Chapter 213: Plotted Against


Chen Feng had only just uttered those words when a young cultivator swiftly descended before Chen Feng and Lu Ta. His face was aloof as he said, “Who is Chen Feng?”

“I am,” Chen Feng said coolly.

“Get ready. Tomorrow morning, head to Driftcloud Immortal Mountain. After having said that, the young cultivator did not bother waiting to see Chen Feng’s reaction before vaulting up into the sky. He quickly disappeared from sight.

“What is going on?” Lu Ta’s face turned grim.

“Is there a need to ask. Clearly, they want me to head to Driftcloud Immortal Mountain to test my luck with immortal serendipity,” replied Chen Feng with a smile. However, there was iciness in the corners of his lips.

“This must be due to the bastard Zhao Quan. Chen Feng, there is no need for you to go. If it comes down to it, we can just leave Extreme Celestial Sect.” Lu Ta could not stop himself from swearing.

“Going to Driftcloud Immortal Mountain does not necessarily mean going to my death. Maybe I can come across immortal serendipity?” The smile on Chen Feng’s face grew colder.

“You aren’t actually going to the immortal mountain, are you? You’ll die!” Lu Ta said anxiously.

“Not going means betraying Extreme Celestial Sect. When that happens, our future days will be spent trying to escape the murderous pursuit of Extreme Celestial Sect. Again, going there does not mean going to my death. I can just be extra careful and put some distance between myself and the immortal mountain,” said Chen Feng, who clenched his teeth.

“What if you end up getting sucked into the immortal mountain?” Lu Ta was still concerned.

“Surely, I am not that lucky?” Chen Feng shook his head.

The two of them continued discussing the matter for a bit. Unless they decide to leave Extreme Celestial Sect immediately, they could not change the situation. A great sect like Extreme Celestial Sect was not a place that they could enter and leave as they please. Chen Feng considered the issue and quickly came to a decision. He would head to Driftcloud Immortal Mountain and have a look. He can simply exercise caution regarding the matter. Additionally, the fact that this did not affect Lu Ta put Chen Feng somewhat at ease. It would appear that this was only aimed at him.

The next morning, a group of Extreme Celestial Sect disciples flew out like a torrential wave from centre of the two massive mountains serving as the sect’s gate.

To Chen Feng’s surprise, the sect sent out a total of 500 disciples this time. Amongst them were 400 inner disciples while heir and elite disciples make up the other 100.

Chen Feng looked around and saw that some of them were excited, eagerly wanting to go test their luck. Some, however, remained silent. Who knows what was on their mind? Some, at their moments of inattention, revealed looks of anxiousness. Chen Feng understood that those fellows did not want to go to Driftcloud Immortal Mountain. To put it bluntly, they did not want to go to their deaths. A small number revealed looks of indignation. Chen Feng figured they must be like him, placed into this group by certain individuals through certain means.

As Chen Feng considered it, he was suddenly visited by an unexpected feeling of rage. Last time, he had suffered from this move, resulting in him getting sent to work in the mine. If it were not for the unexpected incident in the mine, he would likely still be toiling away in the mine. And yet, the same thing was happening again. Certainly, this was a special situation. In terms of benefits, it could be said that he was simply going to test his luck with immortal serendipity. However, Chen Feng knew that the chances of that happening was low. The best-case scenario would be of him getting wounded. Getting killed by the Driftcloud Immortal Light was a normal occurrence there. Naturally, there was also the possibility of him getting stuck in the immortal mountain after entering it.

Chen Feng’s face was emotionless and he did not chat with the disciples going with him. No one knew what Chen Feng was thinking about. As for Chen Feng, he regarded the various emotions of the disciples going with him and secretly sneered. Who knows how many amongst them would end up dying? And yet, despite knowing how dangerous it would be, some of them chose not to back down. Immortal serendipity. The allure within these two words was simply too overpowering. The desire for the great dao was something that not even Human Immortals could suppress. What more could be expected of these lesser cultivators in the Concealed stage?

Under the leadership of several elite disciples, they quickly arrived at First Origin City. There, they used the teleportation array to travel across the lengthy distance.

It did not take long for them to arrive before Driftcloud Immortal Mountain. Seeing the increasing number of cultivators around the place, Chen Feng could not stop himself from raising his eyebrows.

I did not expect the number of cultivators here to increase by this much. Is the allure of this immortal mountain so big? Chen Feng considered.

“Look! Extreme Celestial Sect has come. They brought so many all at once?” said one of the onlookers. Chen Feng turned and swept his gaze around to see that the other immortal dao sects had also sent a considerable number of cultivators here.

There were countless cultivators surrounding Driftcloud Immortal Mountain. The cultivators were akin to flies, wanting a piece of the smelly egg. They would only fall back down when they were dead. 

“This is true madness.” Observing the massive immortal mountain, Chen Feng felt his emotions stirring. 

“Someone came out from the immortal mountain!” Suddenly, a shout rang through a radius of tens of li. The immortal mountain area fell into a state of chaos.

Golden light flashed out and cultivators fell down from the sky like falling insects.

A young cultivator was wielding a magic treasure, which shone with golden light. He flashed about through the sky in an attempt to break through the encirclement. However, there were simply too many cultivators around him. They all charged at the young cultivator with a maddening fervour, all attempting to snatch the young cultivator’s magic treasure. Of course, they did not consider what would happen after they had successfully snatched it.

