somewhat.

“Tower, Tower! Say something!” In his panic, Chen Feng began calling out to Tower. However, Chen Feng grew disappointed as Tower remained unresponsive. Even so, Chen Feng could sense that the Longevity Tower was still within his glabella. Thus, he felt more at ease.

Who knows how long it lasted? The state that Chen Feng was in could create havoc within even a person’s thought process. It felt like just the blink of an eye, yet it also felt like a month; and yet, it also felt as though it had been tens of years. Suddenly, Chen Feng saw light shining before him. A riot of colourful lights pierced his eyes, going right through them to reach his soul.

Opening his eyes, Chen Feng saw land, a land which was swiftly approaching him. Immediately, he understood that he was falling down from the sky. Without thinking too much, he channelled his primary energy while the Magnetic acupoints on his feet sprayed out trails of potent energy. Thus, Chen Feng’s downward momentum slowly decreased and he eventually hovered up in mid-air.

Carefully sensing his body and his surroundings, Chen Feng found that all was normal. There was no restriction in his surroundings. The only noticeable aspect of his surroundings was the thick spiritual energy.

Taking one breath, Chen Feng could feel the surrounding worldly spiritual energy flowing non-stop towards every part of his body. Not only was it thicker compared to the spiritual energy in Extreme Celestial Sect, the quality of the spiritual energy was also several grades higher. By Chen Feng’s estimate, if he could practice cultivation within this environment with peace of mind, he would be able to break through quickly.

“Could the immortal mountain truly be a passage connecting to the Immortal Plane? How else could it have such a thick spiritual energy? The mundane world should not have spiritual energy of this grade, right?” Feeling the surrounding spiritual energy, Chen Feng wondered if he may have arrived at the Immortal Plane.

The sky rose high up, so blue that it had seemingly been washed by water. No clouds could be seen for thousands of li while one sun hung high in the sky, sending warmth down. However, one glance of it all gave Chen Feng a feeling that something was amiss. And yet, he was incapable of telling just what was amiss.


Chen Feng, who was hovering in the sky, suddenly felt a breeze blowing against him. In the beginning, Chen Feng ignored it. However, he then sensed his magic robe tearing due to the breeze and realized that he was in trouble.

To think that a random breeze here could possess such power. The magic robe that Chen Feng was wearing was a grade 5 magic robe. Unexpectedly, a normal-looking breeze was capable of causing tears to appear on it.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Suddenly, air currents began flowing in the distance. These air currents were far stronger compared to the breeze from earlier. 

This is bad! Chen Feng’s face sank. The power of wind within the air currents was tens of times stronger compared to the earlier breeze. Judging by what happened with the earlier breeze, Chen Feng estimated that he would be incapable of blocking the incoming air currents.


Streams of sword energy enveloped Chen Feng’s body and he rapidly descended to the ground to escape the incoming winds.

This place should be the interior of Driftcloud Immortal Mountain. However, it doesn’t seem like it at all. This is most likely a pocket dimension. Still, this place is filled with dangers. I don’t even know if I will be able to get out. Chen Feng shook his head, his expression ugly to behold.

Due to the earlier incident, Chen Feng understood that this place was extremely dangerous. Even a normal-looking breeze could kill, let alone the other unknown existences.

Chen Feng felt aghast as he regarded his torn magic robe. If that had been a level 1 or 2 Concealed stage cultivator, he or she would most likely be killed by that breeze. Looking at it that way, those cultivators who managed to escape this place were likely super lucky.

Chen Feng hurriedly landed. His landing, however, did not raise a speck of dust and his figure buoyed above the land slightly. Given that he was within a peculiar environment, there was no harm in exercising caution.

Observing the thick and towering trees rising up before him, Chen Feng grew dumbfounded. It took him quite some time to recollect himself. Although it had not been long since his entry into the world of cultivation, Chen Feng had still visited quite a number of places. He had even ventured into Demonsoul Valley. Even there, he had not seen such thick trees.

Each of the trees rising up before him was at least hundreds of zhang tall. Its trunk was comparable to a building. Tall and strong, its leaves grew with extreme lushness to the point where it covered the sky and blotted out the sun. Indeed, the lush foliage of the trees blotted out the sunlight across a radius of over 100 metres. Its sight was comparable to the mountain that Chen Feng used to cultivate within in the past.

1 zhang = 3.333 m

1 li = 0.5 km

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