Chapter 212: Some News


“What is wrong with this Chen Feng? What is he thinking about? In the face of Overlord Spear’s challenge, he could actually afford to think about other things?” The surrounding disciples noticed that Chen Feng was not paying attention to what was currently happening there. They couldn’t help but feel that Chen Feng was a very interesting fellow.

The Overlord Spear, Sun Kui, was a hot-tempered person to begin with. Seeing Chen Feng ignore him, his eyes were seemingly on the verge of spouting flames.


Uttering that one word, Chen Feng turned and walked away, leaving Sun Kui hanging there in the duelling arena’s platform.


Everyone there had not expected such a spectacle. Chen Feng had chosen to neither accept the challenge nor run away. Instead, he had simply turned around and walked away. It was as though he was belittling Sun Kui.

“Get back here!”

Sun Kui was thoroughly enraged. The rage in his heart was like an erupting volcano. With a flash, his figure charged out from the duelling arena and the overlord spear in his hand became like a black line as it stabbed towards Chen Feng’s back.

“Careful!” Luo Yang shouted out in panic. At the same time, however, he dared not step forward to block the attack. Warning Chen Feng about it immediately was all he could do.


The overlord spear caused a snapping sound to ring out in mid-air and circular ripples of spiritual energy spread outwards. However, there was no sign of Chen Feng at all. Sun Kui’s attack had struck empty air. 

“Where is he? Oh no!” Sun Kui immediately realized that the situation was not looking good for him. As he was considering how to respond, he felt his hand go limp. Next, the world itself spun before his eyes. As the world was seemingly spinning, Sun Kui felt an intense feeling of pain spread out from his chest towards every corner of his body. Before he could even release a scream of pain, he fainted.

“With this little ability, you want to recklessly show off?” Chen Feng was hovering in the sky. With a swing of his hand, the overlord spear what was now in his grasp was hurled away and it stabbed deep into the mountain.

Ignoring the shocked stares from everyone there, Chen Feng slowly flew away. The fights he had to face today were for no reason at all. He did not expect these small fries to trouble him so. They kept looking for people to trouble him, and yet he was not allowed to kill them. All he could do was to beat them down again and again. This series of events made Chen Feng displeased.

“Senior Brother Chen!” Luo Yang suddenly caught up to him. There was a tangled expression on his face as he regarded Chen Feng. In the beginning, Luo Yang had thought of Chen Feng as a newcomer. Thus, he had addressed him as Junior Brother. Only now did he realize that Chen Feng was a hidden expert. As such, he could no longer continue addressing him as Junior Brother.

“Senior Brother Chen, you just got yourself into trouble, you know?” whispered Luo Yang after looking around for a bit.

“Oh, more trouble? What kind of trouble is it? Could it be that Overlord Spear has a powerful backer?” Chen Feng said jokingly.

“Yes, he does have a backer. The Overlord Spear, Sun Kui, is a member of Seven Kills Club,” Luo Yang said.

“Seven Kills Club.” Chen Feng shook his head.

“Another group.”

“It is not the same. The group known as Seven Kills Club is different. The disciples within this club are more arrogant. They can be considered as battle addicts. You should already be able to see that in Sun Kui,” Luo Yang said.

“He he! What is there to be done? Surely, you do not expect me to do nothing while others bully me? Right, you are a veteran here. Can you tell me about the minor groups within our Extreme Celestial Sect?” Chen Feng said with a chuckle.

“Those are not minor groups. Some of them are very powerful, so much so that not even the elders of our sect would casually offend them,” Luo Yang hastily said.

Listening to Luo Yang’s explanation, Chen Feng secretly sneered. Unexpectedly, despite only having joined Extreme Celestial Sect for some time, he had offended a few of these clubs. Fairbright Club, Astral Thunder Club. Now, he can add Seven Kills Club into the mix. To Chen Feng’s ire, those fellows kept coming to trouble him. After sending one packing, another will come. Moreover, those clubs have Sky Human stage experts. Although those people might not pay any attention towards him, his cultivation base was increasing every day. Reaching that point was just a matter of time. In other words, the amount of troubles he would have to face in the future would only increase.

