Chapter 210: Trouble Comes Knocking


Chen Feng quietly sat cross-legged atop the mountain. His Heavenly Origin acupoint, Magnetic acupoints, Tristar Crown and Four Extreme acupoints were up and running. The Heavenly Origin acupoint was the starting point and the foundation, the Magnetic acupoints constantly absorbed the power of earth from the mountain, the Tristar Crown was connected to Celestial Yang, Celestial Metropolis and Celestial Fate in the starry sky. As for the Four Extreme acupoints, by operating the acupoints, Chen Feng could feel both his legs seeping into the surrounding space. It was as though east, south, west and north were all under his grasp.

At his current level, Chen Feng could sense the three stars even during the day. Thus, he maintained the cross-legged posture atop the mountain for three days and three nights, not moving from the spot at all.

The power needed to assail the 4th sea of wisdom layer is still slightly lacking. It seems the problem is with the amount of time spent cultivating. Chen Feng inspected the power within his body.

The gap between the strength of his fleshly body and his spiritual power was gradually lessening. Although Chen Feng was only at level 3 of the Concealed stage, the primary energy within his body was such that not even level 6 Concealed stage cultivators could match his strength.

For Chen Feng, the item with the fastest rate of consumption was the Magic crystals. Everyday, Chen Feng would refine and absorb some of the Magic crystals. The spiritual energy contained within those naturally-formed spirit stones was thicker and of a higher quality compared to the spiritual energy around him.

Additionally, Chen Feng also possessed some other medicinal pills. There were the Pure Yang Pills given by the sect, some more of the Scarlet Blood Pills given by his cheap master and the medicinal pills he obtained from the Bloody Whirlwind bandits’ lair. In short, Chen Feng was not lacking medicinal pills. He was also not lacking cultivation techniques. What he lacked was time spent in cultivation.

In the beginning, Chen Feng thought that Zhao Quan would find some people to trouble him. However, after spending some time cultivating himself, he found that everything was tranquil. Thus, he gradually settled his mind and focused on his cultivation efforts.

It wasn’t just Chen Feng. Even Lu Ta had seemingly gotten stimulated by something. He no longer played around. Instead, he emulated Chen Feng and cultivated himself quietly.

For one whole month, Chen Feng and Lu Ta did not bother each other as they worked hard on their cultivation efforts. During that one month, Chen Feng refined and absorbed thousands of Magic crystals and hundreds of medicinal pills. He even finished up all the Scarlet Blood Pills that his cheap master gave him.

However, all those energies could not meet the requirements of Chen Feng’s body. As Chen Feng continued cultivating, the various insight acupoints that he had opened up became like bottomless pits. They kept devouring vast amounts of medicinal power and spiritual energy. Chen Feng sometimes wondered if there was a beast – one capable of devouring the world – hidden within his body, devouring the energies flowing into his body.

“My current cultivation base is insufficient, otherwise I can just devour the surrounding spiritual energy.” Chen Feng inhaled and slowly suppressed the raging force within his body.

“Although the amount of time spent cultivating is not enough for me to break through to level 4 of the Concealed stage, my cultivation base did become more stable.” Chen Feng’s anxiousness towards cultivation gradually faded. Truth be told, the time Chen Feng spent within the path of cultivation had been fairly short. When he considered how some cultivators would spend tens of years within the same level while other experts had to enter secluded retreat for over a hundred years, Chen Feng’s anxiousness appeared uncalled for. Given his current rate of cultivation, he would be able to reach the level he wanted to achieve by moving forward steadily.

The result of his cultivation efforts was beyond his expectations. Due to his tranquil state of mind, his rate of cultivation had become much faster.

“Hu!” Slowly exhaling a mouthful of turbid air, Chen Feng slowly floated up. Observing the clouds beneath him, he was visited by a buoyant desire to become an immortal.

They did not come to cause any trouble. It seems they will not be coming. Good. I’ll go out and look around today, Chen Feng thought. Just was he was about to fly off, however, he sensed someone triggering the magic arrays that he had set up.

“Trouble comes after all.” Chen Feng shook his head. However, he did not step forward. By sending out a strand of his divine sense, he could sense everything happening within the mountain. Additionally, the surrounding magic arrays were connected to him as well. Whether or not the other party could enter would depend on his will.

At that moment, there were eight Extreme Celestial Sect disciples standing at the foot of the mountain. One of them was none other than Zhao Quan. Surprisingly, there were two heir disciples amongst the remaining seven. They were looking at the mountain with slight frowns on their faces.

“This is the place?” one of the heir disciples said with a serious tone.

“Yes, this is the place. I was the first to occupy this mountain. Unexpectedly, a new kid snatched it away,” Zhao Quan said fiercely.

“A newcomer dares offend you? Could he have any backers?” said a slightly fat heir disciple.

Zhao Quan hesitated for a moment before saying, “He probably doesn’t recognize me. I believe he does not have any backers. However, his cultivation base is quite good and I am no match for him. If not, there would have been no need to ask you two seniors to come.” 

“However, this opponent is not to be underestimated. Several restrictive barriers have been set up around this mountain. If we recklessly barge in, we will end up getting attacked by the restrictive barriers.” The other heir disciple was somewhat cautious.