Bang! Bang!

Suddenly, two loud noises erupted from amidst the crowd of cultivators. It was like a thunder from the Nine Heavens. Under the formidable might of the power of thunder, the surrounding cultivators – who failed to dodge – were all pulverized to pieces. Even some of those who were quick to dodge ended up with torn flesh.

“Five Thunders Truesky Talisman. That is a talisman from Jade Talisman Sect!” someone shouted in shock.

“No matter how arrogant Jade Talisman Sect may be, they cannot casually kill anyone.”

“This is our Jade Talisman Sect’s disciple. Anyone who dares make a move on him will die.” A thunder-like voice reverberated out from the sky above. Next, a rainbow descended from the sky to envelop the young cultivator who made it out from the immortal mountain. Then, the rainbow disappeared along with the young cultivator. Obviously, the experts with extraordinary magics from Jade Talisman Sect had taken him away.

“Do they think they are amazing just because they are Jade Talisman Sect? Do they think they can casually kill others?”

Although the cultivators there were dissatisfied, that was all. No one there dared to step forward. Most importantly, none of those killed or wounded earlier were from the other Ten Great Immortal Dao Sects. If not, Jade Talisman Sect would not have been so arrogant as to attack.

That spirit walking technique is quite good. It looked very smooth, Chen Feng thought.

However, I did not get a good look at the magic treasure that the cultivator brought out.

“In Black Origin City, those killed cultivators would be considered lofty characters. And yet, they ended up dying a pointless death here with nowhere to air their grievances. The world of cultivation is truly a place where might makes right,” Chen Feng lamented.

“Someone else came out!” Suddenly, someone else shouted.

This time, Chen Feng could clearly see it. There in the middle of the mountain, a crack appeared and three cultivators exited from the crack, one after another. The bodies of two of the cultivators were stained with blood.

When the three cultivators appeared, they first felt stunned. Then, looks of joy emerged upon their faces. However, when they saw the swarm of cultivators charging towards them, the looks of joy on their faces faded away, only to be replaced with solemn expressions. That was right, it was solemn expressions and not panic.

Just as the swarm of cultivators was about to engulf the three cultivators, three sword beams flashed forward, their power rising up to the sky. It seemed as though they had torn out three tears through the sky itself.

Next, three waves of blood spread out. Torn limbs and torsos littered either side as tens of cultivators were killed simply by making contact with the attack. There were even disciples from the Ten Great Immortal Dao Sects amongst those killed.

Surprisingly, the three fellows who emerged were experts with high cultivation bases.

“Those three are very powerful.” Chen Feng blurted out. His eyes shone as he observed the three cultivators from afar. The three cultivators kept killing the cultivators surrounding them.

Even though a few breaths’ worth of time had passed, the chaotic situation persisted. No Sky Human stage cultivator stepped forward. While there were many cultivators around, they were temporarily incapable of stopping the three cultivators. Those three were experts who had cultivated out their domain powers. More importantly, the swords that the three of them were using were incredibly formidable. With every furious swing of their swords, they would either reap cultivators’ lives or destroy magic treasures.

“Prized artefacts! The three of them are wielding Prized artefacts obtained from the immortal mountain. Furthermore, those are high-grade Prized artefacts!” someone suddenly shouted.

Impressive. The Prized artefacts that the three of them are wielding are likely above grade 5. Chen Feng was stunned. Even though he was observing them from afar, he could still feel a chilling sensation in his heart.

Sou! Sou! Sou!

Three sword beams enveloped the three cultivators and they charged up into the sky, attempting to escape from the place. There were too many cultivators there, after all. Not to mention, there were disciples from various great sects there as well. The earlier fight must have affected the disciples from the various great sects. Should they choose to stay, they might never be able to escape.

Seeing the three cultivators on the verge of reaching the cloudy firmament, hidden experts from the various great sects finally made their move.

A massive palm descended from the sky. It was like the palm of a Heavenly God. It leisurely moved towards the three cultivators to capture them.

Weng! Weng! Weng!

Three thick sword beams shot out from the three cultivators to smash into the surface of the massive palm, creating a dazzling explosion of light. It was as though three suns had suddenly appeared in the sky. The sight caused everyone there to feel dizzy.

The three cultivators were in despair. Their strongest attacks just now had failed to break the palm that their opponent had casually sent out. They realized that this was not someone they could fend off.

“You are a famed Sky Human stage expert. Are you going to bully us?” one of them screamed in anger.

“He he! You fellows have already cultivated out your domain powers. Earlier, you attacked the ordinary disciples from my sect. Were you not bullying others just now?” A deep voice came from the sky above. Next, the massive palm abruptly grasped and two of the three cultivators were captured. They were simply incapable of resisting.

As for the other cultivator, an invisible force swirled upwards, sending him high up into the sky until he disappeared from view.

Huh! Sky Human stage experts have taken action. Though, I wonder which sect they are from? Chen Feng felt curious.

Any one of the three cultivators was stronger than Chen Feng. And yet, when facing a Sky Human stage cultivator, they were incapable of fighting back in the slightest. If he were to end up in such a situation, Chen Feng would surely face the same end.

“Those Sky Human stage experts from the great sects are going overboard with their acts of bullying.” Some of the loose cultivators could not stand seeing what happened and they began discussing the matter in secrecy.

1 li = 0.5 km

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