“As expected, as long as there are people, there will be conflicts. Even after I increase my cultivation base by several hundred times, if I kill off Sky Human stage cultivators, I will probably end up bringing Human Immortals to my doorstep.”

After that, Chen Feng no longer had the desire to tour the place. Instead, he returned to his mountain. He wanted to give himself more pressure so that his cultivation base could rise faster.

“Tower, Tower!” After returning to his mountain, Chen Feng began calling Tower. Unexpectedly, Tower did not answer him.

As Chen Feng was worried that something might have happened to Tower, a thought suddenly flowed out from Tower. “Don’t disturb me. I am busy suppressing this Devourer Beast.”

Chen Feng did not retort. He thought to himself: This Devourer Beast is so powerful? Even the Longevity Tower cannot completely deal with it. Chen Feng had originally wanted to ask Tower how he could refine and absorb the two strands of Demongod Blood. As he already possessed the required medicinal herbs, he could use them to assist him in refining and absorbing the blood. However, seeing as Tower was busy, Chen Feng had to put the matter aside.

After carefully considering it, Chen Feng realized that there were many more things that he wanted to do. Most importantly, he wanted to refine some magic treasures to safeguard the insight acupoints that he had opened up. At present, Chen Feng had only managed to refine one magic treasure to safeguard his Heavenly Origin acupoint. That magic treasure was the Overwhelming Astral Sword, a Prized artefact. Due to that, Chen Feng decided that the minimum requirement for the magic treasures used for safeguarding his insight acupoints was for them to be at the Prized tier.

Given Chen Feng’s present level, this was a very difficult matter. All else aside, the number of Prized artefacts that Chen Feng possessed alone was insufficient, let alone refine them until he could store them within his body.

In addition to the Overwhelming Astral Sword, Chen Feng also possessed Bloody Soul, a demonic artefact. However, after all this time, Chen Feng had not managed to refine it until he could store it within his body.

There was also the Thousand Seeker Mirror that Chen Feng had snatched from an elite disciple of Extreme Celestial Sect. That was a level 2 Prized artefact. However, the Thousand Seeker Mirror had remained within the Longevity Tower all this time. Chen Feng had not touched it at all.

That was not all. Chen Feng still possessed several good items with him. The talon that he had cut out from a Thunderhawk, a stinger from a Demon Scorpion. Those two were good items. With the right conditions, they could be turned into two Prized artefacts.

However, Chen Feng did not have much knowledge about the dao of forging Prized artefacts. Furthermore, given his present level of strength, he could not forge them into magic treasures any time soon.

Thus, Chen Feng slowly worked on refining Bloody Soul while condensing the Longevity Furnace taught in the Longevity Scripture.

Chen Feng could already condense out the Longevity Blade, Longevity Sword, Longevity Pike, Longevity Spear and Longevity Chains. They were all offensive-type magic treasures. The Longevity Furnace, however, was a different story. Its name alone revealed its function, to concoct pills, forge and refine artefacts.

According to the Longevity Scripture, by cultivating the Longevity Furnace to a certain level, the Longevity Furnace could be used to concoct even immortal pills. Chen Feng believed it from the bottom of his heart.

Although the various weapon condensation techniques were mostly similar, there were also difficult phases for each one. Take this Longevity Furnace for example. It was much harder to condense when compared to weapons like the Longevity Sword and Longevity Blade.

Next, Chen Feng quietly stayed in the mountain, cultivating the Longevity Scripture while condensing the Longevity Furnace. After some time, the outline of the Longevity Furnace could finally be condensed out. However, that was only the outline. Although the surface of the furnace was filled with various types of patterns, giving it a grand atmosphere of ancientness and extraordinariness, Chen Feng knew that the furnace could not be used for anything.