Although the two disciples had been brought over by Zhao Quan as his helpers, they were not stupid. That was especially true when considering the somewhat peculiar sight of the mountain. Naturally, they would not foolishly charge forward.

“Humph! Seniors, did you two forget about the sword formula I gave you last time?” Zhao Quan became dissatisfied. He had spent quite some fortune on the two of them. Unexpectedly, the two of them were actually so timid.

“Fine, we’ll go in and have a look.” The two heir disciples exchanged glances and a hint of helplessness appeared on each of their faces. The two of them were loose cultivators who joined the sect. However, their talents were limited and they also lacked backing in the sect. Their cultivation techniques were only average. Despite being heir disciples, it would be incredibly arduous for them to rise further. During their time of distress, Zhao Quan appeared to recruit them by giving them a good sword formula. Despite their unwillingness, they had no ability to refuse Zhao Quan, who wanted them to serve as his helpers. The two of them entered the mountain, hoping that the other party did not have any backer of his own.

Seeing the sudden disappearance of the two heir disciples, the other inner disciples grew shocked. They did not expect this mountain to have such a miraculous restrictive barrier.

“Should we enter?” someone suggested.

“Wait first. If the two of them cannot handle it, it will be pointless for us to go in,” Zhao Quan said.

“Only two people came in. These fellows are quite cautious. However, the two of them have only recently condensed out their Soulflames. Four Ears is enough to deal with them.” Chen Feng felt something amiss. Thus, he landed upon the mountaintop to secretly observe what was transpiring.

The outermost restrictive barrier was not a lethal one. It was just an ordinary illusion magic array. Even so, the two heir disciples had to circle around for some time, incapable of finding the road leading up to the mountain. They wanted to fly up but found that there was a formidable force pressing down on them.

“It seems we should not have come. There must be an expert we cannot afford to offend inside.”

“There is no other way. Still, the other party will probably not risk offending the Zhao Family, right?”

“Hard to say. I think that Zhao Quan is not telling us the truth.”

“No matter what, now that we have made our move, we cannot turn back. Besides, it will be very difficult to retreat right now.”

After a quick discussion, the two heir disciples began utilizing their Soulflames to open up a path.

Two clumps of flames, the size of candle flames, flew out from the two disciples’ sea of wisdoms. Immediately, cracking sounds rang out from the space before them. It sounded as though a barrier was cracking apart.

“The barrier is broken. Charge!”

The two of them felt overjoyed. Suddenly, they noticed a flash of golden light within the surrounding fog. Seeing that shocked the two of them.

“What is that?”

“I couldn’t get a clear look.”

“He he. Even in the past, I had been incapable of keeping up with Four Ears’ speed. What more do you expect after he has risen by several levels?” Chen Feng, who was on the mountaintop, sneered.


Another flash of golden light appeared somewhere close to the two disciples.

“Just what is it? Could it be an illusion? However, I am now pushing my soul power to its limits. Could the illusion array here be so powerful?”

“It doesn’t seem like an illusion array to me.”


Before the two of them could finish their conversation, one of them felt a massive force smashing his body. Next, his body flew up into the sky and he fainted before his body landed on the ground. As for his Soulflame, it had rapidly flown back into his mind while his body was still hurtling through the sky.

Seeing the disciple getting struck, the other heir disciple was quick to react. He immediately spread open his Soulflame to burn the surrounding space.


The golden light flashed out once more and the heir disciple felt his whole body trembling. Next, the Soulflame that he sent out fell into a state of chaos.


That was the last thought to flash across the heir disciple’s mind before he fainted. As his body was hurtling through the sky, his Soulflame struggled for a bit before transforming back into a candle flame, which flowed back into his sea of wisdom.

If it were not for Chen Feng sending a secret vocal transmission to Four Ears, Four Ears would have smashed the two heir disciples’ Soulflames apart. Should that happen, the two of them would end up as blithering idiots, at best.

Four Ears stepped out from the fog, revealing himself. He swiftly grabbed the two of them, transformed into a beam of golden light and disappeared.

“Those two have gone in for so long now. Why aren’t they coming out yet? Should we go in and have a look?” Zhao Quan and the others were growing impatient.

“Let’s wait some more,” said a frowning Zhao Quan. He looked at the mountain rising before him and he felt a foreboding sensation.

Sou! Sou!

Suddenly, two figures flew out from the sky to smash heavily against the ground, shocking Zhao Quan and the others. Taking a closer look, they saw that those two were none other than the two heir disciples who had entered earlier.

Zhao Quan and the other inner disciples exchanged glances, looks of fear appearing on their faces. They swiftly took a few steps back, fearful that something might emerge from the mountain.

“Humph! What is there to fear?” Zhao Quan forcibly stopped his leg from retreating and glared at those inner disciples behind him. Next, he stepped forward to check the two heir disciples’ wounds.


Suddenly, the two heir disciples simultaneously snapped open their eyes. Seeing that scared Zhao Quan into taking several steps back.

“Are you two all right?” Zhao Quan asked in a hushed tone.

The two heir disciples shook their heads and forced themselves to stand up. They felt intense pain wracking their four limbs and bones. It felt as though all of their meridians had been snapped apart.

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