Sigh! It is the same as the Longevity Sword and the other weapons. There is only the shape. It simply cannot be used to concoct pills or refine artefacts. I can only use it to smash others. Chen Feng shook his head. He was feeling somewhat depressed. However, he quickly recollected himself. No matter what, this period of time spent on cultivation had showed results.

“Next time I meet my cheap master, I’ll ask him to help me refine the items I have. However, I wonder if he is really a member of Extreme Celestial Sect. If I have the time, I will have to properly ask around about this,” Chen Feng mumbled.

Chen Feng was about to fly off the mountain for a short excursion when Lu Ta came over, laughing as he did.

“You’ve broken through!” There was a slightly shocked expression on Chen Feng’s face as he regarded Lu Ta.

Lu Ta’s steps brought him forward with a speed equivalent to that of flight. It was so fast that he was able to arrive before Chen Feng in but the blink of an eye.

“I broke through a few days ago,” Lu Ta said with a smile. He was in high spirits. Clearly, he was in excellent shape.

“You are now at level 4 of the Concealed stage. You are at a higher level than me now,” Chen Feng said with a smile.

Hearing that, Lu Ta suddenly revealed a wry smile. Although Chen Feng was only at level 3 of the Concealed stage, his overall cultivation state was far superior to Lu Ta’s cultivation state. By adding the Prized artefacts in his possession to the equation, Chen Feng could even block one or two attacks from Sky Human stage cultivators.

“Right, I received some news earlier. Someone else came out from Driftcloud Immortal Mountain. Additionally, they brought some treasures out with them,” Lu Ta suddenly said.

“What? Someone managed to bring treasures out from the immortal mountain?” Chen Feng was shocked.

“I hear that two loose cultivators suddenly flew out from the immortal mountain. When they were surrounded by the cultivators there, each of them brought out a very powerful magic treasure. One of the cultivator’s entire body shone with golden light while the other one brought out a flying sword. They killed over 100 cultivators. Not even the attack from Sky Human stage cultivators could do anything to the two. At present, the two have disappeared completely. No one knows where those two have gone off to.” As Lu Ta spoke, his eyes revealed a hint of envy.

“Even Sky Human stage cultivators cannot stop them? It seems the items that those two obtained must be at least high-grade Prized artefacts. Are they the only ones who came out?” Chen Feng furrowed his brows.

“Those two aren’t the only ones. A few more cultivators managed to fly out from the immortal mountain as well. Some were wounded but failed to obtain anything. Some were only at level 2 of the Concealed stage when they entered, but emerged as cultivators with condensed Soulflames. They must have obtained some immortal pills,” Lu Ta quickly said.

“Immortal pills? If those are genuine immortal pills, it could blow up even the body of a Sky Human stage cultivator.” Chen Feng could not stop himself from smiling.

“In any case, some people have emerged from the immortal mountain. Additionally, they managed to obtain treasures from the place! This news has to be true. The immortal dao sects within our Northern Plains have been going crazy for the past few days. They have been sending many of their disciples to test their luck with immortal serendipity.” Lu Ta snickered.

“Are they not afraid of death? The number of cultivators that have entered the immortal mountain is close to a thousand if not more. And yet, only a few cultivators managed to emerge from the place. Amongst those, only a small number actually managed to obtain any treasures from the place.” Chen Feng shook his head with disdain.

“Now that I think about it, there are so many cultivators in the world of cultivation. There are quite a lot who are afraid of death. Even so, with the pressure put on by the sect, they would have no choice but to go. Looking at it from this perspective, our Extreme Celestial Sect will probably be sending a batch of disciples in, right?” Chen Feng guessed.

“There is no need to worry about that. We are inner disciples. They will probably not come find us for that,” Lu Ta said with a smile.

Chen Feng was about to reply when his face suddenly gave a flicker. He then revealed a wry smile and said, “Not necessarily.”

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